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PlayStation Home update: Season’s greetings!

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 18th December for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Season’s Greetings from Digital Leisure
The year is winding down, and the holidays are upon us. This year Digital Leisure are having a New Christmaboxing Years Day sale! Starting tomorrow, 18th December they are taking 30% off of the Personal Casino Bundle!

In this bundle you’ll receive active items all of the favorite casino games like Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, War, Big Six, and all of the machine games. You will also receive a bonus Personal Casino Apartment that has all of the games built in so you don’t have to use up furniture slots. You can take advantage of this great deal up until the January 8th next year!


Granzella – New Year’s Event (18th Dec to 15th Jan 2014)
This year we’ll be holding a New Year’s Countdown Event! Temple bells ring as snow falls softly on Great Edo of Nippon. When the clock strikes midnight, watch the sun climb in the sky accompanied by Mt. Fuji, hawks, and eggplants, all Japanese symbols of good fortune in the year to come. In Southern Island Hideaway, the sun creeps slowly over the horizon while pods of dolphins leap from the sea to help usher in the new year.


But wait, there’s more! Enter either of the lounges after the new year and you’ll receive 5 Gift Coins that you can use with the “GZ Gift” Advanced Furniture Item to be released soon. Spend New Year’s Eve together with friends!

San Francisco Furniture
Introducing brand new furniture sets perfect for Granzella’s latest Personal Space! With these furniture and food items, you can set up a living room, dining room, or even a cafe offering the best dishes around!


Casual style with a Capeline Hat on top!
Granzella introduces the new Diagonal Stripe Dress Outfit Set and T-shirt, Glasses Around Neck & Jacket Outfit Set. A ribbon around your hat tops off these casual, yet stylish sets. Looking for a chic dress? The women’s set features a Capeline Hat with Ribbon (Large/Small), Diagonal Stripe Dress, and Backstrap Mules.


Codeglue – Christmas
Merry Christmas from Codeglue! Celebrate the Holiday season with these warm winter leggings and some glowing Rudolph noses! On top of that we have two free gifts for you: a free Dani top and a candy stick!


VEEMEE 3D Printer
A new selection of Dog avatars are now available, transforming your avatar into one of eight playful hounds. There’s a great selection to choose from, with a Golden Labrador, Siberian Husky, and Poodle to name a few.


Stay warm with the fashionable Black OG Script Hoodie and the Rasta Tree Stand Beanie for men. The Black Gabby Knit top with Black Rowan Backpack for women make a great combination when worn together and go perfectly with the Indigo Grier Shorts.


Giant Robots
Having trouble competing in the marketplace? Wish that your rivals were out of the picture? Well look no further! Redefine “hostile takeover” with the fantastic new Cyber Corp. Strike Force locomotions. Available from the VEEMEE Store, these giant robots will replace your avatar with a mechanical marvel.


Replace the bottom half of your Avatar with one of three mythical beasts; a proud Lion, a ferocious Dragon or a mighty Pegasus! If the choice is too hard then perhaps consider the great value bundle, containing all three at a discount price. Get on all fours and run around in Home with your friends!


Home Tycoon Sale
Bring some Christmas cheer to your cities in Home Tycoon: New Heights, just in time for the holidays! This week, save 40% on the Winter Wonderland building pack, featuring four additional buildings complete with animated snow, decorative lights, and cheerful holiday sounds. Hurry, this sale ends Wednesday, December 25.


Atom Republic
If you like dancing and love animals, this is the dance pack you’ve been waiting for! It contains no less than 8 animal-inspired dance moves: the Fox, the Raccoon, the Rabbit, the Bird, the Elephant, the Tiger, Nodding and Swaying. There is also a randomizer to add some variety!

Juggernaut Holiday Bundle
The Juggernaut Holiday bundle contains everything you need to spread some festive cheer! With the Holiday instrument active items you and your friends can play a merry tune in perfect harmony! The Holiday Decoration Kit lets you decorate your house with up to 35 Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer, presents (and much more), for only 7 furniture slots! The bundle includes 10 active items and 9 instrument LMOs at a huge discount!

Hollyridge Estate
Get in the Holiday spirit with the Hollyridge Estate, the perfect location for fun and frolicking on a cold winter’s night. Whether it’s a snowball fight in the back pasture, or ice skating on the frozen pond under the falling snow, a winter’s eve is the perfect setting for devilishly delicious Holiday fun.

The Dream Universe has been steadily growing over the last couple of years, providing you with inviting sunny beaches, peaceful twilit woodland and stunning Northern lights. Today, Lockwood provides a lush new environment for you to explore – the dense tropical rainforests of Dream Forest Paradise. Enjoy breath-taking views, brave treetop bridges and uncover luxurious rewards in this spectacular exotic apartment and Clubhouse.

This week, Lockwood demonstrate two of the best things about the holiday season – parties and presents! For fancy dress parties, there are some Nutcracker inspired uniforms complete with enough gold braid to decorate ten trees. If you prefer the other party goers to be looking at you rather than the plumes on your hat, then combining a Drey outfit with some ‘Get It Started!’ dance moves is a sure-fire way to get noticed.

Drey’s channelling 80′s prom chic with its ruched dress and two tone brogues, while the animation pack also recalls a simpler time, when dance moves ranked fun above sexiness (or even simple co-ordination and rhythm…)

The Gift Machine is packed to the brim with seasonal goodies galore. From hams to houses (gingerbread ones that is) there’s something to suit every pocket. Most important of all is a brand new friend to steal your heart – Gordon Roberts the cheeky chirpy festive robin.

And the Festive Fun Continues into the New Year in Home Square!
There is a lot more to come in Home Square this week. Uncover the secrets of Home past, present and future in some of the best mini games to hit Home Square so far (even if we say so ourselves!).
Plus, there is a chance to go tobogganing with a new locomotion and we have featured an array of other festive furniture and clothing.

This is the last Home update of the year, with the next one scheduled for 8th January 2014. Have a great New Year and we’ll see you next year!

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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TeddyBearTwinkle 17 December, 2013 @ 6:21 pm   1

BEST UPDATE EVER and may home continue to expand into 2014 and 2015 which it will and me and everyone that uses home looks forward to what home will have out in 2014 and beyond. especialy a new home square in 2014 after christmas i heard that proves that ps3 home will be still here for ages yet

top tip if any childish person posts on here that ps3 home is gonna close soon (WHICH IS NOT TRUE) just ignore them

BiGsMoO7ke 17 December, 2013 @ 7:32 pm   2

@TeddyBearTwinkle I’d love to see PSHome on the PS4 and be integrated into the profiles system. (Come-on you can do it Sony)

Still no news for the missing PS1 redeemable titles from the PS4 event? Been asking this for weeks.

First, calm down. Second, my comment is about a Home-related issue.

Greetings from the Homelings in NA Home . Am wondering how we could contact the makers of Echochrome game , we would VERY much like an arcade version that we could use in our Motherships and or apartments . any help would be greatly appreciated , thank you .