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Posted 3:00pm

Borderlands 2 Gets Simultaneous PSN Digital Release


Hi everyone. By now you’ll probably be aware that Borderlands 2 is just one short week from release. That means it’ll soon be time for you and up to three friends to return to Pandora and wreak some havoc on Handsome Jack and his nefarious cohorts.

If you want to be among the first to return to the wastes and start your campaign against the Hyperion Corporation then there’s still time to head over to PlayStation Store and pre-order ahead of the release on 21st September – the game will be launching at the same time on PSN as in retail stores.

BL2_ReviewScreen_3 BL2_ReviewScreen_1

“But why? Tell us why, oh why we should pre-order!” I hear you all shout. Probably.

To become a Borderlands 2 Premiere Club member of course! Not only will becoming a Premiere Club member give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, but also conveys the following benefits:

  • A brand new character class!
    Come 16th October, Gaige the Mechromancer will be joining Axton, Maya, Salvador and Zer0 on Pandora, bringing a new style of play – commanding a mech named D374-TP (that’s Deathtrap to you). Gaige will be available absolutely free to all Premiere Club members once released
  • The Vault Hunter’s Relic!
    Want to make sure you’re always finding the very best loot from all those delicious gun chests dotted around the desert? Then you’ll definitely be wanting one of these.
  • The Golden Key!
    There’s a mysterious loot chest in Sanctuary and there’s only one way to open it…
  • The Gearbox Gun Pack!
    A care package of unique Gearbox Golden Guns to help you start your journey across Pandora

BL2 preorder PremiereClub ENG v2

So what are you waiting for? Head to the PlayStation Store and pre-order Borderlands 2 for £49.99/€59.99/$89.95 and start your game with a bang the moment it becomes available.

Oh, and if you can’t get enough of the Borderlands, keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog when the game releases to get your hands on some exclusive goodies!

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Aah, so now we finally know the new destination of Ross. ;)
Wish you good luck @Take 2!

Already got my Borderlands 2 copy via 4-pack on Steam. I’m covered.

skintradeuk75 14 September, 2012 @ 3:07 pm   2

hate to say it, but yet again another full PSN digital edition that costs more than the retail boxed version… so why would we buy it like this?

    Ross McGrath 14 September, 2012 @ 5:01 pm    

    Well there’s the convenience of not disc swapping, and the pre-load meaning you’ll get it as early as possible.

    Ross McGrath 14 September, 2012 @ 5:22 pm    

    Oh and the warm fuzzy feeling I mentioned previously.

Yeah, I’ll go get the exact same thing but on disc for £35 from Tesco.

Rip off.

It’s quite pricey, Ross… why is it so expensive?

samuraidino 14 September, 2012 @ 3:11 pm   5

The console market really needs to get their at together when it comes to digital pricing. There is no reason why any game released digitally should cost roughly 15 euro more than a physical product.

I won’t buy this from the PSN for a very simple reason: it is overpriced :-(

Please, for goodness sake make PSN prices on full games competitive!

I pre ordered on day one as its worth it to me any more on the price tho n i would have gone with buying a disc version

PS reason i wand it digital im a lazy sod who hates swapping discs every 2 mins when i get bored i always prefer digital

TroubleMaker411 14 September, 2012 @ 3:19 pm   8

Something tells me this is the publishers RRP for the game.
You know the one.
It’s the one that everyone else crosses out to show how good a deal they are getting when they only charge you £35.

While I doubt this is Sony’s doing, I would think that someone needs to tell publishers (the other console does this too) that the prices are too steep for a version with no pressing or distribution costs and if you want digital only, you’re gonna need to drop to retail prices.

Ross how about you try and get L.A Noire for PS + now that you work at Take-Two ;)

    Ross McGrath 14 September, 2012 @ 5:02 pm    

    That’ll be up to the new Plus people, but of course if they’re after any Take Two content I’ll be glad to help from my side. :)

EggersTownVille 14 September, 2012 @ 3:21 pm   10

Hi Ross

1. Can you confirm 100% it be released ON TIME for download via psn eu ?
IE. no QA delays like so many other games on eu store

2. Does this game use network pass like some other games that stop multiple accounts from using online features ?

I want to pre order on PSN but am worried about possible delay.

Repeat price is a bit high considering the manufacturing and distribution costs are removed with digital distribution.


    Ross McGrath 14 September, 2012 @ 5:04 pm    

    As far as I know, there should be no reason for a delay. I honestly don’t know about the Network pass, but I’ll ask for you now.

8# Well atleast it’s not Fifa 13 price.

EggersTownVille 14 September, 2012 @ 3:28 pm   12

Oh and wasn’t is supposed to be released on the 18th ?
Randy P was saying that date on the live stream from IGN the other day.

here is a link to IGN article that says 18th

    Ross McGrath 14 September, 2012 @ 5:05 pm    

    The game will become available on the EU UK Street date, which happens to tbe the Tuesday in the US, but the Friday in the UK.

Hell-Raiser-85 14 September, 2012 @ 3:29 pm   13

Its showing £39.99 on PSN store :)

+1 on the price issue.I’ve said before if this pricing continues for download games on future hardware,I wont be buying games anymore.
I wish one pub said “screw it,lets test it at 35 quid”.I’d of payed for it now.

Also well done on the job,hopefully we see some more T2 goods going on plus :)

im scared iv pre ordered it on ps store at 39.99 what gonna happen i cant afford 49.99

Simultaneous as in CS:GO I wonder…

50 quid ¬_¬ Really?

55,99 € in real store
59,99 € in store mmmmmmmmmmmmmm , no booklet no disk no transport no persing game on disk + only sony + pubilcher so no other tirt party to have littel bit profit = nope
i preorder in real store

SONY u are aware lots of eror codes to get on psn
6 x playstation network not found ????

psn realy = very buggy

jep u having problems licht jelow in Belgium
lot of jelow past week ( maintenace ? )

£35 at asda plus after 1 month play i’ll still get atleast £20 trade in…Or buy of store for £40 and no trade in. Its a tough one but i think i’ll get it from asda. or better still get fifa 13 instead and get borderlands second hand…

MightyFlea 14 September, 2012 @ 4:17 pm   21

@12 I think you will the 18th is the US release date. In the EU it is the 21st.

supersmith2500 14 September, 2012 @ 4:19 pm   22

Ahh Ross nice to see you again, also great luck at Take Two.

PSI-Breakaway 14 September, 2012 @ 4:22 pm   23

I’ve got a question I’ve wondered about for a while now:

Having preordered on the PSN store, when can I play the downloaded game? As soon as the clock hits midnight, September 21st?

    Ross McGrath 14 September, 2012 @ 5:10 pm    


    It is my understanding, with PSN pre-orders, that as soon as it becomes ‘the release day’ your game (which will have preloaded a few days before) should become active right away. So getting it this way should be one of the best ways to play the game as soon as possible.

RedeyedRonin 14 September, 2012 @ 4:31 pm   24

@ TOMBOY25 i to am now worried to despite the fact it has been 39.99 since last wednesday when it first appeared and still is. i pre orderd earlier today i have a email from psn as should you stating the pre order price @ 39.99 so make sure you keep it is all im gonna say. i gotta admit when i saw the pre order tile pop up last wednesday @ 39.99 i was like whoa either a mistake or they finally get it including the premiere club was a real nice touch who need a plastic case & a marcus bobblehead……well maybe the bobblehead :) but hey i can live without it i think.

@24 i know i hope i only have to pay 39.99 as i traded in sleeping dogs BF3 and uncharted 3 in order to get the credit for psn its my first psn pre order so il be angry if im charged 49.99 as i cant afford that and it clearly states 39.99 on the store and in the email as you said and i dont want to have traded in 3 good games for psn credit i cant use i just want to know whats going to happen

EggersTownVille 14 September, 2012 @ 4:44 pm   26

Yo Ross

you there Bro ?
We are asking you questions !
A response would be nice

    Ross McGrath 14 September, 2012 @ 5:12 pm    

    Hey sorry, it’s been a busy afternoon for me!

    I can’t really comment on SCEE policy regarding pre-order pricing, as this is no longer my place, however I do not believe that if the price increases you would be charged the additional difference.

Ooh, so that’s where you got to Ross! Welcome back :D

RedeyedRonin 14 September, 2012 @ 5:01 pm   28

@ TOMBOY25 can you delete 1 of your 100 friends so i can add you and keep in contact with you as your the only other one i know in the same boat as me. cause it doesn’t look like ross is replying to any of us i figure we can keep each other informed i to have only 40.70 in my wallet i dont want to be charged more when i cant..sorry dont want to afford it

@28 sure i feel the same i thought at last the pricing on digital games was right……seems not :(

RedeyedRonin 14 September, 2012 @ 5:12 pm   30

oh wow really ross you dont know your job well do you first you arguing 59.99 is a good price because of pre load & no disc swapping when its a mute point its 39.99! second

    Ross McGrath 14 September, 2012 @ 5:15 pm    

    Well actually Digital versions of retail games which have network passes have the network pass functionality built into the digital build, which could still technically cause the issue that was raised in the original comment, making it a fair point to raise.

redeyes iv added you yep iv give you a nickname already lol

hi ross good to see you again wondered where you went to lol

RedeyedRonin 14 September, 2012 @ 5:22 pm   33

yeah sure ross of course what issue? there is no separate pass ergo no issue to raise just admit it dude i burned you…:) lets move on.. oh and sorry for caps shouting but it made me flare up because ross you should know more about this than me… its your job fyi i want a job make it happin capin :)

LoL how lazy are some people that digital copies are better because you don’t have to get off your backsides to change discs. You do realise that tesco and asda are open 24hrs a day so you can play release day midnight so actually no different to digital copy and its cheaper and you can trade it in… So if you buy from asda in reality trade in after completion the game could cost around £15…LOL at digital copy prices….

Oh, now I recognized that Claptrap is your new avatar. So, say something “Claptrap-ian” Ross!
Sell us your game Mr. Digital Sales Manager. :)

TheTedster 14 September, 2012 @ 5:27 pm   36

Hey Ross, how are things?
Im currently sitting on the fence whether to buy borderlands 2 digitally or hard copy. I like the idea of having the game digitally as it deletes the whole using and swapping disks. If i bought borderlands 2 digitally! Can I predownload it before release date, rather than having to wait till saturday to play the game. Many thanks and keep up the great work

Great to hear from you Ross! As for the offer… No chance.

RedeyedRonin 14 September, 2012 @ 5:34 pm   38

“hello traveller, there are new missions available at the New Haven bounty board”
“scooter needs you help with something, you should go ask him about it”

CRASHBASHUK 14 September, 2012 @ 5:38 pm   39

the digital download is still £39.99? i hope it is.
its a great price compared to the retail ver every where elece has it around the same price only a few £ cheeper not biggey relly

Nice try RedeyedRonin, but not good enough to capture Ross’ fresh job. ;)

I agree on the Network Pass though. It should really be a no-brainer that digitial games have no use for those.

You sure about the “simultaneous” release? We are talking about SCEE after all…

£49.99 is a decent price when you consider the 2 activations per account, i mean 2x£35+£70 with this you get it on 2 ps3′s for only £50 it’s good for when me and my brother want to play co-op and don’t wanna pay for 2 physical copies of the game that will cost more, Yeah it’s cheaper on disc if you only have 1 ps3 but if you have 2 ps3′s this is more than worth it.

40 = lol

if sony en gamedevlopers do 2 tings in future i go more digital
1-price lower then real store = – 10 €
2-play game 1/2 days before real store

lots of time cheaper on real store + lots of times 1-2 days sooner :)

41 = u are pers i not like
people like you ensure that vita only have one account
+ That passes were introduced.
I think sony just need  a family pack to launch additional
% for several times the same game

as mentioned ..don’t book the day off it might not show up in Europe with scee,s current performance .
can anyone guess what the no1 ps3 game is in north America? well you still cant get it in europe

@Ross McGrath

What about Resident Evil 6(digital psn version) ?

It’s confirmed for US psn store but what about Europe ?


44 = I think they have problems with certain countries and their laws ;)

EggersTownVille 14 September, 2012 @ 8:13 pm   48

Hey redeyes & golwar

My question regarding network pass was not specifically regarding psn ver.
I asked if game would be released on time so i would know weather to buy retail ver or not.

Trying to make others look stupid doesn’t make you look smart

The digital version of Resi 6 is on the store to pre-order right now.
To SCEE how come you guys changed the pre-order price on Borderlands 2? Was it because it was more popular than you anticipated and thought you could make more money?

I have the Deluxe Vault Edition pre-ordred :] Anywho! Should we expecting anything else Borderlands 2 related on the store such as gamerpics and dynamic themes?

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