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Good morning gamers!

I’m Jem Alexander — it’s a pleasure to (virtually) meet you all! As Charlotte has already told you, I’m going to be managing PlayStation.Blog from here on out, thanks to the overwhelming response we’ve had to the blog since its launch almost three months ago.

I’ll be working closely with the US team and taking advantage of the resources at my disposal here at SCEE to provide you with the best European PlayStation.Blog experience possible – this includes the rollout to the French, Italian, German and Spanish territories in the future. I couldn’t have picked a busier time to start, what with Gamescom in Cologne taking place next week, but give me some time to settle in and I’ll be with you in the comments section in no time. So keep commenting, because we read every one.

Bit shy? Send us an email. Link’s on the sidebar. We try to respond as much as possible, but sometimes we’re too busy sourcing awesome content for your personal blog consumption.

In terms of my background, I’ve come straight from working at Joystiq, where I was for over two years. During that time I specialised in writing about PlayStation products and services. What this means for you is that I know the PlayStation fanbase intimately, having been a member of it myself for over a decade, as well as the PlayStation product portfolio, so I’ll be making sure you guys get the best, most relevant content coming your way.

That’s going to start next week with our Gamescom coverage. Our schedule is packed full of interviews, announcements and other content which we’ll be bringing you from the show floor. If you’re at the show, come say hi! I’ll be the one in the stripy shirt, looking overwhelmed.
I look forward to meeting you guys at various meet ups in the future. Until then, stick with PlayStation.Blog – both the US and EU versions. Jeff, Chris and I have big plans.

Team PlayStation @ E3 2008

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Hey Jem!

I look forward to reading the Gamescom coverage! :)

Great news! Can’t wait to see those big plans for Gamescom!
Thanks for this amazing blog!

Welcome Jem!

Cool intro! Welcome :)

Hey Jem, loved your work on PS Fanboy and Joystiq (especially the podcasts). Nice to have some competent people on the official blog.

Nice job on PS Fanboy and joystiqs m8.
It was a sad day to see you leave joystiq, but you never mentioned you’ll come ere. Nice one. Do us proud. I read yur leaving article on joystiq and saw the link of the articles yu did two years ago.. It was funny to see everyone excited about Calling All Cars and seeing the prices for PSN at really low prices. Now look at prices now in just two years? Lol… funny what a few years can do.

Jem Alexander 12 August, 2009 @ 11:33

I was more intrigued by the difference in the amount of content. I remember PSN update posts used to take 10 to 15 minutes to write up back then. With all the content we get nowadays, it’s a much bigger mission.

I wondered what you would be upto after leaving Joystiq. Congratulations on the new job.

I used to visit Joystiq quite a bit but recently the news from this blog and The Sixth Axis has kept right up to date with everything PlayStation, so i don’t visit as much. It would be great to have some sort of trophy portal built into this site….. looking forward to seeing the new features and developments of this blog. Keep up the good work.

i am looking forward to your gamescon coverage! keep up the good work!

Jack-Bauer-89 12 August, 2009 @ 10:09

Comgrats Jem! From here on out you will be known as Guv’ner playstation :)

wonder how long I’ll stay on your psn friends list now ;)

Jem Alexander 12 August, 2009 @ 11:39

Guv’ner is it? Not quite as grand as Professor, but I’ll take it. :)

As for my friends list, I’m dreading the next time I turn my PS3 on! Just please, don’t let on that my PSN id is Jem_Alexander.

Bilbo_bobbins 12 August, 2009 @ 10:10

Hi Jem, good news on being master of the Blog. Hoping to hear some great announcments next week.

I’m looking forward to reading the articles in the future and of course the GamesCon coverage. Keep up the good work. Any news on new Avatars yet? :p

Can’t wait for the Gamescon!


Hi guys, looking forward to GamesCom!

Loving your user icon Jem! Great into too ;)

hi Jem and welcome

i just want to read my comment to answer to all PS3 fans

is there any plans for voice chatting in-game ?
is there any plans to change or add some features to freind list at PSN ?

many many question but i know u will not replay my comment

Welcome to the blog, Jem :)


Welcome to the blog, Jem. Looking forward to seeing your plans reach fruition here. You’ve got a pretty demanding crowd, so I hope you’re prepared for the bad as well as the good.


Still, an exciting time to be involved with it all. Good luck.

Jem Alexander 12 August, 2009 @ 12:02

Demanding indeed! Thankfully, I knew that would be the case coming in. It’s not too long ago that I was one of the many demanders, so even if I don’t reply to some queries, I’m probably asking those exact same questions internally.

GZ with the job! cant wait to follow your bloggin’…

Great with a full time blogger!

I wish you the best of luck!

– Saloom lets see what firmware 3.0 brings! :) sony still say they are working on cross game voice chat…

Oh Jem… btw. if you ever get to meet the ppl behind VidZone, could you kindly ask them to bring VidZone to the rest of Europe? :P

I’d love to have your job. Good luck!! :)


Good to have you on board Mr. Alexander. :)
I’m sure you’ll do a great job here over at the Playstation.Blog.

Hi Jem, and welcome to the eu blog. :)

Hi Jem,

I hope you’ll managed to put some comunity feel here (like on Joystiq)

RadioactiveMouse 12 August, 2009 @ 11:01

Hi there,

You’ve got your work cut out here in this mad house :D

– RM


Good to hear that this blog gets more attention.
Starting blogs in other languages is only usefull if you have the resources to do it right.

Oh Jem, wow, never expected to see you here! Welcome! :)

Welcome, Jem Alexander! :)

Welcome :D
do the EU proud :P

Could you please tell me when VidZone is coming to Sweden?

Nice to meet you Jem :-) What does it take to get a job over at Sony anyway haha. I wish I could be at GamesCon :-( Not sure if they’ll be around but sure would love to meet Jeff Rubenstein, Arne Meyer, Christophe Balestra, Shuhei Yoshida, Christian Phillips from close by. I know Arne is going for sure :-)


Oh I notice Jeff and Arne as serious rockers in that picture but who are those other two? I can better ask, which one of the other two is you :D

Jem Alexander 12 August, 2009 @ 11:31

Good eye!

That’s me on the left. (I wasn’t kidding about the stripy shirt ;)). The guy on the other side of Arne and Jeff is Joystiq’s Andrew Yoon.

sympozium_666 12 August, 2009 @ 11:16

All they need is Ben Dukta (:D)

Hi Jem, nice to re-meet ya :)

Nice to know the EU Blog is becoming big business :D

The Blog isn’t going to be translated to Portuguese? Come on, first is the lack of content in the Portuguese Store, now the blog, are you just pretending Portuguese and Brasilian users don’t exist?

Jem Alexander 12 August, 2009 @ 11:23

Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! I’m looking forward to bringing you some quality content next week, even if it kills me (which, judging from our schedule, is quite possible).

I was a big fan of ps3fanboy & still am a fan of Joystiq.

welcome about and don’t stress the haterz.

I was a bit gutted when I heard you left Joystiq – it’s a nice surprise to see you here Jem :)

Hey buddy! Good to see that SCEE have snapped you up as EU blog manager – congratulations!

Jem Alexander 12 August, 2009 @ 12:06

Thanks mate! That 3Rooms event we met at seems so long ago, now.

Cool, was sad to see you leave joystiq, but now that you are here I am looking forward to your continued posts :)


congrats on the new job dude! hope you enjoy your stay as EU blog manager. Also.. awesome FF7 avatar ^__^

looking forward to your future work



Welcome Jem, looking forward to the updates for next week. Sounds like it is going to be a pretty busy week for anyone involved in Playstation – I can’t wait. Just try and stay awake :)


Sweet, welcome to the EU PS blog Jem, you were always one of my favourite writers on Joystiq. Good luck next week at Gamescom!


Nice, this is a positive move. I was wondering who the ‘face’ of the blog was going to be. Awesome.

Hi Jem!
Ha, I just had the feeling you were coming this way, even though you were trying to tease it all up. But I’m glad that you’re here to support the community. Welcome and I hope you enjoy as well.


Hi Jem,

It’s great having a person to associate with the blog, Jeff was great, but I’m sure you’ll do a much better job for us Europeans. Good luck with your new job and I hope any future complaints (which I’m sure will crop up, there’s always someone) mistakenly aimed at you don’t get you down.

All the best.

ghosthunter68 12 August, 2009 @ 12:21

A warm welcome Jem. Its always nice to put a face to name. Next week based on the rumours is looking like a potential jaw dropper. Are you doing a live video feed of the key note or just a live transcript.


Welcome aboard, Jem! You’re going to get me a Gran Turismo 5 release date at Gamescom, aren’t you? :P

Jem – yes the 3Rooms event – what an awesome night out! Will SCEE be arranging any similar events in the future? (hint, hint!) :)


Wow haha, a quick transition from Joystiq to the blog, your goodbye post wasn’t that long ago!

Anyway, I’m glad we’ve got a fulltime guy to look after the blog now, and without sounding like a Joystiq fanboy I’m glad it’s someone from there :P

Looking forward to more updates — and Jem, MORE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS WITH DEVELOPERS!!



Welcome to SCEE, Jem!

almighty-slayer 12 August, 2009 @ 12:42

So you are our version of Jeff :P

Can’t be as awesome as he is :)

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