Write An Inspirational Battlefield Speech And Appear In The New MAG Trailer

We’re working on a new trailer for MAG and we want you to contribute.

We’ll pick our favourites – approximately ten, depending on length – and have them professionally recorded for use in an explosive upcoming trailer. The authors will also win a fantastic MAG prize that we’ll be announcing soon.

On the battlefield, a stirring speech from a great leader can raise everyone’s spirits. If your squad or platoon is about to attack an enemy base, which words do you want to leave ringing in their ears?

All you have to do is head to

We’ll choose our favourites and will put them up here on the blog for the world to enjoy.


Things to consider:

  • MAG is all about multiplayer combat on an unprecedented scale, so think big.
  • The game revolves around three private military corporations – Raven, Valor and S.V.E.R – so you could incorporate them and their personalities into your writing. You can find out more about them here.
  • Be original – we Google too so don’t borrow lines from Winston Churchill, Saving Private Ryan or anywhere else!
  • Words are slippery things and just because they look good on the screen, they might not sound so epic when spoken. Try reading your entries aloud to make sure they roll off the tongue with ease.
  • Keep it clean – I’m sure soldiers swear all the time but this is a family blog, so all the normal commenting rules apply.

Let’s get those creative bullets flying!

Good luck!

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The link does not seem to work :(

James Gallagher 07 August, 2009 @ 10:57

Hmm, it seems to be working on my computer – I hope that means it has been fixed.

Hmmm. Sounds good. Might have a little go at this.

Ah nice but is it just for anglophone players/countries ?

“Based on your PlayStation Network details, you are not eligible to enter this competition. This may be due to individual country laws regarding minimum age and competition entry requirements.”

James Gallagher 07 August, 2009 @ 11:01

It’s open to French users, so maybe try again? Just bear in mind that your entry needs to be written in English.

Not for Australia and New Zealand? Not again!


Link dosent work 4 me either

Aww just noticed. I just spent like 25 minutes coming up with an entry :\. Oh well, maybe next time…

I thought a PS Blog Europe would mean more Australian/New Zealand allowed comps T_T.

Cool – will definitely be having ago at this…

How long should the speech be?

30 words it says on the website.

Great idea, i love it.

Nice idea for a challange! :)

URL doesn’t work. Fix it! :)

I’ll better start working on some kind of speech.

Awesome idea!is it for TGS? :)

James Gallagher 07 August, 2009 @ 11:11

I don’t know when it will be unveiled, to be honest. We’ll definitely be putting it up on the blog when it is.

elephant_stone 07 August, 2009 @ 11:01

Ace – just entered loads.

can you enter how many times you want (this sounds wrong)

James Gallagher 07 August, 2009 @ 11:08

Sure – the more the merrier. Check out the terms and conditions on the competition page for the rules and whatnot.

Bandicoot1980 07 August, 2009 @ 11:08

Entered….Fingers crossed !!!

URL still doesn’t work here.

Ah, i get the problem. I go to the Dutch site automaticly. Now it workes. But i dont have a speech…

I got one –

“My people. Sons and daughters of Helghan….For many years, we have been a broken nation…Shunned, oppressed, and conquered by those we sought to escape…”

:D JOKE! Can’t wait for MAG Guys, looks cool ;)

James Gallagher 07 August, 2009 @ 11:27

Good one – I couldn’t decide what to play in my lunch break and you just made up my mind!

Link does not work for me. It says that the link can’t be found.

James Gallagher 07 August, 2009 @ 11:37

That’s because we aren’t able to run this competition in The Netherlands, I’m very sad to say.

Very fun and original contest. I’m not so good with words, so I won’t give it a try but kudos for making such creative contests :)

EDIT: I hadn’t read the last reaction, but well I wasn’t gonna try anyway so I don’t really care it’s not in the Netherlands ^^

Our so-called leaders prostituted us to the West… Destroyed our cultures… Our economies… Our honor. Our blood has been spilled on our soil. My blood… On their hands.

Will this do? XD

James Gallagher 07 August, 2009 @ 11:58

It’s cool! Don’t forget to submit it at


The site doesn’t seem to be showing itself right on my computer. I tried IE8 and Firefox, and the result’s the same. I’ll show you:


And those entries are not indicative of what I’ll be entering once I can get it working! ;)

@James Gallagher

I knew i wouldn’t get away with it! ;D

@21 isn’t that CoD4 intro speech? Lol.

I was gonna copy and paste the ‘we will fight them on the beaches’ speech but they fumbled me before I could even attempt to do so. :(

Thanks for the reply James. Too bad that we NL are included, aah well.

@O_Juice – Call of Duty 4 speech by Zakhaev??

Fix: Too bad that we NL are NOT included, aah well.

I’ll definately be entering this :D


DAMN all you people i nearly got away with it as well

Because we are not included we should get a early entry in the Beta.


Denmark not allowed to enter? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Bandicoot1980 07 August, 2009 @ 12:52

I’d love to post mine on this comment block…but I don’t want to give away the winning entry !!

I shed a tear (for pride) every time I read it out loud !!

Do we pick one party, (Raven, S.E.V.R or Valor.) and just write the speech for one of them.

James Gallagher 07 August, 2009 @ 13:08

You don’t have to pick a faction, that was just a suggestion. I just thought it would be a nice way to make the speeches fit nicely into the MAG world. Apart from the rules, there are no rules!




For some strange reason its coming up with:

We are unable to provide the page requested. To continue browsing, you can try returning to the Home Page or using search

I’m in scotland – are the scots not part of europe? ;)

Seems to be giving me this on both laptops in my room so is there an alternative way to give an entry to you? email?




Just as a note: this occurs once my entry is within the text input box and after clicking submit – the entry is exactly 30 words with full stops and exclamation marks(if these may affect) – the page then directs to this:

Hope this helps

Crap, i already submitted my entery.
Hopefully what i said will fit all 3 groups.


Do you think it would be possible to post here a alternative option for our competition entries as i seem to be getting this error: –

We are unable to provide the page requested. To continue browsing, you can try returning to the Home Page or using search

A optional email address would be great. I’m in Germany so there shouldn’t be a problem there, although i’m British so i have a UK account, maybe it’s a proxy thing?

RadioactiveMouse 07 August, 2009 @ 13:57

Wow that’s not a bad competition to enter :D

My entry started off as a SVER war cry and ended as a non-specific faction courage enhancer :)

What wonders reading the entry out loud does :P



@Playmartellie + ALL

Just as a note – unknown as to the “exact” reason behind the error but I was finally able to enter the competition successfully, the only changes I have made differently as to how I was entering was to sign into using my account
> My playstation network
> My Account
> “no thanks i’ll submit the details myself” regarding the transferring of ID.

This may be completely unrelated and may have been resolved behind the scenes via one of the tech crew at SCEE but if not – the circumstances regardless allowed me to enter!

James Gallagher 07 August, 2009 @ 16:07

Thanks for sorting that out between you while I was at lunch.



Thanks so much Ragingwhisky! after following your steps It worked.

Now to think of a motivational speech, hhmmmm?

cheers again and good luck!



a three speech? ;P – Kill or Be Teabagged




You’re welcome and good luck to yourself!

Enter it…oh god enter it….

ihatereading369 07 August, 2009 @ 16:35

James, I know this doesnt really have anything to do with the trailer but is MAG still going to be pushed into 2010 instead of the planned fall release?

Wow this is cool :)

James thanks for leting us know

war just started, prepare and control.
Cover your air and ground, Take care and do not forget to shoot and work.
War comes and goes but my soldiers never die.

this is my colaboration,so good!

@ 21

That’s what I thought too :9

And 2nd, the Visari speech from Killzone 2.

I go damage can be to try to participate in it, that belongs in English, this would have been better if competition would have English was in French and. Good luck in all and in all.

Great competition. I’ve left my suggestions.

Not running this in Australia either? We’re part of the PAL region for releases, we have all the same release dates at EU, we get the EU store and we end up on EU servers most of the time. Oh well, guess you’ll miss my bonza speech then.


@ Sketch – i added a bit more, but consider it entered :D

to all the TSRs we miss you guys on the UTS site!
you know where to find us.

…please of you make an competition
make clear wich countries can’t ….

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