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Hello VidZone fans!

First of all, I think it is only right and respectful to pay our respects to the King of Pop, ‘the idol’ and without doubt the coolest man on the planet…Michael Jackson. Without him, pop music would not be what it is today. May he rest in peace.

It has been a little while since my last post as we have been extremely busy taking all your suggestions on board whether they have been tweeted, blogged, emailed or shouted from the nearest rooftop (VidZone does not suggest you climb any rooftop for your own safety and to be honest the other three methods work really well)! I’ll be back with more regular updates so feel free to check it out!

I hope you have liked the homepage and playlist updates. So far we have had sexyvids and indiekids, stadium rock and the King of Pop, cult flicks to Festival kicks, and that’s just to name a few! We always like to hear your thoughts on what we should be featuring (to be honest… it makes our lives easier if you do!).

So you’re probably asking yourself where will we be going next in our amazing adventure into the wonderful world of music video?!…Well, let me tell you…

New Featured Playlists

BBQ Music
Well… it would be rude not to wouldn’t it? BBQ season is well and truly upon us and what better way to accompany the sound of sizzling sausages and the inevitable scream of the lost burger or wasp attack than some super summery titles. Videos from The Beach Boys, Jazzy Jeff, Groove Armada, LL Cool J and a ton more.

VidZone - BBQ playlist, 02-09 July

Let’s face it. The 90’s is the new 80’s. Check out the Shell suits and videos from Ace of Base, Take That, Whitney, The Lighthouse Family and more.

VidZone - 90s Playlist, 02-09 July

Metal Anthems

You have all been screaming (sometimes literally!) for metal so we thought we would oblige. System of a Down, Godsmack, Marilyn Manson and Bullet for my Valentine feature among others.

VidZone - Metal Anthems 02-09 July

Dizzee Rascal
You saw the interview, now delve into Dizzee’s head further the first ever VidZone Celebrity Playlist. Dizzee has exclusively chosen a selection of his all time favourite music videos. More acts coming soon.

VidZone - Dizzee Rascal playlist, 02-09 July

Hot New Videos
Bored of old videos? Want fresh new videos from all your favourite artists? Thought so! This does exactly what it says in the title with videos from Chaka Khan, Freemasons, Grizzly Bear, Maximo Park and much much more!

VidZone - Hot New Videos, 02-09 July

As well as all these new playlists we have uploaded over 500 more videos, all of which will be available for your viewing pleasure when today’s update goes live this afternoon. These vary from country to country so we can’t give you the full lists but rest assured you will find more of the same great selection you’ve come to know and love!

Just a reminder that we LOVE to tweet with our users so if you fancy having your say or just chatting with the friendly VidZone team go to and start following us today!

VidZone - Artist of the Week, 02-09 JulyVidZone - The Chart, 02-09 July

12 Author replies

bring it to Belgium!


bring it to Denmark!

I wonder when will europe actually get it… prolly only after states…


Bring it to United Arab Emirates and when will playstation network card will be available in Europe

Bring it to Austria, finally, as you announced it on the official austrian playstationsite when it came out and then somehow on the next day it was gone!!!

Bring it whole europe first and only then talk about it on the blog otherwise ull be just making us real mad… SCEE FAILS!


Moderator… there must be something wrong with this article. It is marked for “Europe” ?


Looks nice, looking forward to the day when it comes to Denmark. :)


Who cares about this!? Bring it to ALL EUROPE and then we might talk!



Thanks for the update Ben, enjoying the service and its a great addition to the playstation.
To the rest of europe, I hope it comes to you soon, but rest assured it will be worth the wait.

The service sounds realy nice, as you can see the rest of Europe realy want this service alsow! So hope you guys at VidZone wil expand soon :)

Ben Creasey 02 July, 2009 @ 11:52

Hey LarZen

Thanks for the comment, we are planning to roll out to new territories but it does take a little time to get everything ready. Bloggers and twitterers will be first to know when we anounce anything so keep checking back for news.


Needs more European Metal. US metal generally sucks.

FreeLanZerDK 02 July, 2009 @ 11:48


Hey SCEE, how about you did your job right and concentrated 100% on making it available and 0% on expanding the playlist until everybody in Europe has it!


For god’s sake will every VidZone update be followed with “Bring it to X Country” comments over and over and over! I know it’s easy for me to say being from a Country that has it but the fact is VidZone covers around 75% of the PAL region user base – and they’ve said numerous times that they will expand it as and when it is possible and appropriate to do so – they don’t deliberately hold it back for a laugh you know!

Anyway back on topic, thanks for the content update, I really like VidZone and I especially like the pre-built playlists as it makes it quick to get started and gives me chance to sample music I might not normally search for – with the added bonus of skipping the ones you don’t like! I probably wouldn’t use VidZone much if I needed to build all my own playlists from stratch, keep up the good work!

P.S. any news of the update to allow widescreen playback of the widescreen videos (they play in a little box in the middle of the screen currently!)

Bilbo_bobbins 02 July, 2009 @ 11:59

Excellent, good to see they are bringing out new vids.

BBQ music sounds wicked. Perfect for this weekend, if it doesn’t rain. :)

can you add a menu item, where all playlist that are released weeks before are saved. Because there are some playlist that I want to hear again but now they are deleted.
thanks for answering.

Ben Creasey 02 July, 2009 @ 12:36

Hey Semih44

You can save your now playing as a playlist, On the menu item “Now Playing” click triangle and it will come up with an option to “Save as playlist” So if you like a reccomended playlist, queue it up in your now playing and save it.

Hope that helps.

@ VitalogyPJ, in the UK all YouTube music videos are BLOCKED due to licencing rules meaning VidZone is the only practical alternative for UK PS3 owners that previously used YouTube.

Don’t you think it’s a little hypocritical of you to complain about not getting VidZone whilst at the same time stating the benefits of another service that you get and others in Europe don’t…

bring it to RUSSIA


thank you!


will this ever be available to malta ? we are part of the EU and we don’t get anything from sony. No PS Store and no vidzone :(((

Depeche Mode please !

A normalization of the volume between the various tracks would really be welcome.

@ semih44, I agree with that it would be really good if there was an option to create a new playlist from your “Now Playing” list – that way you can queue up one of the pre-built playlists, delete any songs you don’t want, and then create a new playlist for future reference with a single button press – as it is now (unless I’m doing it wrong) you have to go into the options of each song one by one and add it to a playlist individually…

Ben Creasey 02 July, 2009 @ 14:47

Hi Apnomis

Once you have saved a playlist you can delete videos from it and resave.

Hope that helps


Hi Guys!

Really enjoying Vidzone, Cheers! One issue though, as I’d mentioned in previous weeks, is that for numerous artists there are missing links and therefore no videos displayed (Donovan Frankenreiter as an example). Is this being fixed?

Why it’s not available in all EU countries?


Where is the Radiohead love?


Bring it to Sweden!

And this time, don’t forget Monaco !
We’re surrounded by France but are not allowed to use Vidzone since 1.02 update…
I’ll follow that on Twitter and here !


“VidZone does not suggest you climb any rooftop for your own safety and to be honest the other three methods work really well” I lol’d :)

Realy wan’t this to come over in HOLLAND!!!!

@ ElYoM, another good suggestion – on more than one occasion I’ve had the volume up for quiet songs and then half way through the playlist a song plays at double the volume and I have to dive for the volume control on my Amp!!!

I hope the VidZone guys (or Music Video Emperors – best job title ever! lol) are listening to these and taking the suggestions on board, some of these ideas would make a great software update!


Full screen support for wide screen videos would be great

Also (Don’t shoot my it’s a very popular type of music) and Emo playlist would be great with bands like Hawthorne Heights, My Chemical Romance, Madina Lake, Evanescence and so on.

Is there any possibility of having tracks with fan made/computer generated videos for songs that don’t have vids? I like the selection that’s available but the lack of a video is a harsh criteria for banning some of the artist’s best works. You could hold competitions for the best fan video for a group of tracks and then the winner gets pride (and possibly prizes) and we all get cool vids and access to more music


I love Vidzone is Great ! Thubs Up….
What i want to see is:
-Wide Screen Support
– Maybe HD Streaming for guys who have a really fast connection
– More Artist and why are some Tracks dont work in different countrys
like … Beatfreaks or Erick Prydz .. it have a Yellow Traingle there ?

Bloody_Marcel 02 July, 2009 @ 12:21

1) are we ever getting PS3 BT remote support?
2) Is there room for improvement on the VidZone start up process? It takes “ages”!

Wright316uk 02 July, 2009 @ 12:22

1st of all great jobs on vidzone ive got a playlist going and gaining more songs everytime i use it . is there any way week by week you could possibly post what the new songs added are so that i dont have to check every time to see if they ave yet to be added that would be great .i.e lets get sum coldplay and stuff up

keep up the great work

you know what’s really needed with the bbq playlist.
a psp version of vidzone.
not really practical to take your ps3 out, but a psp with vidzone would be perfect.
mind you, haven’t thought to see if it works with remote play.
does it?

Ben Creasey 02 July, 2009 @ 12:31

Hey HazelAM

I think you might be pleasantly suprised if you try your remote play idea :)

I would suggest everyone with a PSP and a PS3 try this one this weekend!


Austria PLZ!

nice to see more been added, for me though really needs more metal, drum & bass, and underground hip hop dj’s on here


It does.


Wuhuu! Marilyn Manson



It does.

I just want a 16:9 feature


vidzone is great i just wish the music video’s could be 16.9 and to Michael Jackson may he rest in peace he is the greatest


This is the best application that has come to the ps3 – THANKS!!!!

I would love to see some Nickelback on Vidzone, some Linkin Park, MCR and Muse would be nice as well :)

Keep up the good work! :)

Ben Creasey 02 July, 2009 @ 12:42


For all of you asking for technical updates, We are working on a lot of these, as i have said, we do take all of these suggestions on board and try to fix them all if at all possible. This takes time but we are constantly working on improving the service and there will be announcements coming when we have finished and they are available to all of you.



Hi there. Please update the search function to use “CP” (contains pattern) instead of using “startsWith” or at least add additional characters to the search…
As of right now you can’t search for Bands like “+44”. :-(

Croopnick_PL 02 July, 2009 @ 12:45

Can’t wait to see it in Poland!! :)

Stud_Kick_Ass 02 July, 2009 @ 12:48

Hells Yeah! Metal ftw!!

Thankyou so much for this :).


Any chance of including some real metal, or even signing a deal with Century Media?

Sorry Ben, but i´m not gonna use Vidzone untill we get real full screen on HDTV´S.

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