Introducing Aino – The Mobile Phone With Remote Play

I recently met Lisa Canning, Lifestyle and Campaign PR Manager for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. First thing on my agenda – trying to blag a new mobile phone. Second – finding out what the new Aino handset brings to PlayStation3 owners. Hint: Remote Play goodness.

What are you offering PlayStation3 users in your upcoming range of phones?
Aino is one of the first handsets in Sony Ericsson’s new Communications Entertainment proposition. It offers a unique multimedia experience for all PlayStation3 fans as they can seamlessly access and control their PS3 media content anywhere, anytime using Remote Play.

Remote Play with Aino lets you turn your PS3 on and off, browse and control the XMB and access the internet browser from anywhere in the world. Remote Play also lets you control and access the HD Drive’s media content on PS3 using the built-in WiFi or 3G connections via Aino.

You can also access PlayStation Store via Remote Play or chat with friends via PlayStation Network. It is also possible to buy and download a new game from the Store via Aino so it is ready and waiting for you when you get home.

How exactly do users access Remote Play?

Users simply start Remote Play by selecting the Remote Play icon in the entertainment menu of their Aino.

The set up is easy and only neccessary once – the PS3 generates the registration code to be entered into Aino.

You navigate the XMB with the Aino keypad.


What other features does Aino offer?

Aino also has the following features:

  • Watch the latest videos, podcasts, music, Facebook and YouTube on the 3 inch touch screen with 30 frames per second high quality playback, 16.7 million colours and video recording in VGA 25 frames per second
  • Enjoy music with great sound with the Clear audio experience Bluetooth headset, 3.5mm jack, easy-to-use music controls and FM radio
  • Personalise Aino with music, movies and games from the PlayNow arena, which offers a full range of mobile entertainment. It also features new, specially developed ringtones, music tones and DRM-free music tracks
  • Aino combines a traditional keypad with an intuitive touch user interface when in media mode. The intuitive 3D scrolling media browser gives users a clear overview and one touch direct access to their content
  • Play and organise content with Media Go, which automatically formats all content on a computer to be compatible with Aino
  • Insert Aino into its charging stand and Media Home automatically pulls new content from Media Go on a PC via Wi-Fi
  • Access the PlayTV service to watch, pause and record live TV from a huge range of free to air channels
  • Aino features an 8.1 megapixel camera, featuring face detection, Geo tagging, Photo flash and auto focus
  • A huge 8GB SD memory card to store downloadable content

When will Aino be released?
This is dependent on local market timings. The first Aino will be released early October in the UK, with the rest of Europe to follow.

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Some news on the price? ;)

James Gallagher 01 September, 2009 @ 13:49

No, sorry. If ever I fail to post a price or release date for these interviews, it’s because I asked and they couldn’t tell me at that time.

Pretty awesome feature, but I think I’ll stick to my iPhone :P

Looks pretty nifty.

Unlike the new friends list haha, can anyone tell me where my BBC iPlayer is. My friends have it but not me :(. I have PlayTV I’m guessing that messed it up.

cool might stop me getting an iphone because of this.
also, can you play some old games like bejewelled 2 or pixel junk eden on it via remote play like you can on psp and if not will future games be developed with this in mind?

Aphiss, reset your PS3 and the iPlayer should pop up
I love the look of this and really want one but guaranteed it’s going to cost much more than I’m willing to pay lol

Why haven’t you posted about the 3.0 update? The US blog has.

almighty-slayer 01 September, 2009 @ 11:55

Saw this on the internet months ago…?

almighty-slayer 01 September, 2009 @ 11:57

Also, thi might be helpful if i could leave my PS3 in remote start mode without it randomly turning itself on for no reason.

Thanks but I already tried the LSB, it’s not a big deal just feeling rather left out :(.

Unfortunately the only thing that would give up my iphone is a PSP phone, thats a maybe too.

I read about this phone weeks ago, but still:

Woah! I want one… Currently own a Xperia X1 i’ll trade it any day for this… Unless you can give me Remote play on it(With a app of some sort).

I do have Iphone boot, HTC boot and SE boot on it.
I like things that can be modded…. Is this the only new SE coming with Remote play? What about Xperia X2 or the rumoured “Satio”??

BTW: FW3.0 – The new friends list is terrible….


Looks pretty awesome, bet i cant afford one :0

how about blagging me a free one as well ;)

This PlayArena, is that something that’s coming to the PSP/PS3 as well? I mean a music store feels kind of essential to the PSP at least.

James Gallagher 01 September, 2009 @ 13:52

No, the PlayArena is a mobile phone thing.

Sorry to say this but who cares. The is a more important issue today PS3 Firmware update 3.00. And this story is more important then that?

Very Silly!

Can’t play Lair, though? :P

Pity that I just got a W705 recently.


I have a question – will Remote Play actually work with this? I know that’s a ratty question, but I’ve pored over millions of forums trying to get Remote Play to work via my PSP and it simply doesn’t. I’ve played with static IP addresses, port forwarding, a bunch of other stuff and had no joy.

I’ve had it working when I’m using the same router (i.e. in the same building) as my PS3, but once you try and connect via the internet, when I’m at work for example, I get nada.

Has anyone had it working?

James Gallagher 01 September, 2009 @ 13:54

Mine works and I use it all the time to schedule PlayTV recordings while at work. Have you tried the help and support section at

really good if you travel a lot like me and get in touh with my PS3
I did that with my PSP but was difficult to find conection everywere,with wifi option only, with the 3G will be easy.

I want one ;)

Looks nice, but I’ll be spending all my money on the go instead


When will you support an iphone/ipod touch remote play app, so you can set up playtv and also do these other things, using other hardware. I don’t want to carry my psp with me everywhere all the time.

Stinkinmushroom 01 September, 2009 @ 12:28

will buy it if it’s not too expensive.

Onlytripleseven 01 September, 2009 @ 12:33

@ sowasred2012

If you are using a Linksys router you are not going to enjoy this post.
First of all I guess you have had remote play working over Private network, well now try pluging the PS3 directly into your modem.

Now try remote play again over the internet. There seems to be a problem with linksys routers and the PS3 not wanting to talk to each other. you might also find that you get kicked off the PSN for no reason while on the XMB sometimes. I have put that down to the linksys router too.


@ Onlytripleseven

It’s a Netgear router, and I’ve got the PS3 hooked up to it via ethernet. Still, I do occasionally get signed off the PSN (in fairness, usually not when I’m playing online, that’s happened maybe twice during a COD4 match).



Preliminary information + pricing according to

£399.99 Free Delivery

Heard about this a while back and its pretty nice….

and lol @ 8GBs being HUGE….what is this 1995?

Cant wait for a PSPhone tho….

I agree with others.. Eu-blog has some serious issues on keeping up to date. There’s no post of PS3 firmware 3.0, no info of EyePet… Both of these have been posted on US blog and various 3rd party sites.

This phone looks nice and I may get a new phone someday, even though I’d prefer to have something more openish system (Android or Maemo based).

Im looking forward to this. Choosing it over the iPhone due to the better camera and remote play. As i have play tv i think its a must.

Oh and my bbc iplayer is working fine so it isnt playtv thats messing it up for you

Nice one.

Though I’m more looking forward to Satio/Idou(upgrading my phone this November) but not sure if it has Remote Play.

The firmware 3.0 is out today and no one news is talking about that…


Nice but i want an android OS based smartphone. I did read SE is working on one. I hope from now on all SE phones will have remote play functionality and hope this is not just a gimmick for this phone.

Too much for my wallet…

WOWZERS! i bet thats expensive. i just hope they have fixed the crap numerous problems i’ve had with my ericsson.

Sounds like a nice phone but nothing can beat my iPhone 3GS. :D Expensive but tasty, just like the PS3. ;)

Any information on which operator(s) in the UK will have this phone?

James Gallagher 01 September, 2009 @ 14:12

No idea at all.

What OS does this phone run on?
Windows based? Android based? Symbian based?

NorthernAvengeR 01 September, 2009 @ 13:48

Think I’ll stick to my iPhone until the fabled PSPhone comes out.

Really looking forward to this phone. Will it be on the “3” network? As it is a 3G phone?

Looks nice :P I need a new phone! :D

I am sooooo getting this phone! :D
Love Sony Ericsson and I obviously loveee playstation!

I think I’ll buy Nokia N900 rather than piece of junk Ericsson. Unless Aino has Google Android or something “special” apart from Playstation Remote control it won’t interest me at all. These are all iPhonies. If getting iPhone would make sence I’d probably have it but since it’s locked up so much and it lacks lot’s of lots features I find cool in Nokia smartphones it’s like beautiful looking junk also. People are stupid to buy such phone which doesn’t even have changeable accu or SD card slot… Well I have lots of other opinions about that device and state of mobile phones over all but let’s not make this a open letter. :P


Firsts phone ive ever been interested in. never use the thnigs but this one might have me tempted to use palytv.


My family has only Sony Ericsson (SE) mobile phones and i hope the remote play feature will come to other SE mobile phones.

I have a xperia and i want to access my ps3 via my xperia ;)

I’ll be looking for a new phone soon. I’ll be checking this one out for sure.


This looks really cool! Would definitely be a phone, I’d consider, if my own didn’t suit my needs as well as it does =]

Aww crap, I just bought a Samsung :(

Any chance this slick feature will make it way into other phones as well?

I am waiting for this phone since may 29 when is was anounced thats like 3 month ago stil a month to go before it releases!!!!

Where i work (3UK) we had the SE rep in who said something about the 3 network getting a phone with Remote Play on, cant remember if it was this phone or not, but if 3 do get it, it will be the only network which would allow it over 3G/HSDPA connection

I’m interested in this as my contract is due to expire in December this year. Do you know the Operating System used (Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc)?

Handset looks lovely, impressed that you can actually start downloads from it too. When I first heard about it I thought you could only stream media, but its sounds a lot better than that now!

Would be interested to know what the OS is?

Oh and also, will streaming actually work over 3G? The BBC iPlayer service will not stream to the iPhone on any network connection other than WiFi.

Nice, I’m interested.

Why Couldn’t they put remote play in the Sony Ericsson Satio (Idou)?

@Br0ken84 that is network dependent, and as far as i know, 3 are the only ones looking at it, according to my local sony ericcson rep other networks have said only via wifi as it would eat so much data

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