Twilight Football Competition Kicks Off

Remember our Twilight Football competition? The winners are currently high in the French Alps, and you can follow along with their antics on Twitter via the European PlayStation Blog Twitter account. The winners (Lloyd Jones and co.) have hijacked it and will be posting interesting snippets from their trip to play football on a French glacier.

Sony Twilight Football Contest

It won’t end there, though. When they get back we’ll be editing together video footage that they’ve been taking out there and inviting them on the Blog to talk about their trip at length. So go on — live the Twilight Football experience alongside them by following us on Twitter.

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AlertStonerHead_ 21 September, 2009 @ 15:51

Manchester United are No1 team ….wheyyy

Not a football fan but the football fans should be happy :)


Good for them. Don’t give a rats a$$ about the stupid competition , but good for them

FC Zürich the best team in the World

Er, good for them I guess.

If I come across as uninterested it’s probably because I don’t like football and wonder how much it really has to do with the PlayStation brand.

Hope they’re having fun though.


sounds like you have the best job in the world?

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