Home Dizzee Rascal VIP Room

All very exciting!

We welcome Dizzee Rascal Mercury Award Winner, to launch our new swanky SingStar Rooms: VIP space in PlayStation Home on September 24 2009 at 20:00 BST (UK time) 21:00 CEST (Mainland Europe). This is part of the launch of his new album ‘Tongue n’ Cheek’. Check out the screenshots below.

Home Dizzee Rascal VIP Room

Home Dizzee Rascal VIP Room

Home Dizzee Rascal VIP RoomHome Dizzee Rascal VIP Room

Home Dizzee Rascal VIP RoomHome Dizzee Rascal VIP Room

He will be performing six of his chart topping tracks exclusively for the PS Home/SingStar community, including ‘Chillin Wiv Da Man Dem’ for the first time in the public domain. Dizzee will also be on hand to answer your questions, so be sure to think of something good to ask him! He will try and meet as many of you as possible, and will be around for an hour after the performance.

There’s a free Dizzee Mask up for grabs if you visit the gig (which will be on for 48 hours only!) and plenty of other limited edition items for your PS Home avatar. Check out the screenshots below for a glimpse of what you can get your hands on:

Home Dizzee Rascal Merchandise

Home Dizzee Rascal Merchandise

Home Dizzee Rascal MerchandiseHome Dizzee Rascal Merchandise

Also be sure to check out Dizzee’s new SongPack on the SingStore, tracks include:

  • Dance Wiv Me
  • Holiday
  • Bonkers
  • Flex
  • Fix Up Look Sharp

Hope to see you there!

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pretty cool,… hopefully it’s under 12+, so that german-peaople can enter ;)

Cool, lookin forward to it. will the singstar room be used for other artist promotions also?



Definitely! The launch event with Dizzee is just the start, and moving forward the space will be used to host even more special events and gigs. Keep an eye on the blog for future announcements!

I hope you enjoy it!


Bling bling.


This is such a SICK idea, like my m8 seany said it’ll be good to have different artists every month to have an event like this in Home promoting there new album or video or something like that.


I’m glad you like it. And the monthly event idea is great – I’ll be sure to pass it on to the team.




My first virtual gig, amazing. Oh and them masks look well scary lol


Lol – they are great aren’t they? And they’ll only be available to those of you that visit the event within the 48 hour period, which makes them even more special!


It’s a pretty cool idea, even if i’ve never heard of the guy.

Video is set to private apparently.


Hi – this should be fixed now, but let me know if you have any more problems.


Video Not Available?


Hello – sorry, this should now work. I hope you like it!


This could be interesting, might have to drop in on this.

seriously cool, only impressing me about home lately even more. Keep it up and real guys!


SCEE u earn yourselves some jaffa cakes cannot wait for this update sounds epic n do i see a new apartment space in 2 of those pics or is that just the singstar VIP spaces still


Jaffa cakes?! Yum! Can we get some custard creams as well please? :)

All of the screenshots above show the SingStar VIP space, so unfortunately it’s not an apartment. :( It’s really impressive though, huh? I’m loving the views!



that is so bad its awesome. i need one of those face masks

AlertStonerHead_ 17 September, 2009 @ 09:52

Oasis or something like that would be good but Dizzie rasc . Na no thanks , but keep up the good work.

This will be bbbbbonkers !!!!!!



How come time anouncments are are in BST? not in Central European Time since this is the eu blog not the british blog afaik.


Apologies for this one. We’ve amended the post so that it included both BTS and CET now.

I hope that helps!


@Bahamut44-4 (Post No.12)

Fully agree.

Meant @Phuquit

When are we getting an edit function?

you mean the eu home will finally get some music?
wow, things certainly are improving, maybe we’ll only have to wait six months for an uncharted 2 space.
and when are you going to add a proper, try it on, preview option to the home stores?

Hi Naomi, using Dizzee Rascal is a FRESH idea for the new VIP Home Space. That’s good!

I’d like to personalise my Home Space, have you got any idea when the photo frames are coming to Europe?

Also Home feels like a separate experience from using the PS3. Are there any plans to integrate Home into the core XMB? For example allowing us to use our Home avatars as our PSN ID avatars? It doesn’t make sense that we have two different images.

How about rewarding PS3 owners with a bronze trophy for spending an hour in each new Home space?

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing other artists in the VIP room.


Hi VenomUK,

Unfortunately I don’t work on Home other than in a SingStar capacity, but these are all great ideas and I’ll be sure to pass them all on to our Home team.

Keep them coming!


Though not a fan of him, or indeed hip hop in general, I will be checking this out as things like this should be supported (rather than just criticised).

Now what are the chances of Earth, Wind & Fire appearing? :)


Very interesting but I’ll go to it for the freebies and fun… a new face for my faceless avatar ;)

No thanks :(


@20 HazelAM

I believe that the clothing preview option is coming with 1.3 but lets be honest, we’ll be waiting 6 months for the Uncharted space first ;)

SCEE Home hosting a live community event with special guest star?! There must be some mistake surely, did you get lost on your way to the US blog?

Seriously though, it’s nice to finally see some action in Home – this is the type of thing Home was made for, it amazes me it’s taken SCEE so long to catch on! It’s the same with events like E3 & Gamescom – they should have been streamed *live* into Home with on hand special guests to host it and answer questions and give out freebies etc! Hopefully this is the start of more structured community events in SCEE Home…

P.S. You guys at SCEE really love Dizzee Rascal, wasn’t he used as the face of VidZone when that first launched too? Bonkers!


Hi Apnomis,

I’m glad you like it, and hope you enjoy the event. We do indeed love Dizzee – he’s almost as bbbbonkers as we are!


I just wish that you would stop using USA date convention.

In Europe it Date Month Year

The strange USA way it Month Date Year

I just thought that European blog for Playstation?

@ RipMap

Agreed… In Europe, Australia, New Zealand we all use “Date, Month, Year” Convention. This is what I prefer and not the “Month, Date, Year” that the US use.

This is a good start, but undoubtedly like the rest of the mainstream media you’re just gonna completely ignore metal. And then when you do try and put a harder act in, they try and palm off someone like Nickelback as heavy. They’re a good band but not heavy. And while I’ll support Home, do try and get some balance in there, if you plan on doing something like this again…
P.S. Since you’ve shown with things like Siren Blood Curse and Killzone 2 stuf you aren’t averse to venturing into the world of adult (in a non porn sense) content, can we please have a Saw themed space? Cuz with a game out soon and a new film, it would make sense.


Hi AshAbuse,

We love all different genres of music, and would be really interested to hear what bands you would like to see / hear on SingStar in the future. Feel free to post it here in the comments section and we’ll take it all on board.

Thanks also for your Home comments. I actually only work on Home in a SingStar capacity and so can’t help with these directly, but will definitely pass your comments on to the Home team.


Nice work SCEE, i’m really looking forward to the 24th.


See you there! I’ll be the one wearing a Dizzee mask. ;)

i like it!!!

The VIP area looks cool, is it going to be made perminent when the Singstar space launches?

Hope this is just the beginning to many more of these style events. Fantastic news!

As awesome as this is I’d just like to be heard on this. When is anything like this going to happen for Australia? Home as it stands, is great to personally go onto, but it’s no engaging enough as an australian for local content, and meeting other australians. As in using it for it’s primary purpose, socialization.

This goes into an issue which i feel very strongly about that Australia just shouldnt be included in the umbrella of SCEE, as we’re getting penalized with so many localization timetables and issues, if anything we’re closer to SCEA than SCEE. That’s another thing entirely but the fact is, playstation is starting to do VERY well in Australia, when are we going to see some of that love given back is all in support? Whether it be home, psn store, unmetered deals with bandwidth providers or completely local content services (like the in the works ABC Iview integration, this is brilliant, we need more work like this).

I forgot to mention what i was getting at entirely with this Dizzee Rascal VIP room launch. It’ll be happening at 6 am or so my time.

What this is SCEE getting fast to release such a SICK(awsome) content hehe

our 1st EU music in home, but i wish it was our music maybe year 2020 we get it

but let take a reality check, uncharted 1 space Binned uncharted 2 more then 6 months feel like 6 scee years, destination unknown.

but havein said that i see you on the dance-floor. :D


Sorry i dont know who is Dizzee,but thats just awesome idea!!! And new space looks really cool)


Got a few questions for you:

Will this VIP space be launched on the 24th at the same time as the SingStar space?

When will the live performance begin, how long will it last, and is it a one-off event in that 48 hour window?


This does look amazing, I’m really looking forward to it. Let’s hope the SCEE servers don’t get crushed. :)



The live performance will begin on 24th September at 20:00 BST (UK time) 21:00 CEST (Mainland Europe).

Hope to see you there!



Hi again!

I forgot to mention that yes, the SingStar Rooms will also be launching on 24th Sept. It’s a fab space which includes a video jukebox, interactive dancefloor, exclusive outfits and, shortly after launch, a music quiz.

I’ve had a sneak peek and it looks great, so be sure to check it out!



Great idea, will the room be open to everyone?? Or will it be selected people only???



It’s open to everyone that wants to come, so we hope to see lots of you blog regulars there!


Methinks this events is going to be awesome!

I’m so going to be there next Thursday at 8! Hopefully there will be room for me XD


I’m sure we’ll be able to squeeze you in!


this is brilliant hahahahaha

dizz aint hip hop its urban dance & i think he’s great

Pretty boring

Thanks for listening Carly, and offering to pass on my suggestions!

This is great news about a live event, well done to the people at london studios for this


This is exactly the sort of thing that Home needs, it might not appeal to everyone but it’s certainley a step forward. I’ll be checking it out for sure.

LOL at everyone saying this is a boring event, it is the best thing to happen in Home in a long time. If you don’t Dizzee Rascal then don’t turn up for the event, but I’m willing to bet most of you will, including the metal-heads. :)


yeah this this a great update i’ll be filming it with my HD PVR so hopefully i see dizze in one of the VIP rooms should be kools

Thanks Carly… your awesome… I love that Video and thanks for the fix :)
Definitely will be looking forward to the release… nice timing guys. School holidays are already here :D




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