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Posted 5:32pm

DuckTales: Remastered bounces onto PS3 tomorrow

I’ve been working with the team at WayForward Technologies to bring you guys DuckTales: Remastered, launching tomorrow for PS3. At the start of development, the main goal of the project revolved around updating the game while keeping the gameplay true to the original NES game. As the game progressed in development, we found that all of the new content really started to bring the original cartoon to life as well.

For those that may not know, the original DuckTales is firmly seated in the pantheon of the greatest NES games of all time. Widely praised for its tight controls, addicting platforming, and some of the best 8-bit music known to humanity, DuckTales stood apart as a fantastic licensed game.

When creating DuckTales: Remastered, the very first step was to make sure the game felt right, meaning it played just like the NES version. To do this, early versions were tuned so that you could play the original NES version of the game and our new version at the same time with one controller. So for your pure platform gamers, you’re going to find that this game just “feels” right.

When you boot DuckTales: Remastered up, the first thing you’ll notice are the new visuals. All of the characters in the game are painstakingly animated in a traditional 2D method that would have been similar to what Disney used to do in their cartoons. Each frame is individually drawn in high resolution and digitally animated. The results of this technique are smooth, cartoon-like animations that are highly expressive.


The environments have gone through an equal amount of care. They were based on layouts by an artist that worked on the cartoon, then painted by an artist that worked at Disney TV for years. These high-resolution paintings were then scanned and used as the textures for the 3D models that make the levels.

DuckTales Remastered on PS3

The moment it felt like the game was going from NES update to bringing the show to “life” was when the voice overs started dropping in. Thanks to Disney, we are able to have every surviving cast member from the show reprise their role, as well as new actors to fill in the rest of the roles. Using the VO work to really flesh out the story and explain what’s going on, the game really started to feel like watching episodes of the show.

The last piece of the “remastered” puzzle was to update the music. WayForward games are known for their fantastic music. The music in DuckTales: Remastered has the unique trait of being modern arrangements that have a classic 8-bit “sound” to them without actually being 8-bit music. When you hear the updated and new tracks in the game, you’ll really hear the NES roots come through.

For the team, this project has really been, in the words of the project director, a love letter to our childhoods. Everyone involved has a soft spot for Scrooge and crew and it’s been an honor to update a true classic to what we all feel is the total package. The gameplay stays true to the original, while the art, animation, voice overs, and music not only bring the game to the present, but brings the cartoon to life in a way that wasn’t possible before. I hope you all enjoy playing the game as much as we loved working on it.

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Finally! Looking to buy this tomorrow, its gonna have a discount for plus members?

SilurianLass3 13 August, 2013 @ 5:55 pm   2

Good job, can I request titles to be remastered…

You know I’d be more likely to buy such things if we got a Playstation Home space/content bundled with it… imagine Tenchu & a home space, but gotta say me & the kids loved the PSOne, a home space of that & we can travel on the tram…

UltimusXI 13 August, 2013 @ 5:55 pm   3

Already pre-ordered and pre-loaded on my PS3! :D Really looking forward to it. I never owned the original game, but I did rent it once on our NES back then. I think I thought it was a bit hard, don’t remember much else about it.

Next up, Chip ‘n Dale and Goof Troop please! ;)

supersmith2500 13 August, 2013 @ 6:13 pm   4

How much is the price? If it’s a reasonable price, maybe I buy it. Played the original on both NES and the Game Boy and it’s an awesome gem for a Disney title. = )

Loved this game as a kid. :) Hopefully this comes to Vita some day, I’m going to buy this tomorrow.

i honestly almost bought usa psn credit to get this 1 day sooner but decided to wait.
been looking forward to this one from the moment i knew it was happening.

if this sells well (which it should) hopefully you guys will give us a chip and dale remastered or even darkwing duck (i imagine this could be the easy option as your currently in duck mode) or even a new ducktails game.

happy days tomorrow hope its a success

Was looking forward to this but reviews are all over the place from 4-9/10.
Edge who I trust gave it 5/10 so I’m going to wait a while on this one!

Lexingtongue 13 August, 2013 @ 7:28 pm   8

Addicting? Jesus Christ. It’s ADDICTIVE!

mike20036 13 August, 2013 @ 7:57 pm   9

Love watching the Ducktales series when I was a kid. And will get this game tomorrow.

Loved Ducktales this would be a perfect Vita title and the only platform Im interesting in purchasing it for so will give it a miss until then.

PS3? Sounds like a great game for VITA……

Ducktales just screams for a PSVita version really.

This game would pop on the OLED screen, it is fit gameplay for a handheld anyways a platformer.

The PSVita has been shown with other crossbuy titles to work really well. I’ve bought Superfrog HD recently, Sly Cooper 4 for both PS3/PSVita too. Sound Shapes, Thomas was Alone, Guacamelee! and more of them.

Get on it dudes, make that port, make it crossbuy with PS3 and you’ll have another customer in me, and I bet a lot with me too. Until then, I’ll hold off buying it. Cool to see these games getting a remake though!

dantealastor 13 August, 2013 @ 9:45 pm   13


Huono_peleis 13 August, 2013 @ 10:24 pm   14

So the pre-ordered, pre-paid, downloaded and installed copy won’t work. No surprise there really.

MASPALOMAZ 13 August, 2013 @ 10:25 pm   15

Would be really nice if more games would list the audio languages in the store page, or give us the info in the blog post. Is this just english or can it also be switched to other languages for the game audio?

MASPALOMAZ 13 August, 2013 @ 10:30 pm   16


you have to check the time of your duck tales game, then you will know when you can use it, it may be 1 am for example so in 1,5 hours or just 10 AM tomorrow so some more. At least thats how it was with Bioshock Infinite pre-order.

Project2insanity 13 August, 2013 @ 11:27 pm   17

@Huono_peleis; Agreed. No surprise. Especially since the heading clearly specifies tomorrow…

Blackxino 13 August, 2013 @ 11:28 pm   18

we asked for and want Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks for PSN PS2 Classics!
where is it man?:/


119NOK (13GBP), really? I was expecting something more like 50-60NOK (5,50GBP-6,60GBP) max. I would have loved it and been absolutely all over it if it was 40NOK (4,40GBP). I’m just going to wait for a price drop or some sale, really sad, because I were really looking forward to playing this game. Got it on my NES and played it a lot as a child. :(

just bought it now :) i guess its up now because of the pre-order being on the store up until today.


some of the reviews have been great and the lower scoring reviews have been marking it down for the stupidest things.
1 review marked it down for “pointless cut scenes” then said “thank goodness there skippable”. if there skippable what are you complaining for?
same review “the game has dated platform mechanics” well it is a remake of a nes game from the late 80′s if they changed the full game people would be unhappy.


i dont see a vita title with cross buy happening for 2 reasons.

1. its capcom! (and have any multi platform games had cross buy for the game i was thinking its only been dlc)
2. its not really cost effective to commission a port for vita just to secure some vita owning ps3 customers. theres no added incentive like cross buy for pc users or xbox 360 users and there paying same price as us.

so if vita title does happen it will be chargeable imo.

MASPALOMAZ 14 August, 2013 @ 9:00 am   21

I am sure they would prefer to work on ducktales 2 or other games for multi-platform the vita is not powerful enough sony is bringing a psp2 soon that can emulate ps2 and ps3 fully and then we have a huge arsenal of games.

I think for the price in PSN store, ducktales was up for 13,50€ before now its at 15€ it seems pre-order saves money sometimes, but they might add a plus discount later. 15€ for a 2 hour game (plus more replay-value) seems a bit high but a ton of work (and i suppose “love” :) ) went into this remake :)

If there is no good sales coming today for the summer sale, maybe i hop would like some more impressions by real gamers, do you like duck tales remastered so far?

Urouborous 14 August, 2013 @ 9:00 am   22

Most exciting remaster ever made. But wait… there’s no Vita version. For God sake do I really have to miss such amazing game… again? Portable on board only.

MASPALOMAZ 14 August, 2013 @ 9:13 am   23


Ps3, pc and 360 are like 1 billion potential customers together alone ps3 is probably like 100 million who might buy your game.
So why put out a game on vita to get 10 or 20k copies sold max? Its not worth it. They probably will make an iphone/android version or work on other classic remasters (if ducktales is a success).

Now if the new handheld from sony that launches with the ps4 is powerful enough to run all the ps3 games, and you can simply port a ps3 game to the psp2 then its a safe job but really having a dev team work on a ducktales or other port for not even 1% of the sales they get from ps3/multi? That makes no sense i know you will keep asking and I am sorry you bought a vita but I think you are better off enjoying those games you already have there is some nice ones :)


there’s nothing wrong with people wanting this for vita and you must really not have tried a vita if you don’t think it has the power to run this as it does.
all i was saying was i doubted it would be cross-buy due to who its made by.
the game would look great on the vitas oled screen.

urouborous is the perfect example of why a vita version would be good as he has a vita only as stated in post.

i don’t know why you have such hate for the vita and yet tout a psp2 that can play ps2 and 3 games, where did you get this info as playing ps2 and 3 games is exactly what the vita will do when gaiki(sp?) goes live so i dont see why sony would be bringing out new hardware (unless there doing a stripped out vita that would only use cloud games and function as second screen on ps4 but i doubt it).

basically i think you have to lay off people who are asking these publishers for vita ports, there posting in the correct topics and asking the correct people for these ports, you add nothing to the discussion by stating they should skip vita (why does it matter to you)

MASPALOMAZ 14 August, 2013 @ 9:46 am   25

The vita cannot even emulate ps2 games, just with a ton of work very few ps2 games were made able to run. You can only emulate ps1 with the vita just like with the PSP.

And its just common sense plus the sales numbers, ps3 games sell 20 times more units than the vita. So why should a dev focus on bringing vita ports when its a ton of work and that time can be used for better things, like in this case to bring duck tales 2 for multi? ;)

I just would like to understand why people keep asking for vita versions when any dev who works on vita games is basically throwing away money. As for streaming ps3 games on vita or on psp or a tablet? Seems interesting.

MASPALOMAZ 14 August, 2013 @ 9:53 am   26

Have no problem with handhelds just never got into the PSP or the DS a lot, all those games people rave about I tried them but never liked them much like Persona.. maybe its an age-thing. And even tho I loved the old atlus RPGs on the GBA. These were some great games. On Vita, psp, ds and 3ds? I dont see the market for these little machines anymore and the sales numbers proof mobile phone gaming in japan just exploded grew by factor 10 this year. Sony and Nintendo should adapt to reality and bring better handhelds and software. But vita versions of ps3 games? Lol i dont see the logic why people keep asking for it, its not coming like this and the vita will be cancelled or get a new improved model anyways, sorry if i hurt someones feeling but just get over it that you wasted your money on a dying handheld? It would be a different thing if you had the full ps2 library of games available but vita simply is not powerful enough.

Urouborous 14 August, 2013 @ 9:54 am   27


You have point. I was excited with Dusk Tales remaster. I knew all the time there will not be Vita version. But day-one hurts so much ^_- Vita has some great games but definetely not enough. Indies and HD remasters that’s still not enough. When in console’s library there is lack of such a great titles like Duck Tales it hurts so much… so God D* much. I’m not talking about high system requirements games. It’s just a platformer…

@hayzink: Theres no source bout a PSP2, its just him talking nonsense again. And off course the Vita can run a game like Ducktales, just taking a look at Vita’s library will show there are already games that are more impressive as Ducktales.


the vita does not have to emulate ps2 games to play them the emulation is done server side with gakai and then streamed back to the players vita.
this is the reason people could play full pc games on tablets using onlive(however by all accounts gakai worked better and when i tried fifa via a pc web browser using gakai a few years ago it worked a treat)

game sales on vita are not as bad as you think and the machine does infact have a very high attach rate, for example assassins creed liberation (i picked it as its never been free on plus) has sold close to 750k copys so if ducktails did come out it would sell in much higher numbers than you have stated.
Also other studios have stated that the vita is infact an easy platform to port to.


well im 31 and i still see a place for handhelds as i have young nieces who are of an age to play games not to mention my own boys who in a few years will be playing games(they have no choice im gonna train them :) ) and handhelds are perfect as they can play in your company without hogging your tv.

again (and this is helping me stay on topic) ducktails is the perfect type of game for people of all ages to play and platformers have always been viewed as a perfect fit for handhelds.
the only reason kids want to play on tablets and phones is because that’s what they see there parents doing, if they saw you sitting playing a vita you can bet anything that it wont be long before there curious and want to play it.

also the vita might not be doing as well as hoped but the 3ds is selling like mad so it does just show that there is still in fact a market for traditional portable gaming.

Carnivius_Prime 14 August, 2013 @ 10:43 am   31

Eh I dunno. I love a lot of NES platformers but Duck Tales wasn’t one of my favorites. I’d like a demo first before making a purchase. I like the look of the sprites but I wish the backdrops were 2D as well.

Also I’m still annoyed with WayForward about the whole online 2 player patch for Double Dragon Neon thing. I’ve been waiting aaaages for them to add it as was apparently originally promised. I love that game and just want to be able to play in 2 player (I don’t have local gamer friends y’see).

Carnivius_Prime 14 August, 2013 @ 10:45 am   32

@ThugETH I’m amazed someone actually still trusts Edge… Awful and pretentious magazine with some really stupid scores (seriously the mediocre Bayonetta scoring more than any Uncharted?)

TenkoTAiLS 14 August, 2013 @ 10:50 am   33

Anyone care to explain why it is $15 US on Steam..the equivalent to $18 NZ after currency exchange. Yet on the NZ PSN store it is a whopping $28? Why on earth is Sony NZ charging $10 more than another digital platform?

I swear NZ and Australia get charged through the nose for digital goods and electronics. Sorry Sony but until you can sort your digital pricing out I think I will be sticking with Steam even with the small currency conversion fee.

Panos_GRE 14 August, 2013 @ 10:57 am   34

No Vita version, no party!
I understand that the Vita’s low sales will keep devs and pubs from investing into games for the platform.
However I don’t think that the porting costs for a game such as Ducktales are that high. I believe there could be a Vita version without risking anything in this case. So, to me this is a bad decision.
Games like this are perfect for a portable platform and I am sure that the game would sell enough to cover the costs at least and keep everybody happy.

spazonwheels 14 August, 2013 @ 2:24 pm   35

can anyone tell me what buttons u have to use on duck tales remastered ?? email me

Carnivius_Prime 15 August, 2013 @ 12:43 pm   36

Well, I bought it even though I find £11.99 somewhat overpriced for these kind of PSN games (but hey I should be used to Capcom using that as their price when everyone else uses £7.99 or so, and look no Plus discount either). It’s a fun game though. The sprites are very well done and clean though I find that with the them in such high resolution and with the character voices it’s reeeeally jarring that they don’t move their mouths. I know it would be a bit tricky (though not impossible to do) but it kinda kills the cartoon feel of it somewhat and makes everyone seem telepathic or something. :P The soundtrack is excellent (big fan of Kaufman’s Double Dragon Neon soundtrack and he does great things here too). Anyway the game is very enjoyable and well made. Certainly have had a lot more fun playing it than most games this year.


x to jump then hold square or circle to pogo.


im also loving it but i really need to get my platform eye back in as i keep dying lol