Minis Week: Fieldrunners!

Hello, everyone! Jamie Gotch and Ash Monif from Subatomic Studios here to deliver some exciting news!

We are proud to announce that Fieldrunners—one of the top-selling iPhone games of all-time, winner of numerous awards including “Best Mobile Game” and “Achievement in Art”, and Time Magazine Top 10 Game of 2008—will be launching on mini for PSP on October 1st!

In Fieldrunners, your goal is to defend and control a field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers over countless waves of enemies, fighting off many land and air combatants to achieve the ultimate victory!

Minis - Grasslands Screenshot

Those who have already experienced Fieldrunners on the iPhone are in for a treat! PSP version includes lots of new content, from new maps and towers to new fieldrunners! Also, exclusive to PSP version is our themed music and enhanced graphics. We have painstakingly reworked many of the visual effects to make your experience all the more satisfying as you thrash your enemies. But don’t just take our word for it—try it for yourself and see why this is being touted as the most fun-packed Fieldrunners to date!

Minis - Skyway Screenshot

The controls on PSP and PSPgo were carefully crafted for maximum control. Players should be able to “pick up and play” the game with more fine-tuned precision than ever before.

So you must now ask yourself, “Do you have what it takes to dominate the fieldrunners and rise to the top as the ultimate Tower Defense master?”

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How much will it cost?

Fieldrunners for the PSP and PSPgo with enhanced graphics, music, controls and new content will be priced at 5 Euros.

Like the look of this, i will buy, but how much will it be in £’s? Thanks for supporting the PSP!

Thanks! We are very happy and proud to be featured on the PSP :)

Fieldrunners will be officially priced at 4.99 Euros and 3.99 GBP.

And there I understood how great psp minis are.
Looks like a great game :) Can’t wait to try it out :)


looks fun might get:)


Consider this bought! When i got my Ipod for Christmas last year i spent pretty much all day on FieldRunners :)

Thanks for the reply, looks like a bargain for that price :D Defiantly picking this up with Gran Turismo then :D

I tryed this on Iphone great game!

Getting it :)

I don’t like tower defence sorry no buy for me :(

I like the PSP but there are very few games that interest me. This game looks to be absolutely perfect and I will be buying it!!!


£3.99? Can’t be bad to that at all really. Bound to be one of the first Minis I buy. Would of been nice to see alittle more gameplay in the video though to see how you place towers etc. on the PSP.

Great. A tower defence game. We don’t have enough of those already so it’s nice to see this great addition to a practically empty genre.

almighty-slayer 28 September, 2009 @ 18:34

£3.99? Hmm..

@ 13: Sarcasm?

Id buy it twice if it was on ps3 and had trophies ;)

I want! Shame I sold my PSP :(

Nice price, will all the minis be games? A document reading app for the psp would be good, one that would display any standard text document (not the comic book reader)

“I want! Shame I sold my PSP”

Perfect reason to buy a PSP Go then ;-)

Holy Cow, Fieldrunners for the PSP!

@ Jamie Gotch

Perfect reason to buy a *PSP 3000 you mean :-D

£4 for a mini ?? This is gunna fail.

Why would I pay £4 for this when the same game is free on the app store…

These games need to be 59p each, and yes i know its not possible but £4 isnt a price where i will just buy it and not care if i dont like it.

#22 – I bought it on the iphone for $5 when it first came out, It’s never been free, I was soooo hooked. This has more maps, WOOT!!!
Definitely getting it, ur being silly!

“exclusive to PSP version is our themed music and enhanced graphics”


Now, only 2 days left until the launch of the Go! I’m getting the white one!

Fieldrunners for the PSP also includes new maps, towers and runners–each fitting into its own theme, adding to the fun and making for a more immersive experience!

Well i can assure it was free, and ive got it…

Well, I payed for it, and you can easily see it for sale. Perhaps you got a pirated version… anything’s free that way lol. (Shame on you)

Congratulations to all PSP owners. It’s a great game.


Will the PSN update this week be done early hours of the morning, as you will probably have a lot of people complaining if they go out and buy a PSP GO in the morning and only a couple of the best selling PSP games are availble to download.

Also will you be announcing all the content coming the the PSN before the PSP Go comes out?


I’ll be doing my weekly PSN Store update as usual – timing has yet to be confirmed though for what time the store update actually takes place.

Usually I post a list of content before the store updates, but this week I may wait until the store has published then post the blog update.

Noooo, post the update early Mike! Don’t wait until after! Just put a disclaimer stating that the update you’ve listed is accurate as long as there are no publishing problems.

I agree 31, keep the early update please mike , :D


No promises, but we’ll see ;)

Fieldrunners. Oh god, no. Bought it for my iPhone but yet to play it. However, looking at the PSP screens, surely we could get this for the PS3 as well? Look how simple, charming, PixelJunk Monsters was. This looks utterly perfect for the big screen. Please, for the love of all that is holy… make it so.

@Chas19 – grow up! Not everyone has an iPhone so people will love this on the PSP. Also, it’s such a cheap price people will probably enjoy it a second time around. Finally, it’s not free on the App Store either. Seriously, calm down, fella. You’re making yourself look stupid.

I agree with 31 too keep store update early as usual. Mikeyou know full welll if you go back to late updates most of us will come down on you as usual.. so just keep us happy. Lol


I know this is a strange place to put a query but I thought I’d give it a shot. Mike, have you been informed whether the Playstation Network cards as being released simultaneously with the PSP Go on the 1st of October or are they to follow later? I ask as it will be easier to pay rather than with my debit card. Thanks!


Love the art style!

can’t wait till 2morrow, this and pixel junk monster deluxe and my must haves.

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