You Spoke, We Listened, Lets Party

First of all, an apology. You might have been noticing an increasingly frequent and increasingly annoying amount of adverts in-between videos recently. This was due to a bug and was certainly not intentional and we have been working like dogs to fix it. We would never overload you with adverts like this and we apologise for any annoyance and also ask you to keep using the service (and tell your friends) as this has now been fixed.

Now to the fun stuff…

Since VidZone launched back in the summer of love 2009 (Wow time flies when you are having fun) we have been asking all of you to let us know what you think of the service. What you liked, what you hated, what you thought was good but needed improving what you thought was rubbish and needed getting rid of completely, what you loved so much that you can’t live without… etc. We have had teams of people compiling all correspondence from the various tweets and blogs and Facebook messages and worked out what you all wanted the most…

Long story short we have a major update for you that makes VidZone better than ever!!

Pre-roll advertising will be shown no more than once every 15 minutes – No more adverts after every video, guaranteed!

16:9 support, true full screen display – This means that if the video is shot in widescreen, it will display in its full widescreen glory on your TV.

VidZone Widescreen

Virtual Keyboard is now supported in Search – Use your external or the standard PlayStation virtual keyboard to type instead of scrolling through each letter.

VidZone Search

Search is faster and improved – Faster searching and you are now able to search for special characters (ie you can now search for P!nk etc)

Start up time is reduced – No more waiting about to get partying!

Audio volume on music videos can now be normalised – Each video will play at the same volume meaning no more volume control surfing

PlayStation Network presence now shows the music video being watched in VidZone on the XMB™ friends list – Your friends will now know what you are watching so no more secret Celine Dion video viewing sessions!

Support for PlayStation Store purchases in Download menu – Videos will link to equivelant RockBand track in the PlayStation Store with more game/product links coming soon.

VidZone Rock Band

Default settings are now saved – If you have turned the clicker off, it will remember it for the next time you open VidZone.

Cache has been increased – VidZone will store more of your last viewed videos on the PlayStation’s hard drive so you don’t have to stream so much data.

Help screens are available in Settings menu – Having issues? Try the new help screens to answer your questions

Settings menu has been reordered – More logical ordering of the setting menu.

As well as a load of other little bug fixes to make your VidZone experience a much more pleasurable one.

So that’s what you have all been waiting for I think. Of course we will continue to update both content and the application until it is perfect but hopefully this will keep you happy until we update again.

We want you to keep suggesting improvements to the service so below are all the channels of communication for you to get requesting.

1. Reply to any blog entry that is posted here on
2. Twitter us
3. Email us
4. Facebook

For any problems you having with the service please e-mail

That’s it I think, and this is me signing off once more. Let me know what you think and I will be back to write about more exciting stuff shortly.

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Have to say thats one heck of a list of good updates :) So thank you for listening to what users were wanting.


Thanks Kail1967

We always said we were listening to what people wanted. You have to use it day in day out so we want to give you exactly what you want!

Wow well done this might make me like it alot more =D

Just make sure you roll it out in countries that don’t have it. Many people would love to have this service.


Is it live now? Sorry if I missed that somewhere.


Hi LicensedDealer

Yep, rush home and check it out!

Awesome, 16:9 mode and keyboard support was certainly on my want list!

PrivateJoker360 14 September, 2009 @ 14:38

Sounds excellent, you’ve really listened to the community and done an awesome job imo.


This is a great update, i was hoping the XMB thing will be introduced to Vidzone but didnt realise it would be done so soon, love you guys,manly love of course.

Now i have played barbie girl and backstreet boys, only to test of course….

It would be good to have the ability to upload our own playlists and download other peoples playlists as well.


@3 yeah its live

Is what other blogs are reporting correct: You can turn of the video name displaying in your PlayStation Network status?


Hi Chimpanzee

Yeah you can turn it off, go to Setting –> Network then disable the function in there. We don’t want reveal everyones guilty pleasures if they didn’t want to :)

Nice list of updates.

Just one question.

Where Green Day?!


Another thing, any way you would include an uncut version of videos for guys with an 18+ PSN because that Eamon song has like no words in it lol


Great update guys. Really appreciated that. What I’d like to see in the next one is a search by “Downloadable content availability” option, perhaps with sub categories like “Ring tones”, “Video file”, “MP3 file”, “Game content” etc. I hope you get what I mean.

Have to say that’s a great update, addressing pretty much all the small issues that it had.

The widescreen mode is much appreciated and it is seemingly more snappy as well.

To test it out I went through some Dire Straits, Sting and then came upon the World Music section.

It’s awesome.

Please add more, from even more random countries, I beg you :)

Fantastic update. Vidzone truely is one of those things making the PS3 stand out. I am glad there is the option to enable/disable XMB showing the video you are watching.

Home integration would be nice to see one day. A vidzone space, promotional material etc.

And is it available in The Netherlands now?

great update!
thank you :)

One suggestion I have is to add the ability to turn off auto-play when you start VidZone. The Now Playing list is pre-populated with this week’s featured videos and these, to put it politely, are never to my taste. The ability to change the startup action between “Play Featured videos”, “Play playlist ________” and “Be quiet!” would be really nice.

Fine, but can You answer my question ? When Polend get VidZone ? I ask… and ask… and ask… and nothing :( Why You can answer my question ? :( and please don`t post soon :( Thx


Hi rabsonek

I am sorry but the real answer is i don’t know. We do plan to get to every country and Poland is definately a worthy candidate to prioritise for the service but we haven’t finalised anything yet so i can’t be more specific, sorry.

You will be the first to know when we do decide though.

Excellent MAJOR update !

But, i’ve question, i leave in Algeria and i have a Switzerland account how i do tu access to VidZone ?


“Back in the summer of love 2009”. Oh come on, you make it sounds like it’s ages ago :(

Great stuff! To bad most of us cant use this service… :(

…I also meant to say, it’s annoying that when you then press X to add a video of your choice, you have to skip through the pre-populated Now Playing list to get to the video you chose.

“PlayStation Network presence now shows the music video being watched in VidZone on the XMB™ friends list – Your friends will now know what you are watching so no more secret Celine Dion video viewing sessions!”


(And i’m not joking :()


Hi DeathroW22

Don’t worry, you can turn that feature off (Settings –> Network).

Your secret Celine viewing sessions are safe!

Update works a charm – have been playing with it for the last couple of hours :) 16:9 videos are good, just wish more videos supported it. Thanks vidzone people!

great additions guys! keep up the great work! :D i’ll be putting this on in the background 2nite while i play Dissidia!

nice1 guys! Thanks for the update – will have a looksie when I get home.


Thanks for the hard work guys, it’s always nice to see developers listening to user feedback and making changes. I’ll test the new UI out tonight!

Now you just need to get some Iron Maiden and AC DC on there!

Oops, forgot my suggestion – would be great if you could access the now playing list regardless of where you are. Something like an overlay or popup so I can change what is playing without having to navigate through all the menus.

Why i cant edit my post ? :( please add this function.

When will we see Vidzone on the PSP, natively. A video button appeared briefly a while back, but then was removed? Is it going to be released on the 1st October to coincide with the PSP Go.

Its going to be a busy day on the 1st.

Great update and continued support for VidZone!

With this and BBC iPlayer, our PS3 is never off! :)


just want to say that it’s a good update.

but when are we going to get some LINKIN PARK and GREEN DAY.

without them i don’t think that vidzone will ever be perfect in my opinion.


I don´t have the VidZone service (yet!) so this suggestion might already been implemented, but maybe it would be cool if you could share your playlists with your friends in the friends list?

Good work! And respect to you guys for actually listening to the fans. Now if only the firmware-updating guys could do that… :P

thanks thats a very nice update you brought to us!

Poland waiting for VidZone – maybe you don’t know that, but we are a part of European Union so why are we treat as a country from third world?

yeah Sony you better tell me when VidZone is going to be available in Poland?!
“You spoke, We Listened” – we’ll see…

We are waiting ……..

Any News on the vidzone service coming to the Netherlands?

Oh, and finally, a few artist requests: Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Real McKenzies, Green Day (it won’t be the end of the world if you can’t get their post-2000 stuff ;) )


You forgot to add something in the change log.

PS Official Remote now works without having to set it to slot 1.


Just tried it, the 16:9 support is awesome, the quality is great as well.

Thank you Ben.

Cool stuff but what about Portugal? :( I want to be able to use it too. Why isn’t it available to all countries? Law restrictions maybe?
That sucks

Lol @ the “Your friends will now know what you are watching so no more secret Celine Dion video viewing sessions!” This will be a laugh! Yaster has already started the trend! :D

Thanks for the update it’s lush!

Any chance of better quality streaming videos (maybe HD) in the future? I’ve got a very good internet connection so if you gave us the option of HD streaming I would love it!

Oh come on guys, there’s no need to ask about when VidZone is coming to [your country], if they knew, they’d make a post.

yes this is great thanx for the support u keep on giving oh and fyi i dont care if people see me listening to summat cheesey like celine dion :P

any chance for austria to get vidzone soon? maybe even this year?

Carnivius_Prime 14 September, 2009 @ 15:13

Excellent updates.

Virtual keyboard support, finally, the research was so slow and painful without that.

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