Hustle Kings: The King Of Pool Games

I’m a complete sucker for cue-sports. In fact, would anyone like to guess what’s in my PS3 right now? No word of a lie, it’s Jimmy White’s Cueball 2 for the PSone. Therefore, Hustle Kings has been on my radar for some time and I jumped at the chance to interview the Art Director.

One thing I forgot to ask about was the Hustle Mode (n00b). You win credits for winning racks and pulling off extravagant shots, then you can bet them online. Hustle Kings even supports video chat, via the PlayStation Eye. Basically, I love this game!

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Video is not working :(

OMG!!!!is the game real or are you just playing a video!!!The graphics are amazing!!any information regarding the price or release date?

I thought that was a REAL Pool table at the back of that Video :D

Is it out soon? Looks and sounds amazing :P

WOW snooker as DLC.. thats great news!! Cant wait to try it out myself. As a minor detail, i would love to see having the option to use a clean/plain table without the logo on it.

this is the one (no not Neo)


This game looks awesome! And it’s in 1080p! Is it on a disc or on the PS store?

If it’s no higher than £7.99 I will get this, we already know Snooker is coming so we’re expecting a second payment around the corner. If it’s £11.99 plus £7.99 for the DLC then you’re shooting yourselves in the foot. You’re heading into full retail terrority then. I picked up Heavenly Sword and Force Unleashed brand new for less than £20 together.

The value of games is not consistant at all and we’re not going to think it’s inferiror to anything if it’s cheaper. Look at WipEout, one of the few PSN titles to be right price. It looks the type of game that if it’s priced correctly a lot of your friends will also pick it up and push even more people to join the action.

The Pool in Home had it’s moments but this looks superb and can see it being a real winner.

Carnivius_Prime 31 August, 2009 @ 10:22

Looks good. I keep playing pool in Home and GTAIV so I’ll likely get this.

When will the Hideo Kojima interview be put up?

Jem Alexander 31 August, 2009 @ 14:14

It still needs to be edited together, but we’re aiming to have it up this week.

Maybe it’s just me but the photo-realism saw in the official trailer reached a part of me that ….um…games shouldn’t reach…… Incidently, i didn’t know Kojima-san was involved ;)


This game looks great defineatly gonna buy it when it get’s released.

Sounds great! Video chat ftw!

Why oh why didn’t you ask about a release date? and some vague pricing for that matter!


Any idea when its coming out? 2009? 2010? I am concerned PSN EU will charge more for it than PSN USA, which would mean I would need to pas..please prove me wrong!

release date= WIll get this! :D

This game is going to be incredible! I can’t wait to pwn my buddies! :D

Looking forward to this, any news on a release date, hope its soon.

Why do people ask “will there be Trophies?” Sony made Trophies mandatory for ALL PS3 games released on or after Jan 01, 2009. Of course it will have Trophies, or it won’t be released on the PS3.

After that minor grip, I’m really starting to get excited about this game. I think this is going to be another great party game. I’m interested in how responsive the controls turn out though.

I can’t wait for this its gonna be awesome. Also looking forward to Dead Nation.

RevolutionBlues 05 September, 2009 @ 19:12

Can’t wait for this game. I bought a pool game – which shall remain nameless – a few weeks ago and it was fun for about five minutes: limited modes, not quite there physics, and very poor online play. This one looks like it could get very addictive.

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