Robot Chicken Invades PlayStation Home

Adult Swim here. Fear not, Smut Police, we’re nothing to do with aquatic monkey business, but everything to do with bringing the funny. We’ve been asked by the guys at Playstation Home to tell you about our show, Robot Chicken, currently spooling its way across the screens in the Home cinema. Apparently. (You’re going to have to bear with us a bit with the lingo here; we’re not from round these parts.)

PBCLOGOPN [Converted]

In the unlikely event you internet-savvy types don’t know it already, Robot Chicken is an Emmy-grabbing, toy-mangling, mick-taking, celebrity-baiting, stop-animation sketch show by comedy genius Seth Green – y’know, the actor who plays Dr Evil’s son in Austin Powers and provides the voice for Chris in Family Guy and played a (pretty wussy, let’s be honest) werewolf in Buffy. Yeah, that guy.


Robot Chicken is one of Adult Swim’s top-rating shows. We figured we’d put it out there in Home because, well, why not? After much vigorous debate, we chose a scene from Robot Chicken Star Wars because we love a good ‘Your momma’ battle — and so did Mr Lucas — plus a few more classic Robot Chicken skits. We hope you enjoy them, but please don’t ask us how to get there; we’ve no idea.


Anyway, go check us out. Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken: down the rabbit hole, past the fat guy stuck in the internet and over gravity’s rainbow. Or something.

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Im so confused :D Thanks :P

yay beany that makes 3 of us

cluck cluck

Niceee, time for me to dust off my Home avatar!

Good god dammit – YES!!! I loves me some Robot Chicken, and this just gave me a good reason to go back into Home! To everybody who made this happen, nice one!

Er… 12:16

Totally Awesome. w00t!

what is this exactly? just a video in home?


Hi West1980

Yep, it’s ‘just a video’ in the Home cinema from adult swim (we make animated comedy).

So Wussy that he turned Willow into a Lesbian that nearly destroyed the entire world xD

Thats taking wussy to a new level ^^

Errrr.. so after two weeks we get a clip of robot chicken in the cinemas?! ok? TTD COME BACK!!! (nah im only kiddin’)

Dont get what it is.


Hi xchris2008x
Robot Chicken is the name of a stop-motion animation comedy that is up in Playstation Home right now, in the cinema. That’s pretty much all there is to ‘it’. We think it’s funny. Maybe we should’ve paid more attention in school though…

ok thanks for filling me in Michelle Olley =)


hey this is kools got Robot Chicken on dvd it’s a gr8 laugh and bringing it to Home is a gr8 idea. just 1 question

will u be bringing any content from robot chicken to Home like outfits n items

Thanks n keep it kools



Thanks mister. We aim to please (up to a point).

That would be pretty excellent if we could/did do outfits. What do you have in mind?

Well done, like many I didn’t understand anything of what you wrote about. You’re a copywriter?

Anyway, where in Europe are you having your Robot Chicken show getting broadcast?


Hi Wbrinkman,

No, I’m not a copywriter. Can’t you tell? ;)

Robot Chicken is on TNT in Germany. Is that channel available to you?

I can’t get into Home.

hey what about are suprise today? remember in the q&a we was told we would get a suprise today! are we still getting it? sorry had to go off topic then.

That’s cool ;) I’ll watch it later ;) THX

um is this the only update? not being funny but if your a fan of robot chicken youve probably already seen this stuff a gazillion times. is the surprise that was mentioned on the Q&A thread cause if it is i think i might have just died a little inside as i know i will have the same feeling later today once the stores been updated with rubbish or nothing of use. fifa demo’s coming today courtesy of EA but i would like to know if theres gonna be any point of going into the store today because its highly unlikely that my what new? is gonna be updated it cant even tell me that the last thing i played was Arkum Asylum and give me ads for thing ive already purchased.( shatter, Fat princess )

thanks for this i will check it out later will you be doing anymore like this in future


That’s the plan, yes. Hope this info doesn’t spoil anyone’s ‘surprise’… ;)


what i have in mind is a Robot Chicken outfit lol and maybe items like little models of your characters u use in your videos would be nice

Thanks for the reply n keep it kools

Thanks for the reply Michelle.

ill check it out once Home is back online.

are you going to be showing full eps on home?

that would be awesome!

“Darth vader thinks he can choke people” :Lol:


Hi Roxas598,

This is a ‘yes and no’ kind of answer:

We have full eps on our website:

The deal with Home is, we’re doing exclusive compilations/edits.

LOL great post, it really made me laugh!!! Especially your directions to Home! :D

I’ve never seen Adult Swim, but if it’s as witty as this then I’ll make sure I check it out next time I’m in Home. I’ve always had a very dry sense of humour.

I just hope it uses proper streaming (like the new iPlayer) rather than the horrible “download first; watch later” system the Home screens have used in the past. I also hope one day we will get the proper social experience that they have in the US, instead of having to watch things on your own…

Ok so the “surprise” was this?……….. . . scee pleeeeeeeeeeease sort it out.

We need adult swim in the UK, but ill check your videos out in Home the stuff you do is hilarious


Aw shucks, thank you Silent_Gig. Adult Swim ‘lives’ online in the UK at joinnnn usssss :)

I’ve been wanting to see this in ages. This is great news :D Thanks guys :D

not really a RC fan mostly because its not on british tv

omg robot chicken video is the suprise? please tell me I am dreaming!

RC is on British TV hedges, but only late night on Bravo, which is a Sky/Cable only channel.

Little bit OT, but it’s probably the only opportunity I’ll get to ask you adultswim guys directly…

When is season 4 of Venture Bros going to be premiered in the US?
Also, is there any chance season 2 and 3 will be released on DVD/Blu ray over here soon?!



Hi mcwildcard,

The honest answer is We’re Not Sure Either at the moment.
For Venture Bros., our advice is: keep an eye on the message boards on Adult Swim’s website in the USA – surprisingly often this is where release dates pop out first.

Adult Swim isn’t on Bravo any more – we’re currently showing full episodes online in the UK (though we’re in other ‘not-the-telly places too – but you don’t want us to go all ‘selly selly’ on you, so we’ll stop there).

There are no plans for Venture Bros. 2 & 3 to come out in 2009 on DVD/BluRay – but who knows about 2010 – if there’s a will (from Venture Bros fans) there’s a way…


Never heard of robot chicken so but sounds mad enough that it will be something i like, will deffo be checking it out.

@ Michelle Olley

Thanks for venturing into the lions den. ;) Also, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. Most post and run, I can’t blame them.

@ Everyone asking about the Surprise

It’s a FREE Dynamic Wipeout HD theme.

@ KAP (and others), no this is not the surprise, does this look like the store update? Mike Kebby will reveal the surprise when he’s ready.

I’m getting tired with the attitude that has developed on this blog whereby if someone says something is coming, everything else in between gets abuse and rated down for no other reason than it not being the particular piece of content they were waiting for!

It was the same with all the articles in the run up to the FW 3.0 FAQ. Stop being so impatient and highjacking other articles that are clearly nothing to do with it! The Store update will be here when it’s here…

Ah i get what your doing

Some Robot chicken Shirts would be awesome

Oh or a chicken suit!

just watched it really funny you’ve put me in a good mood today cant wait to see more of these thank you

How often will there be new episodes?


The plan is every two weeks. Wish us luck with that one…

The Real World: Metropolis is quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!
Robot Chicken in Home? I approve!!

Great news. All hail Robot Chicken!

start-the-dance 10 September, 2009 @ 13:23

This is awesome. Hopefully the future will bring some Sealab and Harvey Birdman too. (cough)And hopefully full episodes on the store too(cough)


Hi start-the-dance,

The deal is we’re going to be doing best-of type compilations on Home – but if you want full eps we do have them at our website: – and you’re in luck – there’s Sealab 2021 AND Harvey Birdman showing this week. Good times.

I love Robot chicken. Nice getting to see it in a legal way. (i did not even know that it was on in germany)


Hi mmatzat,

yep – we’re on TNT. And we’ve just launched a German website too:
All Perfectly Legal… ;)

any chance of having a word with seth mcfarlne about streaming episodes of family guy into home aswell. that would be fricking sweet. they show them on hulu for free in the states how good would it be if it was in home. i garuntee it would be a massive hit with everyone if you could go into the home theatre and watch family guys back catalogue.


You’re probably right about that Dante_Zero – we love Family Guy too. That’s something for Sony to get on to, rather than us. Seth McFarlane’s specially trained team of flying attack monkeys would probably head us off before we got anywhere near him…

Having said that, it’s possibly worth mentioning that we’ve got a pilot of an early Seth McFarlane show, Larry & Steve, going up on our website next week. Gawd, we’ve been doing a shocking amount of website plugging in these comments. We can only apoligise – it’s probably due to low blood sugar…

[quote]That’s the plan, yes. Hope this info doesn’t spoil anyone’s ’surprise’… ;)[/quote]

Now what ‘surprise’ would you be spoiling??? Seeing as we haven’t had an update from Mike yet as to the store update?

Gotta Try ;)

just watched it and fort it was grear! it reminded me of adam and joe on 4later in the 90s? best bit was the ending lol

grear was supposed to be great lol ÷)


adam and joe? We’re flarrered…

i havent been this excited since i got 2 feet of air on my bmx

Hold me Michelle.

start-the-dance 10 September, 2009 @ 14:00

That reminds me, how about a Phil Ken Sebben statue/outfit for Home? His greatness knows no bounds.

Gotta love Robot Chicken, especially when it’s deep fried in a spicy tortilla wrap, with a large portion of chips, and beer. :D

It would be great to see a Robot Chicken space in Home, the gaming possibilities would be endless… as would crazy avatar costumes!

yeahh! Thanks

Pretty funny, look forward to seeing more soon. You should try and get your episodes up on the PSN video store when it launches in November.

sweet im the first american! Do u think u will make a room for robot chicken? and is this in america yet? ADULT SWIM KICKS A$$ !

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