This Week On The SingStore (Thursday 3rd September 2009)

Hi and welcome to the first SingStore update in September! Nina is actually on holiday this week so I am posting the update for you and answering questions you might have. I’m Chris, by the way, the Online Producer for SingStar.

This Thursday you’ll be able to expand your SingStar repertoire by downloading great tracks including The Cure’s ‘Friday I’m In Love’, ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ from Transvision Vamp and massive hit ‘Heartbreaker’ by Will.I.Am featuring Cheryl Cole.

Will.I.Am Feat. Cheryl Cole_Heartbreaker

The Cure_Friday I'm In Love

Plus, there’s more on offer from the ever-popular Coldplay, The Killers, Vampire Weekend and the Kaiser Chiefs.

German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish singers can hot up their respective parties with songs like Dionysos and ‘Tes lacets sont des fées’, ‘Verliefd Zijn’ by Guus Meeuwis and Peter Wackel’s ‘Joana’.

Peter Wackel_Joana

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the fantastic Blondie SongPack, too.




  • Amy Winehouse – Back To Black
  • Coldplay – Violet Hill
  • Coldplay – In My Place
  • Coldplay – Trouble
  • Coldplay – Don’t Panic
  • Coldplay- Lost!
  • Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance
  • Hinder – Lips Of An Angel
  • Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot
  • Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams
  • One Republic – Stop And Stare
  • Rednex – Old Pop In An Oak
  • Spandau Ballet – To Cut A Long Story Short
  • The Cure – Friday I’m In Love
  • The Killers – When You Were Young
  • Transvision Vamp – Baby I Don’t Care
  • Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma
  • Will.I.Am feat. Cheryl Cole – Heartbreaker


  • Guus Meeuwis – Verliefd Zijn


  • Dionysos – Tes lacets sont des fées
  • Katerine – Louxor J’Adore
  • Olivia Ruiz – la Femme Chocolat

Olivia Ruiz_La Femme Chocolat


  • Michael Wendler – Nina
  • Peter Wackel – Joana
  • Tim Toupet – So A Schöner Tag (Der Flieger)


  • 4TASTE – Diz Mais Uma Vez
  • Sir Giant – Doce Cereja


  • Los Delinquentes Y Bebe – Después

Los Delinquentes Y Bebe_Despues


  • Elias Feat. Frans – Who’s Da Man


  • Blondie
  • Atomic
  • Call Me
  • Hanging On The Telephone
  • Heart of Glass
  • Rapture
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Spandau Ballet FTW! lol

VincentVendetta 31 August, 2009 @ 3:10 pm   2

Uh… what do we get stateside?

VincentVendetta 31 August, 2009 @ 3:14 pm   3

*checks update on US Blog*


*starts working on list*

philipathens 31 August, 2009 @ 3:15 pm   4

Not the best update for me, but great non the less. Amy and One Republic for me 🙂

I hope for more PCD and Suga in the next update 🙂

Galvanise_ 31 August, 2009 @ 3:15 pm   5


This is an EU blog. Singstar content for the US+Canada will be on the US blog.

GhostViper 31 August, 2009 @ 3:18 pm   6

Any new Norwegian songs in the near future?

samich2007 31 August, 2009 @ 3:27 pm   7

You are doing good with adding Dutch Songs! Thanks 🙂
But can you add some music from ‘De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig’?

Thanks 🙂




Third update in a row where I have most of the songs on disk. While I and many others appreciate the back catalogue appearing on the SingStore, the UMG deal is not a free pass for the licensing team to go on holiday for 6 months, or hold back new releases.

Chris, please could you contact me and provide the contact details of someone with authority on the dev team (you can use the Contact Us form on my web site). Thanks.


Spurvugle 31 August, 2009 @ 4:06 pm   10

Nice, BUT GOD OF WAR 1 and 2 is coming to PS3 with trophy support!

on the US BLOG NOW:

vicheous 31 August, 2009 @ 4:56 pm   11

Today i have no interest in Singstar or GOW…. Give me some news about FW 3.0 (Should release after midnight some time).

Think i’ll stay up tonight!!!

Great update!

When do we get the clip editing tool Chris?

Roneberg 31 August, 2009 @ 5:51 pm   13

Great… thanks for the portuguese song’s… tjey are allways wellcome

xpatjuhx 31 August, 2009 @ 6:10 pm   14

Thanks, I think it’s not the best update. Hope there’s coming a better next time. Can you add Withney Houston – I Will Always Love You in one of the next updates?? And Maria Mena – All This Time??

Xxx patjuh…


Any chance of Bobby Darin’s ‘Beyond the Sea’ and Mama Cass’ ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’?! I love those songs!! 🙂

Also, any news on either the Foo Fighters or Pixies coming?

Please please!!

And last thing (I promise) is that Phoenix song ‘If I Ever Feel Better’ ever going to be downloadable? It was on the French version of Volume 1 and I’ve been waiting so long! I’d love to download it! 😀


Samarotu 31 August, 2009 @ 8:32 pm   16

omg… please give us some serious songs in German & not this Sh**… don´t know y somebody really can listen to this dumb stuff…

we got so many great acts here… so get us something from them…

since Germany is the biggest Singstar sales Country we could get some nice German updates…

i know i´m complaining the 3rd time, but these German songs u gave us the last time are not worth any attention.

The Rest of the update is not bad 🙂 this work u can keep up 😉

petros_88 31 August, 2009 @ 9:57 pm   17

I want songs from nelly furtado,arctic monkeys,placebo & foals 😀

Biker_Bob_1971 1 September, 2009 @ 3:37 am   18

I am not happy with FW 3. The fontsize is way too big, the boxed friendlist is a horror to watch and the ad spamming is too much. The sparkles in the background are annoying too. It’s making the GUI even feel more of a patched quilt than ever before. There’s just no more coherency.

MairusuPawa 1 September, 2009 @ 8:21 am   19

This is a joke, right? Where’s the real update?

slighthome 1 September, 2009 @ 9:31 am   20


Thanx for Coldplay – we together with my husband are downloading and singing almost all their songs!!! And thank you for Roxette – this was really a nice surprise! Hope to see ABBA in store soon.

Any chances for Sting, Police or U2 to get into the SingStore???

Why there is a separate disc with The Police in Guitar Hero and no songs for download in PS3 Store???

As far as I know there are millions of U2 and Sting fans all around the world – they would be happy to sing their songs.

Thank you for your product – its’ absolutely amazing!!!


This is great… But what happened to the backwards compatibility with PS2 Singstar disks ?? The only reason I purchased Singstar for the PS3 was so I could use Bollywood singstar from the PS2, and the damn thing won’t work. Sort it out Sony – Or don’t mis-sell in the future.


Where is Nina?


I wish you would finally end up the back compatibility and add singstar bollywood in the list that can be playable on ps3.

In terms of online catalogue, it would be great to add any Mariah Carey or Shakira song, who you seem to have forgotten of, and also some Melanie C or spice girls songs. I would also appreciate some more of Lady Gaga. Thanks.

Biker_Bob_1971 1 September, 2009 @ 7:28 pm   24

Oohh…Sony has moderated my message? You are bad Sony! I said I won’t buy or play SingStar unless Giovanni gets a boot out the door. He’s ruining the whole game for all of us. That whole part got deleted. Showing your true colors, hey?

Craigy1978 2 September, 2009 @ 3:54 pm   25

I 100% agree with DJ-Katy! I own all of the singstar discs so these latest updates have been terrible bar the odd new song! The promise of 100’s of new songs per month when singstar was originally annouced never materialised and i feel totally short changed now that i bought the discs for 5-6 songs per disc and they are being regularly added onto the store and i could have saved msyelf alot of money in the long run by holding out!

Surely the updates should consist of primarily new songs and then a few of the classics from the discs thrown in for good measure.

Craigy1978 2 September, 2009 @ 3:55 pm   26

Since that isnt the case i may as well ask when these songs may be uploaded for purchase (all available on various discs around the world but not in the Uk and not in the singstore yet – as far as i’m aware)

4 Non Blondes – “What’s Up?”
Alphabeat – Fascination
Annie – “I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me”
Avril Lavigne – “When You’re Gone”
David Guetta – “Baby When The Light”
David Guetta – “Love Is Gone”
Gabriella Cilmi – “Sweet About Me”
James Blunt – “You’re Beautiful”
Michelle Branch – “Breathe”
Mika – “Grace Kelly”
Mika – “Love Today”
Natasha Bedingfield – “Pocketful Of Sunshine”
Nelly Furtado – “All Good Things Come To An End”
Pink – “Who Knew”
Republica – “Ready To Go”
Sean Kingston – “Beautiful Girls”
Sixpence None the Richer – “Kiss Me”
Sneaky Sound System – “Pictures”
Texas – “Summer Son”
The Raconteurs – “Steady, As She Goes”
Whitney Houston – “I’m Your Baby Tonight”

Craigy1978 2 September, 2009 @ 4:00 pm   27

Since i’m on a roll can i ask if the following is possible in relation to the singstore?

*Songs should have the release date / date first uploaded to the store so that you don’t have to trail through 800+ songs each time when searching.

*Downlaodable songs should state if they are on a singstar disc – a few times i’ve bought a download as it is a nightmare remebering if you already own it on the disc or not, if it said “On Singstar 80’s” then i’d know to to buy it.

Craigy1978 2 September, 2009 @ 4:05 pm   28

For everyone who owns a lot of the singstar discs (PS2 and PS3) you’ll get me with this.

When i play singstar i dont like to be limited to just 1 disc. However since the caraousel only shows songs from the current disc thats inserted (or the HDD contet) its night on impossible for you to have a good party without massive pauses in between people looking on the back of the various game boxes etc.

Surely if there was an update to the game whereby before you start playing the game you can 1 by 1 insert all of the games / discs that you will be using for that session. Then a virtual caraousel is created based on all of the discs you have inserted. I would much rather have a caraousel of 500 songs than just the 30 from the game and my downloads. If a song is selected and it isnt on the disc thats in the PS3 ocnsole then all it would take would be for a message to pop on screen saying ‘Please insert Disc XXX’ .. and hey presto .. the fun can continue!

Please Please Please sort this .. i understand we cant store all of our songs on the hard drive but this is the next best thing and surely wont be that ahrd to do!?

Craigy1978 that’s three of the best posts I’ve ever seen on ANY singstar forum! There’s some cracking tracks on your list!

The ability to sort the singstore by release date would be a fantastic addition and one that would seem fairly easy to implement – let’s hope the producers listen!

I totally agree with the disk carousel idea too. Seems like a great idea – people don’t want to be reading through disk covers to try and find a track they like. Even if it just had a preview of the picture on the carousel and then told you which disk to insert it would be a great help.

By the way, welcome to the blog Chris – do you have a firm release date for Singstar Take That on PS3 yet?


This will never happen. The installation of the songs on our HDD and it’s not an HDD size limitation. Use some math.
If you buy a disk you will probably pay around 25 to 29 Euros. Now consider that most Singstar disks come with 30 songs.

1 disk = 25-29 Euros

30 songs to download = 30 x 1.50 = 45 Euros

Ok so maybe you won’t download all the songs a disk might contain. But even so, you would have to dislike 10 – 15 songs from the disk, which some of your friends might like.

What I want to say is that Sony will lose a lot of money if they implement this option.

Call me paranoid but this makes totally sense.


Also some Linkin Park would be nice. Or even a Singstar Linkin Park would be even better.

Craigy1978 10 September, 2009 @ 9:57 pm   32

Sutorcen think you’ve totally missed the point i made.

I know that a HDD isnt big enough to store each video / song from a disc. What i am asking for is for a patch that recognises what discs you own .. therby creating a caraousel that comprosises of a list of all your songs based on your discs and downloaded content rather than a craousel of just the downloaded content and the current dics. Comprende??

And FYI i do actually dislike about 15 songs per disk .. and i think ive had enough of my friends round to know what songs are popular and what isn’t .. regardless its my game and my discs. Im just [DELETED] at the fact that we get 1 or 2 new songs in favour of 20-25 which are already available on the discs.

Surely the people who have bough all the discs (already lining Sonys pockets) are more than likely the ones who will download songs too, however since there is very limited *new* songs to purchase we arent even getting much of an option.