New Special Edition Gran Turismo PSP Packs

Hi there Gran Turismo fans it’s Penrose Tackie here with the latest news from the world of GT. With now just under a month to go until the launch of Gran Turismo PSP , I can exclusively reveal two very special versions of Gran Turismo. The Gran Turismo PSP Collector’s Edition and the Gran Turismo Edition PlayStation Portable console, both of which will launch on 1st October alongside the standard edition. The Collector’s Edition game features an extra vehicle that hopefully needs no introduction to the petrol heads amongst you – the 2009 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 in black. This extraordinary vehicle first announced in 2000 is the product of several years of leading edge research and development by VW. The resulting 8.0 litre, quad-turbocharged vehicle is officially the world’s fastest production car. Capable of top speeds in excess of 400kmh and a 0-100km time of 2.5 secs.

GT PSP Bugatti Veyron

GT PSP Bugatti VeyronGT PSP Bugatti Veyron

Those opting for the Collector’s Edition will find that the Bugatti Veyron vehicle is not the only special extra that’s lined up for you. You also get 5 exclusive Bugatti Veyron artcards and special rainbow silver foil effect Collector’s Edition pack.

GT PSP Special Ed

Next up is the Gran Turismo Edition PlayStation Portable. A specially branded version of the PSP3000 console, this machine features special GT branding and ornaments in a unique Titanium finish. Plus additionally you’ll also exclusively receive a PSN voucher for the GT-PSP cover star vehicle the Corvette ZR1 in white and a PSP branded leather pouch.

GT PSP Bundle Box



Gran Turismo PSP launches on the 1st October. The Collector’s Edition and the Gran Turismo Edition PlayStation Portable will also be lining up on the starting grid come the launch date. Keep checking back for more news on Gran Turismo PSP as we get closer to that 1st October launch date.

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wow thats pretty cool if i had a psp i would definitely get that

looking good, but do you have any information on either 5.55 or 6.0 firmware update as i downloaded the badman demo from the store last week and it is requiring firmware 5.55 to run which has not been released yet, alison on the badman blog said 6.0 should be coming this week?

This is an amazing bundle, been searching for a decent bundle with GT.
Is there a confirmation on the price of this bundle yet?

Keep up the amazing work guys!


Thanks for the positive comments Gr3mster1989. Unfortunately we dont have pricing information at present but it should be in line with other recent PSP bundles

I want this game so much. =( Bring on October 1st, my PSP Go arrives! :D


So does the bundle include the Collectors Edition of the game with the black Bugatti? Or the standard edition and no black Bugatti?

Will the Collector’s Edition be available on the PS Store for those with a PSP Go? Or if we registor our Go within ten days and get GT PSP could we just have to pay €10 on the store to upgrade to the Collector’s Edition? Something like that would be great.

Does the Gran Turismo PSP bundle come with the Collectors Edition of Gran Turismo PSP? I might get this instead of the go if Sony don’t announce any way for me to play my UMDs

I wanna play GT PSP but sold my psp for the PSPGo, but now that’s too expensive lol :(


@ number 6

i agree we are paying more for a console and we don’t get special or collectors editions or things such as preorder bonuses

cant wait for this game!

That is cool cover art. To bad I’m GOing UMD-less on October 1st;)

I really want that bugatti, will there be a way to get it even though i will have a psp go

Can we get a better pic of the GT PSP?


Any pictures of the PSP out the box? Looks quite sexy from the boxshot.

That tears it.

There is officially know reason to buy a PSP-GO.


I was in HMV today looking at all the great UMD box art and thinking to myself ‘why would anyone ever want to pay the same price for these games minus all these sweet box arts, collectors editions and manuels?!’

PSP-GO is a pointless, expensive venture Sony.

Too bad Sony’s other Autumn/Winter releases aren’t getting the same treatment.

Oooh Sexy. Must.. resist.. impulse.. buy.



Unfortunately these arent available with either pack E-ROLE :)

This is great for those of us NOT Buying the Go.
But what about those of us who will buy it and obviously purchase the PSN versions? Why do we have to miss out on Preorder goodies and Collector’s edition specials?


PSPgo purchasers are getting a very special offer – the exclusive Gran Turismo bundle, available if they register their machines via PSN within the first ten days of purchase.

Important question. Does this collectors edition is UMD or downloadable?
I’ve got PSP 3k and I’d rather like UMD version. Just don’t want to buy another memory stick.
So please answer :)


Hi rospondek – the Collector’s Edition is on Universal Media Disc


Drop the prices of you downloadable PSP titles.

It’s a crime that those wishing to buy a downloadable file should have to pay the same as those buying a full on case, box art and UMD.

I can’t wait playing this great game. But what’s about Gran Turismo 5 now I’ve bought the PS3Slim so I want to play GT5.

By the way, does Sony offers any jobs like gametester or hardwaretester?
Because I need money to buy a Sony Bravia LCD…:)

looks as though it will have to be the collectors edition for me…. Not that I am a fan of the Buggatii. But hey… What the Hell its GT


Is it possible to get some close-ups of the PSP GT Edition? Because it looks pretty darn sleek! And I need a new PSP…

does the standard game have a veyron in it? as i dont really care about the colour. as long as the actual car is in the game :)


TURNER_042 the Bugatti Veyron is in the game, but not in this exclusive colour.

Looks awesome=)

26 comments and no childish whining about FW3, good! :)

The bundle looks top-notch and is extremely tempting with the branded PSP. A nice hi-res image of the PSP would be good to see.

I’m very interested to know how GT5 will be distributed and expanded with DLC, I guess we don’t have much longer to wait for it now though.

Hey Penrose, is there any info on PSP Go bundles/collectors editions or anything of that sort? Been considering buying a PSP Go and I do already know about the offer of a free copy if you buy a PSP Go and register it in the first 10 days. Was just wondering if there are any other release plans for the PSP Go version.


Question: when the PSP Go arrives in stores. will there be Collectors editions for PSP Go ?

I mean i Deffenitly going to get the PSP Go.
And little big planet. But there is also a Special edition Little big planet Available. Is this for the PSP 3000 only or wil the special edition be also available for the PSP go?

Oh, I’d love a GT-branded PSP… but I bought a Mystic Silver PSP3000 in June, and I’m not paying out again. I think I’ll also be buying GT-PSP from the store, rather than on UMD.

Usually I’d go for a disc-based product and manual, but seeing as I know how GT works, and I’ll be playing it almost non-stop, I think a digital version will be fine on this occasion.

I am very interested in the “rumor” that came about with the preorder would have GT5 for PS3 download GT portable , is it true?

I’ll buy GT special edition day one! I can’t wait. I want to drive that buggati so badly!


Does the special edition of GT come the the special edition of the PSP? or is it just the regular edition?

Am I the only one to spot that 0-62km per hour is quite slow for a sport car, but if it was 0-62 miles per hour, it would be more impressive, as that is closer to 100km per hour.

Looks gorgeous though. An idea of price for each?


Hello CartBlanche – very sharp of you to notice this! We picked it up too and we have changed it now

Ahhh, so this is where they Veyron went in the pre-order deal that was annoucned earlier.


i was waiting more from a special edition


Yeah, 0-62 km/h is inaccurate, it actually does 0-100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. Here’s a quote from the Bugatti site:

“it takes this exceptional car only 2.5 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h, it needs even less time – a mere 2.3 seconds – to come to a standstill from 100 km/h”

So awesome :D. Hopefully it’s not too expensive so I can at least get the game :P.

Any news on a PSN download pre-order bonus? I have an original PSP but don’t want the UMD disc edition.


Anywhere we can preorder the PSP Bundle online, I really want one!

Hard choice! PSP GO and free GT5PSP or PSP 3k GT version what to get??

I’ve been waiting for a black PSP bundle option. :)

Can you confirm that if I buy the PSP Console Bundle I will also receive the Collector’s Edition of Gran Turismo as well and not the Standard Edition?

I’m loving the amount of effort going in to this, great work Penrose and all that are involved!

Amazing pictures. Lately, PSP comes up to my expectations. I can’t wait for it and I hope GT5 for PS3 finally gets released in december. ^^

Anyone know where I can pre-order the Collectors Edition UMD?

I really like those CE’s, but since I sold my PSP-1000 and instead get myself a PSPgo, there’s no need for a CE of Gran Turismo PSP, right?


Will GT1 and 2 come to the PSN as PS1 Classics?

Thank goodness the Veyron is in the normal edition of the game – the post makes it seems as if it’s not. I was thinking I was gonig to have to cancel my pre-order of the normal version there for a second.

Bit of a kick in the teeth for anyone who’s already pre-ordered the “boring/normal” edition.


Not really a kick in the teeth as preorderers can cancel it and reorder the limited edition version :-)

There are no websites with a preorder for the Special Edition GT PSP yet which is disappointing, but I am guessing it will be £149.99, which would be a fair price.

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