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PlayStation Home update: December Sale!

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00 a.m. GMT on Wednesday 4th December for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Acorn Meadow Park
A winter wonderland of fun and excitement awaits you this week in VEEMEE’s seasonal Acorn Meadows Park.


Spend time with your friends on the Traditional Carousel or head out onto the frozen lake and try your hand at Ice Skating.

The waterfall has frozen solid revealing Santa’s Grotto, and the big man himself is in residence with a special gift for all who are kind of spirit and generous of heart. Just remember, Santa always knows.


Granzella’s Silent Night 2013 begins Wednesday, December 4th. During the event, a massive, illuminated tree stands in the centre of the ‘Granzella Plaza in Twilight’ Lounge. As the powder snow falls, you’re invited to come join a fantastic wintery world. Grab some unique reindeer rewards by playing the festive flight game! Tis the season to come and soar through the air as lights illuminate the sky!


December Sale
As 2013 draws to a close, PlayStation Home is holding a December sale with some huge discounts. We’ll be adding new items each week throughout December and you’ll be able to take advantage of these great savings until 8th January. First up we have some apartment-themed bundles to help you expand your PS Home property portfolio. Check out the Winter market in Home Square and bag yourself a bargain.


Home Square
Get into the festive spirit and head down to Home Square for some seasonal surprises… For a little gift from us, head over to the Christmas tree… And keep checking back each week of December for more exciting developments!

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Flashman Studios bring us their second collection for the sci-fi favourite. Under license by CBS Consumer Products, the collection consists of a Starship Enterprise-D Bridge apartment from STAR TREK: The Next Generation(TM), with matching furniture to make it the perfect home of your favourite Star Trek avatar!


Atom Republic
Do you like movies? Do you love dancing? Atom Republic brings you 4 movie-inspired dance packs! The High-School Nerd dance pack contains hilarious dance moves reminiscent of a famous geeky character; the Disco Fever is the world’s most famous disco routine seen on screen; the Comedy Dances are irresistibly funny, and the Musicals dance pack contains some classic routines.


adidas Originals
Check out the new adidas Originals tracksuits for PlayStation Home. Get your avatar all in with the official Firebird Tracksuits and show off your style!


Street Style
Word on the Street is that there’s new clothing from VEEMEE this week! The next selection of Street Style clothing is here and with it a new range of trendy threads for your avatar. For sporty people, the men’s Basketball Shirt and necklace brings fashion to parks and courts alike. For a more casual day look, try the Plaid Shirts or Quilted Jackets for women.


Winter is here and so is a new selection of Element clothing to help you keep warm. Look cool in the Black Dilly-Dally Beanie and Grey Heather Stormer Hoodie for women. Relax with your friends in the Plan B Grey Heather Crosstown Hoodie and White Best Coast Cap for men.


Home Tycoon
For the first time in Home Tycoon, fly your own personal helicopter for FREE during Free Test Flight Week, December 4th-10th! All players get free access to the Basic Helicopter to fly through the skies in any city, any time — no Gold Coins needed!


JAM Games
In part one of JAM Games seasonal collection, they bring you partywear, everything you’ll need to dress up and have some festive fun! Look out next week as part two brings you a miniature world, the Snow Globe Apartment, set on a table inside The Jam Jar!
Live the magic and feel the snow because after all….. There’s Snow Place like PlayStation®Home!


Treat yourself with these dazzling new items:

  • Christmas Reindeer Outfit – decorate yourself in this dazzling new reindeer outfit.
  • LMO – Elegant Walk – Show your swagger with these graceful new LMOs. Perfect accompaniments to the Masquerade Ball clothing.
  • LMO – Under the Mistletoe – Get flirty with this new mistletoe LMO, complete with Christmas kiss emote!


Close your eyes and take a deep breath. When you open your eyes, you are standing on the decking of Serenity Lake’s peaceful pagoda. There’s no noise, no demands on your time, just the mountains, the clouds and the gently rippling lake. Sit back and meditate through the shifting seasons to unlock some simple furnishings for your pagoda.


We know that you guys know how to throw a good party. This week we’ve got everything you need whatever your party preferences. And we mean EVERYTHING!


Elegant Venetian Ball? Fool Throttle has sensational ball gowns, exquisite frock coats and dashing pantaloons in both Gift Machine and store varieties.

Low key knees-up? Give the Jolly Cheer Dance Pack a go.


Thrashing rock gig or mellow acoustic set? The Gift Machine’s Epic Gig Dance Pack from Foal has moves to suit any musical accompaniment.


Skating party? The Wonderland Skates LMO provides skates with a smooth gliding motion that will ensure you don’t slip up on the ice.

Or if you’d rather not get involved with all that partying, mount up on Stormur the Reindeer and ride around sending your friends new luxury Gift Machine gifts like some crazy New Age Santa!


What could be more festive than dressing in madmunki’s Spun’mas Tree Full Body Suit, fully animated and with its own emote? Perhaps riding around on Father Spun’s favourite steed – your very own Spundeer LMO with sleigh. Deck out out your apartment with the Spun’mas Tree which comes with a countdown to Spun’mas wall hanging and a special spun’mas gift that can only be opened (by you and your friends) between Spun’mas day and the end of the year! Bring on the festive Spun!

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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residentSteve 3 December, 2013 @ 6:19 pm   1

Playstation home lol.

thunderking1981 3 December, 2013 @ 6:23 pm   2

WOW what a awesome update and the best one of this year thank you so much sony merry christmas and a happy new year from thunderking

its a good update

but i kinda promised myself not to buy anything until Home is on the ps4. Weird turning on ps3 just to visit home :(

Any plans on goin nextgen soon?

Hey Mia, do you have any news about the current issues with the PS1 redeemable games from the PS4 event on Home? Europe didn’t get Destruction Derby, Twisted Metal has no codes, so there’s only Warhawk left.

Is HOME coming to PS4? + Always on HOME on PS4 would be SUPER COOL i think :P i.e when you switch on the PS4 it loads up & is always ready to visit & leave when you want with no loading waiting times while your PS4 is on :P

woodypride 3 December, 2013 @ 9:27 pm   6

Sadly I’ve never seen one answer from Mia Wall on this blog… Wonder if they care about PS Home users…
Anyway it sucks and you’re right no destruction derby for us no more Twisted Metal codes.

NickSheriff 4 December, 2013 @ 10:56 am   7


I thought old Thunderking/// was an aussie (name changed at the last three forward slashes from what is usually numbers there to safeguard his identity and full username). “What do you want from me” I was demanded at when I made this duplicitous play on his ring name to all and sundry in the dolphy race ring thingee place by audatiously befitting him with my crafty new anointed new nomenclature::: Thundering (is that dolphy event even still there anymore), so I hatched an audacious plan to publicize the wanderings of being a Thundering jost to show his Earth shaken THUNDERING self to try and enjoy life and loosen up so he can find a partner/mother object to nurse him to old age(as every male likews and needs to be nursed::: I birthed a dolphy and regestated it from my womb and named it::: THUNDERING and fed it and rode it and… well it grew up anyhoo, seeeew I took it to it’s first public race, and who should unsuspectingly walk in weeks after the pained cry, which was repeated “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM MEEEEE?” My back had been turned upon his entering the ring(sic) but I gathered he saw his beRinged namesaske THUNDERING.

byw everyone I saw 2 Reindeer with red noses in Home. They are not in the database. And cannot find where to get them anywhere