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The Weekend Playlist, 16th March

The Weekend Playlist

Greetings one and all. It’s time once again to share your top entertainment picks for the weekend. Our guest contributor this week is Chin Soon Sun, Community Manager for Tecmo Koei Europe, who recently popped up on the blog to talk about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus, which launched on PS Vita late last month.

Life of Pixel

Fred Dutton, SCEE Blog Manager

What was the last video game you played?
On PS3 – I finally unwrapped Crysis 3 this week. I’m not far enough in to make a judgement call yet! On PS Vita – Life of Pixel has been charming my socks off on the daily commute. A lovely indie platformer that’s well worth a look.

What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
I took Mrs D to see “Mama” for her monthly horror fix. The first hour boasted some stylish scares but, alas, it corkscrewed straight into the side of a mountain in the final act, erupting in a searing fireball of awfulness.

What was the best book or article you read this week?
I’ve just launched into Last Days by Adam Nevill, on the recommendation of a friend. Spine-chilling stuff…

What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
Bird-song hopefully. It’s been a frantic week and I need some peace…

Metal Gear Rising

Jawad Ashraf, PlayStation Store Content Coordinator

What was the last video game you played?
Surprise, surprise – Metal Gear Rising! Okay, this wasn’t a surprise. I’ve completed it on Revengeance difficulty with S-Rank throughout, which was very satisfying. I will never get comfortable taking on multiple Mastiffs and rocket launcher cyborgs though. They’re *ahem* insane!

The verbal vulgarities won’t stop yet, however. Now I’m working on finishing the VR missions at 1st rank. Some of them can be pretty annoying, but it’s satisfying once complete. I love the game though and it’s easily one of my favourites this gen. More games need to be just as fun and testing. More games also need to make use of the dynamic music and more games need an opening chapter as awesome as this! I hope Platinum Games keep this up and I look forward to the Sam and LQ-84i DLC.

What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
The Walking Dead. There have definitely been better episodes out there, but the next episode should hopefully amp things up again. Slightly tired of some of the characters *cough*Andrea*cough* and personally don’t think enough actually happens in the show.

What was the best book or article you read this week?
The Walking Dead #108. I’m not sure if I was supposed to laugh during it, but I did! I just found it strangely humorous. A new character has now entered the scene and I’m very interested in seeing what they can bring to the story. What has been seen so far was pretty awesome for one purrticular reason.

What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
Music tends to go hand in hand with what I’m playing. Just like I have been rinsing the game, I’m also rinsing Metal Gear Rising’s soundtrack.

Tomb Raider

Chris Howe, PS Store and Plus Content Manager

What was the last video game you played?
I’ve been working my way through Sleeping Dogs this week, but I fully intend on buying Tomb Raider tomorrow. Anyone played it yet? What’s the verdict?

What was the last movie or TV show you watched?
Not a lot of time for TV this week but I did catch Bluestone 42 on BBC3. Not amazing but funny enough to keep me entertained on the train.

What was the best book or article you read this week?
Currently planning a June road trip to California so Lonely Planet – California has been top of my reading list this week.

What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
I’m working my way through a few tunes by Train to ease into the weekend.

Dynasty Warrior 7

Chin Soon Sun, Community Manager, Tecmo Koei Europe

What was the last video game you played?
I finally got to play Metal Gear Rising, and it’s fantastic! Raiden is now my hero. I also downloaded Sleeping Dogs on PS Plus. And the last game I played was actually Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires. I’ve spent a lot of time customising my character and put it on the network for the players to download.

What was the last movie or TV show you watched?
Wreck-It Ralph. I went to watch it with my buddies from Rising Star Games. I totally enjoyed it, considering that the majority of videogame movies weren’t as good, and I would love to watch it again!

What was the best book or article you read this week?
Tomb Raider vs. Uncharted: The Comparison We Had To Make on Kotaku. It was an interesting read, especially the replies in the comments section…

What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
I’m going to give my ears a little treatment with some classic PS2 game soundtracks, particularly Arc The Lad: Twilight Of The Spirits. Apart from that, Calvin Harris’ “18 Months” is going to be my workout album of the week.

Did you enjoy this?


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dark_angel69 16 March, 2013 @ 10:39 am   1

When you get stuck into it, let me know what you think of it. I didn’t bother with this game as the demo only felt the same as Crysis 2. Game looks amazing but found the story boring in the 1st and 2nd.

I played it and finished it. It was amazing. Few problems I felt it had. 1) Short story. The percentage goes up very fast. 2) Online was crap. It reminded me of Uncharted online but way more dull. 3) The puzzles. What puzzles?!?! I didn’t even notice any cos they weren’t even hard enough to notice.

What was the last video game you played?
Moved back onto Ratchet and Clank Trilogy to start the 2nd game.

What was the last movie or TV show you watched?
Suits and How i Met Your Mother ^^

What was the best book or article you read this week?
Tried reading Kotaku stuff but they bored me. Looked at the same thing as Chin Soon Sun and it was a loooong read. Only thing I got from it was the title then the comments. lol

What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
Irish music. ^^ St paddys day tomorrow so hitting the pub early and drinking all day!! Going to down a couple Guinness 1st then watch the parade. Hitting the clubs tomorrow night too. Tomorrow is gonna be legend… wait for it…DAIRY!

    Fred Dutton 18 March, 2013 @ 9:08 am    

    I didn’t find the time this weekend! I will say that the first mission didn’t immediately grab me…

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 16 March, 2013 @ 10:46 am   2

Could you please set up preorders for both Machinarium Vita and Lone Survivor?

I am looking forward to playing dishonored. And on another note hit my local blockbuster last night which closes tomorrow and got PlayStation move sharpshooter for 11.00 new so if you have one near you check it out

supersmith2500 16 March, 2013 @ 11:28 am   4

What was the last video game you played?:
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on the Vita and finally got my 5th Platinum. It was an awesome game but sales did help it though. = )

What was the last movie or TV show you watched?:
Top Gear, it’s a really good car show where they show out new cars

What was the best book or article you read this week?:
Read news blogs from VG247 and Eurogamer as usual but doesn’t seem to be any interesting news atm.

What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?:
The usual trance and techno music such as a talented japanese artist DJ Sharpnel and the Pet Shop Boys.

Lunastra78 16 March, 2013 @ 11:45 am   5

Playing: God of War Ascension. It’s been great so far and the first boss fight made me say things like “wow, bug spreading titty pores?!!” and “holy crap is that infected monster arm dude really cutting off the giants mouth tentacles when I press square?!”

Watching: Watched an Austrian thriller named Knochenmann(boneman?). Pretty good.

Reading: Distinguished exquisite literature: Playstation Blog Europe!

Listening: The last 3 minutes of Den Haan – Russian Boat Commander.

Drinking: “A damn fine cup of coffee!”

    Fred Dutton 18 March, 2013 @ 9:10 am    

    Yes, that first God of War boss raised my eyebrows too! Brilliantly gross.

Hexahedronaut 16 March, 2013 @ 11:53 am   6

Played: Bit.Trip Runner 2
Watched: Baker brothers episode 4 via 4oD.
Read: The lone survivor coming to PS3.
Listened to: Sum41.

Currently playing and loving tomb raider, totally have connected with the new Lara more than I ever have with drake so cris I totally recommend it m8, going to try to finish it for plat in a few days if possible and trade for god of war.

Watched the remake of red dawn this week and its pretty poor so try to pass on it, Los watched silent hill revelations which was also pretty bad I love Shawn bean but who told him he could do an American accent because it was terrible.

Last thing I read was an in depth article on tomb raider compared to uncharted on kotaku it was an interesting article but the general consensus was things have came full circle with uncharted being inspired in part by tomb raider and now the new tomb raider being inspired by uncharted.

Soundtrack to my weekend is milo Greene’s self titled album best track for me is 1957

    Fred Dutton 18 March, 2013 @ 9:11 am    

    Ooh, that Red Dawn remake looks like a stinker. Thanks for the warning! Shame about Silent Hill – the first one was lots of fun.

RossyWilson 16 March, 2013 @ 12:52 pm   8

Games: Im playing Golden abyss at the moment just completed crushing and going for the platinum.
TV : Last episode of Being Human :(
Books: I also read Walking Dead 108. I think that ricks new friend may double cross him once he gets what he wants and also that spencer is going to cause some trouble even if he has the best of intentions. Thoughts Jawad?

THE_FORCE 16 March, 2013 @ 2:45 pm   9

Game: Just started Mass Effect 3 that I downloaded for free from PS+. The only problem is that after finishing Tomb Raider, this really pales in comparison. Like REALLY…and I’m a bit surprised at how bad the animation is. It’s like the characters are locking/popping on the Beat Street film set – but not in a good way. Maybe Shepard et al should join the Rock Steady Crew? :/

TV: Masterchef. I love watching some of the talent this show produces, even though this year many of the contestants seem a bit thick? I do still feel the urge to lamp Greg The Egg every time I see his annoying eek though.

Book/Article: Neither are applicable to me, though I’ve enjoyed reading some of the posts on the Playstation forums again this week. As always. 8-)

Music: I’ve got TraxxFM Golden Oldies on at the mo’ so a bit of 60′s, 70′s & Disco. If I pour myself a few sherberts this avo’ then Singstar and the mic stand may well come out. I just don’t care!

Nightmare966 16 March, 2013 @ 3:31 pm   10

Game: God of War: Ascension, Ghost of Sparta and the Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge demo. Seriously though, that demo is hell itself thanks to the Alchemists lol But it’s completely doable. Anyways! I finished Ascension finally (The Trials had me stuck for too long. I believe Santa Monica should have made the player learn to properly parry, just like Ninja Gaiden, Rising or Bayonetta do) and I’m doing my first run on Ghost of Sparta HD.

TV/Movie: Nothing outstanding this time around, unfortunetely.

Book/Article: Again, nothing to note this week (pretty bland week for me on those ends. Ascension… :P)

Music: Still Revengeance. No, seriously, I’ve been listening this thing for almost a month non-stop. Either it’s too awesome or there’s something wrong with me lol

Carnivius_Prime 16 March, 2013 @ 4:45 pm   11

Mostly just playing Uncharted 3 online as usual. There’s very little else out there that entertains me so much as that game. I’ve had a few matches of Darkstalkers Resurrection and I played a bit of the new Tomb Raider on my friend’s Xbox360 (I ain’t buying it on my PS3 cos it’s really painfully dull… Just had me wanting to replay all the Uncharted games over again from the beginning. New Lara is even more boring and pointless than old Lara…). Oh yeah I bought Ratchet & Clank QForce last week cos they said Gladiator would be free when it’s out and yeah QForce is a lot more fun than I thought it would be though online multiplayer seems a bit onesided once one of the teams has reached base 1 and got the Warmonger…

Still waiting for Guily Gear XX to get on the Eu store… and for Super SFIV Arcade to be a Plus freebie. Both things which the US have had for months now…

Project2insanity 16 March, 2013 @ 8:34 pm   12

Last video game: PS3- Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, I wasn’t a believer when I played the beta but it really is that darn good!
Vita- MGS HD Collection, Metal Gear to be precise. Thinking I may take a run from this through to MGS4 based on order of release of games in canon. Vita all the until the finale.
Life of Pixel’s a good choice but a shame the soundtrack wasn’t matched to the system.

Last movie/TV show: Been a quiet week for this part, only Raw. One fantastic show, though.
Oh, and as far as Fred’s choice goes- Mama isn’t the law. I am the law!
@hayzink; I enjoyed Revelations, much poorer story than the first but the horror went a step in the right direction. Can’t argue about Bean’s accent, though… sheesh!

Best book or article: Have a proper answer here, CVG’s achievements to feel bad about. God of War and Red Dead Redemption hit the list. Turns out I have no shame…

Soundtracking: Right! Seriously! Breed 77, advance copy of The Evil Inside! New video “Bring on the Rain!” There is no band I recommend more and they are criminally underrated. Start listening, people, keep the dream alive!

Shinoda_2qx 16 March, 2013 @ 9:43 pm   13

Last video game: Well having completed all the multiplayer trophies on Crysis 3, I decided to go back and platinum Crysis 2, and worked all week on mopping up the campaign on super solider difficulty, and all the misc. trophies. However, with only 2 trophies left, I hit a massive wall yesterday, by name of Kratos! I think it’s safe to say my Crysis 2 plat will have to wait a while!

Last Movie: Well, I went to watch Django Unchained, for a third time. I don’t really have to explain this one, if you haven’t seen it, go and do so!

Last TV show: I finally got around to watching Goodnight Sweetheart season 1-6 all the way through. I never got the chance to watch it from start to finish when I was younger, and I loved it! (also played through Spyro on the vita while I watched) It was also very nice to see that main character Gary Sparrow was also an Arsenal fan! ;)

Soundtracking: Managed to get the Django Unchained soundtrack on my phone, and it’s just been on repeat all week, I love it! Was a tad embarrassing when my manager walked in the back area to find me dancing around like an idiot with my earphones in though. Ooops!

LoftyMatt 16 March, 2013 @ 10:31 pm   14

Aimed to Preztail. I don’t know if I should be saying a big thanks or sarcastically (not very happy) big thanks to you. I’ve just checked out 2 fairly local Blockbusters to me (25 mins travel in opposite directions from my home) and have spent £150 on blue-rays and Playstation stuff.

I’ve just picked up Spec Ops the line for £10.50, Dirt Showdown for £9.50, Tiger woods golf including masters for £13 and just dance 3 for £7 along with 3 playstation move controllers for £10.80 each!

I had planned on playing MLB13 the show after spending almost a whole day downloading. Got the game loaded and then found out about the store closures so turned it straight off again. Not got past load screen. lol

Game – God of War, Ascension. I’ve been a huge Kratos fanboy since way back when I played the demo for the original, and a few personal niggles aside I’m seriously enjoying it :)

Movie – Been watching Monster Inc with my daughter, think I must be mellowing in my old age because I nearly blub at the ending!

Book – Ciaphus Cain, Hero of the Imperium. A more humorous take on the usual grim-dark Warhammer 40k universe, kind of like Space Marine meets Blackadder

Music – Still buzzing about my recent iPod shuffle synchronicity where Cool as Kim Deal by Dandy Warhols was immediately followed by Cannonball by the Breeders. Sad but true ;)

hayzink 17 March, 2013 @ 4:05 am   16


Raw as in Monday night raw? If so how what did you think of cm punk this week? I think the guy is fantastic and has to end the streak.
Also revelations could not even come close to the first movie and was all over the place do think that’s why I did not like it.

I quite liked this weeks walking dead and personally find plenty happens in the show to keep you watching, your right that more will happen this week it will be a belter of an episode.

Stonesthrow 17 March, 2013 @ 6:31 am   17

Still playing Battlefield 3, finishing God of war Ascension in between. Finally made it to Colonel lvl 50 in BF3, halfway there and 17 days in. This has got to be my favorite game this gen, so much replay value and I’m still unlocking parts on some weapons.
Mixed feelings about God of war ascension. Awesome game but 3 was better imo. It’s a little buggy at times, for a God of war game atleast. It also reminded me more of a ‘game’ than the rollercoaster ride that 3 was.

Nothing much on watching, finished the Bonds with Roger Moore.

Read an interesting article on the Chinese gaming market. How pc gaming is booming over there and the console market is trying to get at that huge market too, possibly with free to play and micro transactions. For example, Activision is making a free to play COD for that market.

Still bumping Reggae sounds. Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Lee Perry,..

tiago-kun 17 March, 2013 @ 12:21 pm   18

I’m splitting my time between P4 Golden on Vita and Starcraft II on PC. I haven’t played PS3 much, but when I am, I’m playing MGS Revengeance.

I borrowed the Californication DVDs from a friend that kept insisting it was amazing, and I’m enjoying it, about the amazing part, we’ll see.

Reading a Feast For Crows, but I did read a great article on Game Informer about why XSeed is a publisher to keep an eye on.

Nothing in particular, I’ll be listening to the game music, mainly…

dogwalker4000 17 March, 2013 @ 12:22 pm   19

Game: Lego Harry Potter Years 4-7. Lil’uns birthday last week and downloaded this from the store for the bargain price of £10.99. We’ve been watching each film and then playing said film on the game. A lot of fun so far, just starting Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Film: Django Unchained. I can not talk highly enough of this, absolutely loved every second and could of easily sat and watched it again straight after. Taratino’s best film so far in my opinion.

Article: Just read the Uncharted vs Tomb Raider thing that was mentioned here. Interesting read and has strangely increased my interest in Lara’s latest romp.

Music: Bit of old school Dr Dre on the bus to pass my time this week.

Catkiller1 17 March, 2013 @ 2:09 pm   20

What was the last video game you played?
Completed God Of War HD & i’m just under 3hrs through Ascension. If there are God Of War fans out there I highly recommend it but search online, as in-store is £44.99!

What was the last movie or TV show you watched?
Last movie I watched was Amazing Spiderman and for me, I preferred it over the the original three. Just started The Following, 3 episodes through & enjoying every minute of it!

What was the best book or article you read this week?
Just read a few articles on upcoming PSN releases & i’m happy to read that the Dungeons & Dragons retro titles are incoming from CAPCOM, Dollar Dash & laughing at the fact that a game as violent as GOW Ascension, had to change a title name for a trophy & the many crybabies whinging that the Trials of Archemedes being too hard.

What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
My Daughter has a Disco dancing exam today, so Sam and the Womp – Bom Bom has been on every day this week :( lol!

ashton_philip 17 March, 2013 @ 3:11 pm   21

What was the last game you played?

Well my gaming has been a bit all over the place this week I got my Platinum in Virtue’s Last Reward, played some of my brothers copy of NGS2+ and finally most recently re-immersed myself in P4G as I head towards my seventh platinum!

What was the last movie or TV show you watched?

Haven’t really had the time to watch much TV in between studying and digging in to some handheld gaming. I believe the last thing I watched was some Breaking Bad and on the anime side some Fairy Tail!

What was the best article or book you read this week?

An article about 26 developers weighing in on the PS4 and its possibilities as well as how easy it is to develop for, really quite interesting to see what they think – I believe its over at Develop online.

What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?

Probably some Calvin Harris, Kanye West and of course some FF soundtrack work!

hayzink 17 March, 2013 @ 4:24 pm   22


Your not alone I’m a massive Spider-Man fan and i think the mark Webb reboot is way better than the Sami rami trilogy

theJJ88 17 March, 2013 @ 6:06 pm   23

Playing: Sly Raccoons. Bought trilogy from sale since my friend recommended them. Platted first, started second. Which reminds me that I should finish Uncharted 2…

Watched: Bokunoimoutosanwa Osaka-okan (did I remember that right?) on Crunchyroll with my wife.

Reading: Finally started Game of Thrones.

Listening: Nothing in particular.

Project2insanity 17 March, 2013 @ 7:34 pm   24

@hayzink; Monday Night Raw, it is. Punk is on the best form he’s been on for a long time. Clutching the title didn’t suit him at all. It makes sense for him to beat the streak and I can see it happening but I still say it’d be injustice. The showcase of the immortals deserves an immortal streak and Punk just doesn’t match up to The Game, especially when comparing to the last two years’ matches… Either way, this is easily the most important match this year.

@Catkiller1; That trophy was in the CVG list I read. It really is difficult not to laugh.

thunderking1981 19 March, 2013 @ 5:47 pm   25

hi fred i got tomb raider and really cool game i played aill tomb raiders on ps1 ps2 and ps3 but i really really like tomb raider and lara is one kicking girl. tc thunderking