Full Of Character: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Hello, my name is Kosuke Wakamatus and I am the Animation Lead for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. This is our 4th post and I hope you are enjoying them. It is a good honour to share our minds with so many Ninja Gaiden fans!

I would like to talk about how much emotional characterisation goes into each character. Some people think that characters in games do not need personalities, but that is why they are called ‘characters’, they must have ‘character’. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is mainly portraying the story of Super NINJA “Ryu Hayabusa” but we are also doing it from different character’s point of view like “Ayane”,”Momiji” and “Rachel”. All these characters are there to support Ryu and lend his story weight, but they must have a valid reason for being.

Of course, I am not going to spoil why each new character is included, it will be unveiled in the story that they have their own reason why they fight! Oh! I just can’t talk any further! I would like you to play this game to find out but trust me – each playable character is conducting by themselves with their own motive and you will know about their personality, features and background as the game progresses. A story teller must not spoil the story, he must help you unravel it for yourself. Ayane, Rachel and Momiji will unravel the story for you!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

I am aware that each playable character could become very similar without proper direction, so obviously each playable character must have their own action style. Ayane takes her fighting style directly from Dead or Alive which will please fans very much. Momiji has her unique double jump and can attack enemies from the air with her Naginata while Rachel is sexy and powerful with her overwhelming Inferno Hammer and 666 Machine Gun. These different weapons sets and skill sets will mean that the player must be aware of different skills and how each character reacts in the game. Their weapons are different from Ryu’s nine kinds but basic action and attacking abilities are not stressful, you will learn to feel like a ninja! Each character has their own technique so please remember, these skills are not only important in story mode but also Team Missions and Chapter Challenge… and more! Okay, I am giving too much away! Next topic!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

There are many additional characters we would like to introduce in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, not just the four you already know about. Firstly, there is Sonia, heroin of this game who comes along with Ryu without regard for her danger. She is very sexy too! The story mode starts with her presence and she becomes important factor at pivotal points so remember to look out for her! Secondly, I can tell you exclusively that Joe Hayabusa will be in the game. He is a master of “Hayabusa sept” and Ryu’s father. We haven’t talked a lot about him in past franchises, but in this game, you will see his story in the prologue we implemented. You will get to know him well for sure! I am saying too much again!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

There are many important characters in the game as well, who play even smaller roles – but everyone is important – like “Muramasa” who is sword expert and “Sanji” who is very young NINJA from Ryu’s village…please see them all! All these characters we would like to flesh out too. To explore their humanity, to delve stronger and deeper into their motives. Maybe we can do this more when we will have the next NINJA GAIDEN! We are feeling that our fans are looking forward to it. We do want to live up to their expectation! Okay, I now have said too much! Goodbye!

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Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think the Ninja Gaiden Sigma dev team need to get out a little more.

Will there be any way to enable blood in the options?? Personally disliking the purple haze you’ve got going on here.


Is that a fighting style now? lol


I just love the fact that the Six-Axis technology is being used to “jiggle boobies”.

I’ve dreamed for this day….how I relish it!

Once again, a very interesting read :)
i played Ninja Gaiden 2, and i loved it, and this new stuff added to Sigma 2 sounds amazing; can’t wait :D

I played NG2 on the 360 and camera was awful. Heres hoping they have fixed it.


OH HELL YEAH! CAMERAS ALL FIXED, NO PROBS NOW! In fact, if you press R1 on your pad, it will automatically align the camera with the direction you want to head as well – so no more getting lost either! Don’t worry, its in good hands!

Limited edition preordered :D cant wait for this game seriously. Please make it come out before October 2nd :( thats too far away

they have fixed the camera, that’s why i didn’t play it on 360, just like they did with NGS 1 :)

Really enjoyed the new trailer, can’t wait. Thanks for taking the time to post these dev blogs Team ninja.

Great info & thanks for your time, I can’t wait for the game to be released, I really enjoyed the first NGS, I wish if you had the time after finishing & releasing NGS2 you could make a trophy patch for the first NGS that would be amazing because the game has great replay value & with trophies it’ll be more.

ShockController 11 September, 2009 @ 14:48

i will buy it ! ayane from Dead or alive will be in the game ! my absolute favorite character !

Takehaniyasubiko 11 September, 2009 @ 15:17

Ryu with a gun? Seriously, TN – you blew this one (no pun intended).

Anyway – I’m really curious what is a certain Itagaki thinking of this ORIGINAL game? XD

[DELETED] and violence ftw!!!

but why should i buy this on ps3 instead of like the upcoming castlevania (which is multiplatform (and forgive me, i can’t imagine this game be no god of war III ;) ))?

will this game use the extra power you get when developing it exclusevely for ps3? that extra oomph it could pack (and ofcourse the [DELETED]!) could make me buy this instead of castlevania.


You should buy it because it is made with love!


How long will this game be?

joe, wasn’t that the guy from the old ninja gaiden games?


It’s Ryu’s Dad! ;)

Thank you for your dedication Team Ninja! Will buy!

cool i just hope the undead dragon returns…..

cool, glad to hear they will make a new Ninja Gaiden, NG3 for sure.
and yes i am gonna get NGS2, its just too epic now.

Can’t wait for it to be release and play next Ninja Gaiden.

I wonder who is next in the list

possibly the engineer

Is this the same game as Ninja Gaiden 2 on xbox 360? If so I will pass, if not this is a must buy! But I need to know…its not a rework Ninja Gaiden 2 for 360, I have both consoles, no fanboy wars please, just gamers being cool:)


Hello – PR person here – just to let you know, this is a 100% new game, no rehashing anywhere! Cheers!


But I’m still waiting for this game and plan to buy Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 though =)


THX Team ninja for this AWESOME GAME!!!. I would like see this info posted as well in the US blog :D.

PLEASE BRING DOA FRANCHISE TO PS3 XD. You could release a DOA collection featuring DOA1,DOA2, DOA3 & DOA4; in a single bluray disk, with lot of trophies and on-line play :D.

Keep the good work.

PS: I have already pre-ordered the Ninja Gaiden S2 CE in USA yeah!!!

Awesome Game i don’t think so a 74 rating at best. Let’s see why i could give you some examples. 1 To hard difficulty casual player’s are never gonna see the end cause the game is unfair as hell.2 No more blood after comparrison’s with the XBOX 360 version, i came to the conclussion the gore is gone and that was for many gamers outthere a main reason to buy this game. Now there’s one reason less 3 The Camera yeah folks that was alway’s the problem with Gaiden camera moving , cause ryu is so fast and kills his opponent’s faster than neo the camera can never catch up with ryu , wich can be frustrating . Now my conclusion as i said before a 74 at best and a game for pros boss out




And not to mention six-axis support ;)

slydogs you…


1st of all i love what you at Team Ninja have done to with NGS2 so far (apart from Ryu using a gun but i can live with that). 2nd I’m probably saying this way too early but I think Hayate & Kasumi would suit the game well especially Hayate. DLC or NG3 perhaps? Just a thought… Basically I’m saying I love the series and I hope this isn’t the final installment and that you will continue it. Either way i can’t wait for this. Good luck Team Ninja and keep up the good work!


Can someone please tell me how many total players there are on the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 scoreboard and how many there will be for Sigma 2.

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