Highlights from the Uncharted Comic-Con Panel

We’ve seen plenty of games news coming out of last week’s Comic-Con in San Diego, not least from Naughty Dog, who have been showing off Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

A panel of developers and the game’s leading actors – Nolan North, Emily Rose and newcomer Claudia Black – discussed the making of one of the most anticipated titles of this year. And courtesy of Chris Morrell over at PlayStation.Blog.US, you can watch it here.

Entertaining stuff – I can’t remember seeing any motion-capture or voice actors who put so much enthusiasm into their characters and the games they work on.

Naughty Dog will be at GamesCOM and I’m going to be pressing them for new info on the one game I’m most looking forward to. What would you like to know?

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I would like to know how long roughly, the single player is?


Have they got plans to bring some of the locations from Uncharted: Drakes Fortune to the multiplayer via DLC?

James Gallagher 04 August, 2009 @ 13:49

I like your second question a lot – definitely borrowing that one!

Greg miller was funny

Kitty got wet was cool too

They seem to be really into it. :)

good to see not all games companies are full of stupid F**** lol. Naughty Dog is probably the best out there at the minute. can’t wait for uncharted 2!

Thanks James,
I have a question that you could ask one of the Actors if you can.
“When you were first asked to be in this new video game called Uncharted Drakes Fortune what were your thoughts? And when you read the whole script, do you change your look at Uncharted?”

If theres no Acotrs but you meet a Naughty Dog could you ask,
“What was your biggest challenge while making Uncharted 2?”

James Gallagher 04 August, 2009 @ 13:54

I have no idea if the actors are going to be at GamesCOM or not. However, there’s a part in the video where Emily Rose talks about how her actor friends are surprised to hear of her working on a game. It seems to me, in her case at least, that working on the first Uncharted changed her views on games – and the script must have played a big part in that.

BEYOND! Greg Miller FTW.


beside the awesome greg miller, Nolan North is one of my favourite voice actors for videogames. His roles in Assassins creed, Prince of Persia (hmm Ubisoft must like him huh?) and Uncharted really made the characters stand out a lot more and made me feel more emotionally connected to them. Claudia Black is also one of my favourite actresses since her role in Farscape and cant wait to see her skills put to good use in Uncharted 2 and Dragon Age. Emily isnt without talent though and really made a great impression on me in the 1st uncharted..really looking forward to uncharted 2!

European release date please.

Haha so funny, Nolan North is hilarious :D
What’s great is they just seem really into the game and their characters, as mentioned before.


So THAT’S where “Kitty Got Wet” comes from!


This is a great video – these guys should play the characters in the movie!

Is that Greg Miller from IGN? He’s such a PS3 fanboy. Which is why I like him, he talks sense unlike that jerk Hillary (which is a girls name).

But, on topic, the characters are amazing can’t wait till October!


I never really liked the characters, they’re just not interesting and Nathan drake is a total [DELETED].. I like this series because of the technical engine..

I had it all covered out but my reply was too long (thx a lot for wasting my time with that..)

OK James thanks for that, i watched the vid last night so i kinda forgot.

My other questions there if you want it ;)

James Gallagher 04 August, 2009 @ 14:07

I suppose the length of the game will depend on your skills and the difficulty level, but I can certainly ask. I’m probably going to go for Hard on my first play and it will take me quite a long time as I like to go slowly and collect EVERYTHING! I’m about halfway through Drake’s Fortune on Crushing at the moment.

James Gallagher 04 August, 2009 @ 14:13

How dumb of me – I confused your question with Solid_Nat’s!

Anyway – all of your questions are in my notebook.


Haha, great video. I would love to be there. And to talk to them. Guess that wont happen :P

No James, i meant the biggest challange while developing the game.

But your question is good too….

James Gallagher 04 August, 2009 @ 14:44

I know… sorry. I will ask them what their biggest challenge was, for sure.

Ohh nevermind James…..


That was great, really fun to watch. I’m looking forward to the game.

It’s funny because Emily Rose looks very similar to her character!

Thanks James, i will look forward to the answers!

Uncharted: Drakes fortune on crushing was very hard for me. It was my first platinum and i really felt like i deserved it. I played the game about 5 times through in total! I cant wait for Uncharted: Among Thieves, GOTY for me without a doubt!

Any chance of an Uncharted Kart Racer? :)
And will the game support the Screenshot feature from that PS3 firmware ages ago, seeing as this is the game that will get best use from it I think

James Gallagher 04 August, 2009 @ 15:24

Great questions – I’d love to have that helicopter scene shown at E3 as my PS3’s wallpaper.

Hmm hard setting… One of the biggest issues I have with games today are that they are way to easy. The biggest issue I have is that normaly you are not allowed to play the game at the hardest setting first way round. No no you have to play all they way through to get the hardest setting. Why is that, it’s f”#¤¤ stupid.

I cannot wait for this game, thanks for posting this.

I think the cast and devs in this are great.

I loved the “I’ll kick you to sleep” AdLib too

And I really hope they leave in some ad lib sessions in the special features…
And keep the chicken scene for the special features :)


That’s definitely the best panel I’ve seen for a video game. I’d like to know why Emily is so much hotter in real life than her character is? Did they purposely reduce her hotness to make her look more common in the first game? Just model her exactly for the sequel please!!

Awesome video and the cast are hilarious. So can’t wait for Uncharted 2 and even the Uncharted Movie when it finally gets made if it does.

Naughty Dog have upped the stakes yet again when it comes to gaming, and really shown how to produce a solid title.

That was awesome.

I wonder if the game is on a 25GB or 50GB disc?

That was brilliant! The voice actors seem like really cool people.

Counting the days…..might have to put Drakes Fortune in the PS3 again in the meantime :)

Nolan’s hilarious. Really good panel, great to see everyone connecting well. Makes me excited for the game.

Good stuff :)

Great video! Can’t wait for it to hit the shelves… Cheers…

I’d like to know if Europeans will be getting the same pre-order bonuses that the US are getting (the treasure map, golden guns, boosters etc).

If you could find out for us, that would be great!

Thank you!

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