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Posted 2:45pm

Costume Quest Arrives Next Week!

Sure, there have been plenty of scary games released in time for Halloween (I remember writing this feature about them back when I worked on but I can’t remember too many games about Halloween.

Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions is plugging that void with Costume Quest, the developer’s first Playstation Network title. I recently caught up with project lead Tasha Harris and Tim, as you can see by clicking play in the magic box below.

In Costume Quest, you control one of two siblings on Halloween night. Just before you set off trick-or-treating your brother or sister (depending on who you choose to play as) is kidnapped and you set off into the neighborhood to rescue them and escape a severe grounding.

On the surface, it’s an action adventure with heaps of side missions for those who explore, but it also plays with other genres in surprising ways. As you can imagine, costumes are a key part of the game and collecting new ones gives you new powers, not just when wandering around the neighborhood, but also during battle scenes, which play out like vintage turn-based RPGs set in the child’s imagination, where their cardboard box robot costume is suddenly a giant Gundam with an arsenal of rockets up its sleeve.

It’s also a really gorgeous game, with comic-style visuals that remind me a little of Fat Princess.

Costume Quest will be available from PlayStation Store from next Wednesday (20 October) and I can’t recommend it enough!

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Will it be available everywhere in europe? cause it says on the swedish playstation server that it will be available november 19.

Any word on pricing? I’m definitely getting this, as a fan of Psychonauts and Brütal Legend.

ruinereraser 15 October, 2010 @ 3:26 pm   3

James, please respond to this – where’s the promised Fallout 3 DLC for Poland PS+ subscribers? If you can’t put it in store for everyone, then just push the English version via Automatic Downloads (as you sometimes do when you can’t put something on German PS Store due to 18+ issues, for example), or send us codes for redeeming english DLC version! either way you choose, just sort it out.

It is outrageous that you announce something and then don’t deliver! I’ll have to seriously think about renewing this service in the future. I even ordered F3 cheap already to play the DLC later on…

We don’t want to hear excuses that it’s up to the distributor or whatever. If you announce this for EU subscribers, then we’re a part of those stupid enough early adopters that subscribed and we want the DLC as promised. Just sort it out with Bethesda and Cenega (PL distributor) and put it on the PS+ section in the Polish store.

It’s been two days and none of you guys even cared to reply to at least one of many posts that were written by Polish PS+ users about this in store update update and PS+ update blog entries. I find this not fair and shocking in terms of customer service.

    James Gallagher 15 October, 2010 @ 3:33 pm    

    I have been chasing this since Wednesday and I’m afraid I don’t have anything concrete to respond with at the moment. As you’re aware, the issue is that the DLC wasn’t originally released in Poland. All I’ve been told is that the Plus team is working with Bethesda to find a solution. Sorry for not responding; it isn’t me ignoring me, but just not having a definitive answer at the moment.

ruinereraser 15 October, 2010 @ 3:43 pm   4

Thanks for the answer James – I understand it may take a while, but if you’d just replied earlier saying that you’re looking to sort it out with Bethesda, there wouldn’t be so much uproar among Polish PS+ users in the first place… Hopefully you can sort it out and we’ll all be happy bunnies again ;)

Sorry for spamming all this in non related post. Though I can say I’ll probably be getting Costume Quest after many fun hours spent with Brutal Legend!

hmmm i may have to get this!

…and for * Only * 12.99€ … :(

Sorry, I pass. Castle Crashers have priority.

If the common price for PSN titles would be 9,99€ (as it was in the beginning) with one ’20€ PSN Card’ I could buy 2 games instead than 1.

This game looks really cool, ill pick it

Hell-Raiser-85 15 October, 2010 @ 4:30 pm   8

Like the video QA James keep them coming. I like the look of this game. Will there be a demo or trial? Thanks

    James Gallagher 15 October, 2010 @ 5:22 pm    

    I don’t believe there is a demo. Again, I’ve asked THQ for clarification.

    James Gallagher 18 October, 2010 @ 9:23 am    

    Update: I heard from THQ over the weekend and there will in fact be a trial for Costume Quest.

BalramRules 15 October, 2010 @ 4:56 pm   9

wada name 4 a game?? =1
costume quest?

Lord_Gremlin 17 October, 2010 @ 3:49 pm   10

Well, definitely interested in this one, but if it comes at the same time as Castle Crashers I’ll be getting the latter first and Costume Quest will have to wait. Too little free time to play, no reason to buy 2 games simultaneously.