Red Faction: Guerrilla Community Day

Last Saturday, we teamed up with THQ to host our latest community day, where 25 members of the PlayStation and THQ communities were invited to PlayStation HQ in London to spend some quality time with Red Faction: Guerrilla, nearly 2 weeks before the game is released.

Red Faction Guerrilla community day 17

The main order of the day was to give our guests a chance to play the full multiplayer mode in some fast’n’furious LAN battles, or pass the pad in the immensely fun Wrecking Crew mode (lots of destructible buildings, explosive barrels, unlimited ammo and a time limit – I’m sure you get the picture! ;) ) You can read their first impressions of RFG and write-ups of the event at CuriousOnion, NoodleGamer, The Lost Gamer and our very own Forums (let me know if I’ve missed any, in the comments section!).

Red Faction Guerrilla community day 2

Our pictures from the event are here, with plenty more to be found on THQ’s Flickr page.

Red Faction Guerrilla community day 13

Congratulations to Miles, who was the well-deserved winner of the LAN tournament and soon-to-be proud owner of a very shiny brand new Sony Bravia 32” widescreen full-HD LCD TV as his prize.

Thanks to everyone who gave up their Saturday in the name of gaming – we hope you all had fun. We’ll be running more of these events in the future and will let you know here as soon as we have the next community day lined up.

In the meantime, you can grab the Red Faction: Guerrilla demo from the PlayStation Store, and the game itself will be out next week. Let the destruction begin!

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TimoTheThug 29 May, 2009 @ 10:19

The prizes are sweet but I really don’t get hyped for RFG…. especially since I got my hands on another third person game named inFAMOUS :D!

Looks like it was a blast!

I’ve read a few peoples opinions on the forum and it was all positive.

@1 – Yea your kinda right m8, my girlfriend has gone into town to purchase inFAMOUS for me now.. really cant wait to play it


First picture. Left-hand side. White T-shirt.
Hello me! ^_^

Cracking day out and many laughs were had as well as floppy pizza balancing tricks! :D


They’re sitting far too close to the TVs in that first picture. Bad Bearskopff!

Looks like a good game, might have to get it! Although I’ll still be busy with inFamous, this game rocks.


@5 I couldn’t help myself! :D The multiplayer on it is fantastic and some of (if not all) of the matches we played were really quite tense. I really can’t wait for Red Faction to come through my letterbox now – especially considering I just completed inFamous. :P

AGH! So many games to play! :D

Pre-ordered! Can’t wait….

Jack-Bauer-89 29 May, 2009 @ 10:39

They should not be sitting that close to the tv`s haha

unfortunate surname you have there Charlotte, unless of course it’s ironic.

Might check out the demo, wasn’t a fan of any of the previous in the series though.


Nice. Wish I where in London. Which Sony TV did he won? Sounds like a perfect tv for me.

Charlotte Large 29 May, 2009 @ 11:11

It was the Sony Bravia KDL32V5500U – fantastic HD picture and lots of little extras that make it more than just a TV.

BlackCanary 29 May, 2009 @ 10:40

@ 1 and 3 i order and Infamous online from and the game came yesterday all i can tell you guys is the game rocks the graphics are great and there’s so much to do in it.

I live in london & am professionally good looking, please do invite me to the next event. lol

richard4481 29 May, 2009 @ 10:44

It was a awesome day! Really good to finally meet some of the Playstation community.
Massive thanks to Sony and THQ , looking forward to my free copy of Red Faction Guerilla! Rhino pack FTW!


I am in the first picture and I am the first on the right :D
It was a great day! SCEE is the best place in world!!
Looking forward to getting my copy of RF, it was a really great day!
Thanks to THQ and Sony for putting on a fantastic event!

How good is that? PS Blog updates in morning UK time!

Don’t have to wait until the middle of the day for info before the US PS blog updates…

Blimey – looks like a good day – with lunch laid on as well from the look of the photos. Can I be invited to the next one? :)


@14 (or better known as Awesome Sauce Rich)



@Richard4481 that was a good pack lol



Another friendly face! :D
Here’s hoping there’s another event soon and maybe then I can chat to you a bit more. :)

RagingWhisky 29 May, 2009 @ 10:49


@Those lucky sods playing in the photos


*is envious*….*plans his revenge*

elliotclem1 29 May, 2009 @ 10:51

I would love to go to sony HQ! It looks great.

Nice competition well done to whoever one the HD TV!!!


Pretty stoked about this game. Both the SP and MP demos were a lot of fun.


@20 yeah I think the only time we spoke was when we killed each other in the game then we found out we were actually in the same room lol!

The first score were fall : 8/10 IGN; 5/5 Gamepro and 9/10 on website australian

Where abouts in london was it bearskopff? Im from south london myself but now live in the midlands. miss london to bits.. specially stuff like this wuld never EVER happen here… LONDON is the best city ever!!!


wow that sounds like an awesome day out!

really looking forward to RF:G loved both the single player and multiplayer demos.

and good work on the story btw! :)

MegadethAndy 29 May, 2009 @ 11:06

@3 you send your girlfriend into town to buy your games for you?
You lucky son of a gun…

BritishBlue 29 May, 2009 @ 11:09

Sony Playstation HQ, mmmmmm…I’d love to take a walk round there. I wonder if they give guided tours? Personally I’d walk about like a nomad checking out all the interesting stuff they’re working on.



I particularly enjoyed the odd shout. Like – “Who just smashed me in the face?”. :D

@26 It’s central London amigo. On the infamous Great Malborough St. You might not even notice it’s their though. It’s well camouflaged! XD


It was a right good day, I had a great to meet up with some guys I know and great to meet some new people. Big thanks for the link to CuriousOnion very much apprciated! thanks Sony and THQ :)



Oh and forgot to say I’m the one second from the right on the first picture ;)

So is the multiplayer demo on the PlayStation Store not going up anymore? It was online for a while, but wouldn’t connect to any games. the Red Faction site mentioned there was a problem about 24 hrs after last thurs, but it’s been over a week and no word.


@32 I owe you a few kills I think. :P

Hopefully, there’ll be an event for this game over on the PS forum. It’d be awesome to re-live a few of the memories mate. If I hear anything, I’ll give you a holla. :)


RF:G is on my “Most Wanted” list of releases this year. I REALLY loved both the single- and multiplayer demos and I cannot wait for the release. It’s a day one purchase, unless I get to review it *stares at editor*

Any chance on taking these events outside of London?

These morning blog updates are awesome by the way.


First photo – guy in the black polo….has he broke his chair? lol!


wow what an amazingly constructive coment. Cheers for that …@39


@37 I meant.


Wow, looks great! Wish I could join you there. How do you take part in those kind of events?


lol Jellyboots, Idodgerl has got the hots for you, pity you dont swig that way, you could be getting some action tonight.

I ask translate on Polish language this side.
Not all is for us described brightly :)

It weird, I heard nothing about this event. There again, Threespeech has been shut for a while, might have had the news elswhere?

SinsToJudge 29 May, 2009 @ 12:27

Clank T-Shirt = pure WIN!

Congrats to the guy who won the tv, I can vouch that they are fantastic pieces of technology ( although, I would personally like more HDMi inputs…..I’m thinking like 8, you can never have too many of those things) :D


“So is the multiplayer demo on the PlayStation Store not going up anymore? It was online for a while, but wouldn’t connect to any games.”

Same,well I got into one match and liked it,but waiting over a hour only not to get in another was bad,I wasn’t convinced by the sp demo,but I won’t go near the full game now.

Charlotte Large 29 May, 2009 @ 12:58

The multiplayer demo had to unfortunately be removed from the Store due to technical issues with online match-making. THQ are diagnosing the problem and updating people via the Red Faction: Guerrilla community site:

The single player demo is still live.

Kratos300_PL 29 May, 2009 @ 12:48

there will be ,events like this in other countries?

Killa_Cobra_ST 29 May, 2009 @ 12:57

Looks like an awesome day out, and judging by the comments made by people on the forums who went really enjoyed it.

Will Sony have other Community Days in the near future?

@ 1 – TimoTheThug
@ 36 – Vistrix

Why have you chosen a coloured turd for your avatar pic?
We need some better ones. Hopefully designed my the guys on this blog, get the comunity involved.

The one thing that bugs me (and makes me doubt if I should buy the game) is the way things have (not) been handled with the multiplayer-demo for PS3.

Simply put: it doesn’t work. Only if you’re really lucky, you’ll be able to get into a match.

Volition told all PS3-gamers that they are aware of the problem and they’ll fix it ASAP.
This was a week ago and nothing has changed. Now, if THIS is the support the PS3-version will receive after launch, I’m not so about buying the game anymore.

The multiplayer is a blast though. I just hope all will work well when the game is released and that PS3-gamers won’t be left in the dark with broken matchmaking.


Last picture, curly ginger hair, Ratchet T-Shirt is none other than..

chewybacon! Also, the one above is my cousin, Miles, who won the TV!

Brilliant day, hope to see more :)

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