Five Minutes With The EyePet Producer

In preparation for the bedlam of gamescom, I popped over to London Studios to interview Nicolas Doucet, producer of EyePet. With a smorgasbord of gaming news coming out of Cologne this week, you might have missed announcements of new features and a release date for the cuddliest thing on PS3, so this video is well worth a watch.

I find the whole thing of creating a sense of magic using ‘invisible’ technology fascinating. Oh, and I’m calling mine Phil.

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I’m looking forward to this one. Never really experienced anything like this before.

Great interview =)

Great interview, i think we can safely say we really appreciate what you do

James Gallagher 20 August, 2009 @ 09:49

Thank you, we try.

This is gonna be fun. Even though I’m 21 :D

Oh, and I think the Norwegians has taken over this post. So far at least :P


I want this game, but why isn’t it being released with the Magic Card in the game only pack and only in the bundle?

James Gallagher 20 August, 2009 @ 09:55

OK, lots of questions on this and I think I know the answer, but I’m going to run down to the show floor and ask Nicolas…

James Gallagher 20 August, 2009 @ 11:35

Finally got an update – as well as the game + PlayStation Eye bundle, you will be able to buy the game on its own, if you already have a PlayStation Eye.

Both packs will include the Magic Card, as this is essential for playing the game.

Great and innovative product. How was the feedback from the people testing eyepet at Gamescom?

Raziel_Shanks 19 August, 2009 @ 20:47

So I assume this will be a PSN title.
AS I don’t want a cam&game bundle as I already have the PS Eye for my PS3.
Cus since I can’t have a real pet(where I currently live) I was thinking this would at least cover some of my pet needs.

I have to agree! It look’s special. Hopefully it will be a PSN download version to (I like to have most of my stuff on hdd). And i also have the Eye already…

Pst: Heia Norge!

This will be a retail release because you need the card to interact with the eyepet. And I’m sure they will make one without the eye.


Another very good interview James :) EyePet really is taking the virtual pet idea to the next level and there is some amazing tech behind it, looking forward to trying this one out.


What’s that song in the eye pet trailers? I really need it, it just makes me so happy. PLEASE HELP ME

Really good interview!
How “strict” is Eyepet with the player? If you don’t play the game for a few days, will you turn it on with a bad conscience because you can see and feel you’ve neglected your pet? On the one hand that would be pretty cool, but in the long run I think I’d want the Pet to be pretty forgiving.

I’m going to call mine – Bill Gates :D


Were you guys paying attention?!? This really is the start of augmented reality. The fact that it will record good and scary moments throughout its time with you and then play those back as its ( the pet’s ) dreams is amazing! Its taking the tamagochi thing to the next level! This can have so many interesting repercussions. They could code the AI so that if you scare it too often, it would permanently be scared of you, until you perform X number of good things with it.

You can bet money on the fact that Natal’s Milo ( or whatever s/he will be called ) will have that feature as well now.

Excellent interview btw, you let the guy say what he needed to without cutting him off, which a lot of the American blog team seem to do. Well done.

Very good interview.

Well done James mate


Youve just convinced me to buy this game, although i was very interested in this when i first saw its original trailer, games like these arent usually something i buy.. im not sure that adding trophies is a good idea since some people will only play with thier pet for trophies.. but thats me thinking about the older audiences like myself. What im really interested in know about is the bad sides of Eyepet, what happens if hes neglacted for too long and treated badly – i dont want to put a damper in a happy game but it has to be mentioned lol

James Gallagher 20 August, 2009 @ 11:37

You’ll notice from his behaviour if he needs a bit of TLC. His expressions turn grumpy and he’ll be less inclined to play if he is tired, hungry or sick.


I like this James fellow, more please! He’s easy on the eyes.

James Gallagher 20 August, 2009 @ 11:38


More video interviews coming later today from Jem and I.


Will this game be sold separate, Without the PS eye?
As I already have a PS eye.

Can’t wait to play this, Finally a new PS eye game.

will there be a demo released?

Well even though its made for kids i still want to play it. Im 29, is something wrong with me? :-)

M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S 20 August, 2009 @ 01:10

I too am in my late 20’s and want my EyePet as much as my new collection of cars in GT…

I also have the PSEye already and would like to know if there will be a standalone version of the game or even a downloadable version with the magic card made available for printing…

and final but most important question, when can i bring the little guy for a walk around home square to play with other EyePets? it’d be like when nintendogs meet other nintendogs but cooler ;)


it’d be great if you could set it on fire, imagine a little monkey pet thing running around on fire screaming. LULZ all round i say :D

I will so buy this. I want it now!!

I’ll be buying the game only pack, i’m hoping it has the magic card or can work without it?!

Andy-McK-4ever 20 August, 2009 @ 11:02

Good to know that it will be bundled with the ps eye. I was planning to get it with the motion controllers but I have no problem getting it early. The only thing that the Eyepet now needs is a Milo chew-toy

Great interview, keep up the good work.
This is a good excuse to get a PS Eye.
I’m calling my pet Sir Meowington the third.. (It is a cat, right?)

While you’re at GamesCom, can you find out an EU release date for Uncharted 2? Thankyou :)

Great interview James!

I am a SCEA Blog reader, but I enjoy hoping into the SCEE Blog every now and again to see what is going on accross the pond.

I noted the Oct.23 release date for Europe; any chance of you highlighting a North American release date? My 8 year old daughter asks me about this game daily, since I showed her the E3 Trailer.



Good interview. Informative and useful. I approve.


My girlfriend is gonna love this game! :D

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