‘Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update (20th August 2009)

Good morning. I hope your collective appetites have been sufficiently wet by all the announcements made at gamescom, I for one am personally very excited about the new additions coming to the PlayStation Network.

Talking of wet, WET is one of four demos we have releasing on the store later today (did you see what I did there…ahem, apologies), alongside Mini Ninjas and IL2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey. You can also fling Andy Dick around in Pain from today, as well as get yourself a Street Fighter II themed table for Zen Pinball. We also have another batch of trailers from gamescom, including footage from the Sony press conference.

Tomorrow morning you will also be able to get hold of a trailer for the forthcoming Avatar game taken from the Avatar game day event.

Finally, for our PSP users we have a variety of content available (especially for RPG fans) with Wild Arms XF, Riviera, and the demo for DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY available, amongst other things. Scroll down for the full list.

The store will be updated later this afternoon, and as usual any problems or feedback please leave a comment.

Demos (free)

Colin McRae DiRT 2

PEGI 18+

Mini Ninjas

IL2 Sturmovik: Birds Of Prey

Add-On Game Content

Pain – Andy Dick Pack (£0.79/€0.99)
PEGI 16+

Zen Pinball – Street Fighter II Tribute Table (£1.59/€1.99)

Guitar Hero: World Tour – Duelling Banjos Track (£1.59/€1.99)
PEGI 12+

Rock Band

  • Foo Fighters Pack 02 (this combines the below three Foo Fighters tracks in one pack) (£2.49/€2.99)
  • All My Life by Foo Fighters (£0.99/€1.49)
  • I’ll Stick Around by Foo Fighters (£0.99/€1.49)
  • Lonely As You by Foo Fighters (£0.99/€1.49)
  • I Predict A Riot by Kaiser Chiefs (£0.99/€1.49)
  • I’m Shipping Up To Boston by Dropkick Murphys (£0.99/€1.49)
  • Inside Out by Eve 6 (£0.99/€1.49)
  • No Rain by Blind Melon (£0.99/€1.49)
  • There’s No Other Way by Blur (£0.99/€1.49)

PEGI 12+

Videos (free)

  • Modnation Racers Trailer
  • Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Gamescom Trailer
  • Heavy Rain Gamescom Trailer
  • LittleBigPlanet Water Trailer
  • Tekken 6 Gamescom Trailer
  • Trine Trailer
  • Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Comicon Trailer
  • Front Mission Evolved Trailer
  • Savage Moon Waldgeist Trailer
  • Gamescom Sony Press Conference Part 1
  • Gamescom Sony Press Conference Part 2
  • Gamescom Sony Press Conference Part 3
  • Gamescom Sony Press Conference Part 4
  • PR Sizzler Trailer
  • Avatar Game Day Trailer (Released on Friday the 21st of August)

Themes (free)

  • Katamari Forever and Noby Noby Boy Theme
  • PlayStation Store via PSP and Media Go

Downloadable Games

Wild Arms XF (£13.99/€17.99)
PEGI 12+

Riviera (£13.99/€17.99)
PEGI 12+

Warriors Orochi (£13.99/€17.99)
PEGI 12+

Colin McRae Rally 2005 (£7.99/€9.99)

Demo (free)

Dissidia Final Fantasy
PEGI 12+

Add-On Game Content (also available via the PS3 store)

Rock Band Unplugged

  • A Favor House Atlantic by Coheed and Cambria (£0.99/€1.49)
  • Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar (£0.99/€1.49)

PEGI 12+

Themes (free)

  • DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY Themes 8, 9 and 10

Videos (free)

  • MotorStorm Arctic Edge Trailer
0 Author replies
FallingStickman 20 August, 2009 @ 11:03

And once again no PSOne games. Still, I think it’s a decent update.

No complaints here,some decent demos,things are looking up imo…

Nice :-)


demos, character from pain and the pinball table for me then. :) cheapish week.

I’m getting WET

Well, I think is an amazing update. Look how many demos there are. And what about those trailers and the amazing press conference?

Wow very good update! 4 demos! :)

SCEE are really earning my faith back


It’s a bit of a demo crazy week huh? :)


4 DEMOS!!!!!!! thats more like it SCEE/Kebby. and to make things better there really decent demos too


5 if you count the Dissidia Final Fantasy demo… :)

Love it when there are lots of Demos. Great update guys!

woo for wet demo!

and wild arms!!!! OMG i will be yoinking that cheers for the heads up mike :)

great update, but there will still be complaints from certain people….

Nice update, though I count 4 demos not 3 :) You seem to have forgotten that Colin McRae DiRT 2 is listed below…


I wrote the beginning paragraph before we had the confirmation of that demo, and because the team are at Gamescom the change may take a while to make ;)

Awesome update.

I wasn’t expecting such a good one since you have treated us with so much this week.


AWESOME DEMOS. Cheers guys!

Is there any news on Resident Evil 1 and MGS1 coming to the store?


Still nothing significant to report I’m afraid :(


I like that there are a lot of demos, but seriously, someone who’s at gamescom needs to get in touch with Konami and ask what’s taking them so long to get you-know-what to Europe.

Great update. Will download demo’s of DIRT, WET and Sturmovik. :D

Good update.

Any chance of getting the fantastic Uncharted 2 trailer from Gamescom up? :P

loonytoon1982 20 August, 2009 @ 11:15

Usually I’m annoyed when there’s nothing for me to buy but I’m broke this week so it’s all good :p

Between bills, Batman and the PS3 Slim it’s a quiet time :D

Cool!!!! Dissidia demo, this is the best news so far :) , including DiRT 2 and WET demos which are also on my play list..Pure satisfaction

Andy-McK-4ever 20 August, 2009 @ 11:16

Four demos Mike!!! You really are spoiling us. Some really good trailers aswell. This is the best update since E3


OMG I love you Mike! I cant wait for Dirt you have really made my day.

SuGaR_rAy_RiDeR 20 August, 2009 @ 11:17


brilliant update, i doubt very much you will be getting alot of moaning on here today. Very impressed with the available playable demos…..especially the dissidia one for the psp.

Is there any news on Tomb Raider possibly coming out soon as a psone classic just like the us store, if you don’t know, can u let me know asap as am such a huge Tomb Raider fan…Thanks :-)


Good update, I’ll definately get the WET demo. Is there any news of Disgaea 3 DLC or a trophy patch?


Disgaea DLC is coming next week, not too sure about the trophy patch though


I know its unrelated mike but do u have any info on an Uncharted 2 collectors edition? I know it seems that has exclusive 2nd beta codes but I have been holding out to see if there is a bumper edition planned have seen screens of uncharted 2 bags and a steelbook?

Any info is great cos otherwise will just go ahead and order my copies from play for the codes.



Ooooohhhh….nice load of demos. Excited about trying the Dirt 2 demo and didn’t expect Wet to be up there. Very nice update this week, thanks :-)

Good update :)Thanks .

LittleBigPlanet Water Trailer! YES! :D Loved that Video.

What an amazing PlayStaion week it has been. Well done SONY ;)

Any date for the BomberMan Ultra PSN Game for Euro-Land?

Well this seems to be going down well. People really do love demos huh.

Yeah ! The two Ratchet & Clank trailers, finally ! :)

mike that wild arms is a psp game right? it just doesn’t say


It is indeed the PSP game, seems the editing for the post is a bit out (there is usually a PSP Store heading before the list of content ;) )


There’s video evidence what Kojima is at gamescom. Now is the time to use your best sneaking skills to get to him, pin him against the wall and demand some answers!


Wet!!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! :)

No new PSone games?



Impressive selection today Mike! make sure to thank the guys in your team for us as well as give yourself a pat on back.

i’ll be downloading all 5 demos (PS3 and PSP) and i may even pick up the 2 digital PSP releases this week.. an RPG on the go is always a good thing to have when you commute 2 hours a day!

Great stuff!


Anymore Gamescom videos coming today?


Yes indeed there are, they’re in the list above ;)

ignore that question twas stupid lol sorz

Again, no MGS is a sticky point, but no complaints this week, as there’s Mini Ninjas!! Also, idk how far in advance you know about stuff, but has any noise been made about a Saw: The Video Game demo? (aka my most wanted of the year :D)

Dutch_Rootsman 20 August, 2009 @ 11:26

Dear Mike,

This week looks good.

Makes we worried about next week though :(

I hope these PSP games and PS3 demos are coming to the Australian store…?


Don’t worry about next week, it’s looking like a nice selection of stuff at the moment :D


A nice bunch demos today, great stuff! I’m particularly pleased about Dirt 2 & Sturmovik, I was already thinking of buying them!

Great update

kingofscotland 20 August, 2009 @ 11:27

Where is the new Unchartered Trailer from Gamescom?? :-(

I’ve seen it on the net but want to see it in alls its beautiful HD glory!

Its a good update 5 demos dont make a great update you dig, & mike thank you & thank you for at last we in uk get the psn cards in september Hurrah. :D

Four demos! Awesome. Looking forward to Il-2 Sturmovik. Let’s just hope Trine makes it out before 2010.

Mike last week you said to me Zombie Apocalyspe was end of the month, can we expect it next week?

Also any news on Under Siege? (no not the Steven Segal movie lol)


I don’t know what’s happening with Zombie Apocalypse now at the moment, fingers crossed it’s coming very soon though.

commuterzombie 20 August, 2009 @ 11:29

Well done all concerned. That’s one hell of an update.

Same again next week please ;P

Hello , Not a bad update , pinball for me this week ,


What about these patches for the games that we have , bf1943 still not working as it should .

I dont want to have to ask you every week .

Could you explain to people how to get a refund from the PSN store?

Some people are not happy with some games and not getting a refund is not an option.

I,d like to say also , your doing a good job answering the questions each week and trying to be honest , its good to see.

GordonVanDyke will not answer emails or tweets , so could you do some digging and find anything out please , and thanks x


As I’ve said before, I don’t work on patches, and am not in control of 3rd party games – I’m sorry, but you’re asking the wrong person about patches.

I’ll try and find something out for you though, but I can’t guarantee anything I’m afraid.


Nice demos, when will Mini Ninjas came out?


am i seeing right? 4 demos? you havent made a mistake have you? :D

thx for the update and for the vids of gamescon

kingofscotland 20 August, 2009 @ 11:31

Oh — and meant to say aprt from the lack of new Unchartered Trailer – Great update, will keep me busy in between Call of Juarez (great game)


Call of Juarez is indeed great fun, I need to play through again with Ray now though :)

Sturmurorurovik demo! Yaaay… I’ve been lookin’ forward to this ‘un

Very nice update Kebby :)
My download limit will be shredded (all 4 demo’s + press conference)

Hope you can keep up to this for the next few weeks.

How is GamesCom by the way? I would have come but I have to work :s


Wish I knew what Gamescom was like – I’m not there unfortunately :( Maybe next year, hint hint :)


Wow! A fantastic update and a great way to top off Sony’s impressive showing at GamesCom.

The Dissidia demo is finally here (along with more themes), the surprise WET demo came out of nowhere, DiRT 2…

Give credit where credit is due: this is a great week for the PlayStation ‘verse. It really feels like GamesCom was the start of a new cycle for Sony.

The GT bonus sold me on the PSPgo (even though I already have a 2000), and I’ve also pre-ordered the new PS3 (I’ll pass on my “phat” PS3 to my brother, who may not be a gamer but will certainly be happy to have a good Blu-Ray player to complement his HDTV).

It’s a good thing work has been good to me lately, or my bank account would be begging for mercy right about now…

DiRT and Wet demos should keep me entertained for a while! :)

Nice update Mike, looking forward to testing Dirt 2.

Mike do you know if there is a demo planned for White Knight?

Id just like to say thanks for your time and effort , nice to see .

Bilbo_bobbins 20 August, 2009 @ 11:38

Wow Mikey baby, I think I love you

This is another fantastic update for us lovely PS3 gamers. Good work Sony !

It’s turning out to be a good week for all Sony/PS3 fans.

JordanBlack68 20 August, 2009 @ 11:38

Thanks for the update, the pricing is still disappointing.

Thanks for the demos!

Thanks Mike for answering my question. Just another Question, with the FW3.0 update we are getting on September the 1st we are getting animated themes. Question is will be getting free ones via the PSN, paid only or both like we do now with the standard ones?

Keep up the good work man it seems like your the only who answers questions around here besides Jeff Rubenstein on the US PSBlog.


I have not been given anything specific in regards to animated themes as yet, but I would imagine there would be a good selection of free and paid for ones – but don’t hold me to that, as I’ve said nothing confirmed as yet ;)


Mike will you be getting a new PS3, or sticking with the sleek sexy one!

hey mike any chance of wild arms for free? :P


For you Roxas…no :)


Great update this week and FINALLY, some RPG’s! More of them please!

If I was in charge of uploading I’d sneakily upload MGS too :P It’d please so many people.


Nice update, bulk demos but I probably won’t get any.

Do you know when.. ugh what’s it called.. the pool game. Hustle something :P You know what I’m talkin’ about Mike! The new pool game.

Do you know when it’s released?

Yeah I’m too lazy to google the name.


Hustle Kings perchance? :)

No concrete date as yet, but it’ll probably be quite chilly outside when it does arrive ;)

No Zombie Apocalyse… very disappointing. I’ve been waiting for that game for months. Konami still lets us waiting… feeling so terrible…

Awesome update Mike! But please can you tell me if there´s going to be a demo for Heroes over Europe soon? I want a flight simulator and want to try IL2 (thanks for the demo) and HOE before buying ;)

Lovely update, but you reeeeally need to get the GC Uncharted 2 trailer up there; I want to hold it and cuddle it.

Nagash_MalKaVian 20 August, 2009 @ 11:50

wow, tell SE to realease the FFXIV alpha-demo that is playable at GC09!
j/k, nice update will keep me busy while I wait for Uncharted 2! (at least a cuple of days ^^;)

@Kebby, remember us from Aus and NZ are upside down from the UK, so you mean when we are stuck in a furnace :P.

The demos look great though. Will probably get the Dirt 2 one for sure, and it will depend on the size limit for the others. 20gb download a month doesn’t go far when there are demos to download :(.


Ah yes good point dude :D

Nice update, will psp owners be getting Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days?

Actually, the correct word is ‘whet’, not ‘wet’ when referring to appetite hehe

My appetite has been whetted for these demos, for sure!


Damn you – somebody had to notice didn’t they? Well in my defence it was a bit of wordplay okay – honest, honest!! :P

D_Killa_Kat_96_ 20 August, 2009 @ 11:53

I’ve always wanted to know what Mini Ninjas was like :]

P.S. Did you enjoy the Batman : AA Demo Mike? I loved it!


I loved that demo! Can’t wait to get my hands on the full game.

Awwww meanie :(

lol looks like next week it is then :D

After last week’s goings on, lets have a quick sneak peak at what’s coming up in this weeks exciting comments section…

Mike says: “… as with any console, developers will get more power out of it as it goes through its life-cycle”
MCV headline: “Sony manager: ‘PS3 slim to be discontinued – more powerful model to be released'”

Mike says: “I like working on the blog and PSN and always try to free up time for it”
VG247 headline: Sony exec says “All PSN games to be free!”

Mike says: “I played Halo and Gears of War on a friends console a couple of years ago”
Neogaf: “Sony CEO says that Halo and GoW will be PS3 exclusives!!! OMFG, lulz at xbots”


What other exclusives will you reveal this week Mike? ;)

Show full comment

After last week’s goings on, lets have a quick sneak peak at what’s coming up in this weeks exciting comments section…

Mike says: “… as with any console, developers will get more power out of it as it goes through its life-cycle”
MCV headline: “Sony manager: ‘PS3 slim to be discontinued – more powerful model to be released'”

Mike says: “I like working on the blog and PSN and always try to free up time for it”
VG247 headline: Sony exec says “All PSN games to be free!”

Mike says: “I played Halo and Gears of War on a friends console a couple of years ago”
Neogaf: “Sony CEO says that Halo and GoW will be PS3 exclusives!!! OMFG, lulz at xbots”


What other exclusives will you reveal this week Mike? ;)


Genius, just genius :P

I’ve also learnt how to fly simply by touching the motion controller, didn’t expect that did you :)

Great update! can’t wait for it, but I wish there was more trailers like for MGS Peace Walker.

& if you don’t mind could you tell me how much is the size for the WET & Mini Ninja demos? I would appreciate it.

that was a great update today!!! is there any chance that more rpgs will be added soon. i would love to see alundra and breath of fire on the store

Dirt 2! Yeah! Still won’t have enough money to buy it when its out cos of the recession, AND what money I DO have is going on Batman AA, Operation Flashpoint 2, Uncharted 2, Modren Warfare 2 & Gran Turismo 5 (hopefully!), but I’m looking forward to trying the demo for Dirt 2 and dreaming of when I can afford full game! Thanks for update Mike!

almighty-slayer 20 August, 2009 @ 12:00

Think it’ll just be the Press Conference footage for me then! Might download WET but meh

Great update. Will be dling Dirt 2, WET and IL-2 demos. Guess we’ll have to wait next week for NHL 10 demo? Shame because that would have made this the best PSN update in a long time.


Don’t want all the demos coming out in one week do we? :)

any chance for tomb raider 1 -5, alundra ,final fantasy 8 and 9 ,legacy of kain blood omen, koudelka or breath of fire 4,legend of dragoon and vagrent story. We need more ps1 games !!!!

@X201 (comment 74)

LOL Gold!

RagdollMuffins 20 August, 2009 @ 12:02

Great update. But I hoped we would get Tomb Raider today. Any news about that? Thx anyway! :)

Wordplay is good enough for me!

Great update this week, btw. I hope these demos are more polished than Juarez – I had random guns (not attached to arms) floating about my screen, and all sorts of bugs.

Mini Ninjas looks nice, and Wet will be interesting. Dirt I am not so bothered about, as I hear the DADDY of all racing games will be out before the end of the year (and what gorgeous shadows on the in-car view!!) ;)


I played a little bit of DiRT 2 a couple of months ago and it was sublime, it should be a cracker!

almighty-slayer 20 August, 2009 @ 12:06

Oh and also – Where is Trine?


this week is really awesome from us PS users:
Lots of great news from Games Com, 4 demos, tons of add-on, videos, Dissidia FF Demo…
Thank you again Mike (and Sony, of course)

almighty-slayer 20 August, 2009 @ 12:08

Ohhh Mini Ninjas…Failed to see that :)

Sorry for so many replie :P Good update Sir Kebby

@Mike 81,

I tried it a while ago, I thought it was more… sublemon…:D

OK, I’ll leave the jokes to Jem ;)

Good update this week, plenty of trailers to download, except Uncharted curiously

Whoooa, really good stuff :)
PSS still alive!

I’ll download this (today):
Colin McRae DiRT 2 Demo
WET Demo
Mini Ninjas Demo
Gamescom Sony Press Conference Part 1 Video
Gamescom Sony Press Conference Part 2 Video
Gamescom Sony Press Conference Part 3 Video
Gamescom Sony Press Conference Part 4 Video

… well, and that too:

Modnation Racers Trailer Video
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Gamescom Trailer Video
Heavy Rain Gamescom Trailer Video
LittleBigPlanet Water Trailer Video
Tekken 6 Gamescom Trailer Video
Trine Trailer Video
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Comicon Trailer Video
PR Sizzler Trailer Video
Avatar Game Day Trailer Video

Hope to have further PSS updates will be equally good :)

...Show full comment

Whoooa, really good stuff :)
PSS still alive!

I’ll download this (today):
Colin McRae DiRT 2 Demo
WET Demo
Mini Ninjas Demo
Gamescom Sony Press Conference Part 1 Video
Gamescom Sony Press Conference Part 2 Video
Gamescom Sony Press Conference Part 3 Video
Gamescom Sony Press Conference Part 4 Video

… well, and that too:

Modnation Racers Trailer Video
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Gamescom Trailer Video
Heavy Rain Gamescom Trailer Video
LittleBigPlanet Water Trailer Video
Tekken 6 Gamescom Trailer Video
Trine Trailer Video
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Comicon Trailer Video
PR Sizzler Trailer Video
Avatar Game Day Trailer Video

Hope to have further PSS updates will be equally good :)


This is a GOOD update… 4 demos, especially DiRT 2 and Mini Ninjas!

Also will be buying the new pin ball table! :o)

xKillerMonkeyx 20 August, 2009 @ 12:13

Wow Dirt 2, been dyig to try this baby,

Mike could you please tell us the sizes of the demos? Surely it can’t be that hard to put the sizes next to the demos?


I don’t get the filesize information, hence why I don’t include it in the update. The only way I can do this is to download each piece of content myself, and I don’t have the time to do this I’m afraid.

cool, you’ve got the conference up, couldn’t find anywhere to watch it online and with the buffering and crashes i couldnt’ watch it in home.
thanks for that.
looking forward to trying the wet demo too.
great update this week, just a shame there’s still no bomberman.

Hi! Is the european Home going to be updated to version 1.3 like the nort american version??


Oh, I’ll definitely give DiRT 2 a try – I rarely pass up the opportunity to try out a demo on PSN. It’s just personal taste that I’ve always favoured the tarmac track racing style (like Grid) over the rally kind.

As an aside, one thing that is really disappointing is the new BBC iPlayer icon in FW 3.0. It seems it’s just a shortcut link to the BBC iPlayer website, which is such a shame, as the playback isn’t anywhere near as good as it is on a PC, and I’d been hoping that it would be an app like VidZone, with the vids formatted to run perfectly on the PS3 :(

I finally get my internet back last night after moving house and I’m welcomed to this bounty of treats! :)

Downloaded Fat Princess and Batman yesterday as well.

Great stuff!
Keep up the good work guys.



Wasn’t Smash Cars coming today?!


Next week :)



Apparently BBC iPlayer has now been specially formatted for the PS3… so we could see better playback.

one quick question about the avatar game day trailer, it says released on the 21, does that mean ps3 owners are getting a sneaky early peak or will it be put up tomorrow?


Tomorrow, the 21st of August ;)

Jack-Bauer-89 20 August, 2009 @ 12:21

Sweet, ill be getting the 4 demo`s plus the Street Fighter Pinball table :)


Great update, things are looking up for SCEE :-) I’ll get all the demos, looking forward to WET. Any news on whether the Video Store will launch in the Republic of Ireland this year Mike?

Helvedeshunden 20 August, 2009 @ 12:22

I’m glad to see plenty of PSP games added, but often the games added are lesser known/less good ones (checking the rankings only one of the ones added today had respectable scores on gamerankings). It would help a lot if Sony added rating systems like Microsoft did in their latest update to Live.

This goes even more for all the games on PSN that have no demos. Peer reviewing would be most helpful.

one more thing, make it two with a request for an edit function for the blog comments, are the store cards coming to the uk?
it’s not just euro using countries is it?

Carnivius_Prime 20 August, 2009 @ 12:23

Not much for me again this week. The SFII pinball table interests me but I tried the demo of Zen Pinball a while ago and it’s a real strain on my eyes on my SDTV. Have to wait til I get a HDTV I guess.

I’ve pre-ordered Batman – Arkham Asylum because I want to have a proper go on it but to be honest I really, really didn’t like the demo you had up on the store in the past couple weeks. It just felt clumsy, dull and basic with a frustratingly sluggish combat engine but I thought I’d give it a try since I thought the inFamous demo was awful but the full game was absolutely brilliant. Anyways if I don’t like it, I can just play for trophies and then put it on ebay I guess.

Wish Bomberman Ultra was up there. Need more multiplayer games that can be played offline or online. Not one or the other, both please.



Considering the update was announced during a European press conference, that this video ( features a distinctly British sounding person and the BBC iPlayer short cut… I would say, HELLZ YEAH!

StalkingSilence 20 August, 2009 @ 12:24

Wow – I hope we get even half of the content you guys got in EU this week! Don’t forget there’s also a SingStar SingStore update! Why are those left out of both EU and US blog’s PSN update?


Because SingStar is it’s own entity and has it’s own store, so I’m not involved in this. Nina from the SingStar team does her own separate updates on SingStar content.


Alright 4 Demo’s that I actually want to play, sweet. Roll on MGS getting a EU Store release (yes I know – blame Konami yada yada) and all will be well in my house.

Great to get the news before the Store actually updates – thank you <3 I was really hoping for some GT5 or God of War III gameplay videos/ trailers :(


@95 It’s been formatted for the PS3 and large screens for a long time now. Basically, we PS3 users just get redirected and use the BBCs large screen interface.

There is a new video of FW 3.0 on N4G and the narrator specifically says it is a shortcut to the website, so the service will still be the same, unfortunately.

I was hoping we’d get access to the HD programmes they’ve now got on there, and definitely better playback quality.

I don’t know about yours, but mine plays fine for a while, and then stutters quickly, then plays fine, and so on.


Brilliant update today, when can we expect it? Usual time? Around 5ish BST?


Should be around then yes ;)

Brilliant update.
I’m really looking forward to Heavy Rain!


Sweet update, cheers Mike. I’ll be downloading the Dirt 2 and Wet demos for sure, as well as the SF pinball table. That might be enough to drag me away from Demon’s Souls for a bit, but I doubt it lol.


Can you give th size ?

gd list of updates there , especially the demo session, when exactly the update will be live?


oh yeah, just remembered, I tried looking for Final Fantasy 7 on the Store yesterday and can’t find it. I searched in the Search by Title bit and got no results either. Has it been taken down?


Wow such a great update thanks so much SCEE.

I was really waiting for this update as IL2 was confirmed but with three others confirmed to; Dirt 2,mini ninjas and wet – i think it will keep me busy until next week :)

Thanks. And i must conpliment you on how well you answer users questions and comments


Nah I joke, solid update. Like my PS3’s hard drive isn’t sweating enough as it is :/

mr_registered 20 August, 2009 @ 12:50

Nice little update for sure!!


Excellent update, a real return to form!

Looks like I’ll be giving all four of the demos a bash when I crawl in from work tonight. Some nice new videos to grab as well.

Welcome back, PSN updates – you’ve been sorely missed… ;)

Mikkee you make a mistake :)

You put “PlayStation Store via PSP and Media Go” As one of the new themes!

I got confused for a second, i thought we had 4 new ps3 games listed near the bottom.

can’t wait for the dirt 2 demo. :)

do you guys have an explanation for the Gran Turismo 5 specs sheet released on the official japanese website yesterday, then removed few hours later… :(


Since good updates put me in a thankful mood, I just thought I’d point out one of the great-but-little-talked-about improvements of the PSN: it has become much stronger bandwidth-wise.

I remember that in the early days, eagerly awaited demos often took ages to download, and the servers were certainly capricious on occasion (ah, the good ole download queues that took all night…).
For those of us who have had a PS3 since launch, the improvement has been very noticeable and remarkable. These days, everything downloads at my connection’s peak speed.

Man, I can’t wait to tell my grandkids of the days where we actually had to *wait* for content to download, instead of having it streamed directly into our brains.


Is Cool Boarders 2 coming to the Store? It was on their briefly ages ago, and was taken off?


Industry event weeks always have great Store updates, and this is no exception. FIVE demos! My poor bandwidth! :D

Any update on Trine by the way, Mike? In the next week or two maybe? :3

Pablo2008jedi 20 August, 2009 @ 12:55

Looking forward to Dirt 2and dissidia demos


Last week there was a post on the blog by someone at SCEE telling us not to be shy and use the contact form on the blog here if we’d have any questions. I send in a question using that form, its been over a week now I think and no reply. :/

Nice update :) Was suprised to see so many demos.

I know you already answered this but, oh god I hope the Disgaea 3 trophy patch comes out with the DLC next week.

Any news on a Valkyria Chronicles trophy patch? Or should I just give up hope by now? lol

Dam this looks good! IL-2(Big flightsim fan here) and Dirt 2(and racedriver!) will hopefully keep me busy over the weekend! Pre-ordered both games a month ago…

Hey, Mike.

Is there any confirmation of Peggle coming to Playstation Store in Europe? I love that game, and would love it even more if I could play it on my Playstation 3.


How come the PS Store takes all day to update? just turned my 360 on, and they just uploaded the Dirt 2 demo. Do you guys just upload everything as a bundle, while 360 adds bits and pieces?

CallMeWhatEver 20 August, 2009 @ 13:04

Wow that’s a BLAST! Sony or better SCEE really strikes back at gamescom in cologne – great job! Great news, great Infos and an even greater Store Update ;-)


awesome update, thankyou sir


i meant team


Indeed, it’s a team effort ;)

RevolutionBlues 20 August, 2009 @ 13:05

Demos DiRt 2, Mini Ninjas and IL2?

Woohoo. One of the best demo weeks ever – thanks guys.


Me like update very much :D

WOOOT??! Riviera??! I don’t have that game yet :D

Unfortunate still no classics :'( Hope that will be pulled straight as soon as the PSP Go releases, but I know 90% ain’t your fault but that of our European publishers ;)

Hey Mike
I can log onto PSN at all today… Is this normal and because of the store update or what? There are a lot of others that have the same problem too…

I just get the Connection failed code: 80710092
When running the status of the network it fails at PSN, Internet connection succeeds…

Help pls!

Hey Mike! I asked you last week (comment 61 of the 13th August update) about getting Guitar Hero DLC content on the South African PS Store and you said “I’ll ask the Account Manager for Activision to look into this and see what can be done about it for you.”

PLEASE tell me you’ve heard something about the situation. Thanks!


Nothing as yet Arion – I know you’re eager to get it, but I can’t say either way at the moment, sorry :(

Amherst_Wind_4 20 August, 2009 @ 13:17

Anyone who enjoys RPGs should really buy Wild ARMs XF and Riviera, Riviera is very unique and Wild ARMs is a great SRPG, both games are at nice prices too. I already have both UMDs but if I didn’t I’d buy them immediately.

Any news when TRINE is coming?

Let me refrase that last message I wrote, nr. 132, it was suppose to say I can’t log onto PSN today at all! :)

Good times :D


Great Update to Sir Kebby!!! (People will be surprised how amazing Il-2 is)

How come (for my money the best trailer of Gamescom) the Uncharted 2 trailer isn’t up? I’d love to download that.


Mike Kebby is great, he’s got time for the fans which is awesome.


Shucks, thanks. People put a lot of time and effort into loving the PS3 :) so it’s only fair I try to do the same for those of you who comment here.

Fantastic update thank you, any news on a Bomberman release date?

wheres the fight night dlc? was meant to be out weeks ago


Incoming next week


yay,some ps3 demos lol.YEh,you havnt made mistake with four demos haha.

Mike when will the EU site be putting up info about the 3.0 firmware update? Also will they be updating the DIVX to play HD (MkV) files in this update?

many thanks



Mr. Mike Kebby
This isn’t really related but it seems everyones at a disconnect about the firmware 3.0 date. Press releases say September 1st to coincide with the Slim release, but Gamestop is selling it August 24th.

Then people like Eric Lempel and John Koller both say soon/imminently.

So if you know anything past the press releases, please share?


It’s not for me to be making any announcements on this, stay tuned though to the blogs for more info soon I’m sure.

So how about the NHL 10 demo….when is it coming?

Why the demo of NHL10 isn’t gonna come today to Playstation Store. I am really disappointed that it’s not gonna come to PS Store before next thursday!


For those who have asked, the demo is coming very soon…I think four PS3 demos this week can tide you over ;)

can you say is it coming next thursday or much earlier?


Well it’s not out today, and there won’t be another update until next Thursday… ;)


Is Cool Boarders 2 coming to the PlayStation Store? It was on their briefly ages ago, and was taken off?

Mike, the US got Tomb Raider last week, will that be coming out over here? I really want it for my PSP. :(


^ Agreed, Tomb Raider is published by Eidos, a British company, says how does the US get it first? Surely EU customers should?

Good update, looking forward to the Disgaea 3 DLC next week :)


For those of you who have asked, I’ve downloaded three of the demos and the filesizes are:

Colin McRae DiRT 2 – 916MB
Mini Ninjas – 1069MB
WET – 766MB

Now, back to work ;)


IL2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey comes in at 1721MB.

does that mean there up? >>


Not yet they’re not. I can access the content however – oooh, right now I’m rolling around in all the unreleased content. Ahem, or not ;)

Any Change of the Gran Turismo 5 Demo-build that appeared at GamesCom, will appear in a PSN-store near us, anytime soon..? It looks great and it looks to be a demo suited for the PSN Store.

And btw. is PSN down for maintenance today..? alot of people in Denmark cannot connect to PSN today..? Vidzone update maybe..?


Mike, as I am getting in the downloadable content “spirit” for my PSP in preparation for getting a PSPGo, do you know if there are any plans to release RockBand Unplugged on the store. I have the UMD, but its one of those games that I would like to play at any time, no matter what Disc I have in my PSP. If it was on the store, I would happily buy a digital copy as well.


NHL10 demo is on 360. Whats going on guys!


It wasn’t given to us for release this week…sorry.

Lucky you then :P


hi mike, please reply…can you upload on the ps store crash bandicoot 2 and crash bash?i am a biggest fan of psOne’s crash bandicoots

Ya, I think so too, Cringles88. PS3 is going to lose users if they do things like that! It’s making me angry, that so sad, EA

Where are the other new PAIN characters? , there’s ment to be George Takei and also a granny , mime & monkey

Andy Dick will probz be good but where are the others , are you allowed to tell me if George Takei will be out next week ???


Very good update,
More demo’s Is always a good thing,

And please Mike, ask the EU PS store team too add a “Demo” section on the store, We really need one (Can’t be THAT hard to add one..)


Also want to know why the team only updates the store one day a week, while 360 releases things almost every day. I’m not bashing PS3, I own one, I’m just generally interested in why you guys work this way.

Why Sony even don’t uldate PS Store like 3 times a week or something, 1 time a week is nothing to compare Microsofts, when they update it every day.

Hey guys,

When can we start enjoying the demos? I had a look on PS Store 1 hour ago and nothing was up yet.



As previously mentioned, if you guys get the original Tomb Raider (1) / Tomb Raiders (1-5) on the EU Store I will love you forever! Don’t make me plead, because I will!


Awesome update…thanks to GamesCom :D

Finally the PSN Cards will be available in Europe too and I can download from the PSN (Fat Princess and Flower YES!).

I’ve one question: With the firmware 3.0 the PS Store will have a new graphic update or any other kind of new feature?

Very nice update. :)

@154 hanmik

Flot forsøg, men han svarer heller ik på mit spørgsmål!? Dog havde jeg glemt VidZone, må være det der er galt! Dog er min lillebror på på hans?

……about that music demoscene interactive thingy (,detuned I believe it’s called), supposedly it’s released next month (but when?).

@168 Coheno,..

man kan da ikke klandre mig for at forsøge.. lidt smiger hjælper åbenbart ikke her..

….any idea if Valkyria Chronicles will ever get trophy support?

Elfenheimerer 20 August, 2009 @ 14:58

I third the suggestion to get the original Tomb Raiders on PSN!
TR1 OR 2 (or 3,4,5) would do me just fine… as long as MGS was already up that is. :)

Thanks for a great update this week Mike, il be getting the WET and Dirt 2 demo’s probably, as well as Dissidia (y)

Very good update, i think i will be downloading pretty much all of the demos and videos… going to be a long night of gaming :P

AceSoloMcCloud 20 August, 2009 @ 15:04

Is Transformers update still scheduled for the 27th?

Also, will we see the Ghostbusters: The Video Game Patch released at the same time as the store update today? Or is there no relation between store updates and game patches being released? I’m told the patch has been released for the “other” console today.


It is indeed :)


Mike, why is the PAIN Sore Spots pack not available, atm, and do you know when it will be on the Store to download again?

Icarus_Immortal 20 August, 2009 @ 15:15

Hey, Mike, could you be a darling and try to find out when PSN is getting the Lost Planet 2 demo, which is out on XBL?

Great update and thanks for the hard work.


@ 103 yes UK getting em go to: homepage > > go to news > > look fro F&Q about em. & mike what other rpg‘s you got plan for us in store i definitely try WET a 18+ it sound Bloody (WET blood) get it lol :D


Disappointed that Bomberman is still a no show, any news on that Mike?

Otherwise great update keep up the good work, glad I FINALLY will be able to watch the unveiling of the Slim. ;)


Where is Smash Cars???

still no fallout 3 DLC…i hope its available before i go in the army, however not too bad over-all


The first pack should be coming at some point in September, there has been nothing concrete confirmed by bethesda at the moment – but the packs are coming.


Not a bad update, i’ll be trying the demos. The lack of PS1 games though is slightly disappointing.

soopastarr007 20 August, 2009 @ 15:45

Any word on OPM HD coming to the EU store? This european version of Qore was announced as coming soon at the beginning of the year,but still no news regarding this. Has it been cancelled?

No Metal Gear Solid PSX! :(

The new pre-paid cards will allow me in Portugal to buy stuff on the PS Store UK, for example?

What bout PSone games. and more importantly SPYRO ;(


@ 188 dont think so you need a uk psn card for our store & usa psn card for the american store, the good thing about the cards they make goood gift cards so plz give me a gift card. :)


any chance for alundra.


Some help please.

Why have we (PSN) users been completely ignored by EA in regards to Fight Night Round 4? Xbox get there update and we’re not getting ours because there was faults with it. That’s all the info we got. Not when we’ll be getting it, if we’re getting it at all or if it will be included in the new update coming out. Could you get some info on this please?

P.S. I Hate EA


Erm it’s whet your appetite not wet. Why would you want to make your appetite damp?


Been pointed out already, and as commented by myself it was a play on words.

Merium Webster is an American dictionary. It doesn’t count :-D ;-)


Been playing the Dirt demo on the 360. It’s pretty cool guys. Cant wait to play with the PS3 controller! its a online demo to.

Has the store been updated yet?


mr/sir kebby i gratefully thank you for releasing wild arms XF that game is impossible to find on UMD literally. Oh and do you know anything about jeanne d’arc its a psp SRPG but never got an eu release

Nice update :). I wanna try that Dirt 2 demo and the Dissidia one too. Nice job SCEE :).

Can’t wait for the update!! :D

That’s an update!


lbp water dlc?


7 days till my birthday when i get the monster hunter 3000 bundle with an 8 gig stick suffice to say RPG day (today) shall be honoued


It’s really too bad that it takes so long :(

But sounds like a good update, demo-wise :D

You post when all the Stores are updated, just like the other weeks, right? Cuz else I’d check the Blog ánd the Store the whole evening ;)


As soon as the content is live, I’ll let you know yes :)


This is a great update. Can’t wait to drive in the dirt. I have to be honest, I haven’t heard about the other games that are getting demo.

Sony, put Zombie Apocalypse on the PSN Store already and I’ll be more than happy (till the release of Dead Nation) :)

Mike, can you give any heads up about PSOne classics Wild Arms 1 & 2 and Suikoden for us europeans? Please?

*Sigh*.. My original Suikoden disk is broken and it is almost impossible to find new (used) one.


Any chance of a future update for background downloads like the 360? Takes ages to download from PSN, would be better to download in the background, and switch by itself once done.

oh noes, where is the NHL10 demo and trine? :(


@ 205

Both games look very much the same indeed. Exept that Dead Nation has more hordes (far as I’ve seen in gameplay) and smaller characters which makes it a bit clearer where to run and where to shoot.

And they both steal things from Left 4 Dead, which is really ashame. DN (or was it ZA?) even has a Boomer!! (A fat zombie that, when it dies, explodes in a mist of puke :P)

But was Dead Nation on planning for PSP too, or am I a bit confused? :3 Cuz then I’d get it for PSP, cuz my brother has a PSP too and we’d be able to play with 2 players as well :)

Only trailer that’s obviously (to me) missing is Uncharted 2’s.


@ 207

What the hell are you talking about? Background downloading is possible for a long time on PSN… It’d be nice though if it would install itself automatically, it’d install veeery slow but you’d be able to play some game while installing, and that’s nice.


@ 211. I mean, that, the 360 has a option, where there console will pretty much shut down, running on low power, but still keeps its connection, and keeps downloading, then the console shuts off by itself. I just realized in the PS3’s power options, it pretty much has the same function…my bad.

Hey Mike,

is WET coming to the german store? You know 18+ content ;)

Is it true fat princess is coming out with a DLC? I would ask the Mike the American guy but he has been busy with his new kid

Content is live now people just search for the demos and they should appear


Dirt 2 demo isn’t showing up on the ‘Latest’ section on the Swedish store.

The other 3 demos are showing up though, just not Dirt 2.


I’m afraid it wasn’t submitted to all countries it appears, sorry to be the bearer of bad news :(

twistedintoform 20 August, 2009 @ 17:25

@197.. you’re so right about the dictionary. ;)

@211.. the background download will automatically install if you set the PS3 to shutdown when download is complete. start the download, then shutdown system from the xmb – it will give you the option to shutdown when download is complete. when you switch on PS3 again, it should be installed. at least it seems to work for me. :)

i usually download stuff during the night when i am asleep and set it to turn off when finished. looks like i’ll have to do that for the mini-ninjas demo, as it’s not too mini in size at over 1Gb.

at least there’s no expenditure for me this week.. i bought bf1943, kz map pack 3 and shatter in the last 2-3 weeks.



Have a good evening ;)

im sure i read the gamescon conference would be on store in parts. cant seem to find it


I’ll be getting Wild Arms XF pretty soon… Kudos to Sony for getting the price into the right sort of bracket. Now I have every Wild Arms made for playstation consoles, except for Wild Arms 2. Which was never released in Europe. So I’ll add my voice to all those demanding it on the store…

Which poses the question: Mike, I don’t expect you to say anything or even speculate about potential future releases like this (even first-party properties) but I’d love it if you could confirm that there is no Sony policy to prevent US releases from appearing on our store. There are some great games never released over here and if Nintendo can make it possible (Hanabi Festival) why not Sony? … Wild Arms 2 (PSOne), Jeanne d’Arc (PSP), etc etc…


I can’t download Dissadia without a PS3 :(

Hmm… no press conference?

i beat you to it mike lol :P

Hey Mike where is the press conference?


Wheres the press confernece?


UPDATE – You’re all going to hate me, and I don’t blame you, but the press conference trailers won’t be going live today :( I’m not going to go into detail as to why, but I’m hoping we can put them up sooner rather than later.

I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry, but I know that’s not good enough :(

/dons flameproof suit and prepares for abuse

Aw can i have a cookie instead?

almighty-slayer 20 August, 2009 @ 17:39

Oh :(

Well the Home version is rubbish. Guess we’ll jjust have to wait and play the demos instead