The Dead Talk: A Dead Nation Interview

We hope you like video interviews, because we’ve been spending the last couple of days running around and sticking our camera in as many peoples’ faces as possible. The first one we have for you today is with Phil Gaskell, senior producer of the newly announced Dead Nation.

Super Stardust HD is still one of my favourite PSN games, so I’m really excited to see how this game is going to develop. Hopefully we’ll be getting some more info and assets for you soon.

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I’m guessing you were quite nervous doing this Jem. Is this your first time doing a video interview?

Wow didn’t think we’d be waiting that long for it :(
Looks amazing, little let down by the 2 player limit but it looks really fun

Carnivius_Prime 20 August, 2009 @ 13:26

Super Stardust HD is excellent. Looking forward to this too.

Looking forward to it, I’ll be one of the first in line on launch day… a virtual line that is…

James could you plz ask (later on):

co-op? splitscreen/online?
no of modes?

SSHD is a great game and the trailer for Dead Nation looked pretty good. Finding out that it’s a twin stick zombie shooter sounds awesoem too. Looking forward to hearing more.

It’s PHIL GASKELL *waves* :D Jem you looked proper nervous…is it the first interview you’ve done with a camera crew? Game looks awesome can’t wait…day 1 for me.

Looks great and reckon it’ll defo be worth the wait.

Wonder what SSHD things are also planned?

Will this have custom soundtrack option? I’m hoping it’ll be implemented like WipEout HD’s custom soundtrack.





I wont offline co-op!


Nice one Jem! I’m chuffed you managed to get some more news on this title. I spotted a few screenshots earlier in the week, and even in pre-aplha stage, the game is shaping up beautifully!

TheHunterAmin 20 August, 2009 @ 15:04

Oh dont understand why they choose for a over-the-top view.. Come on, it looks similiar as Zombie Apocalypse.. Sorry to say but it’s litterly a ripoff.. However, that doesnt me say: “I dont buy it” becease i love zombie games. But is was perhaps better if it was a FPS orsomething.. Then we had a Left 4 Dead experience on the PlayStation 3, and not the same experience as other zombie shooters for PSN..

almighty-slayer 20 August, 2009 @ 15:06

Sound pretty damn awesome. Thanks for the interview :D Can’t wait to get my paws on it

Hey James, did you get that interview with Naughty Dog yet ?

He said he likes ‘Left 4 Dead’ – there’s a heavy emphasis on co-op in that game, so hoperfully he’ll be taking inspiration. Personally, I’d be happy with either online or offline co-op, just as long as it’s there. If it were online, I’d love to see something fresh, like by introducing more than 4 players or something – obviously the number of zombies would need to be regulated to accomodate for that, but yeah – online co-op with more than one other person would be ace. I’d also be interested in knowing what other modes that they would include – what will seperate it from ‘Zombie Apocalypse’?

Wow. I loved Super Stardust HD.

After seeing the debut trailer, I can hardly wait to play Dead Nation

Housemarque FTW

Great interview Jem. Good to put a face to the name.
After listening to this, I had to return to joystiq and find the post with the MP3 of you saying “Amazing, Amaaazing. Ammaaaazziiiingg.” Lol.

I hope we get a proper translation for the trophies this time.
So that it doesn’t say shot when you mean boost as it does on the swedish translation for the SSHD trophies.
And it haven’t been fixed after all this time.

Killing zombies around the world. :D hehe …Offline co-op? Oh, and the music? If it’s anything like in the trailer, that’d be great.

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