TGS 2009: Download PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe This Thursday!

Our TGS coverage will continue throughout the week with a nice selection of developer interviews. We’re kicking this week off with the first show floor interview we shot. Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert, chatted to us about PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe — which, by the way, will be available this Thursday, October 1st in Europe. This isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from Dylan, though, as we’ll have a PixelJunk Shooter interview for you later this week.

In this interview featuring new footage, Dylan details the new island, new trap tower, new enemies, and online play.

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o I had hoped it was more content for the ps3 version, it would be nice with olnine co-op and the new towers. PJ mnonsters is the best tower defense game since gemgraft zero

Quick pimp here Jem, I hope you don’t mind. We have a review of the game up right now if you want to know more. We scored it 4/4.


Day one buy!

This is one of the best games ever! Will buy, hope you release a new island for PS3 too! I have all the trophies and rainbowed everything… need new levels!! aaaahhhhh


My wallets going to be hurting this week :)

Buying it day 1 for sure.

which idiot rated this post down?!

Prem-aka-Prince 28 September, 2009 @ 13:42

lol two charming accents make for one great video xD

Woooo!!!! cool :D
didn’t thought the PSP version was coming out this fast.

Lol not sure Sony is going to be happy about the end joke “when they have Monsters, they are not going to want any other titles” :p

I’m very 50/50 on a PSP Go! purchase or a PSP(x000) and games like this and MGS: Peace Walker are just tempting me too much so I might have to give in…

Great job guys anyways, and I’m looking forward to PJ: Shooter.

And just to go with PushSquare’s pimping, more evidence that PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe is totally awesome:

Wicked game.

nice to see your doing your job nofi ;)

looking forward to getting my hands on this but any ideas of price? rough guide would be good 20 to 15? 15 to 10? under 10?

WOOO! Was not expecting this at all! Cool :D Any news on the price though?

This game is awesome as you can see from our review.

So good, buy it people.


Fantastic looking additions to PJ Monsters, even though I already have the PS3 version I’m going to find it very hard to pass this up! Pricing will likely be the deciding factor on when I pick it up exactly.

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This game looks great!

Sony should think about having a week where a select group games are free, to introduce gamers to new game developers.

Whenever I try to play it online I get “Game version is different. Please make sure you have the latest version”. However if I try to update it from the XMB it says “This is the latest version”.
Presuming that I have the latest version, has online play been broken by people accessing online play with hacked copies?


Hi, I too get “Game version is different. Please make sure you have the latest version” when I try to play online..what is going on?


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