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PlayStation Home update: Enjoy your new life in San Francisco

PlayStation Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 27th November for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Granzella – San Franciscan Apartment
From a huge loft right next to the cable car tracks, it’s time to begin your new life in San Francisco. In this next installment of Granzella’s Window to the World Personal Space series, there are dozens of reward items for you to collect! Cafe and garden furniture, flower beds and fountains to brighten up your backyard, garden arches, accessory shop items, Victorian lighting, chandeliers, and more.


Rooftop Terrace – Apartment
What better place than a rooftop terrace to host a social gathering. Impress your friends with the beautiful view of a bustling city at night. As well as being beautiful this apartment is also affordable.


Terminator 2 Sale
Head to the Terminator space in nRage to pick up some bargains in the Terminator 2 store. There have been reductions on some fantastic Terminator outfits including the Complete T2 Bundle!


PSTALENT – Dance Warp
Another epic production from PSTALENT this week, a follow-up to their most famous video, The Castle (2010), directed by Director On_Duty. The Castle 2 – Dance Warp is now playing exclusively in the PSTALENT Theater! Back to the castle we go where the Director tells a tale like no other; an awe inspiring dance number that’s sure to get you on your feet – dead or alive. Watch the story unfold as this special presentation showcases the original Castle followed by the premiere of part 2.

Bigyama – Electric Guitar & Overpowered Aura
This week Bigyama release its first ever non-clothing items; the Bigyama Electric Guitar and the Overpowered Aura. Power-up with the Overpowered Aura and zoom around Home using only the power of your mind! Three colours to choose from – what colour is your Aura?

Christmas items
This winter Atom Republic bring you a plethora of seasonal goodies: you’re spoilt for choice with over 20 items to choose from, including elf outfits, turkey costumes and Christmas-themed LMOs!

Atom Republic Park
Whether you prefer to play the minikart racer, dance with your friends in the music pavilion, or just chill out by the fountain, there is always a good reason to visit this beautiful and relaxing art-déco park! The minikart racer game contains leaderboards and rewards.


Foal Collection
It’s been a while since Lockwood launched a new fashion collection, but the time has come. Foal is young, fresh and fun. Foal doesn’t care about the latest high street trends or runway creations, Foal is just concerned with providing comfortable, wearable clothes. From the basketball champ jacket to the cotton day dress, all Foal’s clothes have a carefree aspect that’s sure to put a spring in your step.

Also from Lockwood this week – an animation pack targeted at Machinima makers – allowing you to express a full range of emotions in your cinematic masterpiece.

Demon Tiger Mounts
And if it’s a fantasy movie you’re making, you may also need to employ dark and dangerous demon tigers Belia and Bakenenko, or their giftable brother, Sith. Camouflaged to match the shadowy forests of their homeland, these magnificent beasts will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

3D Printer
This week there is another selection of great items in the 3D Printer! Be on the hunt for the latest selection of Animal Avatars LMO’s, such as the creepy duo of arachnids, ferocious predators and many more!

Animal Avatar Predator
Let out your inner beast with these Predator Animal Avatars. Big and powerful, the Brown Bear travels the forests of the North. Prowling the African savannah in search of prey, a Hyena never lets go once it’s got its teeth into you. Saltwater Crocodiles lie in wait at the Indonesian shoreline for their unsuspecting dinner; they will strike at prey with an unexpected burst of speed and the strongest bite in the animal kingdom.


Giant Arachnid Avatars
Scare the virtual pants off your friends by turning into one of these terrifying Giant Arachnid Animal Avatars from VEEMEE! There’s the deadly Black Widow, renowned for its venomous bite. The Spider Queen, delivered from the realms of fantasy, and the Red Claw Scorpion; nasty pincers and a nastier sting! But don’t be scared, head down to the VEEMEE Store and try out the new Arachnids locomotions today.


Mythical Swarms
Swarming into Home this week; VEEMEE release their second selection of Avatar Swarms, this time with a fantasy twist! Turn your avatar into a Swarm of Devils, Pixies or perhaps a Company of friendly Fairies.


The final Billabong update for 2013 comes out this week. Wrap up warm in the Black Spades Hooded Flannel Shirt for men and party the night away in the Lemon Twist Daniella Dress for women.

And keep an eye on Home Square… great surprises await you!

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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so no app home on ps4 ? :)

Soulbreaker 26 November, 2013 @ 5:50 pm   2

Where can we get the 3 free PSOne games at Playstation Home like in US?
They have Twisted Metal, Destruction Derby and Warhawk.
Will we have this opportunity too?

thunderking1981 26 November, 2013 @ 7:06 pm   3

hi awesome update btw i looking for the christmas this year keep up the good work sony

residentSteve 27 November, 2013 @ 6:22 am   4

Don’t know why everyone’s so surprised of course there is no app for home on ps4, don’t you think sony would of said something by now.

Chloe__1990 27 November, 2013 @ 2:03 pm   5

I heard that ‘a version of Home’ will be on the Sony Playstation 4 to be announced in 2014, and Home will shutdown on PS3 on Jan 1, 2014.

the only people that know about home are sony themshevles and that a bank hoilday chloe so stop guessing until we get a eu blog thankyou

CoolRichy007UK 29 November, 2013 @ 1:38 am   7

ye what skells22 said Chloe__1990

1 ps3 home WILL NOT BE CLOSING 1st jan 2014 << FAKE LIES
2 ps3 home will still be going even after home hits the ps4
3 ps3 home will be on the ps4 eventualy

people who look at stupid infomation on the internet saying home is closing on the ps3 1st jan 2014 needs to ignore it because that sort of rubish was posted by people who hate ps3 home

HOME WILL NOT BE CLOSING DOWN ANYTIME SOON NOT EVEN jan 1st 2014 so in future Chloe__1990 DO YOUR RESERCH before u post info that int true

Chloe__1990 29 November, 2013 @ 9:25 am   8

I think I’ll choose to ignore your *guesses* as they are just wild speculation.

Home on PS3 WILL close it’s just a matter of WHEN, so to spend any money on PS3 Home would be throwing your money away, not knowing HOW SOON it will be closing (and the end of your home items).

Home (or some variation of) MAY or may not be on PS4 during its entire generation. Even IF it is, you MAY or may not be able to use your paid items on this new application. If not dont waste you money buying any more stuff on PS3 Home, cos you’re throwing it away.