We’re Going To TGS

By the time you read this I will already be on my way to the airport to catch my flight to Japan to cover the Tokyo Game Show with SCEA Blog’s Jeff Rubenstein.

We’ll be doing our best to make you feel as if you’re there along with us, by reporting on as many games as possible and interviewing as many developers as we can grab. We need you to help us out by giving us some questions for all these great people we’ll be chatting to. Below you’ll find the list of games whose developers we’ve already confirmed meetings with, though more may be added.

We want our interviews to be as interesting as possible, so make sure your questions stay away from the obvious (dates, Trophies, etc). Be sure to let us know if there are any games that aren’t on this list that you want to hear more about. We’ll make it our mission to keep you informed.

See you (virtually) from the show floor,
Jeff & Jem

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AlertStonerHead_ 21 September, 2009 @ 14:03

any firmware coming soon , during tgs ?

enjoy yourselfs and get lots of freebies..

Hy Jeff,

2 Questions, do you think GT5 is making it’s way to the PS3 this year? And will we hear a release date for it on TGS09?


Jem… do us proud mate. The only game im most interested in is THE LAST GUARDIAN, so if you can spoil us with that game im happy!

Thanx bud.


Thanks guys :D
Have fun!

Where is The Last Guardian and God of War 3?
And what about Demon Souls relase in Europe?

@2 i work at GEMA…. and we have it penned for Dec 2009 mate if that helps, to be fair though i personally think it wont ever come out tho Lol

Questions to GT5:
Does game have the career mode (something like GT4)?
What about DLC?

Is the GOW collection going to hit Europe this year? ;)

AlertStonerHead_ 21 September, 2009 @ 14:13

@6 i miss you man . TTM .

good luck guys, and enjoy the TGS!
Hope in an official Loco Roco’s: Midnight Carnival release date for Europe :)
have fun!

@9……. Huh?! Lol

SHOOOOOOOOOTER!!!!!!!!!! I’m really anxious about a release Date of that one! Please interview Mr. Cuthbert about that Date!!

the 2 psp level 5 games, as we have almost no details.
Also birth by sleep.

Jem, first off, are all these games scheduled for EU releases? i don’t remember hearing about White Knight Chronicles getting a EU release (or a UK one for that matter).

if you could ask the VC team the following i would appreciate it.

Valkyria Chronicles had an emotionally charged storyline throughout the game but it really ramped up towards the end which made the game feel a little unbalanced with its story telling. What steps (if any) are you taking to make the player feel more emotionally invested throughout the game rather than at sporadic points?

Also, will their be new classes? and will all classes have class upgrades which alter their weaponry and appearance?

I would also love to hear more about Jak (and Daxter) on PSP :)


Yeah, as much information as possible on the last guardian would be much appreciated.
And it would be great if you could ask GT5 (:P) how the damage modelling will work. On all cars? How much?

Have fun enjoy TGS…..
Will be good to get Gran Turismo 5 release date fingers crossed…..

Bring on GT5…. Been waiting for ages now.

GT5 Question: Will there be a B-Spec(or something like it) this time also?

2: Will there be dammage on all cars? or just WRC/Nascar?
I dont care if it’s just visual dammage.

3. Will there we be able to make private rooms for racing?

4. Any chance i can come with you? (i would fit in a big suitcase..)

Stay away from the Sake….

Sequel to Resistance 2?

3. Will there we be able to make private rooms for racing?

DAM no edit button ah…

is there going to be any MAG stuff?

If you could also ask both the White Knight team and the team behind Trinity what they are doing to make their RPG’s stand-out from the crowd id be interested :)

thanks Jem and have a great time

just bring back some more info on The last Guardian….. and a few booth babes please…

I would like to know more details about GT5 Head tracking technology. And: Are there more games coming to PS3 that support true 3D (With glasses) I know of only 2 games right now that support this, invincible tiger and G-Force. It would be cool if the 3D Option could be added to the PS3 OS so that it works in all titles like NVidia 3D Discovery on the PC!

Can we please have complete official clarification on GT5 car numbers, how many have damage models, how many have interior damage models. And the possibility of GT5 DLC , also how will the online work ? EG, will it have rankings, is there a COOP / Competative modes. Just how will GT5 be online ? Thats all, plus Uncharted 2 EU release date


Hiya, With VC2, Is there going to be any difficulty modes? Im still struggling through VC 1 but loving the look of VC2

cool stuff. could you guys ask the people developing Quantum (Tecmo?) if there are any plans for coop in that game? i know that for an awesome looking gears of war-alike, co-op is a must! thanks in advance :-D

Gran Turismo: How does the Playstation Eye integration work?

Get some info on Saw: The Video Game. How multiplayer works, EU release date cool new traps. I needto know more about this game! Thanks.


Ask Sega if we will be seeing any Valkyria Chronicles characters returning for the sequel as cameos, or will any characters from other Sega games be in VC2! (like how Vyse, Aika and Fina turned up in the original) :D

Hi Jem & Jeff

While ur over there, could u see how many developers are incorporating game launching within home into their titles especially gt5, thanks.


FROM Software’s new title 3D Heroes looks really good, PLEASE can you find out more about that?

The website for it is here:

And convince somebody that they should release Demons Souls in the UK, i had to import it and currently its my GOTY, for such a masterpiece not to be released in the UK is a crime!

enjoy TGS :-)

We need to know the release date of Heavy Rain!

Could you ask the PixelJunk if they plan to add any extremely annoying voice-overs to the Shooter game. I purchased their little racing game a while ago and the voice-over in that game almost caused me to throw the PS3 out of the window.

Oh, we NEED a release date for GT5. If Polyphony mention “2010” in their reply then please do us all a favour and beat them with a big stick until they say “2009”.

Thanks! :)

I heard that Gears of War 3 could be announced as being released on the PS3 in 2010. But like all Unreal/Generic Engine games, it will look decidedly shiiite on the PS3.

I’m also keen to find out more about The Last Guardian, and also about War Devil ( by digi-guys in Ealing ).

I hope that Sony announce more PS3 exclusives and give an actual release date for the new Motion Controllers ( holiday season? ).

Lastly, we need Sony to talk about how Home avatars can be used in third party games and how they will expand PSN to surpass Xbox Live functionality.

I cant wait to see Quantum and Trinity Zill’Oll

Please ask the wonderful people of Square-Enix if they will be releasing more titles on the PSN for the PS3 and/or the PSP.
Also, get us loads of info on Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep!

Maybe even some info on the PSP Go?

RadioactiveMouse 21 September, 2009 @ 15:06

Ah you lucky guys :D

Anything more on Hustle Kings date etc would be very appreciated ;)

good luck guys, hope for great coverage!

2 questions for ya:

for hideo kojima, ask him why he betrayed all ps3 owners who specifcally
bought a ps3 for mgs.

Second for yamauchi ask him when gt5 is out and don’t take no reply as an answer

Are they going to release Gran Turismo 5 Demo on the Store?

I’ve also got a question about Final Fantasy XIII. Would Japanese VO have fitted on Blu-ray?



Most excited about that game this year and there has been no information for ages…

I’d love to know more about GT5, will there be any DLC? Any info about Last Guardian is good too.

Have a great time in Tokyo, it’s a great place, especially the subway!

My questions will center around Valkyria Chronicles 2. :)
So here goes:

1) Why did you decide to have the sequel of Valkyria Chronicles on the PSP as opposed to the PS3?

2) Will any of the original cast be featured in the next game? If so will they be playable?

3) Will there be any new classes to select in the new game?

4) Any news on the official art book being released and any memorabilia heading this way?



– Weather, Day/Night change in GT5? If not would it be possible to hand out those features via update? Release date (common, you know this is more than overdue)?

– Tell them Metal Gear guys we’d like to see Zone of the Enders 3 on PS3 ;)

– Does the Sony Wand have an anolog stick or something comparable for walking around/moving the camera (yes please ;) )? Will single Wand be the standard (please say no)?

– Is Sony still caring about core gamers, as they said so repeatedly, with the Wands or will it be casual stuff for single Wand / no analog stick use?

When is Sony’s Press Conference and how long is it?

Any information on The Last Guardian.

Final Fantasy XIII European release date.

White Knight Chronicles release date and how will the georama will work.

Any information on Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll.

Thanks :)

gt5 baby cant wait, have a good trip guys.

It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it hey Jem? What did you have to do to get a job that involves posting on blogs and traveling around the World going to games conferences?! I’m sure you’ll tell me it’s harder than it sounds, but I’ll not believe you! ;)

Hopefully we’ll be seeing much more of the motion controller (and games that will be using it) at the show…

More info on The Last Guardian would be good too…

Regarding Quantum – why did they drop the ‘Theory’ part of the name, and would they consider the “Gears of War meets Devil May Cry” description a fair one and what sets it apart from these games.

I don’t what more spoilers from Heavy Rain, just release the game.

I was going to say ‘MGS4 Trophies’? I better not say it then :D

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