gamescom SCEE Press Conference Recap

More than 800 journalists and their laptops packed into E-Werk in Cologne, Germany before the start of gamescom to hear the latest announcements from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

PlayStation 3 120 GB

A brand new PlayStation 3 topped the bill, as Kaz Hirai – President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. joined Andrew House – President and CEO of SCEE – on-stage. Two-thirds slimmer and lighter than the previous model, it features a 120GB Hard Disk Drive and will be available throughout Europe from September 1, 2009, at the attractive price of €299.

Staying with hardware, it was also revealed that, from November, PSP will be available in two new colours – Turquoise Green and Blossom Pink.

PlayStation Store will expand its range of downloadable content when the PlayStation Network video delivery service comes to the UK, France, Germany and Spain this November – the rest of Europe will follow in 2010. Partnerships with illustrious studios such as 20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount Pictures and many more will ensure a stellar line-up of movies available to buy or rent at launch, on both PS3 and PSP, and in either SD or HD.

PSP owners can also look forward to a new section on PlayStation Store. The new Digital Comics service, announced on-stage by Ira Rubenstein of Marvel Entertainment, will deliver a regularly updated library of comics from Marvel and many other publishers in December 2009.

The digital reader – a downloadable application that allows users to read their comics – features an intuitive Autoflow system that highlights particular parts of a cell to mimic the way the eye moves across the page for a great reader experience on a small screen.

With all of this downloadable entertainment comes a new way to add funds to your PlayStation Network wallet. PlayStation Network Cards do just that and will be available next month in €20 and €50 denominations.

Yet another new category coming to PlayStation Store on October 1, 2009, is minis. It will contain a range of PSP games under 100MB in size that are quick to download and perfect for gaming on the go. Electronic Arts are supporting minis and more than 50 titles – including Tetris – will be available to download before the end of the year.

The number of people enjoying VidZone is set to grow – many more European countries will receive the service before the end of the year.

Quantic Dreams’ David Cage took to the stage to introduce a new Heavy Rain character. Recalling a traumatic moment in his own life where he and his wife momentarily lost their son while shopping, he unveiled Ethan – a young architect who lost his son in a tragic accident.

All in all, a great presentation with the new PS3 stealing the show – stay tuned for more updates from gamescom.

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No word about FW 3.0? I thought that would make it on here XD

EternalMovement 18 August, 2009 @ 20:16

Thanks for the live blogging the conference.

Ps – Are we still able to upgrade the ps3 hard drive on the slimmer model? I presume its under the blu ray drive? :)

Spectacular show tonight! I have already started packing my 60GB Starter Pack since i will be selling it later this week and eagerly await the soon-to-come Slim model. I must however admit that the design of the PS3 Slim does not look so shiny, especially due to the disappearances of the original logo and touch panels. Out of curiosity, is the HDD of the PS3 Slim is swapable?

Best Regards

upgrading the HDD… please tell us it’s still possible :)

It will be probably be the same kind of hdd that’s in the “Fat” PS3…
With a slot to open!

Umm.. you spelt “GamesCom” wrong ;)

James Gallagher 19 August, 2009 @ 13:04

Umm… no, it’s definitely gamescom.

fantastic been waiting for this video service like forever now glad i will be able to rent movies soon

Will we get a UK PSP go price any time soon? After all, this is a UK blog and it doesn’t even say the PS3 slim price here (though PlayStation UK says £250)

James Gallagher 19 August, 2009 @ 13:05

Yes, the price quoted on is correct – I wasn’t entirely sure when I wrote this so I left it out.

It’s a tragic failure if the hdd is not upgradable!
120Gb?? I allready have more than that on mine, a lot more…

Incl. Games, Patches, Add-ons, Videos and Music


Man, no GT5 announcement makes me a sad panda :(

Oh, and what about the good will programme, will we have to wait for TGS for details on that, like the GT 5 release date?

external power supply? please reply :D

Please tell me I can still upgrade the hard drive like the current model.

How much will the Slim cost in Pounds? A euro to pound conversion of £250 or a dollar to pound conversion of £180?

hahaha worst kept secret ever we all knew the ps3 slim would make an apperance tell you what sony needs to sort out the security at the factory where those are made i mean leaked photos and even the footage of a slim at a asian market. all i will say about the slim is that the finish and the logo look fugly it shoud have been the ps3fat shiny finish with the silver logo instead

Wasn’t really a great presentation. There was no GT5 announcement, no new games except iphone games for PSP. Just a new version of the console which may slow down or stop Sony’s lag in third place.

Where’s GT5? New game announcements? Would have liked to have seen more full downloadable games on PSN, like Microsoft’s GOD service.

Great news – all of it. We honestly couldn’t expect much more than this – awesome new console and a very reasonable price. Question is what am I gonna do with my ol’ fatty? :)

Any more news on the specifications of the PS3 slim? USB ports and stuff and most of all, PS2 BC yes or no? I already own 2 PS3 consoles but am itcy of getting the slim.

Oh maybe you should input this… this is the Firmware update 3.0 explained by Eric Lempel of SCEA.

Plus mentioning “which” other countries are getting vidzone might be best to put in as well so people won’t ask again for which countries it’ll apply.

Cool, you did the same mistake as with vidzone! That damn vidstore is a running joke. It has been announced so long ago, you guys can keep it thanks.

Awesome, good job sony=)

I have one q: when wil the video store be coming to Norway?

@Kenshin71 this was the GDC conference, public event will start from tomorrow and then we’ll get more info on other games as well.

almighty-slayer 18 August, 2009 @ 20:32

And we knew pretty much all of it already. Nice one.

Oh and the firmware 3.00 is ridiculous. PS Store spammed EVERYWHERE all over the XMB. Seriously? >.>

StefNighthawk 18 August, 2009 @ 20:32

Why are the links on the page not working


As others have asked, it’s great about the slim and pricedrop BUT what will it cost in pounds, i mean how come sony only seem to care about dollars, euros and yen when it comes to releasing pricing info?, i can already find new 80gig PS3’s for £250 so it’s surely got to be lower than that right?.

Come on, splill the beans for the UK please.

Gamescom does not start until tomorow…. This was GDC.
There is a difference. There still might be some GT5 news!

But most likely we have to wait until TGS. Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is starting September 24th (Thursday) and ends on September 27th (Sunday).

I think the UK price for PS3 slim is 249.99£

Finally, Video Store is coming to Europe.

Oh, and I’m still waiting for MGS to be released on PSN :/

Why is the price so different comparing it with the US. They pay 212 Euro for the PS3 slim. That’s a difference of 87 Euro’s!!!!!

My mind is blowing up

I’m happy that PSN Cards are finally getting here! :)

Guys you REALLY REALLY need to comment on whether or not the HDD is replaceable. The lack of any confirmation is not good. :(

James Gallagher 19 August, 2009 @ 13:08

Yes, I am now chasing this. I’ve been so busy filming interviews (first ones coming later today) that I’ve been unable to log on.

I’m now very much on the case.

James Gallagher 19 August, 2009 @ 15:53

Just a quick update: I’m shooting a video interview in a hour with two of my colleagues who should be able to give clearer answers to many of these questions.

They are in my notebook.

almighty-slayer 18 August, 2009 @ 20:36

Oh and also…Video store isn’t till november now? God, how much longer are we going to have to wait.

I’m calling it now – delayed until 2010


The PS3 slim RRP is £250.

The conference was good, expect for a lack of GT5 release date.

MetalGearSigma 18 August, 2009 @ 20:36

Okay still some unanswered questions:

1) How much will the psp go be in the UK?
2) Is the UK getting PSN cards? What denominations will they be?
3) How do you register your psp go to get GT PSP?



Yeah it’s horrid isn’t it, i mean 4 sections all having the PS store icon on it, what’s that all about.

And starting the system on the “whats new” section and not the “games” section like before (or “movie” section if you have a movie in), i wonder how they come up with that? (ohh wait 360 does it :D), the XMB is liked due to it being minimal so what do they do? they clutter the thing up LOL.


Hmm the new slim is pretty ugly. I much prefer the original glossy look.

Excellent news, PS3 slim and a hefty price drop! Awesome. I was definitely not getting a psp go, but now that GT psp is free with one once you register it online before 10/9/09 im buying it on day one!
My family will no doubt get a ps3 slim now instead of a normal blu-ray player with that price drop.
Thanks for the live feed guys.

Awesome =)

almighty-slayer 18 August, 2009 @ 20:41


I know, i love it for its simplisity but it’s getting needlessly cluttered. It looks like they couldn’t decide where to put the PS Store, so they just put it under every single category for good measure.

What will the videos one link to in Europe (and canada)? There are barely any videos on there.

The slim looks ugly… and still no USB in the rear!! Maybe it will look better in the plastic, but I doubt it

Please tell me that the Digital Comics will be viewable on PS3 as well as PSP in future.

Was the press conference filmed like at E3? Will it be available through PSN anytime soon?

@33 & 37

I agree with you guys completely. I like many of the 3.0 additions, but PLEASE do not clutter the dash up with PS Store shortcuts. That’s completely unnecessary. And I DO NOT want my PS3 to boot to the “What’s New” section. At least give us the option to select which section should be the default.

Also, I like the info pane, but can the scrolling information be turned off?? I just want to see how many friends are online and if I have any messages. I’m hoping that can be turned off like the current info board.



The difference in price is partly due to the US not having any VAT added to their prices.




I’m actually considering getting a PSP Go to replace my PSP1000 now it comes with GT for free. Even though I can’t help feeling completely ripped off when compared to the US.

Also quite annoyed at how cluttered the XMB is getting. I dont want to start on that ugly whats new section, it was perfect staring on whatever is in the disc drive.

Everyting else is great! cant wait for the video store.


I’m so excited!!!
NOTHING go for Poland, no VidZone, no Video Store, and I’m sure that PSN Cards miss Poland too.

I like the slim look. Will buy. Also why dont you mention that the slim has bravia theater mode? THATS THE BEST FEATURE!!

I’ve seen the Slim from all angles, the recognisable hdd cover cannot be found.


It appears to be behind the panel under the BR drive.

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