A Closer Look At Loco Roco Midnight Carnival

Hello lovely gamers!

My name is Florence, I’m the European producer for a few overseas titles and I’d like to introduce you to the next iteration of the fantastic LocoRoco series!

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival is approaching fast and has already been announced at gamescom in Cologne, Germany a fortnight ago. We are launching this spin-off as a PlayStation Network exclusive title for the PSP!

Loco Roco Midnight CarnivalLoco Roco Midnight Carnival

Challenge BuiBui’s new levels and secret bonus areas. There are many new enemies as well as some old faces trying to stop you from reaching your goal. What has LocoRoco got to help him this time?

LocoRoco now has a super enhanced bounce called “Boing!”. Navigate LocoRoco by bouncing literally off the walls and through the levels, see if you can bounce all the way to the end of the level!

Loco Roco Midnight Carnival

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival comes with:

  • 16 Standard stages
  • 2 Mini games
  • 3 Bonus stages

Use the Ad hoc feature for 4-player simultaneous play on all stages — either compete with friends, or play co-op. We will also have leaderboards prepared for you, to compete with your LocoRoco friends worldwide!

Are you excited?


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LocoRoco is great :D

Looking forward to this.


Stinkinmushroom 01 September, 2009 @ 18:34

Will buy this for sure

Very excited – I would like a full sequel of course (on UMD), but that’s too much to ask so close after Loco Roco 2.
It would be awesome to have Loco Roco and Patapon on PS3 as well.

Can’t wait!
I really love Loco Roco series.
The release date will be the same for Japan (November 1st)?

What does it take for you to produce a locoroco game for PS3?

Q: “Are you excited?”

A: Yes.



Is that a HAT? On MY Loco Roco!? Hell yeah, this looks sweet!

Looks like more of the same… which is brilliant! :-) Would like a few more standard stages though, or otherwise a minimal price point

I am excited but I would be even more if I could buy this game on UMD :)

When will we see locoroco on the PS3?
And not that small PSn game! But a 3D loco roco game (just like the last 10 sec from the LocoRoco 2 trailer!)


We have no plans at the moment to launch this for PS3… I do love that trailer!

Yes !

I’ll be getting it, if it’s appropriately priced, of course.

Any chance of a release date?

we want crossed voice chat

LocoRoco is one of gaming’s best franchises. It is simple yet lovable and endearing fun.
Don’t milk it Sony, but keep them coming with just enough freshness to wet us all over again.

almighty-slayer 01 September, 2009 @ 22:55

I love your cute kitten avatar


Thank-you! It’s Sigma, my cheeky little friend :)


Looks good.

Flo do everybody a have a bring out a PS3 version. I would buy it day one.

bring it out on the ps3 tooo :(

yeah i second or third or forth that, we need Locoroco on PS3, i have that screensaver version but it’s not enough.

if you build it, they will come.


I’ve just woke up and watched the trailer for this, Its made my day :). I’m so getting this haha

My girlfriend will love this game. :)

Sadly I don’t have a PSP, but should I ever give into temptation and get a PSP Go I’d definitely pick this up – it’s also cool how you can play it on the PSP Go in it’s closed position!

It would be nice to see more LocoRoco love on the PS3 though, I enjoyed the first PS3 game and a trophy packed sequel would be great!

Also a LocoRoco Dynamic Theme must surely be a given? Imagine them all falling and bouncing around a level in the background of your XMB, it lends itself to a dynamic theme perfectly…

Not only would love a new PS3 LocoRoco and animated theme, but a dedicated home space also.


a person after my own heart!

Ok good job keep deleting my comments, but please make a decent firmware next time, SONY.

cool multiplayer seems to be fun

Loco Roco 2, my favorite game on PSP, can’t wait :D

scorpio104066803 03 September, 2009 @ 11:33

Oh. . . .WOW!! I was soooo excited when i noticed this on my email update, I am a devoted Loco Roco fan and never tire of playing the first 2 games. I have been longing for some new Loco-Roco and can’t wait for this! No exact dates for release yet i suppose? Il be first in the queue though!

do you think that the way things are handled regarding the PSN in Europe and game releases in Europe compared to SCEA is acceptable?

please copy and paste this question at will please lets hope the more people who do the more we likely get an answer. im gonna copy and paste this on a couple of other threads on the blog too to drum up support.

We keep asking, but still we don’t know… WHEN IS THIS BEING RELEASED? Will it be PSP Go launch day?

otro locoroco, a disfrutarlo


i love both the locoroco games, but the second one wasn’t really as ground-breaking as the original. im hopeful that this new locoroco game, with its awesome combo colour jumping, will be as ground-breaking as the first. and i LOVE the locoroco’s music!!!

I will get this no question especially if its the same price as the last one £2.00….. £2.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!! for a game you could play for just as long as you could play a full game.Can’t wait for this.

i know 4 a fact that the ps3 is the best thing, that’s happened 2 me & every1 else in the gaming world & sincerely think u should carry on creating new stuff cos am buying all of it as i know people will buy them 2

release in austria?

Why dont they deliver what people want. A proper Loco Roco game for the Ps3, it would look stunning running in HD.

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