Valkyria Chronicles Q&A

I know. Reading is hard. This interview wasn’t able to be captured on camera (as it was standing in front of Team ICO’s Fumito Ueda at the time — more on that next week), but I’m sure Valkyria Chronicles fans will be very interested in reading it, nonetheless. I snuck down to the show floor during a rare quiet period — more of those next year, please! — and got my hands on the TGS playable demo. You guys are going to love it.

What made you decide to develop the official sequel for Valkyria Chronicles on the PSP? (Submitted by user: Trollkotte)

For the original PS3 version of the game there were two key features: The Canvas graphics system and the BLiTZ combat system. So when we were discussing the sequel we obviously wanted to bring these two features over, but we wanted to upgrade it somehow. When we looked at the BLiTZ battle system specifically — especially in the Japanese market — co-op play and wireless play is becoming more and more popular and we felt that would expand the gameplay for the title in a great way. When we went further in that direction we discovered that the PSP is the perfect platform to take advantage of that.

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Are you adding new unit classes, weapon types or vehicles? Will there be any returning characters from Valkyria Chronicles 1? (Submitted by user: BigBoss712)

Yes. In terms of new weapons and units, not only will there be more of each, but there will be expanded customisation options for both. We have Scouts and Stormtroopers, as we did in the first game, but Scouts may branch into Scouts who run faster or are more meant for battle. In that way, each of the units will branch into new units. In terms of weapons, in the first game a rifle might branch into three different rifles as you progress in the game. The amount of variation is even greater in the sequel. In terms of returning characters, you’ll definitely see Alicia and Welkin come back and you might see other members of Squad 7, too.

We can also customise tanks this time around. You can equip different weapons and change the colour, which will affect how the tank moves. There are many ways for you to customise your own troops, just based on all the different character, tank and weapon options.

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With Valkyria Chronicles 2 going portable next year there have been rumours of its return to the PS3. Is that likely? (Submitted by user: G-Force08)

We’re still developing Valkyria Chronicles 2 so, to be honest, we’re not really thinking about Valkyria Chronicles 3, 4 or 5 at this point. Just in terms of how our team develops titles and our way of thinking when we choose the platform for each of our titles, it’s not necessarily “let’s make a PS3 game!”. It’s more a case of “what kind of game do we want to make?”. For example, the first Valkyria was on the PS3 because of all the features we wanted to incorporate into the game and we felt the PS3 was the most suitable platform, so that’s how we develop games in our team. So potentially Valkyria Chronicles 3, or another title that we work on next might be on the PS3, it might still be on the PSP, we don’t know at this point.

Because we’ve already got experience of working on the PS3 and now we’re developing another game on the PSP, that just adds to our level of experience and understanding of these platforms and will definitely help us in determining what is the best platform for the next game that we make.

The PSP is seeing a lot of success, particularly in Japan, with regards to its online and ad-hoc multiplayer. Will you be taking advantage of that in Valkyria Chronicles 2?

We are incorporating wireless ad-hoc play into the game, which will feature both co-op and versus modes. We can’t really talk too much about it in detail yet.

Are there any plans to add a versus mode to Valkyria Chronicles 1?

Valkyria Chronicles’ engine wasn’t made for this sort of gameplay, so we can’t just patch a versus mode into the first game. But if fans really want that, and the development team really feels that it would be a compelling addition to the Valkyria Chronicles franchise, then that might be when we create another Valkyria Chronicles game for the PS3.

How does the difficulty of Valkyria Chronicles 2 and the character progression system differ from the first game?
What has changed the most is the way the game flows. If you remember back to the first game, it’s like reading through a book, with a certain number of missions per chapter. So if you hit a particularly hard mission you have to use trial and error to get past it, or you’ll never progress. But Valkyria Chronicles 2 is mission based, so if you reach a mission you can’t clear, you have the option of trying other missions before returning to the more difficult one. By doing that you can level up your characters or you might meet someone who can help you clear this mission. It’s a different method of progressing through the game. Overall the game’s difficulty will be about the same as Valkyria Chronicles, but because the game flow is different you might find the game is easier or, depending on the player, more difficult

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Thank you, so much.

Yeah i love it

Reminds me, I must get around to finishing the first game. Looking good though…

Why didn’t you ask the trophies question? It’s like the no.1 asked q!

I don’t understand. Why people keep thanking? It’s their job! I wish I could be paid to travel to Tokio to watch videogames!!! :D

Spank the interviewer for not asking devs about TROPHIES!

You mean Valkyria Chronicles *2* Q&A.

From the title alone on the feed I thought you guys were re-hyping the PS3 version.

Would love to get a PSP and this game but moneyz. Not enough.

Too bad this is no PS3 game…
I whish there would be a way of playing PSP games on PS3.
Like I could play Gameboy games on my Super Famicom thanks to the Super GAME BOY thingy. That was great stuff!

A trophies patch for the first Valkyria would be a nice addition to re-discover this game while waiting for the sequel.


how about an analog stick on the motion controller!?


i love this game already. co-op, multiplayer and i’ll be able to play it at work what’s not to like? it also looks stunning.

cheers for the info Jem.


I really love Valkyria Chronicles and i’m SOOOO happy to know that they are going to make another PS3 game :D

The branching paths of unit types sounds AWESOME!! I really hope they will give us tons of customisation and more special status effects!!

Icarus_Immortal 25 September, 2009 @ 14:48

VC2 looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to wage warfare on my PSP!
So… when will we get access to the TGS (playable) demo?

Hmm… “..change the colour, which will affect how the tank moves.”

Red Go Faster! WAAAGH!

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :D

Takehaniyasubiko 25 September, 2009 @ 15:27

Jem, you must be spanked for not asking about the trophies patch!

SuperB game, looking forward to PSP version and…There goes my vote for another PS3 sequel too!

The original is the best game on ps3, thanks Sega can’t wait for this sequel (and yes online multiplayer for Valkyria chronicles, fans really do want this).


what about the translation to the main EU languages ( spanish, french, germany and italy)??.

Valkyria Chronicles is a brilliant game.
2 looks great, but i dont have a PSP :(
fingers crossed that the series will return to the PS3 in the future!

This is ridiculous, why do people put these franchise on the handhelds, its like… its not “them” anymore…
This one looks horrible,graphic-wise especially.

Valkyria was such a hidden gem, I absolutely loved it. Looking forward to the sequet ;)

Meh… no answer to why the person(s) who said “hey lets make it for psp” was not promptly hit hard on the head with the thickest phonebook available.

Just bought valkyria chronicles on the ps3 and loving it. If they do a bundle on the psp go, I WILL be buying this.

i was about to purchase this the other day, and the guy in the store said ther were no trophies, so i decided not to buy.

If the devs read this, please include an ‘advance’ order. For say 2 CP or something all your characters would advance to a distant point (whilst not being able to attack to keep it balanced). This would remove the tedium of moving your characters up one by one which stopped me doing it in the first game.


If they wanted to make a PSP game they should’ve made a new game altogether. Way to turn your back on your fans. F#@king jerks.

I am really thinking of getting a psp for this one…gnarf the pain!

VC1 is the best game on ps3 so far imo, it sounds like the second one is going to live up to the high standards set =D i just hope it does

I hope this game will turn out to be as good as VC 1… But I’m not sure if the PSP will be good enough for this game…

I would give VC an 8/10 the visual was beautiful, kind of like an anime with water colors.
However,without that unique design and its HD-graphic the charm will lose a lot, also you had some epic missions which I doubt will happen in this PSP-version at all since the sys-req is limited much more.

The real reason why this game lands on PSP is because the ps3-version didnt sell enough, and they dont wanna risk losing any money so they make a cheaply version which hardly cost them anything. thats the real reason,and everyone knows it, and should stay away from it.


offline co-op to VC on ps3, Woo!! all for it :)

Can’t wait to see VC2

God I so want to see a new PS3 game form the franchise it’s like the last of it’s genre, also Valkyria chronicles 1 needs trophies!

Agree about VC 1 needing a trophy patch. Apparently this may happen if enough people ask for it…

(Read post number 54 on the above page)

Yeah, I’m all for trophies on VC1. VC2 sounds awesome though. Can’t wait to see how the co-op pans out.

i want this real bad but i have a feeling it wont live up to its PS3 “big brother”


oh? when can we see virtual dogs in hme?


Also when can we see new stuff in hme.? like cloths,new spaces e.c.t

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