First Look: Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines for PSP

The US Blog’s Jeff Rubenstein has been doing his usual gallivanting around (and wearing snazzy T-shirts). This time he’s taken a trip to Ubisoft’s studios in San Francisco to discuss the upcoming PSP game, Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines. It’s a great looking game and fans of the original on PS3 will no doubt be happy to step back into Altair’s shoes. Here’s Jeff to introduce the interview to you in his own special way.

Recently, Ubisoft invited us over to their San Francisco warren to check out Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines. I wasn’t really sure how they were planning on jamming Assassin’s Creed’s exploration, climbing, and free-running into a PSP, but I’ve got to say, they’ve done an excellent job (don’t take my word for it, IGN agrees).

In a theme we’ll be seeing a lot of this year, developer Griptonite Games didn’t produce a watered-down side-scroller and slap the Assassin’s Creed name on it – this is a true follow-up to the original, only portable.

The story picks right up where the first one let off, putting you back in the familiar boots and blades of Altair. How do the controls translate to the PSP? What tweaks have been made to the formula? Has Altair stolen any cool new moves from Ezio (the protagonist of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed II)? Producer Frederic Lefrancois and Senior Producer Dan McAuliffe answer these questions – with the added bonus of a bunch of brand new video.

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Someone is up late :O

Cool story though!

AC: Bloodlines is looking sweet. I must say I’m impressed with what devs are managing to achieve on the PSP right now, from Gran Turismo to Soul Calibur and none of it ‘watered down’ and now we have the full Assassin’s Creed experience on a handheld. Good job guys, looking forward to getting my hands on the game.


WOW what a nice ending to that video!
Think there’s something wrong there….

Looks sweet

Oh nice unnecessary link to Joystiq in the first sentence

Why don’t you just rebrand this blog Jem?

Wow, another link to Joystiq, Jem?

This game is looking very good indeed! It’s funny, everytime I see a great looking game on the PSP I still manage get surprised, even though it’s not a new phenomenon. That little system is capable of producing some stellar graphics and it’s nice to see the developers of AC:Bloodlines pushing it to its limits. The gameplay looks fun from what I can see. Now if the missions are also fun and more diverse than AC1 and the story fleshes out Altair’s character and his ultimate fate a bit more, then I think it could be a surprise hit for the PSP.


PSP games are amazing me now, they are looking very sexy.

i pre ordered this game as soon as i’ve seen footage of it..we need more psp software like this…portable versions of console experiences..and designed specifically for the psp, which makes it look even better obviously..i’ve been a huge fan of assassins creed before the game even released and with this kind of sequals and portables, that ain’t about to change anytime soon..keep up the good work ubisoft

the game looks awesome! I hope the controls are better than other 3rd person titles – is there already a release-date?


I don’t know if it’s a mistake, but it look as if the video interview stops the wrong place in the middle of a sentence.

what i want to know is when does altiar have any children.
if this desmond guy who’s reliving his memories is a descendant and he’s accessing his genetic memory then he had to have had a kid after the games, so, will a love interest turn up in bloodline? ;)

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Oh, right, on looks great, If that’s the final product it should be worth picking up, especially for the PSP. Sounds like they’re making sure the controls won’t ruin the experience either

Shame the video ends with a Sopranos style endi-*cut to black*

Wow, very impressive.. definetly a must buy for me!

I feel that I am going to be giving SONY a lot of my money this year with all of these brill games coming out.

The game looks really good. Will definetely buy it. Animation and graphics looks pretty cool on the psp =)

Gimme Assassin’s Creed 2 already! :D

Ho, it’s look very good….Miam miam..


You better wake up little Jem Alexander, the americans have already fixed their Assasssins Creed video and if you don’t hurry all your fans will run over to the american PlayStation Blog.

Yeah, a bit of a boo-boo with the video length but it isn’t the end of the World, and it sounded as though Jeff was wrapping the interview up at that point anyway. It was a good interview though and the game looks amazing considering it is running on the PSP.

Regarding media, would it not be possible for Sony to setup a shared media server for videos and images? That would avoid the need for the various Sony blog authors to play catch-up if a video needs to be updated or changed etc.

@ 19, this is on the American blog? *runs over*

almighty-slayer 16 September, 2009 @ 16:34

Thanks for the copy and paste, not sure i could have worked out how to go to the US Blog and read it there


Not everyone here visits the US blog on a regular basis, and not everyone here has the time to browse a load of different blogs each day. Some of us actually appreciate articles like this one being posted here.

ah man, i was hoping i wouldn’t have to see rubenstein’s face from the EU Blog, game looks nice though for the psp


Why haven’t you fixed the video yet?


Well… I suppose it’s to late to fix now, this Assassin’s Creed post is already under older entries:(

I want this game badly lol any release date yet?

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