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Velocity Ultra teleports onto PS3 tomorrow


Hello folks! I’m excited to say that the multiple award-winning Velocity Ultra is available tomorrow on the mighty PlayStation 3 for just £6.49/€7.49!

At full 1080p/60fps, it’s a hypnotic experience playing on a big TV, and gives the awesome soundtrack produced by Joris de Man of Killzone fame a chance to shine too!

Developed and published by the talented team at Curve Studios, Velocity Ultra on PS3 is a perfect conversion that feels great on the Dual Shock 3.


Me confirming that the PS3 version is indeed awesome.

What, you’ve never heard of it?
Those of you not familiar with Velocity Ultra should know that it combines shoot ‘em up action, speed runs and cunning spatial puzzles in a way never seen before, and this combination of clever mechanics and no nonsense FUN delighted pretty much everyone that came into contact with it on PS Vita.

So we’re incredibly excited that Velocity Ultra is now a full PS3 title which includes perhaps (actually, definitely) the best titled platinum trophy ever: ‘Show Thumb Respect.’


Teleporting ahead…
With a host of 9/10 review scores from the likes of Edge Magazine and Pocket Gamer, Velocity has been our breakthrough success, allowing us to continue working with Sony on a range of PS Vita games, and now we’re making a sequel to Velocity Ultra on PS4 and PS Vita called Velocity 2X due out next year! You can find out loads more about Velocity 2X on here.

Until then, you’ll need to get some practice in with Velocity Ultra! Enjoy!

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Is it free for those of us who already have it on Vita?

(Like Sound Shapes, Flower, ext. on PS4)

Glad to see this on the PS3! Already got it for Vita and love it!

If anyone dont have this game yet on PSVita, they really should get it on PS3 then. Do not miss out on this beautiful and addicting game! So worth the cheap price that it is!

supersmith2500 12 November, 2013 @ 9:33 pm   3

Who knows, we ”might” get this on Plus. Not a definite though. But hey, gotta love FuturLab, my favourite indie game company ever! :)

FuturLab… aren’t you the guys that pitched some kind of completely new game concept to Sony a while back but ended up making Coconut Dodge instead ?

Seeing as I got the Vita version free with Plus and absolutely adored it, HAVE MY MONEY! It will be an instant purchase when the store update goes live later!