Celebrate Crash Commando Week With Game Update/Patch And New Content!

Attention Commandos :)

1st of all I’d like to thank the Crash Commando community who are still out there kicking my butt when I manage to find the time to grab a quick game :)

Crash Commando PowerPlant

I’m pleased to announce that on 27th August we will be releasing a new patch and some new content that I’m sure you will all love.

We are always looking for feedback and listening to what you guys are saying about Crash Commando. We’ve been taking your comments on board and will be releasing a patch with the following improvements:

  • Rebalanced primary weapons
  • Portraits of the characters on the standing screen
  • Access to the online store within the game
  • Specific invert axis option for the turret gun
  • Improved sound output levels
  • Taunt animation when standing still added for original characters
  • Improved BOT AI

As well as that we have a bunch of cool new stuff for you:

1st of all there are the New Recruits, 6 new characters for you to choose from. Each package comes with 2 characters that have a ton of attitude and plenty to say for themselves.

Colonel Chaos & Army Chick: Get to der choppaaaa with these two characters. The Colonel is a beefy guy so you best watch out for his lederhosen, and Army Chick may look cute but she packs a mean array of weaponry

Crash Commando Colonel ChaosCrash Commando Army Chick

Nukem Ninja & Maid Mayhem:
Who’d have thought Ninjas would be so good with Rocket Launchers?? Well the Ninjas in Crash Commando are….As for our resident French maid…..all I will say if you have a moustache then you may be in line for a date ;o)

Crash Commando Nukem NinjaCrash Commando Maid Mayhem

Gangster Rapper & Reggae Rasta:
Which is best – Rap or Reggae? Well these two guys like to argue with big guns rather than clever lyrics. Why don’t you help them win their argument!!!

Crash Commando Gangsta RapperCrash Commando Reggae Rasta

We will also be releasing the Heist Map Pack. This contains 2 new large maps for you to wreak destruction on and the all new Heist game mode will test your crash Commando skills to the limit!!

Grab the bag of cash and get to the safe to deposit it. But beware, the bag is heavy and you won’t be able to use any weapons. You have to rely on your team mates for covering fire to keep your opponents away and see you win the day. If you buy this pack you also get to play Heist mode on all the standard maps too. And don’t forget, this pack will add a new bunch of Trophies for you to collect!!

That’s all from me. Remember, keep firing and keep feeding back – we love to read your comments on the game. Oh and do me a favour….next time I’m online, go easy on me :)

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Cool, you planning on doing a sale/price drop on the game soon again?, i missed getting it last time the price was dropped and decided i won’t buy it until the next one happens (any chance of it :D).

John McLaughlin 26 August, 2009 @ 21:23

Hey Ziggy – Price drops half price this week for two weeks only. Make sure you grab it and have a blast!!

My son loves this game , thanks alot for info.

John McLaughlin 26 August, 2009 @ 21:23

Cheers Taxman – I hope you enjoy it too!!


its being dropped next week actually :D

crash commando is a great game! :)

seriously awesome. I would’ve never expected this amount of support for Crash Commando, seriously good job guys. In fact, I might even start up a game now!

Close-ups of the new characters might have been useful. Even looking at the full size screenshots on Flickr, I can’t really tell what’s different!
Tempted by some new maps/modes though…

John McLaughlin 26 August, 2009 @ 21:27

I guess it depends on the size of your tv. On mine they look fine :)
Did you know you can djust the in game camera to zoom in a little bit. I prefer the zoomed out view myself.

Each character have their own set of personality, animations and taunts. I’m looking forward to seeing Maids V Rastas….Rappers taking out the Jarheads…again and again and again….watch out for two new videos coming t the store this week showcasing the maps and characters!

Awesome, this game rocks!
I’ll be downloading those map packs for sure.

A quick question:
“Improved sound output levels” – What can we expect from this?
Will the output level of the splash screen(the one in the XMB when you select Crash Commandos but not start it) song be improved? Because it plays the song REALLY loud…

John McLaughlin 26 August, 2009 @ 21:29

You mean you dont like it LOUD :)
Depending on certain TV’s or sound systems we found certain sound issues due to the output thresh hold. Now its all good!

For me more than anything, the loading times a re a little too long. Gameplay wise the game is really good, but there just doesn’t seem to be any substance other than in single player to make me continue to play it, much less pay for additional content

I love this game, must have played about 10 hours


Looking forward to it :-)

Nice! New maps are welcome so are the new trophy’s!!

Carnivius_Prime 25 August, 2009 @ 18:55

Good stuff. I’ve enjoyed this game a lot.

almighty-slayer 25 August, 2009 @ 19:11

Awesome, will probably buy the map packs. Loved the game but it got boring quite fast :( Will be ure to give it another go after the packs are out :)

John McLaughlin 26 August, 2009 @ 21:30

How did you ge bored of raining body parts all over the levels?? I hope you do cme back, i’ll be looking out for you with a sneaky grenade :)

@Olof Gustafsson

Read this OFFER AND gave me your opinion:

or this

or this

if you interested(EPOS Game Studios) why not give it a try.


does the game have local multiplayer as well? ill buy it cause the gangster looks like 50.

John McLaughlin 26 August, 2009 @ 21:19

Hi Cognac – Unfortunately the game is online multipplayer only. it was designed this way and im sure if you give it a go you’ll enjoy it massively :)


I’ll be sending my money your way shortly John. ;)

John McLaughlin 26 August, 2009 @ 21:21

Cheers :)

TehPhilosopher 25 August, 2009 @ 23:44

Really looking forward to this – best PSN-only game, and hopefully this will get more people to join in on the fun!

This DLC is ridiculous, and second of all it should be free.

Australian PSN will have this half price starting August 27th to September 10th.


sorry for my question because it doesn’t fit here very well. are there any news about “free realms” (release ect.)?

elephant_stone 26 August, 2009 @ 10:27

Such an awesome game! Shame more people dont play it! If you have it and want a game, add me!

Would buy if the new charachter models werent so sexist…

TehPhilosopher 26 August, 2009 @ 21:06

#22: they’re funny; not everything is a conspiracy to keep the women-folk down…

John McLaughlin 26 August, 2009 @ 21:22

Wait until you play as em – i love the taunts. y fave? Well it had to be the Colonel :)

I think you guys went overboard on the sniper rifle nerf. I admit that it dominated the game, but I think it would have been better if you could fire off at least 2 shots before having to reload. Right now, in the time it takes you to shoot once and reload, you can almost fire off four rounds with the grenade launcher as well. Grenade launcher spam was already annoying when sniper rifles dominated, but tonight it was that much worse. Any place with more than four people just becomes a death trap with grenades bouncing all over the place. That is not skill anymore, just luck.

John McLaughlin 27 August, 2009 @ 17:21

Hi Shukio,

I’m glad you agree that sniper rifle experts were dominating. This is why we made this balance change. However rather than being put off by the game you should really be ready to step your game up and becoe even better with the sniper rifle. Surely you are up to the challenge or has being a dominator with the sniper for so long mean you no longer like a bit of competition?

Besides – true commandos are brilliant with all weapons :)

I think this is/was one of the best games on PSN, probably the most played game on my PS3 (beats Fallout 3, LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted). Certainly the most fun for my money.

I was eagerly awaiting this DLC until i heard that they have made the sniper rifle worthless. Now I’m seriously considering to disconnect from PSN to play a bot game from time to time instead of updating the game. Will be fun for about 10 minutes, and then I’ll play Fat Princess or something else instead.

John McLaughlin 27 August, 2009 @ 17:24

Hi Helge,

I’m looking at your flag…are you one of the dev team :)
I hope you dont disconnect, i urge the same response as above – step the game up, you snipers have had the easy ride for long enough :)

b0s_JamTheMan 27 August, 2009 @ 12:43

I really must agree with #15, local multiplayer is missing BIGTIME. Not everyone can afford 2 PS3’s and 2 40″ LCD’s to play against each other locally…

But besides that the game is great, and I can play it for hours and hours. And I am definately going for this update and some awesome ninja woopass!

C u on!

TehPhilosopher 27 August, 2009 @ 19:42

I was pwning snipers with a grenade launcher already, but I admit that a good sniper was a tough opponent. Sniper is easy to learn for n00bs, so it became overused despite its severe limitations – great for defense, not-so-great for attack. Hopefully the nerf will balance the weapon choice a bit.

“Hi Shukio,

I’m glad you agree that sniper rifle experts were dominating. … Besides – true commandos are brilliant with all weapons”

It’s not even about balance as much as it is about fun. Sniper rifle games were the most intense and fast paced of all. Now you can’t even get a double kill with the sniper rifle anymore without resorting to grenades or the fire spin. Try killing anyone with a health powerup and armor now using only the sniper. That will show you just how useless you made it.

John McLaughlin 28 August, 2009 @ 17:51

Snipers were found to be too powerful, and many people were being put off playing the game and being beaten easily and consistently by snipers. While we appreciate that sniping takes a degree of skill, once mastered it was making the game not so fun for everyone else.

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