Command And Conquer: Commander’s Challenge Coming To PSN This Week

Hi All,

My name is Wes Eckhart, and I’m the producer for Red Alert 3: Commander’s Challenge, which releases on PSN this Thursday, September 17th.

In Commander’s Challenge you can play as any of our 3 factions: Allies, Soviets, and the Empire of the Rising Sun. There are 50 single player missions to choose from, each focusing on specialized AI personalities and tactics. Once you complete a mission you unlock a specific unit and several additional missions. Because of the non-linear nature of our world map, if you get stuck on any one mission you can play other missions until you unlock just the right unit. You can also change factions at any time. Can’t destroy all the Yuriko clones with your Allied Peacekeepers? Switch over to the Empire faction and send in a swarm of Steel Ronin. That’ll get the job done!

Command and Conquer: Commander's Challenge

From a development standpoint, this was a fun game for the team to work on. The humour in the RA3 universe makes designing these missions a blast. Our over the top effects and unit responses are a constant source of amusement. Our audio department really deserves a lot of credit for giving each unit a unique personality. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Cryo-Legionnaire.

Command and Conquer: Commander's Challenge

For the hardcore players out there we have the notion of par times. While you can take as much time as you need to complete a mission, special awards are given for completing the missions under the listed par time. These times were set by our talented (and aggressive) QA staff, and provide a harrowing challenge for even the most skilled player. I can beat about 1/3rd of the par times. Clearly, I need to work on my game. :)

We hope you have as much fun playing this game as we did making it.


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LMAO! It’s Ric Flair!! xD

Forgot to put…….. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :P

Sounds good, haven’t played a C&C since the PS1 games. How much is this going to cost? Might get it if its not to expensive.


It will cost $9.99

What actors are in the cut scenes?


Well, you’ve already seen Ric Flair. We’ve also got some of our favorite commanders back in action: Shinzo (Bruce Locke), Oleg (Dimitri Diatchenko), Giles (Greg Ellis), Moskvin (Gene Farber), and others. We also have some new faces: Jamie Chung and Jodi Lynn O’Keefe both make appearances.

Do you need the RA3 disc to play?


No, you don’t need the RA3 disc. This game is designed to be a standalone experience. In fact, if you’ve never played Red Alert before we’ve included tutorials to get you up and running quickly. :)

This looks pretty nifty, good chance I’ll end up buying it :)

i do not like Command And Conquer . dragon age fom ea = preorderd !!!

i want a hd-remake of part one or red alert, please… with the old cursors and the old functions, old sounds and e.v.a… a few more special effect, but that overloaded like this.

is there a chance for a remake, wes?

i mean, i love c&c since beginning… and of course i have red aler 3 for ps3, here. and its great. really… but it can’t reach part one…


We’re all fans of the original, but it’s unlikely we’d do an HD remake at this point. We really like how the series has evolved over the years, and how each new incarnation of Red Alerts changes the universe while maintaining the same underlying fast action and humor.

AlertStonerHead_ 14 September, 2009 @ 13:19

Is it free , ?

EDIT!!!! but not that overloaded like this,…

Keyboard and mouse support?


Cool, BUT gotta say.

OMG!!! Xbox 360 screen on the PS blog!!! my eyes they BURN! :D.

Do I need Red Alert 3 to play this?

i didnt realise EA could post on ps blog :O

so funny… and funny, that they cut the xbox360 pic out, now ;) wes… we are all human! tztztz

RTS? Consoles? Nope :P


Is it a seperate game or is it an expansion for Red Alert 3?


Commander’s Challenge is a separate game. If you’re an experienced RA3 player there are some awesome new units to play with. If you’re new to the RA3 universe this game will serve as a fitting introduction.

i was actually just thinkn of getn the one on disc for something totally new to play,but since this is being on psn,ill just get this. is there a tutorial lol


can you tell something?

Why have the PS3 Version of C&C Red Alert 3 a unit limit? and then why 50 units?

I am a big C&C Fan and i hate the limit!

For example:
You can’t play with Japan, because you have a disprofit as Japan. The the buildings are units and if you have 50 units you can not build more buildings. It is horrible.

An other Question:
Can i play the new units from Command And Conquer: Commander’s Challenge in Online Matches?


The unit cap is in place to keep the game playing well and balanced. I agree that your comment about the EORS faction presents a challenge, but the Tengu / VX combo gives them an excellent hit and run strategy.

Commander’s Challenge is a standalone single player experience, so there’s no way to bring the new units into multiplayer on RA3. Still, I think there’s immense satisfaction to be had with a Steel Ronin rush against the AI.

I love the art style on this, the one thing I disliked about Tiberium Wars was it’s fallout-esque artstyle.

If this has multiplayer then I’m definitely getting it.


cant wait! i got the C6C red alert for my ps3 and i love it! This i m looking forward to!


Ric Flair ahhahaah

I will not buy this if you don’t fix the two MAJOR BUGS with the game.
1) game freezes randomly.
2) Sound cuts out completely after a few minutes when using 5.1 sound system.
A lot of people have complained about this since release of the game but you ignore us completely! Not a single respons!!! >_< DO NOT BUY THIS!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I like the game but THIS is BS:



wow EA you amaze me with your overabundant lazyness first of all the lack of updates fixing stuff on ra3 which is riddled with bugs, game limitations that dont make sense passing through a xbox video which you couldnt be arsed to change or make a ps3 to full extent of making a dlc that well is not worth it since most of us the people who has seen through the shroud of your evil empire hasnt bought because well its not worth to spend more money on something thats broken and still no sign of fixing it. I knew that command and conquer series would be down in the gutter after you finished off westwood but i never thought you would plunder an epic game series into the mediocre thing that is what it is today i just hope you dont fail to release a good ending on the tiberium saga or kane help me ill put tiberium on your water supply and see you mutate horribly. yeah i hate you that much that

Not buying this… EA lacks the PS3 updates and so I will not buy anything. So many updates for 360 but soo little for PS3. Obvious bugs have not been fixed! So I am skipping this EA.

Cheers EA

I would only buy it if it will have Mouse / Keyboard Support.

Strategy-Games for Consoles without Mouse / Keyboard Support are useless.

Greetz kamatschk0r

silentsound2000 15 September, 2009 @ 11:10

I found this on the C&C official site:

Product Description

Featuring trademark fast paced and explosive C&C gameplay, told in the ‘tongue in cheek’ tone of Red Alert, with a full cast of celebrity commanders including Ric Flair as Commander Hill!

Coming in Fall of 2009 to X360 and PS3, as a digital arcade exclusive to XBLM and PSN!

*Does not require Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 to play

Well RA3 is broken so chances are this will have bugs too. And frankly, I’m tired of buying games that doesn’t work and sadly a lot of those have EA on them.


I want for the next C&C on PS3 an optional Mouse / Keyboard support! C&C with mouse and keyboard is more lovely to play as without mouse+keyboard


I’ve been hoping for the Uprising “expansion” for Ps3. But this isn’t it? This is just the commander’s challenges? No new story campaign and no skirmish vs AI:s? Online I don’t care about.

And I just want to say that I think it’s good the PS3 version doesn’t have mouse support. It makes it fair for online players who don’t have a computer desk where they sit and play Ps3. You can’t use mouse in the living room sofa comfortably in most cases.

WoW im here

Nice 1 Wes i’m looking forward to playing this. :)

thanks for your answer, wes. its great to have some here from a c&c-team…

i do like the “evolution” of the game, too – even if i miss e.v.a. and the psycho-music from the first part, sometimes… anyway: its still the best realtime strategy on the market. and i love it…

and red alert 3 ist top: great and funny story (and videos), nice graphics, diversified maps and supercool-functions… that great – thats for sure ;)

but an hd-remake woudl be great… honestly :)

have a nice weekend. greeting from hamburg.
olli & eddi

Any chance of a skirmish function with either all units or the ones you have unlocked with challenges ???

yourneighbour 11 October, 2009 @ 21:15

great new game while keeping the spirit of red alert been a pleasure to play thx

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