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On the first day of Tokyo Games Show, Level 5 took us on a tour through the online system of White Knight Chronicles. Now even if you’ve been keeping up with the previously-released Japanese version of the game, this will be news to you.

Online mode opens up for you once you’ve completed Chapter 1 in Story Mode, and features 3 main facets of play – GeoNet, Georama, and Subquests

GeoNet is a social networking service for WKC online players, where you can meet and interact with other players to get set for multiplayer quests.

Georama is where you can design your own “HomeTown”, which serves as a lobby for the online mode. There are 3 different fields to build your Georama in with 18 different combinations. You’ll drop in buildings, infrastructure, and even modify the earth itself. A 2D city sim this is not. Examples were shown where players could make hedge mazes or pixel art in the towns. What’s cool is you can recruit NPCs from the story mode to come live in your town. The NPCs have jobs of different levels, which will further change the town. Also, you and others can shop in the shops that you create. Up to a dozen players can enter one Georama at once, and from there you can head out questing. Hundreds (or more) parts and elements were shown – it’s pretty deep. Of note: North American players will be able to visit the Georama town of European friends, and vice versa.

Subquest – unlike the story mode, which centers around Leonard, you control your own avatar in this mode. As the story unfolds, quests will become available. When you are successful, you’ll accumulate points which will build your guild rank. The higher the rank, the more quests and weapons that are available for you. You can quest with friends or use the random matching system to be paired up with likeminded strangers. 50 subquests will be available at launch, and new ones will be added along the way online.

Oh, btw: Voice Chat confirmed! It’ll also be patched into the Japanese version at some point in the future. An additional exclusive feature for North American and European gamers: Rogue Galaxy’s Live Talk feature will be implemented. Characters will issue forth a “huge variety” of context-specific commentary as the quests unfold. Of course, all the updates the Japanese release has seen will be on the disc when it hits North America and Europe in Spring 2010.

For more on the game, look for an interview with Level-5 soon.

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sweet. This sounds really good. The PS3’s lineup just gets better and better. At this rate I won’t be bored at all over the next six months just looking at what’s coming to the PS3 and PSP. Maybe longer if it keeps up.

Cheers for news Jem.

Already pre-ordered this. Look’s great!

This game is a must HAVE.

So is this going to be like phantasy star online?

I really miss that game

i have played, and loved, a PS2 game by level 5 called ‘Dark Cloud’, that game was just brilliant and, upon searching for information on Dark Cloud 3, i found out about White Knight Chronicles.

i want it noooooooooooooooow!!!!

Level 5 is one of my favorite developers and i know for a fact that this game, like Dark Cloud, will be epic!

such a long wait for this, but will be totally worth it, level 5 games rock :D

Is Demon’s Souls getting released in Europe!
That’s the only RPG I really want to play on ps3.

We’ve heard no news regarding this game getting released in Europe,
Why would Sony not release a PS3 exclusive World-wide???

Please answer this, We deserve too know SCEE!

Can’t wait for this, although the timing could be better (any other rpgs out next spring?) Dark Chronicle was a fantastic game that you could play forever…. fishing & spheda, happy days!

@6 as far as I know there’s still no news on Demon’s Souls coming to Europe. Your best bet is to import it. Try, it’s released on the 6th oct in the US.

1) Why releasing it so late in the US and Europe?

2) Do you know that FF13 is planned for being relased in Spring 2010 here too? Do you serisouly think you can sell more then 100.000 copies if it is released at the same time?

3) Why doesnt Sony brings Demon’s Souls to Europe? Maybe we have too many RPGS? oh wait…

4) the only thing that matters now is Uncharted 2 anyway :D

I’m def getting this game, loved “Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy”.
One question though, the avatar which you create at the beginning will that avatar and his stats/equipment carry anything over for WKC2? yes, at TGS WKC2 got announced, so would be intresting to know.

Also, are the rewards online really “worth it”? I mean superior to stuff we will get in the singleplayer etc.

This looks great, I pre-ordered this a long time ago :) Keep up the good work. Any info on WKC 2 & when we’ll see it? Besides the year 2020 that is :)

Hey Jem, were they talking anything about Dark Chronicle 2? Do they/you know that there’s pretty much people that want a sequel to that game? I don’t know if Dark Cloud is in your property but if SCE is the publisher then it probably is and there really should be a next Dark Cloud game! Cheers :-)

No photos!

They should include the original VA. Some think that English voices is “cool” but others don’t want to listen to “cheesy” dialogue.

Watched some trailers and some voice actors are quite annoying.


Jem Alexander, or whoever from Sony or/and SCEE, why don’t you answer to G-M1N111 and bravo9zero questions?, all european users deserve a sincere answer to those question.

If you want Demon’s Souls, just import it from the US, where’s the problem? It’s not that expensive. I’ll do the same.

SCEE/SCEA really dropped the ball on this one :/
The only “standard” JRPG on PS3 with a decent quality and you release it 1.5 years after the Japanese version.
You didn’t to that do other Sony high profile games, why for the game of a genre that is/was underrepresented on PS3?!

I wanted to buy this, but there are so many games coming in early 2010 – including FFXIII!! (even SE manages to release a JRPG faster in the west, [DELETED]?!) – that I won’t bother I guess…

Wow. Those shots of Blank flickr pages look awesome.

I must have this!!!

The problem Is, we shouldn’t have too import It.
This is a PS3 exclusive game.
It makes no sense why Sony/SCEE wouldn’t release this game In Europe.

We deserve an official statement about this for SCEE!


It easy to answer why the wouldn’t release it europe as they obviously don’t see europe as a viable market.
This happens all the time with games in europe were lucky if we even get any games look at the state of ps1 classics that have been released for us & jap while europe are still waiting with no conformation on anything.

1 = sony = Demon’s Souls !!!!!!! europe. many peopel are waiting for it / = englisch version for belgium !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 = february = star ocean internatinal
3 = ff13 – ff13 versus
4 = falout vegas
5 = wicht knicht cronicles
6 = arcania a gothic tale
7 = tales of vesperia
8 = atelier rorona


Level 5 really seem to be pushing the boat out for the western release, which is nice. Hopefully it doesn’t arrive to close to FF13.


@20 I actually think it’s more a case of how well would it actually sell in Europe? The answer unfortunately is probably not very well, just look at the sales of Valkyria Chronicles. Both games may be AAA titles but neither will get the attention they deserve.

so the us blog has news of the home 1.3 update, this week’s store update and the 6.10 firmware update for the psp.
when is the eu blog going to actually give us some news about any of those?
nobody updates people on the home forums anymore because it’s all supposed to be on the blog but i come here and not one word do i see.

awaiting moderation, as soon as i’ve posted it?
so now i’m automatically a suspect now?
fascist crap

you can find the news here anyway.

I’ve heard that EU “White knight chronicles” wouldn’t share the same online space than 白騎士物語 (sirokisimonogatari) players.

Is that trues (hope nots) ?


I’ve been waiting so much for this game. The bad news is that apparently it will come out at the same time with FF XIII. And FF XIV. That can’t be. 3 years of PS3 without any decent J-RPG.

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