PlayStation.Blog.Europe – Day 1 Wrap-up

Wow! What a great reception. :) Thank you all so much for stopping by on our first day – it’s great to see so many familiar faces from the Forums, ThreeSpeech and elsewhere, with people posting comments from far and wide.

We really appreciate all of your lovely messages and are so glad that you like the blog. Keep your feedback, questions, suggestions and requests coming through and we’ll be replying to you as much as possible.

Today has been a great first day for content: we’ve had the updates to the PlayStation Store and the SingStore, both of which will become regular features from Mike and Nina; Rob has told us all about the great new Buzz! space coming soon to PlayStation Home; Kerry’s made us all jealous with her report from the UEFA Champion’s League final in Rome (congratulations to Barcelona and all of the Barca fans!); we’ve taken a look at some stunning inFamous videos and artwork, and read about the new patch for Crash Commando from Olof and the dev team.

Tomorrow promises to be another full day with plenty of great updates from the world of PlayStation, so we’ll look forward to seeing you then.

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I really love this blog :D Awesome job SCEE :)

Yeah, congrats with a flying start SCEE, keep it up. You’re doing a great job. Cheers.

So far so good right :D Some good news here already. Hopefully you guys can keep it up. :p


great site,bin waiting on a WU blog for PS3 and il be checking everyday :-)

Btw you guys should get one of those little widgets that auto tweet when there is a new blog post. That would be swell ;)


We demand translations of this blog in other languages. Europe is much more than UK and/or english.

Other than that, its ok.

Charlotte Large 29 May, 2009 @ 11:15

They’re on their way! French, Italian, German and Spanish versions are inbound and due in time for GamesCon. We’ll have to see about other languages after that. ;)

Great job SCEE…now we just need some blog integration with the PS3… ;)


Nice first day!
I hope tomorrow will be just as successful :)
Any news on any upcoming competitions?


well its been a great first day, im totaly chuffed that the blog is here, lookin fowards to new posts guys!

It looks much better than the US one! Can’t believe it! Main thing though is content, and only time will tell.

Are you Gunky?


Is it possible to implement a next and previous button for the dev replies and moderators replies? Because now we he have to search trough the pages to find the replies (in a article with 12 pages comments this takes a while).

and what about trophy support :D …

I love the blog and I hope to see some exclusive articles.


Thanks for the blog!I never bothered joining the US one as I knew this would be out some day. I’ll definately be checking beack here often.


Oh! I have an idea..
You know the RSS feed on the XMB? Or the ‘Information Board’ as it’s called …
Maybe it could be linked with this site :)

Jack-Bauer-89 28 May, 2009 @ 20:12

Whose the main face of this Blog? US has Chris and Jeff

KatanaStrikes 28 May, 2009 @ 20:12

Great first day of stuff. You’ve impressed. Keep it coming.

Pleased the blog launched prior to E3, hopefully plenty og great stuff on the horizon.

Great work guys, this is exactly what we wanted and needed. Really impressed with today’s content, and we hope it’ll continue to be as well managed every day.

Keep up the good work.



YES! here’s to many years of SCEE blog!

for just the first day you’ve done a great job.
keep it up please. :)

TheLastDestroyer 28 May, 2009 @ 20:14

Great job on your first day. You guys did amazing. All that hard work paid off :D

I look forward to the many posts that come, up to the day of the PS4 :D

I love this, but any word about what happened to the killzone 1.27 patch??

Merci, Merci beaucoup !

richard4481 28 May, 2009 @ 20:16

Looking forward to tomorrow!
Any chance we could see the THQ Red Faction Guerilla Gamers day pictures up ;)


A great first day for the PlayStation EU blog, keep it up guys! :D

Håper dere får en fantastisk fremtid :) (Translation: Hope you have a great future)

Us Norwegians are backing you guys up a 100%


Any chance of the fallout 3 DLC coming to ps3 info??


I will be on this blog every day that I have access to the internet (nearly every day!) as I think this is the best blog in the internet!

Finally! Thanks guys, loving the shiny design!


nice to c an official blog

MetroStar1974 28 May, 2009 @ 20:24

Hello Playstation-Bloggers!

Have a good and succesful start and inform us about everything about the PlayStation-World. I will visit you from now on every day.

As I love my avatar-sign on the PSN, which is the sign of the game “World Tour Soccer 2” for PSP, I wish that this Arcade-Soccer-Game will be released as a remake also for the PS3 being able to compete also online against other. I think that such a game could become legendary…and could bring a lot of money. Soccer can be played in every country even if the country has restricted protection of minors…Think about it!

Ravenblade86 28 May, 2009 @ 20:26

Loads off content on the first day, which is great and hopefully we continue to see a good steady flow of content…especially the European related stuff. Great start SCEE, keep it up! :)

Great stuff cheers.


Hi there,
Just found out about the blog. Finally one with EU information ^^

1 thing i NEED 2 know is . . .Where can i buy that Sack-boy from! :P
He is so CUTE:)

I’m loving this new site to. Nice 1:)


I came to this page yesterday thinking “Wow, its nearly been 2 months since they announced it.. wonder when it’ll come up?”

The next day, i come to my computer to find that it has been put into action!

Good first day guys :)

Xx-UNREAL_UK-xX 28 May, 2009 @ 20:32

good first day :)

i will be checking here regually for updates from now on, keep it up

Huray !

Einhaender-X 28 May, 2009 @ 20:35

so let me guess mrs. charlotte, u’re the european version of jeff? :)

looking forward for further blog entries!

Thank you, now onto the new features and upcoming things! Keep us posted :)


I think this is the first of lots of good posts! ;)

Congratulations for the job!!


any news on when the killzone patch 1.27 is released thanks great blog btw keep it up

I have to say good job on the blog, it’s exactly as I imagined it / wanted it to be.

very nice i like it :)


Day 1’s gone very well. Keep up the good work and hopefully things can only get better.


Well done day 1 ..

Brokenbricks 28 May, 2009 @ 20:41

Nice one on the new EU blog, I check the US one everyday and now I’ll have double the official PS loveliness! Keep it coming Sony!

StalkingSilence 28 May, 2009 @ 20:42

Wow – hell of a day! Great work and having you guys around will keep Jeff and Chris of the US Blog on their toes. It can only mean more PS-related content! So we all win.

Pound_lb003 28 May, 2009 @ 20:42

This place would be dead without some whiners, so can I say… This place LOOKS really cluttered, wish i was less confusing visually. It’s really offputting.

With that out the way, WOOOO, what a wonderful thing! What will GamesCOM be like with you guys around?

p.s Can we use HMTL code?

TimoTheThug 28 May, 2009 @ 20:43

Thanks it sure was a busy first day!

I have absolutely fell in love with the blog. Congratulations to the team behind all this (coding, design, editorial…). I can imagine the hard work it is to have everything running smoothly.


Great job SCEE! Loving the communication!

Killa_Cobra_ST 28 May, 2009 @ 20:45

Its been a great start to the EU Blog, look forward to seeing many updates day in day out from you guys at SCEE.

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