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Posted 1:00pm

Today’s free PlayStation Mobile games: Gun Commando and Monokoke Slashdown


Lead image Gun Commando

Hi everyone. I hope you enjoyed last week’s free games. This week’s PlayStation Mobile giveaways are Gun Commando and Monokoke Slashdown.

Gun Commando is a classic retro FPS. You must attempt to single-handedly take out an invading alien force! Defeat the alien army and re-claim Earth before it’s too late! The future of humanity is in your hands, soldier!


In Mononoke Slashdown, play as Kagemaru and slash through monsters to find the origin of the evil that has struck down your countrymen.

If haven’t downloaded a PlayStation Mobile game yet, it’s quick and easy to get started. All you need is the PlayStation Mobile app installed on your smartphone or tablet. Click here to check out if your device is a PlayStation Certified device. If you don’t have the PlayStation Mobile app yet, you can download now for no extra cost.

If you have a PS Vita, head over to PlayStation Store and tap the PlayStation Mobile tab to download your free games now.

Note: PlayStation Mobile is currently available in Japan, United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia. More countries to follow

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supersmith2500 4 December, 2013 @ 1:06 pm   1

Awesome games and gotta love the look on Gun Commando, might try them out tonight. :D

Thanks for the free games!
What time will Terraria Vita be up today!?
Stores usually updated by now…

Mononoke Slashdown looks kind of good. Will try soon.

M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S 4 December, 2013 @ 1:16 pm   4

Will those of us getting PlayStation Mobile on the 18th be able to download the games we’re missing out on right now when our PS Mobile store goes live?

    Mayumi Donovan 4 December, 2013 @ 2:41 pm    

    Hi M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S

    I am sorry but these games will go back to normal price after one week.
    Apologies missing out these sales titles. We will plan more promotions in the future.

KristopherL400 4 December, 2013 @ 1:22 pm   5

I would also like to know whether Terraria Vita will be available today.

chrisboers 4 December, 2013 @ 1:27 pm   6

@4: Nope. This is to show us what we’ve been missing all this time :-/

Frankly, I have no idea who came up with a planning like that (announce PSM in new countries, but first give out free games that they can’t get), but (s)he is not very smart PR-wise…

Theses games look neat, just something you would pick up and play. Sadly no PSM in our country….they said Terraria should be out today (developers)but it seems it won’t be up today (according to PSN store).

@ Mardolina the store hasn’t updated yet as Rainbow Moon isn’t up either.

“More countries to follow” Oh really? That has to be the biggest joke ever. You’ve said that for ages now and we still have nothing.

It’s ridiculous that SCEE can’t support all Western European countries with all services. This takes some special level of incompetence or a healthy dose of “just doesn’t care”. Either way SCEE is abysmal in handling services (among other things) across Europe.

Thanks for nothing!

Mardolina 4 December, 2013 @ 1:52 pm   10

Rainbow Moon for PSV is there for 2 hours but no sign of Terraria. Even Flow and Stick It to the Man is there…

zprandzioch 4 December, 2013 @ 1:57 pm   11

no psm for me :(

2# Is that even confirmed for today?

Must be a slow staggered update as nothing new for me via vita store search or web store (UK).


I found the PS3 player Special offer here:!/en-gb/games/rainbow-moon-ps3-player-special-offer/cid=EP2005-PCSB00370_00-B000000000000822
Only without the Plus discount atm.

I also found this free Vita game unlock, but I don’t know what that means:!/en-gb/rainbow-moon/cid=EP2005-PCSB00370_00-RAINBOWMOON00001

Scratch that free unlock. The price has changed to £7.99.

TehPunizher 4 December, 2013 @ 2:52 pm   17

wow this gamess looks better than the Christmas deals so far ;)

There was talk of trophy support for PSM is this still on the cards?

Captain9Fingers 4 December, 2013 @ 4:00 pm   19

Gun Commando is brilliant I was really suprised. I expected it to be crap but was pleased my expectations were wrong. thanks for the freebies Sony

afikreaf15 4 December, 2013 @ 9:47 pm   20

please add to the israeli store Playstation mobile

Monokoke Slashdown a really good game good job :)

TheMoDiiFii3r29 7 December, 2013 @ 6:54 pm   22

Tokyo Jungle Mobile, Plzzzz.

Thanks Thanks