Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Interview and Walkthrough with Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi

No doubt you’ve been reading Team Ninja’s weekly Friday posts (the penultimate of which will go up tomorrow!), so you’re sufficiently intrigued by Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. The US blog guys had a chance to sit down and chat with Yosuke Hayashi, the Producer and Director of the title, who spoke in great detail about the upcoming Ninja simulator.

Team Ninja Producer and Director Yosuke Hayashi should be very familiar to you by now. His series of posts here on the Blog revealed a bunch of new footage, modes and goodies for the PS3’s Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Some of those include a nice chuck of Momiji gameplay, Team Missions co-op mode, and Chapter Challenge mode where after you clear Story Mode, you can go back and replay chapters to compete with others around the world.

Since then, you’ve been asking for Mr. Hayashi to drop some comments on the Blog. But we did ya one better — an almost 10-minute long interview/walkthrough that should answer all your lingering questions on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 before its release in less than two weeks on September 29. So until then, summon your Ninpo skill — if Ninja Gaiden history has taught us anything, there’s some insanely hard Trophies to be had.

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Man i totally understand about the blood thing, Team Ninja really want this game to rise above its blood and gore assosiation. I wouldnt mind if all the games had the amonut of blood Sigma offers cause to be honest, it takes away from the other exellent features of the game like the story and the combat system.

I really cant wait to see how i stack up with other Ninjas, this game is really getting the attention is deserves from Sony and i think Team Ninja should build on that.

Excellent interview, it was very informative. The recording your performance, keeping your data and watching prologue while installing sound like nice additions. The demo is really good and so it will definitely be a day 1 purchase. Thanks for the support Hayashi-san and team ninja team on the blog.


I like the Nina Records, I think all games should have that. 🙂

I agree with #1 about the blood.


Having just played the demo, i lament the lack of blood but was appeased by the ‘bounce’ mechanics 😉


I can’t wait for this game. I hope PS3 owners don’t sleep on this title. Looks like team ninja really put a lot of work in this PS3 title. LOL can they not make the bosses a little bigger LOL. God dam there hugh.


No blood?Less violence?[DELETED]?

Epic fail…No, thanks.

AriesWarlock 17 September, 2009 @ 11:38 pm   7

The game looks great and the content seems plentiful, but I gotta interject on the blood thing. Why isn’t over the top gore and violence equally as gratifying and exciting as their new “fulfilling, satisfying cool concept”? Because to me it is. Oh well, maybe the reviewers will burn him a little and hopefully we’ll have the extreme violence back for future sequels.

Uncle Hayashi.

we need more missions in Team Mission mode as downloadable content.
What about a side quest mission? Like a mini campaign storymode but in Co-oP.

Anyway man, thanks for this game. You toned down the blood so this game could reach a much wilder audiences.
NG2 only sold 1million, since this isn’t 18, it should sell more than 1million units.


Insane is the right word for this game . the game is going to be a solid 7.8 rating


Make the blood and gore optional!!!!!!!!!!


Amazing playable Ayane, she needs her own game in the future! Please bring Dead or alive to playstation 3 team ninja, even now in 2009 doa4 looks amazing visually a sigma type version of of it would be fantastic.

Haha… “Ninja Simulator”…

that made me laugh, thanks 😉

CinderShadow 18 September, 2009 @ 3:56 pm   13

This was a great interview, and the game’s looking really impressive.

I agree with the reasoning of Mr. Hyashi, about the styling of Sigma 2. When I think of a ninja, I think of perhaps vengeance, but not slaughter. They’re much more cerebral, observing, cautious and selective, is how I think of ninjas.
I am very confident that with the new characters, and features shown here of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, it will prove to be a hugely rewarding, fun game. The co-op really surprised me!

Demo is up on japanese PSN. It is close to perfect after tweak and tune! NG2 on Xbox 360 was too chaotic like Dynasty Warrior. It lost the spirit of NG being tactical and defensive player. NGS2 is still offensive oriented but it is less chaotic so you must play more like a Ninja, block, dodge and attack an opening. Some blood would be nice but not like NG2 which is overdone. I totally agree with Mr Hayashi for returning to the root of Ninja Gaiden!

Co-op is fantastic! Graphics are fantastic! All the additions are loads of content! I am proud of Team Ninja offering a superior port for PS3. No japanese or western ports are so expertly done i know of.

Thank you everybody at Team Ninja!

Metalmurphy 19 September, 2009 @ 2:33 pm   15

@ caffe_ine:

There is blood, there is dismemberments, weapons still get bloody and Ryo cleans it up. There’s just not an EXCESSIVE amount of blood.

And seriously… if the amount of blood is your decisive factor when getting a game then you seriously have some issues…

“Are there different combination Ninpo’s for different character combinations?”

“Yes, depending on the characters you select, the Ultimate Ninpo will be different”

Well that an obvious lie, yes it may *look* different casting it, but ultimately it’s the same huge fire-ball falling to the ground wiping out the screen of enemies, not different with other characters.

“Why the lack of blood on Sigma 2?”

“As we moved forward, it didn’t become the concept, in this installment we wanted it to be the ultimate Ninja Gaiden package”

That’s fine, but again… WHY? That’s not the straight answer I’m looking for, if he’d just answer straight and not just dodge the question by saying it’s going to be the “Ultimate Package”, what I would like is the level of gore from Ninja Gaiden 2 and the Gameplay and features on Sigma 2!

But I suppose this will be a must buy for me! I went out the second Ninja Gaiden Sigma came out and I played it NON-STOP! Also cost me 2 more controllers, but that just proves that it is one HELL of a challenging game!!