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PlayStation Home update: Tearaway comes to Home Square!

Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 20th November for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 11-18-2013 14-26-03

If there is any game that is most at home in Home, it would have to be Tearaway! Here at PlayStation HQ, we have had lots of fun making this for you, and we have worked directly with Media Molecule to bring a little piece of the game into Home Square . Not only that (as if we wouldn’t give you a reward!) we are giving away a couple of the actual items that feature in the game for you to put into your apartment. All you have to do is to go into Home Square and watch the trailer. It’s as easy as that!


Digital Leisure – Western Frontier
The sky has cleared, the dust has settled, and the Western Frontier is ready for you to explore! There is plenty to do in Red Rock Springs from slugging away with your pickaxe to mine for gold, to harnessing the power of four wild stallions and racing at breakneck speeds. If you get tired from all of the excitement going on just head into The Saloon where there are some relaxing table games. There are 100′s of rewards to acquire from playing the games, or by collecting trade tokens and exchanging items with anyone in town.

It’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and family in Thanksgiving Acorn Meadows Park! Brace for impact and join your friends on the Bumper Cars. Like the Bikes, there are 6 to choose from and you can get each of them as a locomotion item as well. The pedal boats have had a makeover and now look like Thanksgiving Turkeys… and much more. Also use the Relocator in Home Square and get a special reward!


There are some amazing new additions to the Element catalogue this week. Stay warm with the fashionable Black Mapped Fleece jacket for women. The Black Plan B Grid Iron Beanie for men goes perfectly with the Black Rise Fleece and you can finish the look with a pair of Black Howland Denims.


Street Style
Check out the latest additions to our Street Style range! With a large selection of clothing for both men and women you’ll defiantly find the perfect threads for you.



Drey Supermodel Poses
You’ve been practising your Drey Supermodel Poses for a couple of weeks now, it’s time for some new outfits to really showcase your skills. Look hot while it’s cold outside with the Raglan Rebel and Trend Tycoon bundles in the store & Gift Machine. If it’s an edgier look you’re after, pick up the Biker Clothing and hop on your LMO Motorbike to get your engine revving. The Gift Machine has new Rogue outfit colour variations, plus an elegant grand piano and oriental vase.


From small antiques like the Milk Pot to big relics like the Stone Pillar Gazebo and Robot Parts, this collection covers a variety of items for the nostalgic heart!


JAM Games – Painted Bare
This week JAM bring you the wonderfully quirky Madam Giraffe, the stunning zebra inspired, Miss Stripes and Madam Flutterby in Black and White! All complete with heels ears or hair accessories!
Show your artistic flair, be Painted Bare!


Iconic Poses & Dances and Martial Arts
Become an icon with two different posing packs. One takes inspiration from some great musical influencers from Rock and Roll; Pop and Disco while the other from some classic martial artists.


Luxury Beds
Sometimes you want the option to fit more than two people into a bed! Introducing the Luxury Bed Range from nDreams with various versions to fit whatever decor your personal space is rocking at the moment. You can fit up to 6 people on these beds and it automatically uses some of nDreams fantastic motion captured laying down poses.


Codeglue – Not so basic
This nice collection contains stylish black and white tops designed with various prints and details. Also it includes a a short, a simple and an asymmetrical skirt and new strap lace up shoes.

Madmunki – Spun Stuff
Madmunki release the 7th Set of Spunland Commerce items. Spunling Full Body Suit Bundle: Spread the Spun as a Happy or Angry Spunling, includes Happy or Angry Emote. Ride about PlayStation®Home in High Spun Style on the Spunland Spunny Farthing LMO or get the Spun colour choice of Rabbit Hop LMOs with the new Rabbit Hop Bundle.

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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Cool i will visit for the Tearaway free stuff :P

When can i start the download of need for speed rivals from Playstation store in Europa?

MaxDiehard 19 November, 2013 @ 9:55 pm   3


Please stay on topic. This is not the place.