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Evening all,

Just a quick heads up to let you know that the PlayStation Network will be undergoing maintenance tomorrow, Tuesday the 25th of August. As a result you will be unable to sign in to the PSN between 4:15pm and 9:05pm UK time. We’re sorry for the inconvenience – the maintenance is global, so the timing is not something we have control of.

If you’re already signed in before the maintenance begins, however, you should be able to stay connected to the PSN servers. It is likely that you’ll be disconnected and required to sign back in once the PSN comes back up at 9:05pm, though.

Why not use the time to relive last week’s press conference liveblog? Or watch our gamescom video interviews. Who am I kidding? You’ve already seen all this stuff already. Right?


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thanks for the heads up Jem

I feel like Firmware 3.0 is coming ^^

Jem Alexander 25 August, 2009 @ 09:16

It is! But not today. This maintenance is to prepare for many of the announcements we made at gamescom. Firmware 3.0 will land, as announced, on September 1st.

Maintenance is a good thing so the downtime should be acceptable to all. Thanks for the heads up.


What will be involved in it? any new things being added or just minor fixes?

cheers for the help, i will go out tomorrow then :D

xKillerMonkeyx 24 August, 2009 @ 18:04

Woooo HOME is coming.

Oh wait..

Stinkinmushroom 24 August, 2009 @ 18:07

3.0? Right?


tribalavenger 24 August, 2009 @ 18:08

Thanks for the notice Jem. Think I’ll go see a flick with the time. :D

xKillerMonkeyx 24 August, 2009 @ 18:09

Something to do with the socom patch?

Firmware 3.0 Firmware 3.0 Firmware 3.0
Home Home Home Home Home Home
Thank you Thank you Thank you


that is a bit of an inconveniant (did i spell that right?) time though, but i’m not gonnacomplain as ftwrthtx said maintenance is a good thing

Thanks for the heads up Jem:)

Carnivius_Prime 24 August, 2009 @ 18:15

I keep getting signed out of PSN a lot lately. Makes it near impossible to play anything online. I’m hoping the maintenance fixes it somehow, otherwise I have no idea what’s going on with it.

The PSN will be back up five minutes into Chuck 3D (Do you have your amber and blue specs ready?) on Virgin 1.

thank SCEE !!!! :)

FW 2.90 tbh.. :P

Thanks for letting us know though!

@fords30: I highly doubt they add a new firmware a week before firmware 3.0.


I have a feeling this is something to do with Firmware 3.0

Isnt 3.0 getting released 1st September? im confused now haha, it would be good if we get it tommorow like.


sorry offtopic but can you ask sony to fix ps3 with the yellow light of death for free because 200 euros to fix it is too much!!!!

Nagash_MalKaVian 24 August, 2009 @ 18:37

I don’t care server maintenances as long as nanaki is the one telling me. =)

Firmware 3.0 is due to arrive on the 1st of September along with the new PS3. I’m sure if 3.0 was coming, the post would have mentioned it.


almighty-slayer 24 August, 2009 @ 18:40

Crap, what a time to have maintencance. I know you can’t help the times though.

Eurgh, how annoying. Will have to make use of that Backwards Compatibility feature of my launch day PS3 ;)

is that not unusually long for maintenance???

Its a conspiracy!!

Thanks for the heads up, much appreciated :)


Your right, I have seen a lot of the gamerscon videos. But not all, so best start using the time tomorrow to watch the rest.


please let opmhd come out i have been waiting for it for ages

@ topgearsam

Thats a good point we’ve heard nothing about OPMHD, it would be great if it comes tommorow


Thanks for the heads up, always nice to know in advance, shame it’s at peak layng time for me :(.


it’s goona be like 7.30 pm to 2.30 am in Saudi arabia -__- !!!! aaaaah it’s killzone 2 time !… anyway , Thank you very much 4 the heads up .

Jack-Bauer-89 24 August, 2009 @ 19:42

Thanks for the notice, Guv`ner! :)


Socom 1.50 patch!!! FINALLY!!!!

People, please. Let us just take a moment to mourn the moving of a long standing PlayStation colleague.

It wasn’t the battery indicator’s fault that they moved the clock, and yet the poor battery indicator received nothing but hate and scorn throughout its life. It always did its duty, always ready to appear at the top of the screen and dutifully inform the user of their controller battery status. It wasn’t the battery indicators fault that they added the clock to the main screen, and it wasn’t its fault that they put the clock in the battery indicators space. If anything the time should have been bad moved, not the battery indicator. People should have yelled “Move the damn clock” but instead the poor little battery indicator got the blame instead.

heads up maint …thats nice to read .

Keep us posted on ingame chat for 3.0 plz.

Thesnipergecko 24 August, 2009 @ 20:07

Shame my PS3 laser died and I have to wait nearly a month to get it repaired! And that’s paying for the service too! 1 bloody month out of warranty and they wouldn’t fix it. Not impressed.


i am sure this maintenance is to prepare for 3.0 arrival, but it does not mean 3.0 is going to be out this week.

its only a week away people, we will get it next Tuesday:)


Cool, wonder what it could be….

thanks for letting us know.

time to watch bluray films for me ;) (bourne trilogy)

hmm they was suppose to be 1 last week at same time as gamescon the store should been last week, never trust other sites saying maintenance, lets stop & take stock & see what happen, (when you on dueing psn down-time you stay on yes but the store will not be online). ps im be on me ps2 tomorrow :)

How come PSN never seems to go down for me when it says it will?


your memory must be short..:)
gameplay from gamescom EP & TH:R


Awesome thanks for the heads up, is there any chance that the UK will get the batcave home space?

Thanks for the notice! ;)


“the maintenance is global”

… which is of course exactly why Sony has chosen to do it at the time of day when it is the most inconvenient for Europeans. We can’t make it too inconvenient for the Japanese or the Americans, can we? :)

How many of those 20-something million PS3s had been sold in Europe again?

come on firmware 3.0 please


Imagine the hassle if the Beta Test of an upcoming massively multiplayer online shooter title was due to start at 6pm (and run until 9pm) UK time tomorrow.

I’m glad I cannot confirm nor deny anything about that.

Plus it gives everybody chance to watch “Knight Rider” instead.

Thanks for the advance warning in any respect.




@45 Yea I feel your pain. Sony are starting to annoy me. If there is no Cross-Game chat in 3.00 Im going XBOX and may even sell my PS3 to fund it!

Cross-Game chat?… isn’t that what “PlayStation Home” is for?



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