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MUBI update 11th January 2012

Happy New Year to all movie lovers! We wish you all a 2013 full of amazing cinema. Speaking of amazing cinema, let’s start the New Year right with something very special.

we can't go home again

You may know of the great American filmmaker Nicholas Ray — the director of such classics as Rebel with a Cause and the noir In a Lonely Place. That said, the chances are you haven’t heard of his final feature film; an experimental, collaborative, multi-screen work he made with college students after his exile from Hollywood. MUBI is currently showing this film throughout most of the world, as well as another wonderful film about the director.

Ray’s final film, We Can’t Go Home Again (1973), was uncompleted but has been beautifully restored and reconstructed. The second film is a new documentary by Susan Ray, the filmmaker’s widow. Don’t Expect Too Much is a companion piece to the wildly experimental, ahead-of-its-time 1973 feature.

We are showing these two features to celebrate Ray and bring attention to The Nicholas Ray Foundation’s Kickstarter project funding a new documentary on the filmmaker, ACTION! Master Class with Nicholas Ray.

ACTION! is the third and final part of the Foundation’s Nicholas Ray Centenary Project. This project began with the restoration and reconstruction of We Can’t Go Home Again, and was continued with Susan Ray’s Don’t Expect Too Much. Both films premiered at the Venice Film Festival and subsequently traveled to the New York Film Festival.

For more information and impressions on the Venice premiere, see David Hudson’s comprehensive roundup of commentary. David Phelps wrote a beautiful piece for MUBI about We Can’t Go Home Again from the NYFF. More recently, Bill Krohn wrote an incredible article on the film for Kino Slang.

I urge all lovers of film to dive into these wide ranging explorations of directing, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, and to help support another vital insider’s look at one of cinema’s greatest popular artists.

dont expect too much

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when is holland getting some proper netflix/hulu love? we only got mubi and im not really interested. wake up Sony its been too long now

I don’t understand the tie-in with MUBI at all. The demographics must be skewed, because from where I’m sitting the average gamer would be interested in about 5% of their movies.

RossyWilson 11 January, 2013 @ 12:44 pm   3

This service looks really good and if it got a vita version it would be a definite subscription from me.

Vita version would be great, yes.

I understand the tie in with Mubi, the demographics of PS3 users go across the board. For popularist films you already have Netflix and Lovefilm.

You should try Mubi, it teaches you that there are a lot of great films to be seen outside of what you would normally go out and buy.
And for just under £3 a month you don’t have much to lose really :)

Try Drag Me to Hell, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Sin City. I think what you are trying to say is the main PS3 demographic would like those films.

Though I’m not a fan of watching film on smaller screens a app would be great for the Vita. To browse the database and perhaps partake in the community a bit more actively like adding forum functionality on the go Danny? :) Add it to the PS3 too. It’d be great to take in short films too.

@4 your completely right Tod about demographics, I think some people think too much about where are the films that I have already seen and know about when they look at Mubi though. When those are the films that you can walk into your local supplier and just pick them up off a shelf easily.
Mubi is a curated online cinema, the films most of the time have very little distribution around the world and have reasons for going on the service like who directed it or cultural.
It’s about discovering and just plain great film.