Burn Zombie Burn! At Home And In Space

Greetings! My name is Ollie Barder and I’m a senior games designer at doublesix, the studio behind the recent PlayStation Network exclusive Burn Zombie Burn! Along with other members of our studio, I worked a lot on the game’s scripting and level design. So when you see zombies and weapons spawn in lovely patterns and forcing you into choke points, that’s me.

We’ve also been hard at work at expanding the Burn Zombie Burn! universe since the game was released in March. With our new Home space, set in a themed graveyard, you can literally walk amongst the undead in the same way as you do in game. There’s also a cool maze populated with some zombies too. Naturally, there’s a selection of apparel available for purchase as well.

In addition to our new Home space, there’s also some DLC on the way for the game. Entitled “Burn Zombie Burn! In Space…”, this is two new levels set within an alien spaceship overrun by zombies. We’ve had a lot of fun making these new levels, as well as creating new modes for the whole game. Below is an exclusive trailer of these new levels in game. Enjoy!

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Another useless Playstation Home space worth no more than a horrifyingly short 5 minutes visit. Oh well, i must admit that my little tour lasted a few seconds longer than than the Everybody’s Golf area so I applaud your efforts in trying to make the application a little more worthy.

Phil Harrison had once a dream that was Home.

Will this be a paid DLC? If so, do you have any idea of price?

Have you fixed the shooting mechanic too, so i can use my right analogue stick to aim like in every other game of this type.
the aiming mechanic on this game, i find incredibly frustrating, and i can’t for the life of me understand why you did it that way.

Ollie Barder 31 July, 2009 @ 10:00

The shooting mechanics we used in BZB were borne out of necessity due to the inclusion of melee weapons and, most importantly, that of the torch. Specifically, the torch allows you to run through non-flaming zombies unharmed but if you were able to change the direction of the torch pointed in relation to the way Bruce is moving you’ll get hit from behind. Dual stick controls work very well with shooting mechanics but when you start adding a variety of melee approaches (from baseball bats, to chainsaws and lawnmowers) it’s flaws become very apparent.

The DLC will be paid but we’re not ready to disclose it’s price point as yet (though it won’t be expensive by any means!).


I like it!
This game will be only for PS3 or also for PSP?
I’ve only PSP…

Thanks for that explanation, it actually makes perfect sense

*hangs head in shame* haha


I’ve still got a lot of time for this game, I’ll definitely be grabbing the DLC.
Some Wallpapers/Themes would be cool too.

Ollie Barder 31 July, 2009 @ 10:32

There are some themes and wallpapers on the way for sure, along with a fair few other cool little trinkets.

dangerouse85 31 July, 2009 @ 10:34

I am from Germany and the situation in german Home is downright ridiculous. We have maybe only 30% Home Spaces that works. The others are for the users locke because of youth protection. I understand that Sony got nothing to do with political situation in our country, but so is Home for me useless.

dangerouse85 31 July, 2009 @ 10:35

BTW this game is not in the german store anyway.

Ollie… Congrats on a Great PSN game, i really love it and find it very addictive.
Even though I’m not that great at it, its loads of fun, how people get some of those high scores is beyond me!

So I’ll be picking up the DLC as soon as its out(price permitting). I guess they’ll be a few more trophies to pick up too.
Have you any plans to offer new costumes/charactors to control like LBP and Pain do?

Anyway keep up the good work, BZB is one of my top all time PSN games!

Ollie Barder 31 July, 2009 @ 11:00

There are new trophies for the DLC but in terms of new characters and costumes, that’s not happening quite yet I’m afraid.

Phil Harrion’s “legacy project”, Home is about as successful as Tony Blair’s Iraq War or ID Card proposal.

I visited the new space yesterday and was greeted by 15 people gathered around a small maze all waiting for their turn. It wasn’t long afterwards that I decided to leave rather than huddle inside and attempt to become next.

You have to have the patience of a saint to hang around long enough to get go in most spaces.

One small complaint cutting corners with all the trophy icons all looking the same really annoys me, InFamous was also guilty of it. In the next patch I would be grateful if they could be changed.

It reflects badly on the game the fact someone couldn’t allocate an artist to spend an hour in Photoshop or Illustrator to create a few icons. Look at the love and care that went into Killzone or LittleBigPlanet’s.

I wish all games had worthy designed trophies and a simple logo on transparent background.

Cool, I’ll have to check out the Home space.
I look foward to the DLC too :)

Have you guys considered a PSP version?
I’m getting the PSPGo in October and wouldn’t mind having a portable version of this game ;)


Both the space and the game are not accesible by german users due to youth protection. I am 30 years old, Sony! Why do you still need to protect my youth?! This is a ridicules situation. I slowly get the opinion that for SCEE, Europe means the UK and all other countries come second. Look at all the festivals, promotions and events they do. They are all happening in the UK! Sony, Europe is more than just the UK! We don’t want your (bad) translations as almost anybody in Germany understands English, just give us equal access and offerings, thanks! Home is useless in Germany, only 30% of Spaces can be accessed! This is a bad joke! I cant even buy the jeans from Farcry2. How can a pair of virtual JEANS endanger my “youth”?!? And why can i SEE it in the threads store but not buy it?

Unorthodoxic 31 July, 2009 @ 14:33

Hi Ollie,

Thanks for the update. Just wondering if there’ll be any new weapons or power-ups and such?


The In Space DLC will only feature new levels, modes and challenges.


I really enjoyed that place at Home and the free t-shirt, very good iniative.

nuclear_predator 31 July, 2009 @ 21:16

Nice space, was better than I expected. The maze game needs sorting out though, I havent got a go because its always full / waiting for server. Is an update possible to allow everyone play at once?

Can’t say I’m interested in the Home side of things.
At least its getting some support though, dlc and more trophies are great news.

Any idea when its out and if its a global release?
As the EU always seem to have to wait for the good stuff!

tojeka is right. EU = UK and the rest are secondary. I don’t care Sony what you are doing in the UK. I don’t care for dum events. I want to know about games and stuf I can use!

On topic: I tried to get into the maze in Zombie hope 4 times and gave up. It stated something about the server. I’ll probably never visit it again because the rest was no fun.

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