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The PlayStation Blog recap

PlayStation.Blog Recap

So, who’s off Christmas shopping this weekend? My commiserations if so – you’d be much better off avoiding the crowds and hunkering down with some PlayStation news, no?

The past seven days has been all about Gran Turismo 6 – check out the TV ad, opening video and an interview with series creator Kazunori Yamauchi. Elsewhere, our 12 Deals of Christmas promotion continues to gather pace. If nothing has tempted your wallet so far, please stay tuned – we’ve got some great deals coming in the next fortnight.

Finally, if you missed it, do check out our PS4 launch night video – and let me know if you spot yourself in the crowds!

Whatever you’re playing this weekend – PS4, Gran Turismo 6, or Tearaway – please do enjoy yourself!

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I’m already waiting the #4 Chrismas deal! :D

jorispelgrom 8 December, 2013 @ 10:10 am   2

Deal #4 from the 12 deals of Christmas promotion is missing in the list.

I meant the #5 deal -_-

Nightmare966 8 December, 2013 @ 10:18 am   4

Well, and Gran Turismo’s here… Already seens a few ads and whatnot here on Spain — never been a racing games fan, but this has to be no doubt SCEI’s big Christmas launch.

So, I’m finishing up Tearaway still, since I’ve has a couple of busy weeks. Marvelous stuff, got up to the point where I meet a… friend. Good job, Media Molecule, wasn’t expecting it at all.

I’ve also been enjoying the Initation DLC for Arkham Origins. If anyone likes the Challange Mode, they should consider it.

So, the 12 Deals offers have been good enough, but none have been of my liking at the exception of that Rayman Legends. I’m still waiting for Captain Kenway to appear there, let’s hope his Jackdaw is coming after all… *fingers crossed*

So, looking forward this week deals and Store update. So see you on onday Fred, have a nice Sunday :)

PS: No, I’m not done yet… Now, I know that Weekend Playlist is long gone, but what about a Christmas Edition, eh? ;)

so all i need to do now is simply wait for the dec 25 so i can play GT6.
also i saw something on twitter from 505 games saying that Terraria on vita be out this Wednesday.

Stonesthrow 8 December, 2013 @ 10:58 am   6

When can we get our free two weeks of PLUS? Or does that only apply to people who never had PLUS (as it specifies in small letters)? -_-
Also wondering when we can use our codes on ps4, still haven’t played online whatsoever.. Keeping busy with AC4 but after that..

Just recently I wrote how strange and sometimes biased the european store is managed, that being one of the prime reasons why I hesitate to pick a PS4 instead of a Steambox.

This last week we had 2 perfect examples:

1. Free to play games being NOT f2p in Germany.
Blacklight Retribution costs 3€, instead of being free. While 3€ is next to nothing, it obviously contradicts the idea of f2p to invite masses of player by offering a barrier free entry.

I know that SCEE always claims that german laws forbids such content to be shared for free, yet Steam does exactly that (, so does Sony company SOE on the PC. But hey, maybe there is an exclusive legal clause for SCEE only?

2. The NFS Rivals sale:
Full price: 70€ vs £60
Discounted price: 30€ vs £20
Strange, a difference of 10 units at full price and the same difference at the discounted price? Could it be that someone has major misunderstanding of simple maths, namely the rule of three?

British discount: 20/60 = 1/3
European price should be: 1/3 * 70 = 23.3

We’ll surely agree that the difference between 30€ and 23.3€ is huge enough to matter, right?

New PS3 FW 4.53 and still without delete option for forced insulting Singstar thing in XMB. How long will SCEE $&*% us?

Looking forward to seeing what the new vita deals are, I second wanting ac4 on the sale just so I can do the upgrade to ps4.

Getting my 32gb card from amazon tomorrow for my vita and I plan to plow some time into gravity rush and uncharted finally also trying to pick up Fifa for ps4 on the cheap.

When’s the next batch of Indies heading to ps4 and vita fred, looking forward to 1001 spikes(think that’s its name) and mercenary kings.

Also when will we be told next months plus content?

supersmith2500 8 December, 2013 @ 11:36 am   10

Any info on Doki Doki Universe?

    Fred Dutton 10 December, 2013 @ 5:09 pm    

    What would you like to know? It’ll be out in the Store tomorrow, and we’ll have an accompanying launch post from Greg at Human Nature.

Loving GT6 this weekend! I prrordered it through Tesco though as was recommended on this website but I haven’t received a code for the preorder car pack. Any idea how I sort this?

Sp4rkyM4rk1337 8 December, 2013 @ 12:16 pm   12

Internet access was cut on Thursday afternoon due to the weather, so haven’t been able to play Gran Turismo 6 yet. Had the Anniversary Edition come through on Friday, although it was pretty much a paperweight since I couldn’t download the update. Really looking forward to starting it this afternoon, though. :D

evilwitch83 8 December, 2013 @ 12:19 pm   13

Fred, so far nothing has tempted me in the sale. The reason for this is because the plus discounts are so weak compared to the discounts that SCEA gets on a regular basis. Howcome we only ever get 10% off, while SCEA gets 50% off?

I would buy a lot more games in the sales if we got the same plus discounts as US and it would also persuade me to renew my plus subscription if we were actually getting decent plus discounts. The weak plus discounts is one of the reasons why am not renewing my plus subscription, and why I am not buying a PS4.

Gravity Rush Spy dlc plus discount is still missing. I’ve decided to either buy all dlc at plus price or none at all. Few days left to fix this, if not I’ll take only Year of the Snake dlc for Sleeping Dogs.

I vote for Weekend Playlist Christmas Edition too! It was fun as long as it lasted, bring it back for the holidays! :D

Hoping to see Hatsune Miku for PS3 and both TWD and Muramasa Rebirth for Vita soon on 12 Deals. :)

Hi Fred,
2 questions.

Will SingStar get a PS4 release and could we transfer our bought Store songs to it?
and 2nd do you’ve any new info on the 2 long term vita title rotation?

Thanks in advance for your time and answer.

    Fred Dutton 10 December, 2013 @ 5:11 pm    

    I’ve nothing to announce regarding SingStar on PS4 or PS Plus today I’m afraid.

As much as I too hate forced Singstar, I’ve given up – at least until we get a Singstar blog post.

Fred has told earlier that Plus Update post will probably come a week after next week.

DoYouLikeMyID 8 December, 2013 @ 2:17 pm   17


I second a discount for Hatsune Miku project Diva F. A 50 % discount (with an additional 10 % off for Plus subscribers) would be more than welcome :D

Not to bothered about any games really at the moment because got to much to play:D Playing ‘KillZone: FIFA Shadow Fall 14′ at the moment:D & enjoying the PS4 :P


i think he was talking about the update itself rather than the post giving us a heads up.

the updates due on or around the 24th so we would normally get a heads up a week or so before hand which would suggest we should get the update around friday ish.


do u have any idea whats happening with the wolf among us vita? telltale were aiming for vita version around same time as ios, that came out on the 5th and theres no info on the vita one, has it even been submitted yet?
really a fan of telltale and it sounds like they have some fantastic things on the cards with borderlands, game of thrones along with twd 2 and twau i just worry they are biting off a bit more than they can chew with regards to there past performance of sticking to schedules when they only had one game on the go.

fingers crossed they pull it off as ill be buying 4 season passes.

    Fred Dutton 10 December, 2013 @ 5:12 pm    

    Alas, no news on Wolf Among Us for PS Vita today. Telltale is working on it – as soon as there’s new info I will pass it on!

Dr-abdulelah 8 December, 2013 @ 3:34 pm   20

hello fred
any plan to update youtube app on vita because most of new video on youtube not compatible with youtube app on vita
thank you :)

    Fred Dutton 10 December, 2013 @ 5:14 pm    

    Well, it’s YouTube who update the app, not SCE. I will check in and see if there are plans.

dark_angel69 8 December, 2013 @ 3:41 pm   21

Such a bad week for me. :( Still no sign of my PS4. Ya know what the worse part is, people pre-ordered their console AFTER me and had theirs shipped this week. They are currently playing it this weekend. Even some Phase 3 orders have theirs too. Was talking to some of them and the order they placed was the same as mine + same store(not a bundle and no games or anything with theirs). This is very unfair! I waited months and still waiting on it. Phase 2 has already been giving out (not all). Hopefully arrives before Friday. Life sucks without it! :(

toxic-inferno 8 December, 2013 @ 4:45 pm   22

Hey, any news on the winners of the Tearaway caption contest run on facebook a few weeks ago? There were some great entries, and I’d be interested to know which ones got the attention of the judges!

Catkiller1 8 December, 2013 @ 4:45 pm   23


Any chance you could look into when the Netflix app will release for the Vita as the US have had it for over a year now?

Kind Regards

Greenmanboy 8 December, 2013 @ 8:28 pm   24


Can you please look into the Psvita game “Fort Defense”
It wants me to re-buy it, even though I already bought it 2 weeks ago. when I go to the downloads list, it gives an error when trying to install it (C2-12383-7).
Customer service are of no help, already tried ringing them.

Any info or help on the matter is appreciated.

Whats happend to the resume/suspend option for the ps4? I thought load times were supposed to be a thing of the past but I can not tell a difference between the ps3 and ps4. I am so disappointed with the launch of the ps4. Iv had to pay out a lot for the ps4 and camera and a game as I wasn’t offered a bundle thanks to sony cancelling there game.

I3loodthirsty 8 December, 2013 @ 8:48 pm   26

Id be spending money on ps4 psn if we ps4 owners had some christmas love in the sales but guess we get nothing but envy of our ps3 bothers n sisters who are getting all the Christmas love bestowed upon them.

I want Sony to make a partnership with Gameloft to release some of their titles on PS Vita, Playing Modern Combat 5 on Vita :O

salvogdaze 9 December, 2013 @ 5:39 am   28

Waiting for the PS4 launch on the 13th, not sure if I’ll be able to snatch one though. Very low numbers are rumored and most Sony Centers already sold out even though it was announced officially that no preorders would be taken. So good luck to the hundreds like me on that day.

i thnk #5 Deal Should be Ac Black Flag Ps3 version please !! :)

evilwitch83 9 December, 2013 @ 1:02 pm   31

50% off (with an additional 50% off for plus members) would be a lot better.

Immortal-Wolf-- 9 December, 2013 @ 4:00 pm   32

80710D36 I was getting after it said my password was invalid whats going on PSN SCEE and I hope my account isn’t lost or there will be hell to pay please write back ASAP as I need to know if my account is safe

to sony
not hapy you do maintenace NOT in background !!!!!

ea servers ofline
activision call of duty you need ps+ ith says , i have +

i need refunds of 1 day ps+
1 day of bf4 premium
1 day of elite call of duty .

also i read 2k games released new patch on next game = NBA2k14
you canot change policy once game have been released = no warning on box of the game !!!! by reason you not put on box the companie need
1 – pay gamers who not want drm patch their mony back
2 – be ready to lots of gamers who wil boycot net games of the company ith self = to the companie singelplayer = ofline so no drm please .

o.O i forgoth NBA2k14 players can not play to day : nice drm policy = not .

dark_angel69 9 December, 2013 @ 10:00 pm   35

Fred pass note onto Chris if he isn’t reading this. Borderlands 2 for PS+ please like the U.S have it now. :D

Meh, I don’t want Borderlands 2 “like the US have it now”.
I want sales as in the USA and that we get our third PS3 IGC game back, as the USA kept theirs.
You must set your priorities right. ;)


i agree with golwar bad grammar quote and all lol ;)

however ill be happy to drop a game if we get 50% plus discounts like the usa.


you did get straight on it lol.

top man ;)

evilwitch83 10 December, 2013 @ 5:35 pm   39

I agree with Golwar and Hayzink. I want 50% plus discounts like the US and our 3rd game back, but if we could only have one of them I would rather have the better plus discounts.

You guys must be more careful with your wishes, they aren’t detailed enough.
I could very well imagine that Chris otherwise offers us a general 10% discount and additional 50% for Plus subscribers. Bang! Isn’t that what you asked for? ;)

Seriously, meanwhile that’s exactly the style that I’d expect.