WipEout Fury Developer Diary – Environment Design

Hello my name is Marcus Tanner, Art Director on WipEout Fury, and I’m here today to give you a brief insight into how a WipEout environment evolves from concept art to production geometry.

A WipEout track is set in a utopian environment populated by stunning, cutting edge architecture enhanced by contemporary graphic design. This aesthetic is created by designing architectural forms that are influenced by abstract sculpture, structure in art and science, futuristic architecture, mecha detailing and contemporary product design.

Talons Environment design 01

To create the WipEout aesthetic our concept artists use a fluid design process that involves creating abstract shapes in 3D and bouncing work around the team from artist to artist to evolve and clarify the designs. This results in bold, abstract 3D structures, which are rendered and painted over with architectural detailing and placed into the context of a WipEout environment.

These concept images use the structures as set pieces, trackside furniture, tunnels etc and give the production team an idea of how they would look in game:

Talons Environment design 02

The positioning of objects in a WipEout environment is created by a design process called Dynamic Composition. The results can be likened to a piece of music providing the track with a visual melody, rhythm and harmony. This process involves sectioning the environment along the track to provide the fundamental flow of shapes that creates an interesting rhythm for the player. It includes strategically adding set pieces which provide focus for the player and then populates the track to create an enhanced game experience. The result is a dynamic environment that emphasises the feeling of speed and movement as a result of the rhythmic pattern of structures around the track and also focuses the players’ attention on set pieces.

Talons Environment design 03

WipEout Fury is all about the use of bold structural shapes which define the architectural forms. These structures are oversized so they register with the player as they accelerate past at high speed and their striking shapes become associated as icons of each track. Interlocking modular shapes & overlaid layered surfaces make best use of the lighting by allowing shadows to play over the structures, and sunlight to glint through the gaps. This gives the impression of a highly complex and richly populated environment which is enhanced by the use of hyper-real gleaming hi-tech surfaces.

That’s it from me! But here’s Tony (Games Director) and Paul (Producer), after the jump, with answers to some of your questions from the WipEout Fury ship update last week.

Hello everyone,

Myself and the WipEout team have noticed that you guys have a lot of questions about the forthcoming WipEout HD expansion pack, Fury. Here are the answers to the questions that we are currently able to answer.

Suzzopher: “Any idea on a launch date?”
A lot of people have asked us this and it’s lovely to hear that people are so keen to play Fury. I am happy to say that it is in the final phase of QA testing at the moment. Once this is completed we will be in a position to announce the release date here on the PlayStation Blog.

JacktehKnife: “I was wondering if they plan to introduce Home Game Launching in the future?”
Yes, we are looking into adding in Home Game Launching. We will have more news on this in the near future.

Brave9zero: “Will the new add-on modes (Zone Battle ETC) be playable in Split-screen?”
Hi Brave9zero. Of the three new game modes only Detonator is single player only. Zone Battle and Eliminator are tremendous fun in multiplayer both online and in split-screen. We routinely play Eliminator mode here in the studio just for fun. The carnage is unbelievable especially now that players can turn their ship around and attack opponents head-on. You’re going to love it.

Apolloeye: “With the new cockpit designs will you still be able to see the pilot in photo mode?”
Yes you will be able to check out the pilots using photo mode. We’re looking forward to seeing the shots you all take.

koolkid201: “Will there be any new HUDS coming with Fury?”
There are new HUDs for the new game modes. We had to design these from the ground up to ensure that the pertinent information is relayed to the player clearly. These HUDs are always used in the new modes regardless of which of the HUDs you have selected in the options. The reason for this is that it takes a lot of graphic design work, implementation and many, many iterations to get a HUD right. We simply didn’t have the time to make new game mode HUDs for the existing HUD themes nor did we have time to create any new cross-mode HUDs like those in the original release of HD.

silvio6silvio6: “If the ships are made from “new technology”, why not add new weapons too?”
We would have loved to have added new weaponry but the difficulty with doing this is that it would have unbalanced the game play. When developing a Wipeout game, perhaps the trickiest aspect to get right is the difficulty balancing. By its nature when you add randomly picked up weaponry to a race pretty much anything can happen and trying to make the game fair to the player while maintaining a challenging difficulty curve is very tricky indeed. Our design teams do amazing work in this area. So, if we had added new weapons to the new ships existing races would have been thrown out of whack, especially for people racing in the older ships.

– Paul & Tony

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Wow looking good! Can’t wait to play Fury!

Marcus Tanner 08 July, 2009 @ 16:08

Glad to hear you’re looking forward to it :¬)


Hugely excited. Is this just the first of many, or is it a one time only?

Bloody_Marcel 08 July, 2009 @ 16:10

Finally some worthy blog post :)

Can’t wait.

Estimated release date? Just a month will suffice.

Marcus Tanner 08 July, 2009 @ 16:14

Hi, we’re currently in the final phase of QA testing at present, but when this is completed we’ll be able to announce the release date on the PlayStation Blog.

Bloody_Marcel 08 July, 2009 @ 16:16

Looking at the screens released in this and the previous post, it seems to be they are taken via an in-game “making of” section. I see menus and X button icons all around. Is this just internal stuff or are we also getting it with Fury?

Marcus Tanner 08 July, 2009 @ 16:23


These screens are layout sheets made specifically for the blog. They are a composit of concept images and ingame screenshots overlaid on a template which uses elements of the game’s frontend. By doing this we keep the screens consistant with the game and give them a WipEout theme. In short, yes this is just ‘internal stuff’ :)


I have never been disappointed guys, keep it up. Been a fan ever since wipeout blazed onto the psx.

Also are there any plan to bring upgradeable craft to the game, like in Fusion?

Marcus Tanner 08 July, 2009 @ 16:26

There are no plans for this feature in Fury.

TheKonspiracy98 08 July, 2009 @ 16:20

Bought wipeout HD on day 1, very excited for this too. Any word on how much it’ll cost?

Hello Marcus,

It’s great to see such an imformative post regarding a game, and a franchise, which I have followed since the days of the PSone. I never knew so much ‘psychological’ work is behind the tracks in this game, I just thought the abstract shapes were too look pretty. I have a few questions I would like you to answer:

1) What will it cost myself to purchase this expansion, in sterling?
2) Any news on a future project from within the Liverpool studio, a WipEout game on BD perhaps?
3) Any chance of seeing WipEout appear in Home, as apublic space?

– Matt –

Marcus Tanner 08 July, 2009 @ 16:34


Yes, there is a great deal of work involved in developing the abstract shapes from concept work into the in-game architecture, but the more we pushed it the better the results were. Glad you like it.
Re. WipEout in Home, we`ll have more news on this in the near future


Looka an awesome add on for an awesome game!
I bought this game on Day 1 and have loved every minute of it
Great job guys!


Marcus, looks awesome I can’t wait to play.

Look out for E-ROLE drooling over your designs in the comment section soon.

Now, when are we getting Shadow of the Beast HD??? :)


I really can’t wait for this game.
Wipeout HD in one of the best PSN game.
Thanks for these weekly update! :)

Marcus Tanner 08 July, 2009 @ 16:38

Thanks for you feedback!
More weekly updates to come…

Bloody_Marcel 08 July, 2009 @ 16:39

Thanks for the answers Marcus.

Last Q :P

In one of the previous Fury posts (I believe it was on the SCEA Blog), it was mentioned the inclusion of new (and obscure) online functionalities. If this is actually the case a) does that mean you’ll release a free update alongside the DLC? and b) can you elaborate on those?

Paul Tweedle 08 July, 2009 @ 16:45

Hi Bloody_Marcel,

We’ve just made some alterations to game invites and community features work.

As for will there be a free update patch- there will. It ensures both sets of players can play together without any problems.

Thanks for reading,


almighty-slayer 08 July, 2009 @ 16:41

I LOVE posts like this. More stuff like this please, it’s very interesting :)

Fury looks awesome too!

Dear Marcus.

Release it already :)

There is one question i would like you to kindly answer. When you will put an end to the Zone mode exploits in Anulpha Pass? I was just browsing the leaderboard when i shockingly realized that the vast majority of the TOP 30 are glitchers.

All the best

Paul Tweedle 08 July, 2009 @ 17:28

The Anulpha Pass exploit is now fixed and we will do what we can with the high score tables.



Bloody_Marcel 08 July, 2009 @ 16:53

Awesome Paul. Thanks.

I suppose the alterations to the game invite system have something to do with FW 2.80 and what it allows devs to attach to PSN messages :P

Hope I’m right.

Please consider making a post about this stuff in the future.

Diablo_Rosso 08 July, 2009 @ 16:57

This lookd great, I loved WipEout since the PS1 days.

Will there be an all new WipEout on Blu-ray?


Will there be a WipEout Fury XMB theme released alongside the addon?

Marcus Tanner 08 July, 2009 @ 17:10

Hi Gotoxy-90

Yes, we’re currently looking into new Fury XMB themes.


I hope that some of the new tracks have more multi-path sections (ala Anulpha Pass), can you spill the beans on this one?

Marcus Tanner 08 July, 2009 @ 17:26


The Fury tracks are:
The Amphiseum
Modesto Heights
Talons Junction
Tech De Ra
Syncopia (Zone Track)
Pro tozo (Zone Track)
Mallavol (Zone Track)
Corridon 12 (Zone Track)

These tracks don`t have multi-path ‘skill cuts’ but I can guarentee they are just as much fun :)


I was a tiny bit disappointed at your reply to #4 :P Are there any plans to have an extras menu with pictures of ship designs, etc?


It would be awsome is we had the option to race whilst having the pilots view from inside the cockpit. Any chance of that?

Tony Buckley 08 July, 2009 @ 22:55

Hi ollybobs27,

It is something we have considered in the past, however there is a lot of work involved in creating cockpit views for all the teams and with a relatively small team we would have to sacrifice other features in order to do it, so it’s unlikely.



“The Amphiseum” and “Talons Junction” are tracks from WipEout Pulse, i must say i’m kind of dissapointed that we didn’t get all new tracks. When i don’t play WipEout HD i play WipEout Pulse on my PSP and i’ve been racing those two tracks over and over again…

Yep, I’m STILL in Love with this amazing, inspirational design that’s fueling MY design even further. The logos, tracks everything is jaw droppingly good.

Thanks for being awesome;) Looks grate!

JacktehKnife 08 July, 2009 @ 17:54

Thanks for answering my question, I look forward to it!


Any news on easier trophies than beat zico. I have lost the will to live after trying for that trophy.


Talons junction doesn’t quite look like the Breacon Beacons anymore. :p

I’m so hyped for this DLC, I’m just looking forward to all these classic tracks in glorious WipEout high defenition!


This may sound as though I am just trying to be nice, but I am being utterly sincere when I say that WipEout HD is my favourite PS3 game (including retail games, not just PSN) and Fury is my most anticipated game of ’09, even though it isn’t a game itself! =P

I love you guys, and your work of pure art. Keep it up (eternally!)

Q: Could you possibly say anything about the Trophies you’re going to include in Fury? Possibly another Plat? I know there won’t be, but I can dream =D

Tony Buckley 08 July, 2009 @ 23:05

Hi zeroeight & Darkos87,

We don’t like to divulge details of the trophies before the game launches, however I can say that we are pleased with the mix of additional trophies we have added and are confident people will enjoy trying to achieve them..

Thanks for your nice comments they are much appreciated by the team..



Awesome, Wipeout HD is in my mind the nicest looking game on the ps3 you guys should be very very proud, also I’m glad I will be able to see the pilots,hope there will be some female drivers ;-)


Wipeout Fury will contain new songs?

Tony Buckley 08 July, 2009 @ 23:07

Hi Guillemots

Yes there will be 6 new tunes included in the Fury expansion pack..



Hey, what about if you guys fix this issue;I have WipEout HD, and I used to play it Multiplayer. But since I went to my cousin’s house and added my info on his PS3, now I can’t play WipEout HD Multiplayer! When I got to his house again I deleted my account from his PS3, but even though I deleted it, I can’t still play it online!!!

I really want to get those Multiplayer trophies and enjoy it, but until you guys don’t make a patch to FIX that, some of us will be here stuck without playing WipEout HD again!


Hi Wipeout Team,

With the new modes added would you still be able to earn trophies such as eliminate 50 opponents when playing the new modes online.

Tony Buckley 08 July, 2009 @ 23:14

Hi AZanshin,

It will be possible to earn some of the original trophies with the new game modes and tracks..

All the best

I’m very much looking forward to this. Any chance of adding gare d’europa and spilsinanke in the future? Is it possible to add them to the ps store like some games add new maps?
Also is it possible to seperate lap times by barrel roll and non barrel roll? Reason I ask is cos I and alot of people I know do not like that barrel rolls were added and prefer to use pilot skill rather than resort to gimmicks.

Paul Tweedle 09 July, 2009 @ 10:32

Hi Utio,

We don’t think barrel rolls are a gimmick at all. They are a part of racing and figuring out where you can squeeze one in is the difference between winning and losing sometimes- very much a product of practice and skill.



crazyoaktree 08 July, 2009 @ 19:56

Looks good. Can’t wait.

Ravenblade86 08 July, 2009 @ 20:14

First things first, I can’t wait! :)

But it’s really great to see how you guys design the game, I think the amount off effort you clearly put into all the details when creating WipEout shine through on the final project.

It’s also really great to see that thanks to the Blog we are hearing alot more from the SCEE Studios. Apart from game previews etc. there wasn’t a much off a spotlight on what is perhaps the best collection off games developers around.

Ohh and I can’t wait to see what else Studio Liverpool has in store for us in the future, personally hoping for Colony Wars and G-Police to make a come back, and maybe some off the old Psygnosis Amiga games? One can dream can’t they? :)

Marcus Tanner 09 July, 2009 @ 09:39

Hi Ravenblade86

We enjoy showcasing our design and development process to the Wipeout community because we know you appreciate it so much.

We’re continuing to post more insights into what drives our design process so keep checking the blog!

Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated



Loved the Wipeout games since the Ps1 days.

And Wipeout HD swayed me to buy a Ps3.

One idea I would like to see is maybe a track that goes right up on the sides and maybe even over so you could loop your opponents and take over them from above at certain sections of the track.

Oh’ and a track that swoops downhill hard as in the first track on the original wipeout.

Keep up the good work, Thanks.

in first i want to tell you that you do a great job.

But i have a question : an in-game cockpit view is possible ? (In wip3out it was wonderful)


Marcus Tanner 09 July, 2009 @ 15:25

Hi Wipe64

Thanks for your feedback.
No in-games cockpits in Fury…



Thanks for answering my question!
Great news for me and my Brother (Huge fans of Wipeout)
We love playing Split-screen on Wipeout HD.

Can’t wait to buy this DLC :)


Thanks for answering Tony!
Can’t wait :)

pat_boy2008 09 July, 2009 @ 01:33

Wow this looks great! I can’t wait to play Eliminator mode online.

Two questions:
Will the Repulsor and Shuriken be available in Eliminator mode?
Are there any plans on having a custom skin editor like in Pulse?

Paul Tweedle 09 July, 2009 @ 10:46

Hi pat_boy2008,

No we decided not to add the Repulsor and Shuriken weapons back in. We feel that the addition of the 180 degree flip and the use of existing weapons provides a perfectly balanced Eliminator mode. We hope you will agree when you play it.

Custom skin editing was possible on the PSP because of the low poly count and low texture resolution. To do this with the PS3 models would be almost impossible, or at the very least a massive development undertaking. Sorry.


nummerfjorten 09 July, 2009 @ 01:38

Any possibility of releasing the soundtrack for Wipeout HD on the PS store? I would love that.

Love this game and the add-on will only make it better.

Thanks Marcus and keep up the great work !

SiRobertson 09 July, 2009 @ 03:57

Amazing design and artwork. I’ve liked the Wipeout brand ever since the game first appeared on the PS1 (that game still has the best soundtrack IMO) and it’s great to see that the original TDR style has survived through the game’s evolution.

I was part of the dev team responsible for the N64 Extreme-G games (inspired by Wipeout obviously) so this kind of artwork brings back some fond memories.

Day one buy. Wipeout HD is awesomesauce. Keep up the good work Studio Livepool.

Can we expect new teams to make it to Wipeout Fury or new ships for the current teams? Or the just new skins for the current ships?

You guys every considered text chat for the lobbies?

Paul Tweedle 09 July, 2009 @ 10:49

Hi Spathis,

There are no new teams but each of the existing teams has a new Fury version along with a special Zone Battle ship. In addition Detonator mode has its own, very unique ship.



Sounds good! Looks like I’m getting my last trophy (and the plat) when the expansion comes out! Eliminating 50 people online will be so much easier! Can’t wait! Online games should be named by the player who makes them too (ie. making a game called “Bling Brigade” then everyone would start using silver skins in that game) but it doesn’t need it.


The design work you guys do is astounding. Instantly recognizable, clean and functional architecture which looks unreal when you’re speeding past it at 600km/h :-]

I can’t wait for WOHD Fury. So excited I could pee!


Any chances of getting infinite ammo machineguns as a standard weapon equipment? Other weapon pickups would replace them as they normally would but after firing that the player would still always have machineguns :D

This idea comes from Hi-Octane and i think it worked wonderfully.

Atleast as a game setting for online?


My first question is are the existing tracks going to get there textures updated?

In the menu system wipeout should have a progress page this shows your overall completion race stats and most importantly how close you are to getting a trophy.

For example you would go to the Progress page to find out which track you need to complete to get arcade perfect and so on.

Paul Tweedle 09 July, 2009 @ 10:55

Hi AZanshin,

Funny you should mention this about Arcade Perfect – we have added just such a feature to track progress with this trophy.




Already said it on this blog, but you deserve to hear it again : you are just incredible, guys. You made the best ps3 game, and one of the best games I have ever played in my entire life (and I have been playing for 15-20 years).

I still don’t understand how WipEout HD could be so cheap, but I hope it will continue for this great add-on. Can’t wait for the new trophies, cause the first platinum trophy is far now, and was SO EASY to get… ;-) Well, I admit, it was hard, but damn good !

Well, just a question to finish : are you planning to release a completely new WipEout on ps3, with new tracks ?

The WipEout environments are beautiful and I’m looking forward to these new ones. Hey, remember when WipEout HD first came out, you guys ran a competition where we submitted our in-game screen-shots (via Three Speech at the time) and then you judged the best one and awarded a prize? Well you know what I’m going to ask don’t you?… How about a new contest where people submit screenshots but only of WipEout Fury tracks / ships. It would be a lot of fun and good promotion for the new content too I reckon. Come on….. :)

Marcus Tanner 09 July, 2009 @ 15:30

Hi Reakt,

Yeah, we will be having a Fury based screenshot competition :)

Thanks Marcus


Any chance of bringing the ability to shoot backwards back?

Paul Tweedle 09 July, 2009 @ 11:27

Hi fish1001,

In Eliminator mode we have added the ability to flip your ship through 180 degrees which gives you the ability to fire backwards down the track.


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