Lost Planet 2 Co-Op Demo Coming to PSN September 24

Don’t worry, Europe isn’t being left out. This Lost Planet 2 demo will be out on the European PlayStation Store on the same day as in the US – September 24th. Here’s Capcom’s Brian Keltner to tell you more about it.

Hello PlayStation Blog! Capcom is offering PlayStation 3 owners a chance to experience a piece of the Tokyo Game Show action from the comfort of their own living rooms this year by offering the Lost Planet 2 demo available exclusively for download from PSN starting the first day of the show. Beginning September 24, PS3 owners will not only be able to engage in the frantic battle against the enormous G-Type Akrid, the boss Akrid of the episode 1, but will also get the exclusive experience of two additional missions in an online co-operative extermination of the Akrid of E.D.N. III.

LP2 Coop Screen (1)

Throughout the demo players will run into Akrid ranging from small (in Lost Planet terms) to enormous, as they fight to collect the precious thermal energy contained within the Akrids bodies in order to heal themselves, their friends, and power the armored Vital Suits. Utilizing a number of weapons from machine guns to missile pods and rocket launchers scattered throughout the environment, teams of four players can join up via the PlayStation Network and clear three mission objectives with friends, giving them a glimpse into the jungle of E.D.N III.

In order to promote cooperative gameplay, players can share life-giving thermal energy amongst injured members of their squad while new support weapons allow teammates to boost attack and defense capabilities. Additionally, the new dash feature allows players to sprint for short distances, bringing greater speed to combat.

LP2 Coop Screen (9)

LP2 Coop Screen (3)

The true firepower of Lost Planet comes from the heavily armed and armored robotic Vital Suits as they return in greater numbers and variety than the first game. Players now have the ability to hold up to three players as they make their way through varied environments in the game.

Lost Planet 2 is the first game to make use of Capcom’s updated proprietary game engine, MT Framework 2.0. Rendering dynamic lighting in beautiful massive environments, previous versions of MT Framework have been used on games like Resident Evil 5 and Devil May Cry 4.

For those new to the world of Lost Planet, Lost Planet 2 takes place on the planet of E.D.N. III, 10 years after the events of the first game. Terraforming efforts have melted the icy terrain of the first game and given way to revealing lush tropical jungles and harsh deserts. Players will enter this new environment and follow the exploits of their own customized snow pirate on their quest to seize control of the changing planet.

LP2 Coop Screen (7)

Capcom is also releasing the newest trailer on PSN the same day as the Lost Planet 2 demo. Previously only having shown the jungle and city environments, the new TGS trailer gives you a glimpse of the new desert environment and even bigger Akrid than seen before.

We hope you enjoy the demo and newest trailer! Make sure to look for more news and information about Lost Planet 2 coming over the next few months to the PlayStation Blog!

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nice i give it a try 🙂

Yay. And yay that it’s at the same time for US/EU!


will it also available in the UAE store?

Dont worry, Europe isn’t beeing left out.

Well that’s a first, lol…

Can’t wait! 🙂

Wow, your cut and paste skills are getting a hammering recently this is the 3rd story on the front page which has been lifted straight from the US Blog.

Why not just redirect the url to the US site, at least Jeff & Co get involved in the commenting and its not the stoney wall of silence EU Blog users are faced with. It seems to me the only people here who comment are the 3rd parties who write their blog posts. *sigh* At least there not a link to Joystiq crammed in.

Anyways, this game looks awesome some of the best graphics around especially for a multiplatform title which haven’t always fared well on the PS3.

Sicilianblooded 16 September, 2009 @ 11:34 pm   7

awesome news i cant wait for that


ive had this co-op demo on the 360 for months.

Mighty, it’s not like you guys comment on the European blog posts at all, look, its 9 comments and 2 of them are mine. The community here doesnt even care apparently

And sumpunk, TRY READING. OPEN YOUR EYES, USE YOUR BRAIN, its not just the demo from the 360, its a brand new one


cool, can’t wait!
Thank you guys!
Over the next week we’ll played the demo of PES 2010, Brutal Legend, Lost Planet 2 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2!



It’s good to see the demo is coming to us the same day as the USA? Now was Capcom instrumental in this or did you guys have a say? Cuz we moan and moan at Capcom to give us the PS1 Classics with no dice. Yet they’re happy to persuade to buy their new game. Luckily for them Lost Planet 1 was a marvel, cuz if this was a sequel to a second rate game I’d be mightily narked right now.


@ m1ghtym00se, I personally think the EU Blog are very good at commenting and in some cases far better than the US Blog (especially when it comes to the Store).

Maybe if you say something constructive you would be more likely to receive a reply – SCEE don’t tend to reply to whinging and moaning in the comments section directly (although they do read them as the FW3.0 Q&A and recent VidZone update prove).

Looking at the US Blog taking all articles since last Thursday’s PSN Store Update post there have been 92 replies to approx 2400 comments (and only 2 of this replies related to the Store update).

Compared to the EU Blog since Thursday that has posted 168 replies to approx 1600 comments (over 600 of which where about the Store update which on it’s own received 79 replies).

I also disagree that all they do is copy and paste – granted they share relevant articles now and again but during the day (when the US blog is sleeping) there post rate is just as good as the US blog usually.


@ Microshock, maybe that is because it’s half past midnight in the UK, 1:30am in Western Europe, 2:30am in Eastern Europe, and 8:30am in Australia. The level of comments tends to drop in the middle of the night/early morning…


Give us Namco Museum Essentials one Europe Store 🙂

Apnomis knows some serious brown.

can’t wait for this game, high on my most wanted.


It’s always nice to see the EU store get’s a big demo release at the same time as the US store.

OmegaSlayer 17 September, 2009 @ 8:15 am   17

I’m one of the few that liked the first one, and I’m quite excited about it!
I still haven’t understood if LP2 will be multiplayer only.
Or better no one has ever stated it.

MobileTone 17 September, 2009 @ 8:31 am   18

wasn’t that impressed with that poor port of the first game so am interested in how this one shapes up, co-op though? c’mon guys, c’mon! i hope developers get off that bandwagon real soon. fine, have it as additional maps etc for online but don’t kill the main storyline by making us have to deal with retarded AI *coff*RE5*coff*

that’s one of the things Army of TWO got right, at least you could tell the bot what to do, with limits, and if they got it wrong you could slap ’em around the head. PLUS you could co-op with a mate on the same sofa! great times. 🙂

Grind_Axis 17 September, 2009 @ 8:34 am   19

Thanks Jem, I was pretty worried for a second there.


Great, good to see that we’re getting this cool stuff at the same time as the US.

Now if we only could get the same release date for Demon’s Souls in Europe as in the US I’d be very very happy. I’ve given up the Disgaea 3 trophy patch for EU, such a big shame.

twistedintoform 17 September, 2009 @ 9:35 am   21

hopefully this time they’ve actually programmed it with the ps3 in mind and taken advantage of the extra processors, rather than a port from the xbox/pc. when you can see what some of the ps3 exclusives can achieve, there’s no reason why it has to run with the appalling framerate issues that the first one did.

I’ll download when is out 🙂

Bilbo_bobbins 17 September, 2009 @ 11:11 am   23

@ Microshock…

You sir, are a plank. Look at the time it was posted? Also I think the comments from the European community, however less in size, are 100 times better and more constructive than the rubbish that is posted on the US Blog. Over here we tend to use our brains and not put people down for saying something.

Now to the Demo, it’s nice to see one is coming over to the PSN, I will definitely check this out. There are so many games coming this year I am not sure I can afford to buy another shooter, but maybe I can be persuaded.


Lovely stuff. Pity no local co-op as that almost guarantees a purchase from me everytime. Graphics are looking stunning and also kudos to Bilbo’s reply. Americans don’t often realise that there are countries (and, yes, even people) outside of its own borders. You’ll find a very low percentage of smack-talk and c**k measuring over here. Usually, just constructive replies or at the most, a whinge or two.


Bon-Your mes amis, i must say that i didn’t like the first one , – – 1, Story : Serioslously did someone understand this Japan oriented confusing story , i don’t think so . But the action was really god and i’m looking forward to Lost Planet 2 and the co-op demo boss out

Burkatron81 17 September, 2009 @ 1:03 pm   26

Nice one Capcom/Sony, really looking forward to this.
Only played the first on a machine i wont mention here, but i had great fun. Got high hopes for this one.

m1ghtym00se 17 September, 2009 @ 1:47 pm   27


The comment on the EU articles tend to come from 3rd party contributers like Vidzone, SingStar etc… and rarely if ever come from EU Blog people themselves.

3/5 front page articles at my time of writing were straight cut and past jobs from the US site. 60% is quite high I’d say.

Jeff (US Blog) always comments loads on his articles and gets involved with the community, not sure what Jem does – other than perhaps he’s looking to shoehorn in another Joystiq link somewhere?


I actually liked the first one alot, I can’t remeber any frame-rate issues or if the loading screens were very long, but it’s been a long time since I played the game.

Many games go for realism, which usually ends up with that you have to shoot the enemy in the head to kill him quickly. In Lost Planet however, you had to dodge the enemy attacks until they revealed their weak spots, which I quite frankly thought was very nice.


no monsterhunter 3 = no capcom games !