Sackboy Meets His Maker

Below is yet another video interview from the PlayStation booth at gamescom. I’m sat on a see-saw with Mark Green talking about Create mode, which is being shown fully for the first time.

A million points to our cameraman Pete for making it look as if he is being interviewed by Sackboy.

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Sorry, I couldn’t resist myself, but I had to grab a screenshot of Sackboy conducting an interview. If you want it, just click the link…

The interview itself is excellent. They sounds as though they’ve really refined the creation controls which is an aspect I was originally worried about. I shouldn’t have doubted them! :D Not too long till it’s released so an almighty ‘WOOHOO’ from me. :)

Great work guys & Great interview , i like the post name :) , LBP PSP waiting for you =)

Oh dear, my link went funny. :(

You’ll need to copy and paste the whole URL rather than simply clicking it by the looks of things folks. :)

I NEED 2 BUY that Big Sack-boy :P :D

I cannot wait for this! Fantastic interview.

No multiplayer is a real shame and will hurt it’s success.

Hooray for more James! Are you going to be doing all the video content for Europe from now on or is this a Gamescom only thing? You seem to be settling into it well.

…………his… or her… PSP


I seriously cannot wait for this game, probably my second most anticipated PSP game of ’09, or first depending on how AC Bloodlines turns out. On the other hand, I’d love to play it on PSP Go but I’d get a Go if it were only €25-€50 cheaper

Andy-McK-4ever 21 August, 2009 @ 22:16

Nice interview. I had been planning on getting my little brother the PS3 game for his birthday in November. I guess the PSP version will be his Christmas present

almighty-slayer 21 August, 2009 @ 23:38

Awesome, can’t wait :)

Any interactivity between the PSP and PS3 games?

This is really a MUST HAVE, but when does it come out actually?


this isnt to do with LBP but is it true Fallout 3 DLC is out on the 3rd of september??


I really like Sackboy’s interview technique. Great questions!


Sackboy looks freaky lol

No multiplayer is a real shame


BTW Batman and Joker costiumes for Sackboy will be fantastic. If somebody from MM read this: think about it :)


*could be fantastic (need Edit option!!!!!!)


Spurvugle (#16) is right.

No ad-hoc? No party.

I mean, if no ad-hoc this game is absolutely worthless.

No ad-hoc = no purchase.



I like little big, I’d give it 7 out of 10,

If I was a kid again I’d give 10 out of 10

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