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Posted 5:03pm

Weekend Debate: Where do you want to see the Uncharted series go next? (Update)

The Weekend Debate

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for taking part. There were some interesting suggestions here – I’ll pass them on to Naughty Dog ;) This week’s winners are: toxic-inferno, Superbuu3, solid–raiden, BigBoyBanksy and Project2insanity. Congratulations – please check your PMs on the official forums a little later this week.

ORIGINAL POST: As you’ll hopefully have seen by now, in the early hours of this morning we announced a brand new Uncharted title currently in development for PlayStation 4. In case you missed it, take a look at the teaser below.

The video will of course give you a few hints as to where the series might be going, but I’d love to hear what you’re hoping to see in Naughty Dog’s latest adventure. What locations would you like to explore? What characters would you like to see returning? What new gameplay features would you welcome?

Let us know below.

As ever, I’ve a prize for the five most thoughtful responses. This week: a download code for the predictably brilliant Lego Marvel Super Heroes on PS3, courtesy of our friends at Warner Bros Interactive. Take a look at the trailer below! Good luck!

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deadlock10 15 November, 2013 @ 5:08 pm   1

Where do I wanna see the Uncharted series go next?
Right in my disc tray!

tired-hippo 15 November, 2013 @ 5:10 pm   2

I’d love to see uncharted head to Francis Drakes home country of England and have some action in some of the most famous landmarks in London.

RockLobster2074 15 November, 2013 @ 5:11 pm   3

I’m still waiting with bated breath for the return of Jeff the cameraman. In zombie form or otherwise.

They should create complete new characters with maybe a slight connection with the previous one but they really should make it all feel new, as this is the fourth part and they should keep it fresh

I would like to see drakes past.

As long as there is no Aliens, no Crystal Skull, no Nuked Fridge and no Shia LaBeouf then I’ll be one happy Gamer :)

dogwalker4000 15 November, 2013 @ 5:12 pm   7

Would be cool to play as Nate with some flashback gameplay of Sir Francis to mix it up a bit. I think it would freshen up the series after the slightly samey feel of U3, would be cool to see a Nate version of Sir Francis doing his stuff hundreds of years ago. :D

On another note the island in the trailer is St Marys Island, it’s just off the coast of Madagascar and has a history of pirates. So maybe we’ll get some sort of Assassin’s Creed crossover…Uncharted 4: Black Flag? :P

MonkeyBrainsToo 15 November, 2013 @ 5:13 pm   8

I really want to see it go back to a single player only game and have the developers spend their time on making a longer single player experience.

Something with ancient greece, so many possibilities for mythical artifacts.

Midas hand
Zeus’ thunder
Athena’s shield
Etc, etc.

Or it can combine mytholoy with technology.
Ermis’ winged sandals could be a teleport system, or Helios’ chariot, a kinda of a flying ship

The list has no end!

They will properly go somerewhere ‘new’, but personly, I would like them to return to the tropics like in the first one. Maybe with a visit to England.

Would be really cool to see a proper origins story. Maybe set in the past, playing as Sir Francis Drake himself. The trailer teased a new character and had no number or subtitle so I think this is possible.

We could see how Francis Drake became so infamous and what led him to make all those discoveries in his journal to be fatefully recovered by Nate.

I could also see this taking on a spin on a the series with a whole new character. Drake can’t be the only adventurer. It’d be cool to see another main character step up to the limelight, maybe even a Drake cameo. A little competition perhaps?

I can’t wait to see where Naughty Dog goes with this.

I’ve seen people around the net talking about the original Drake coming into play somehow. I think it would be cool to play as both Drakes, Francis and Nathan, and have different combat and exploration styles between them, with Francis being closer to The last of us. I’d like a much better use of stealth and more intricate combat in the modern day setting, and I think a lot of the ideas from the last of us will come through. Perhaps we’ll see a similar crafting system, which would make Nate Drake more of a resourceful and interesting character, rather than just a pro with guns and climbing.

Nazar_Ops 15 November, 2013 @ 5:16 pm   13

I want to have more open World exploration, with different choices to make, different paths to take and so on. Uncharted 2 had a great Environment. So I hope more exploration will be added in the next Uncharted game, along with options to choose in the Single Player mode, that will affect the story later on in the game.

AntGreenfield 15 November, 2013 @ 5:16 pm   14

I’d love the next one to be set in and around the ruins of Pompeii and link into old Roman history and the devastation caused by Mount Vesuvius. As for new gameplay features I think more secret areas are a must with the player rewarded for going off the beaten track and multiple routes through each level. More detective work as levels progress would be nice too, the rubbings on the Vita game were great fun to find, so more things like that and clues along the way to point out hidden areas. Also include more opportunity to plan attacks by stealth, really enable the player to use brain or brawn!! And of course beautiful scenery, even more epic than before thanks to the power of PS4

I love how Uncharted plays, they’ve developed from UC1 onwards so well, a mix of great cinematic gameplay with really witty narrative and top setpieces. But I think the series could do with some form of spicing it up so it doesn’t begin to stagnate, like a lot of other franchises (Assassins Creed) are beginning, or have done, after being a bit similar to predecessors.

We could have some really cool underwater levels trying to find city. Then some really nice exploration of the submerged greek city (and maybe even a Kratos statue easter egg). Could also have some nice levels and battles set in modern Greece as Drake tries to find the entrance to the city.

But where ever it is set can’t wait to see how stunning it looks on PS4

Perhaps a openworld Unchrated, visiting Japan, HongKong, China and i want pirats! Why? Becaues why not?

Andrefpvs 15 November, 2013 @ 5:21 pm   18

I analysed the reveal teaser for a while, and if I had to throw a theory about which themes Uncharted for PS4 will explore, I’d say the explorer Vasco da Gama has a strong chance of being featured.

There’s more than a bit of Portuguese shown on the map, as well as locations associated with da Gama, such as Cape of Good Hope and Terra de Natal. Of course, the phrase “Every betrayed us” very likely refers to Henry Every, an English pirate born in the 1600s. Da Gama lived in the early 1500s, so he and Every didn’t coexist, but his most frequent sailing spots were the same ones discovered by da Gama a few years before. The story may just have something to do with these two historical characters.

As for what I want from the game, I’d very much enjoy to see Nathan Drake return. Uncharted 3 implied that his true origins are not what he claims them to be, so I hope we get some clarification.

As for gameplay features, how about underwater exploration? Especially if I’m right and there are pirates and explorers involved :)

Edvardcooper 15 November, 2013 @ 5:22 pm   19

Scandinavia! XD

The Uncharted series was in my opinion one of the greatest achievements of the PS3 era. Naughty Dog have continuously proved that they are certainly a force that Playstation is lucky to have, not only on PS3 but throughout Playstation history. With that said I would love to see an area or even stage (possibly even secret) in the new Uncharted game which is dedicated entirely to Naughty Dog’s past titles, be it finding a power cell relic in Sandover Village or racing about Wumpa Islands in carts, it would be great to not only see Naughty Dog giving the fans that have been around a while a thank you of sorts but you have to wonder what places like these would look like with greatly updated graphics.I know it’ll never happen but that’s where I would like to to go in the next Uncharted game (while Nolan North provides commentary of course).

I still want to play as Drake. But I hope this new Uncharted game sort of plays out like Assassin’s Creed games but opposite of what Assassin’s Creed does.

For example in Assassin’s Creed you mostly play in the past (Altier, Ezio, Connor, Edwin) then play as Desmond in the present from time to time. What I want to see in this new Uncharted game or a future Uncharted game is. We most mostly as Nathan Drake in the present time. But play as say Sir Francis Drake in the past from time to time.

toxic-inferno 15 November, 2013 @ 5:24 pm   22

Personally, I’d love to see an Uncharted game where you play as Sully before he met Nate. It would be set in the 70s or 80s, and would see Sully learning some of the skills that he passed on to Nate – as well as some of those that he never got round to teaching our wise-cracking hero.

The best thing about this idea though is that the gameplay style would change significantly. I always got the feeling that Sully was less of a general adventurer and more of an all-round hunter-for-hire and professional thief. As such, there would be more of an emphasis on stealth, and perhaps less of an emphasis on all out gunplay. Obviously, the mechanics would be more or less the same, but Sully’s style would be general less reckless and more calculated than Nate’s.

toxic-inferno 15 November, 2013 @ 5:24 pm   23


The storyline would possibly involve Sully being hired to reclaim an artefact that had been stolen from a museum (or private collector). About halfway through the game, you’d be captured and would discover that the artefact had been stolen in order to return balance to some supernatural rift that would unleash devastation on the whole world. Now your mission has been reversed – protect the artefact you were originally trying to steal against the men who hired you.

The game would end with Sully being approached by Marlowe…

vonhammer 15 November, 2013 @ 5:26 pm   24

I’d like to see it end after 4 and them crack on with another new IP. I loved the last 3 but I struggle with franchise fatigue unless it’s a Mario/kart/GT.
However if they do knock it out of the park and it feels like they have room to expand on the mechanics then I could be tempted into getting a 5th.

Edvardcooper 15 November, 2013 @ 5:30 pm   25

But seriously, I think it would be great to see Nathan search for some treasure based on nordic mythology. :D

yoghurt2000 15 November, 2013 @ 5:30 pm   26

I think it should be more serious like the first game, and it looks like it’s going to be. I also want it to be more like the first Uncharted in the way that you just play everything in one go; you don’t skip any moments where you travel etc.

In terms of characters: Obviously I want Nathan Drake to return, alongside Sully and Elena. I also want Chole to return, she wasn’t a big part of Uncharted 3 so I would like more time with her. Same goes for Cutter. It would be cool if Rika Raja was in this game, since I liked Eye of Indra alot.

Locations that I think would be cool is high buildings. And I don’t mean like Nepal in Uncharted 2, I mean like skyscrapers in New York or something. There should also be more jungle, like in Uncharted 1 and it looks like there is going to be aswell, since it takes place around Madagascar.

Gameplay shouldn’t be too diffrent I suppose. I would like more of the puzzles and a whole lot more of exploring. Even though the franchise is build around the cover-based combat, I think they should try to move away from that and make it more about treasurehunting.

evilwitch83 15 November, 2013 @ 5:31 pm   27

I would like to see Uncharted Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush be replaced with 2 other games on the IGC, which was meant to happen this month.

I would LOVE to explore ancient Chinese ruins! It’d be even better if we can visit landmarks such as the Forbidden City, imagine all the platforming possibilities there! Or maybe we’ll find out the REAL reason the Great Wall of China was built… (to hide some enormous secret/treasure of course :P). How about having the Terracotta Army come to life and act as the main enemies?

I would love to see Drake return in some form even if not as the main playable character, he is a big part of what makes Uncharted. Gameplay feature wise, maybe we could have Nate piloting a plane or a tank this time around instead of battling them? :P

Keep up the good work Naughty Dog, can’t wait to see more!

I’d love for the series to go with a new hero that is somehow related to Drake. It would be a fresh start for the series and it would bring a new dynamic into the mix. I feel confident in Naughty Dog to create compelling characters and I’m sure they can make this work.
One another thing I’d love to see is playable flashbacks! With the first 3 games, you are always following the footsteps of explorers and aventurers but you are always in these huge beautiful monuments after their downfalls. I’d love to see some of these lost civilisations to life with bursting energy and interesting secrets.
For example, instead of following your notebook to solve a puzzle, the hero could immerse himself in these civilisations by trying to picture himself at that time to solve a specific puzzle. A new game mechanic for a new hero!

The Norwegian mountains! :D

VenomousAlbino 15 November, 2013 @ 5:40 pm   31

If Uncharted retains its perfect blend of solid shooting, fun platforming, explosive set-pieces, epic globe-trotting scale and unparalleled visuals then I’ll be more than happy. I love the Uncharted trilogy on PS3 and Golden Abyss on Vita and no game has ever disappointed me in that regard so far.

However, it would be cool to see Uncharted 4 link up with a Vita sequel in some way. Perhaps in the form of bonus multiplayer items, skins and maps if you own both games? Or maybe you could utilise the Vita as a second screen in some way? I’d also like to see Uncharted 4 add proper co-operative play; the extra missions playable in co-op in Uncharted 3 were ok, but being able to play Uncharted 4′s campaign with a friend in its entirety would be awesome.

Not because of my nationality but I think that greek mythology entraps the greatest amount of epic historical mystery/magic/culture. And with a beautiful diverse landscape to explore it would be mind- and spirit- blowing to see Nathan in Greece (modern and ancient).
Who would not really like to see Nathan search for the lost atlantis?
Or discover the secrets of the Mechanism of Antikythera, the first computer ever made by humans?
Or unveil the secrets of mount Olympus? Or explore the Delphi, once considered as the center of the world ?

30 years in the future and the world looks nothing like the world we used to know. The end of the world has come and gone leaving small pockets of survivors.

One man in search of his past trying to understand his future. The son of Nathan Drake, abandoned by his father when he went on a quest to never return. Scouring through the well known landmarks of today, the ruins of Big Ben, the Eiffel tower, the statue of liberty looking for traces of his father and the companion he left with, Sully.

Will he ever know where his father went, and will he survive the mighty Journey that will take him there.

BillHicksLives 15 November, 2013 @ 5:44 pm   34

Nice to see so much love for Sir Francis, i’d also like to see some of his life integrated into the story. I’d also like to see the core mechanics of the game expanded beyond shooting, puzzles and platforming, maybe adding more strategy and real time components (not more qte) but resource/item management. Golden abyss tried to develop it with touchscreen parts (like the rubbings) the camera function and bigger mysteries but I want more, especially now with the power of PS4 behind it. But to be honest i’d be just as happy with another fun, compelling Drake outing as long as they keep it to their own benchmark. I really hope naughty dog don’t end up victims of their own success.

Why change a winning formula, suspense and surprise it a greatly told story, but playing on a new better quality machine, I have full trust in naughty dog to work their magic and lead me on the ride around the globe

TFBlackout 15 November, 2013 @ 5:47 pm   36

I would like to see this new game to explore into some of the backstory of Drake like U3 did with his childhood and how he met Sully. An example of this could possibly be his first proper adventure. And maybe during it he leaves one of his companions for dead which would explain what we just saw in that teaser trailer.

MesozoicPrinny 15 November, 2013 @ 5:49 pm   37

More Sully.

Has to be something to do with the gods and Atlantis! Just image what they can to with the story, water effects and sounds on the ps4.

The formula should stay the same but I’d like to story to get bigger, Maybe have Drake go all over the world in search for the greatest treasure of them all! I also would like to see maybe a sort of prequel elements just like in U3 where we first saw how Nathan and sully met, I’m sure there’s a whole list of possibilities they could do with that. Of course they have to keep the humour elements, a dark toned uncharted wouldn’t be the same! New characters would be welcome but if still like to see old characters return!

Maybe Drake finds an artifact among the pirate chess, that turns him…
into Crash Bandicoot!!!

Seriously bring Crash back :p

saishyam001 15 November, 2013 @ 6:14 pm   41

A futuristic Treasure hunting where a new treasure hunter goes to MARS to find a treasure hidden by Nathan drake!!.Searching for treasures in zero gravity!!!!Hiding in big craters and escaping from aliens!!

Superbuu3 15 November, 2013 @ 6:15 pm   42

Firstly we need more Sully. I would also like to see how Drake knew Eddy Raja, and explore the roots of Drake’s character more, like how he knew where to get look for the coffin in the first game. The return of features that you could tweak gameplay with is something that was sorely missing from Uncharted 3.

I think a setting in Africa would be intersting or maybe the romans, I was tempted to say the greek, but they are overdone in so many other games and Uncharted has always brought new things to the board. Also Africa has interesting wildlife and Uncharted already has such beautiful environments it would be great to see more animals in the game. Other potential environments would be India, I don’t think its used as a setting much in games and it might be a nice change of pace. There’s so much lore that has been untapped to to expand on the legends in the game.

The multiplayer is one of the best this gen so I find it difficult to comment on how it could change, but I think the split screen features in 3 were a great addition and I’d love to see them remain.

First off. Don’t have Drake as the lead for the game.

In the trailer, the voice over we got talked as if they were seeking some form of revenge, retribution. Maybe revealing some secret that has been kept away for 15 years. I want to be THAT person. Not Drake. I like Drake, but 3 games in, little bit bored of the same persona.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s to be wasted. He should still be there. Just not the main character. But this time I want his antagonist, to actually be the protagonist. Play the game from the side of the ‘bad guy’ someone who was wronged by Drake, as Drake made a fortune from some discovery that the other guy actually found first. I’d want to see him track Drake down, find the evidence of what was done and clear their name, or have their name put in the history books as the person who discovered some relic. All through the game, I want to be feeling bad for my character, at the same time wondering “Did Drake really screw me? or was it all a misunderstanding”

loonyspoony 15 November, 2013 @ 6:17 pm   44

Would like to see him raid ancient Egypt next, would give an opportunity for some serious tomb raiding with traps in pyramid, scarab beetles, desert nomads and the odd camel or two.
Chloe Fraser is a must (along with Sully of course) she is more appealing than Elena (but you would take Elena home to meet your mum).
I’d like to see some laugher combat more akin to Dark Souls where you really have a struggle to progress between the more platforming stages, I want to feel I’ve earnt the more leisurely leap and discover sections.

chrisboers 15 November, 2013 @ 6:18 pm   45

Uncharted is going to go in this direction:
It will follow the tales of one Robert Drury, who was shipwrecked on Madagascar island, back in the 18th century. He was on that island for 15 years, which fits the narrative of the video. The ship he sailed on, was called the Degrave. Robert Drury actually wrote a book on his adventures in a Journal, so that’s probably the link to the actual narrative.

Will we see Nathan again? Probably!

loonyspoony 15 November, 2013 @ 6:19 pm   46

Sorry too much predictive text before went wrong.

Would like to see him raid ancient Egypt next, would give an opportunity for some serious tomb raiding with traps in pyramids, scarab beetles, desert nomads and the odd camel or two.
Chloe Fraser is a must (along with Sully of course) she is more appealing than Elena (but you would take Elena home to meet your mum).
I’d like to see some tougher combat more akin to Dark Souls where you really have a struggle to progress between the more platforming stages, I want to feel I’ve earnt the more leisurely leap and discover sections.

I will keep persons and places to the decision of ND developers (because astonishing surprises are always welcome :D). But I would love to see motion aiming implemented in the incoming game. It worked perfectly on vita, so why not to use it on PS4 :)

There are a couple of things I would love to see in the new Uncharted.

Firstly and probably most strangely I would love to see some sections of the game dedicated to some downtime from the action. I think Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us was exceptionally paced due to areas where you could just explore a small town, or settlement and just really appreciate the environments and atmosphere created by the games developers. I would love to be able to just explore an ancient complex or tomb in Uncharted without too much worry of a gun fight.

Secondly I think it could be interesting to try a gameplay and story technique used by the assassins creed series…. The Animus!? Oh please No just kidding!!
But I did like the way that the game would let you play through a section as Ezio and would then put you in the shoes of Desmond walking through the same areas hundreds of years later.
It would be great in Uncharted to walk through an ancient mystical city in all of its glory as one of its original citizens. And then explore the ruin that now remains as Nathan Drake.

Other than that, more guns, more fighting, more exploring, more history and of course more epicness. ;)

When it’s released, I’d like to see it priced fairly for eu customers but there’s no chance of that Fred is there?

still waiting to hear your justification for eu first-party digital pricing but i guess you’ll just keep dodging it, something you’re becoming quite adept at.

After so many “exotic” games I would really like to see Nathan jumping across rooftops in New York, fighting inside/on top of/under skyscrapers or something like that… Something less exotic… Although I wouldnt mind seeing some snowy hills/cableway (Where Eagles Dare style) action…

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