First Look: Comet Crash

Hi everyone!

This is John Bates and Jennifer Pourchot from Pelfast. Pelfast is a small indie startup located in sunny California.

We are excited to announce the upcoming PSN release of our highly acclaimed debut title, Comet Crash. Comet Crash has turned the tower defence genre on its head with completely new and exciting gameplay.

Comet Crash

Tower defence fans appreciate the simple yet addictive experience of building towers to defend from enemy waves. On the other hand, we at Pelfast love the thrill of a massive offensive rush to demolish an enemy base. We designed Comet Crash with both of these elements in mind. Finally, you can send massive swarms of your own troops to wreak havoc on the relentless waves of enemies. Ahhh…sweet revenge!

In Comet Crash, your first priority is to defend your territory from an assortment of enemy invaders. For those of you new to tower defence gameplay, this involves strategically placing various weapon towers to destroy enemy units before they get to your base. To get the job done, Comet Crash provides a devastating arsenal of weapons, including Turrets, Pulsars and Bombers. Future space commanders will need to place each of these weapons strategically to slow the oncoming waves of enemy units. An effective tactician will need to draw on the strengths and weaknesses of their own weapons and units, but also of their enemies.

As we mentioned earlier, one of Comet Crash’s defining characteristics is actively bringing the fight to the enemies own front door — you must devise an offensive strategy. Comet Crash lets you choose between a variety of offensive units to create your own army. Each of these specialized mobile units has its own speed, strength and behavior. Once you have a massive army…ATTACK! By the way, remember that powerful Cell processor that you all have in your PS3? It’s for real. We cranked up the army cap to 1000 individual units per player for some seriously huge attacks. If all else fails, bust through the enemy defences by destroying their towers. Choose to use simple brute force, devise a crafty offensive strategy, initiate land grabs, or use a combination of tactics to win.

In the Campaign, 1-3 players can fight through 28 action-packed levels. As you move through the Campaign you gain access to new technologies that add new strategies to your arsenal. It is up to you to find the most efficient way to spend your resources and to throw together first-class strategies to take down your enemy. Levels can be passed in many different ways so feel free to release your inner genius.

Battle mode allows you to play against your friends, supporting 2-4 players offline. The goal is simple: take out your buddies before they take you out!

We hope you enjoy the latest Comet Crash gameplay footage.

Comet Crash will be available on PSN in October.

Thanks for reading!

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This game is AMAZING. It’s the most fun I’ve had playing co-op in a game like EVER and I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember. I can recommend this to everyone, especially those of you who enjoy tower defense games (although this is a lot more than just that) and playing co-op with/against your friends!

Is the PSP version of Comet Crashed considered a PSP mini game? I’m getting all confused between games like Thexder Neo and Loco Roco being cheaper than PSP retail games, but not considering themselves mini or having features not available in minis.

Any help on that point would be appreciated.

Just to clarify, Comet Crash is for PS3 only right now. It’s a full game.

From a store point of view, all minis titles will be clearly labelled to avoid any confusion for you all when you’re browsing games on the store. Sorry to jump in, just seemed like a good place to point this out :P

Oh by the way John, is there any chance of either DLC or a sequal?

*Sorry for double post – this site really needs an edit button*

Yes, we’re planning for some DLC later this year. A sequel is always possible if there’s enough interest!

Ack, I got confused with Gravity Crash and Comet Crash. Disregard.

DavisTheDarkest 21 September, 2009 @ 17:14

2-4 players offline? Interesting, I really appreciate tower defence games :D

Carnivius_Prime 21 September, 2009 @ 17:20

I don’t like tower defense games at all but I have a friend who really does who is finally giving in and selling his Xbox 360 to buy a PS3 Slim (mainly for Uncharted 2 for obvious reasons). I’ll be sure to show him this.

That’s great news John, I’ll be first in the virtual line to get that DLC!

This game is a true killer. I bought this from the US Store (as I couldn’t bear waiting an eternity for the EU release) and I can tell that in gameplay this is a 10. The offensive aspect really enriches the tower defense gameplay.

Also, the game is visually super clean and it *never* drops in framerate with hundreds of units on screen moving around and lasers and whatnot everywhere.

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere before but the style is very reminiscent of Total Annihilation (PC RTS classic from 1998) and it’s spiritual successor Supreme Commander.

This game is really, really good.

We spent a lot of time performance tuning so it’s great to hear that it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

I’ve seen such a game already on a Amiga or Atari I believe. Still this one seems also very addictive :-P

looks like a interesting title! The addition of co-op story and local multiplayer will certainly set this title apart from the rest.

Assuming its priced competitively, will this game have a demo or could you point us to some reviews you feel capture the feel of your game?

Deja vu. This was published on the US PSN in April, did you get stuck in a time warp?

As i said in the other post DLC is the future. I will definetly buy this game boss out

Had a look round the Metacritic scores and seems that the game is liked from most outlets although i’ve never visited a few of them. I’m guessing there wont be a demo released for the game as you didn’t mention it ;)


We’ll have a demo toward the end of the year, first priority is the Europe launch and new content.

OK cool. i’ll take a look when it comes out :) seems like a promising TD game :D

Is this going to launch alongside the release date of the PSP Go?
Because having this game on my brand new PSP would be soooooo kewl :)


Comet Crash is only on PS3 currently.

Thank you so much for bringing this game to Europe!

I’ve been waiting from the day I first say the game for it to come to Europe.

hmm that “Pelfast” was a link lol i thought someone spelled “Belfast” lol

anyway will there be a demo?

the community feedback alone has sold it for me to be honest.

Slightly random question, but what is the definition of an “indie” games company? Does that mean you all play guitar and wear tight jeans? :/


The closest I’ve gotten to guitar recently is playing Rock Band :) It’s more an abbreviation for independent in this case, since we don’t have a separate publisher behind us.

I’ve been looking forward to this since it was first announced for the US a long time ago. A nice surprise to hear this is coming to PAL regions after all.

Unsure what to make of it really. Will have to wait for a demo really, as there are so many of these games released lately, it’s a bit like shovelware on Wii. So many lookalikes with only 1 or 2 really good ones.

It’s great that there is a lot of things able to happen on screen at once, but this can also be really drastic in ruining the experience as well due to the over crowding on screen.

For me, Monsters is probably my favourite Tower style game and anything else in the genre really has to up the stakes. Just seems like an easy cop-out to produce something that is already in the markets heavily.

Still, will hold judgement till a demo arrives, as finding no demos when the games are released to be one of the major downsides to the PSN Network. All Xbox titles for XBLA have demos when they are released with an easy option for purchase. Sony should be demanding the same thing for all PSN Devs too. Would go a long way to pleasing the end users.

aaaah, independent. Jesus, thats pretty obvious.

What will the price be for this title?

Seems like a fun game, I look forward to trying it out.

twistedintoform 22 September, 2009 @ 14:35

@capeview – the difference is that the psn is free for users, xbla is subsidised by subscriptions. m$ charges no further publisher costs (outside of normal costs) to host content, whereas publishing on the psn encurs (small’ish) additional charges to developers. this would make it unfair to make demos mandatory, because if you are a small company with no major publisher behind you, it’s difficult to know how much this will cost upfront, and whether you have the budget for it. sony encourages demos, but it couldn’t demand them and then charge bandwidth costs for the privilege.

twistedintoform 22 September, 2009 @ 14:36

@john – will the EU release have the additional content that’s coming as a free update for the US version?


Yes, all the latest US updates ship from day one for EU.

1000 units? :)
that’s my idea of strategy, have loads more units than the other guy.
>:) that’s supposed to look a bit like a devil.

@23 In fairness though, there are quite a few demos where all you need for the full game is an unlock key. So in essence, you only need to post the demo. You don’t need to post up a seperate full game

As I see it, the EU version launches with the added content from the beginning.

twistedintoform 22 September, 2009 @ 17:42

@26 – yeah, but then a developer would still get charged the bandwidth, regardless if someone then bought the game or not. so it’s still not possible to know how much providing a ‘free’ demo will cost. somtimes a demo is a lot smaller in size than the full game, so less bandwidth, and therefore lower costs. for a massive publisher, the costs can be more easily absorbed by marketing budgets, but most psn games are not by big developers/publishers, and don’t exactly sell by the hundred thousands.. sony does have a pub fund for small developers, which for some projects will match development costs in return for a share of guaranteed revenues, maybe sony could use part of its own fund to absorb the cost of a demo in those circumstances..

almighty-slayer 22 September, 2009 @ 17:49

If you had given it to us when you gave it to the US i’d have bought it. But you didn’t so i wont.


Hello pelfast and thanks for making a great looking game which i might say you have given a great name ‘comet crash’ love it! I love the tower defence genre which pj mosters got me into and i enjoyed savage moon as well. I just wondered if this game might have a editor mode which you could use to create your own levels with just to spoice this up! Anyway it looks great any idea on the price and date of release in the Uk?


@john, will there be an “onslaught mode” where you can just fight off a never ending stream of enemies, and will there be a map editor as DLC perhaps? This looks amazing, I was going to download savage moon but it looks like I’ll hold no to my pennies until this comes out!

What a great find and a great game – well done Pelfast, and I hope you make some money out of this game !

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