Is It Just Me Or Does It Feel A Bit Damp In Here?

Hello everyone.

Not long ago we mentioned that LBP fans might want to check back today for some good news. So, because we hate to disappoint people, here it is!

Later in the year we’ll be back with more detail on this level kit and all the cool stuff that Media Molecule have planned for it. For now I’ll leave you to start thinking about the watery wonders you might create.

Or you could just watch the trailer again. Go on. It’s good, isn’t it?

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I can’t wait XD

yeeesssss.its free?

yahoo! that is so awesome!

will this kit be free or payed?

Looks nice but unless it’s a free pack i’m not going to bother.

WakeAndBake52 18 August, 2009 @ 16:06

I’ll be buying this, but do hope its free. Hopefully another creator kit.


This is kools any news on the LBP GOTY edition for the EU and if were getting any Home content or game launching soon

thanks n keep it kools

What, still no Crown :(

oh well, this new pack better have Trophies

finally! thank you MM!

gabrielezeppi85 18 August, 2009 @ 16:08

Beautiful, but I hope that is not the big surprise that Sony has made reference. The downloads are the outline contents of a good meal, where the first and second?


wow! hope for trophies to! And Game of the Year edition

Finally! I can’t wait to see what people do with this. :) Waterfalls, waterslides, fountains. :)

Oooh! Looks great! Can’t wait to start making some levels with this!

zomg… I might spend my christmas designing another level :)


Yay! I thought I would never see this in LBP. It looks very polised though, the physics and new animations!


This is “almost” the BEST THING EVEERRR!!!!!! Amazing

That’s huge. With water, the possibilites are endless!


Yay! I haven´t even thought about adding water to LBP, so it was a great surprise!
Hopefully you guys bring more of these kind of updates (DLC) to LBP, maybe you could bring the space into LBP so one can “float” around in the weightless space. :-)


I can see Super Mario underwater levels in the future…

Whoohooo Water! =D I do hope it’s free…although I would pay for it if it had other developer tools in it as well.

Cannot wait =P


Awesome, the effects look nice and I see a drowning sackboy if I’m not wrong, so that means there will be a scuba pickup to stay under water for longer. :)

Nice work Mm, can’t wait. Now where’s multi create!?


Woah, awesome :D

And @ people asking if it’s free, remember even if it’s part of a paid DLC pack, you can still play peoples levels online with water in them.

Yes! I can’t wait to play some water levels. Very nice effect. :D


Oh please let this come with some new trophies!


Where do i sign?!

Too many times ive tried to do the trick with the sponge’s when designing a level only to see my thermometer skyrocket.

Now we can have actual water!


Great news. There are so many more possibilities.

This news has got me all wet.

There better be a day and date release of a level pack along with Bioshock 2. GET ON IT.






Wow this is game-changing!
Please make this FREE,

More people will be able to make levels out of this then.

RadioactiveMouse 18 August, 2009 @ 16:45

Oh, now I have to sift through even more of my potential level ideas before building the next one :D

Nice one, looks amazing ;)

I did NOT see that coming!

This is just mind boggling. Can’t wait to see what people come up with!!

Holy Molly! At last!!
Thanks :D

Yezz! This is awesome guys! Beats al the stickers and materials-kits. This will open a can of new ideas!

Hopefully Media Molecule adds some of their own levels in the package to. Ever since the MGS-pack I’m craving for some new singleplayerstuff from them

soopastarr007 18 August, 2009 @ 17:15

Love it!!! Water plus sackboy equals… Red Bull Flug tag!



“So, because we hate to disappoint people, here it is!”

No Sony. You LOVE to disappoint people.

Although I must admit, this does look pretty awesome.



… you need to announce more than that to catch my attention.

Haha, that looked nice :D

sympozium_666 18 August, 2009 @ 17:40

My warrior insticts tell me that its premium


Water great piece of news.

this should be free so that as many people as possible have the option of using water in their levels


this is great news for LBP, i’ll be able to throw away my fake polystrene sea and take the wheels off the bottom of my boat.

thank you MM, i feel love for you again.

Lol, not bothered about the water, I just think the video is fantastic!!!

a fantastic change – looking forward to the scuba influenced levels now :)

LagunaHeartly 18 August, 2009 @ 21:22



That looks awesome, the video was so cute.

why is the tag little big Princess? don’t you mean Planet instead of princess?

someone is confusing Fat princess and LBP it seems :)

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