Uncharted 2: gamescom’s Best Console Game!

Just last week, one of our Senior Character Artists, Hanno, and I hopped on a plane to head over to Cologne, Germany, to work at Europe’s biggest videogames show, gamescom. It turns out that we absolutely had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.


This was the first European show for Hanno and myself, as we had never been to the Leipzig Games Convention in the previous years. We weren’t prepared at all on how huge gamescom was – not only in importance, but in sheer physical size. There were four different halls at the Koelnmesse where games were being shown and EACH hall was about the same size of an airplane hangar. The PlayStation booth was probably one of the biggest booths we’ve ever seen and was split into four main sections representing racing games, family games, social entertainment and an 18+ area.

We were looking forward to going to Germany since we were hand-carrying over something really special with us – a fresh set of Blu-ray disks that would allow anyone at gamescom to have the first hands-on gameplay ever with the single player campaign of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves! After we got all of our stations setup, we took some photos of the booth and over the next two days had the chance to take even more photos and video to give you an idea of what it was like for us down on the show floor.

2009-gamescom-psblog-16 2009-gamescom-psblog-14

We kicked off the week attending the PlayStation press conference, which was filled to capacity and then some, where SCEE President Andrew House introduced a brand new trailer for UNCHARTED 2 which we put together just for gamescom. Then, Hanno and I spent the first two days of the show with a very full slate of back to back interviews with European press and some US press. You can read some of the interviews here.

We also set aside some time for behind-closed-doors meetings with press, which we used to demo a brand new area of the game where Nathan Drake and a Tibetan companion, Tenzin, must work together to explore and overcome a variety of obstacles inside a frozen cave deep in the Himalayan mountains. We caught a few articles about these demos here.

The rest of the days, gamescom was open to the public and hundreds of thousands of people attended to check out all the games being shown. As you can see from the gamescom Flickr page, there were TONS of attendees throughout the public days.

Over the weekend, we were extremely proud to learn that we were awarded the gamescom 2009 Award for Best Console Game! There was some tough competition at the show by some excellent games coming out this year and early next year, so winning this award means a lot to us at Naughty Dog.

Of course, this won’t be the only time we’ll be giving our fans a chance to get hands-on time with our single-player campaign. First, PlayStation Canada is bringing UNCHARTED 2 to the Fan Expo in Toronto, Canada, this weekend and those in attendance will get the chance to get some hands-on time with our game. Then, the following weekend, PlayStation and Naughty Dog will be at the Penny Arcade Expo 2009 in Seattle and we’ll be bringing the single-player campaign code with us as well!

We hope to see you at either show!

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This game looks amazing. Every PS3 owner needs this game…

Nagash_MalKaVian 31 August, 2009 @ 19:05

Already preordered and can’t wait. ^same avatar! =D

Good evening, will Uncharted 2 be playable at the “Festival du Jeu Vidéo” scheduled to run from September 18th-20th here in Paris?


Awesome, can’t wait for Uncharted 2, when’s the release date again? October 11th or something? Great job with Uncharted 2, guys! (Well, all your games have been top-notch so far)

Only the release date for the US has been announced so far, and that is October 13.


LOL! Hopefully we get some new one’s soon! Think i heard something about that on gamescom…

BTW i also pre-ordered the game. I did that 23/6 so it’s been on my list for some time now.

We all know it will be an awesome game ! :)
But, Arne, can you give us an european release date please ?

Gonna be EPIC.

If you’re not going to buy this game, you don’t deserve to own a ps3.


I think the European release date is: October 16
Arrest me if i’m wrong…

i loved the first one. looking forward to second one. already preordered ;)


Arne any details on a CE for the UK I have emailed everyone trying to get any info and no one has any?


Hi Arne,
Will there be a collector’s edition?
Or will the game feature any extras such as developers’ diaries?


No info on if there will be a collector’s edition, sorry!

Uncharted 2 will feature a lot of extra content and bonuses of a similar type that was on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Jem, any news about the Uncharted Kart Racing game or a Special Edition?

Jem Alexander 31 August, 2009 @ 20:16

I’ll keep pushing for that Uncharted Kart Racer! As for a Special Edition of Uncharted 2, I haven’t heard anything but I’ll do my best to find out for you.

InstantNoodlez 31 August, 2009 @ 20:04

it’s funny …

if some one say PSone … i think about Final Fantasy 7
if some one say PStwo … i think about Metal Gear Solid 3

if some one say PS3 … i thin about Uncharted :)

you did a hell of a job with uncharted!!! respect …

but still missin’ jak and daxter thou’ … :(


any update about upcoming 3.0 firmware?

@ marcindpol: lol, why would a guy at Naughty Dog have an update about PS3 firmware? And 3.00 is out tomorrow


lol i asked eu ps blog actually..


That is the greatest game booth I’ve ever seen. Wouldt mind playing Uncharted that way. Is that music from the game?


This year is GREAT for PS3!!!
Uncharted 2, CoD:MW2, Assassin’s Creed 2, new Ratchet…and today announced God of War Collection!!

Uncharted 2 looks phenomenal :O

What about God of War Collection????


SappYoda check the US PS blog–link on the top of the site.

Nice picture of the Cologne Cathedral on Flickr

Can you please confirm a release date for Europe? Haven’t scene anything official and online stores seem to be having release dates ranging from october 16th to 30th. I really hope you guys release it at october 16th, as it would be the same week as US. Considering this is one of the most anticipated games this year, it should be the same week IMO.

But besides that, you guys at Naughty Dog is my favourite developer. Keep up the great work and big congrats on all the awards you’ve won on E3 and Gamescom. Cinema Mode looks epic!


two words DAY ONE

I have this Pre-Ordered with a prominent Online Retailer, when they got a date for it they sent me an email saying we have the release date – Oct 16th – and here is a bonus for pre-ordering it. Why then does a Sony Blog say that there is no EU release date? I know online retailers can be wrong, but seems odd that if it wasn’t the release date why would they bother emailing me about it and locking down the bonus (some multiplayer revenge unlock perk or something)?


I have it on preorder also, was in the Beta and managed to WIN myself one of those RARE E3 Uncharted Shirts. Looking very much forward to the release.

btw fw 3.00 is out.

i want now

OT but, you know how they’re doing a reworked version of God of War 1 & 2 for the PS3?


Btw SCEE God of War 1 and 2 on bluray plz?


This game looks great. I wish i could say the same for FW 3.0


Still no news of a release date in Europe? Are we getting screwed over yet again?

When the European boxart will be availble?

The game looks stunning and the original was amazing (and my first Platinum trophy!) so it’s not really a surprise. If this game doesn’t sell millions there is something seriously wrong with the gaming community!!!

Firmware 3.0 looks great also … just go to youtube and search for afrika theme ps3 ;)

We need a new firmware topic on this blog. We all knew it was coming today, and it’s been available all day, so a topic should have been here. That way we don’t have to pollute the Uncharted thread. ;)

Can’t wait for Uncharted!

uncharted looks great but make a new jak and daxter plz

it will be a fantastic game.the trailer is very good!!!!


This is going to be the best PS3 game so far. I just have one problem with the game (the multiplayer to be exact). Why on earth did you put a renamed martyrdom as a booster!? Now the online will be full of unskilled players getting kills just for dying.

Why no PS3 Firmware update (v3.00) info on this site for now?
It is out now?


Yes, you can download it now

When will the European release date be announced?

I’ve got to say, it is a bit stupid not to have announced an EU release date by now, when your American counterparts have given a date.

I’m already going to import it from the US, even if the EU date turns out to be 16th of October, because leaving us EU Playstation fans hanging on isn’t acceptable.


Just to let my fellow uk gamers know there is a Collectors Edition going to be available for pre order from it will include steelbook case, postcards, exclusive weapon dlc, and two exclusive MP skins.

It will not include access to the sep 15th beta though for that you need to preorder from

So its time to buy someone Uncharted 2 for a early christmas present to get in the beta LOL.

A release date would be nice. Most online stores have changed their dates to 16th October, which would be brilliant.

Australia and New Zealand are have been confirmed as getting a special edition, which if we follow the Infamous logic, we will too.

My biggest request would be for SCEE to NOT include their pointless/ugly/evil PSN sticker on the front cover, which has already ruined the Killzone 2, Motorstorm: PR and LittleBigPlanet covers.

Already preordered and please sony language = choosing in menu not if jour ps3 system = nederlands , not game in nederlands please !! language option like films ( moevis) . also release date for europe uncharted2 + gt5 !!!

hahaha im gonna be unbeatable in uncharted2’s multiplayer, i finished the first one on the hardest difficulty without dying once. FEAR ME AND PRAY THAT YOUR FIRST MATCH ISN”T AGAINST ME

Any update to when its being released in Europe…

is it still on for a 2009 release. i mean considering its supposed to be October its getting pretty late for confirmation.

DavisTheDarkest 06 September, 2009 @ 11:46

Great job Naughty Dog, congratulations! :)

About the release date – I’m pretty god damn sure it’s the 14th of October? I’ve pre-ordered and that was what the guy at gamestop told me..

don’t trust guys in gamestop……


this game looks bloody awesome anyone who’s not buying it is an idiot

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